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Spending Sprees?


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In the past two days, I have bought 12 CD's:

Death - Symbolic

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope

36 Crazyfists - Rest Inside The Flames

Unearth - III: In The Eyes Of Fire

Gizmachi - The Imbuing

The Abominable Iron Sloth - The Abominable Iron Sloth

Boris - Pink

The Flaming Lips - Hit To Death In The Future Head

The Flaming Lips - Transmissions From The Satellite Head

Earth - Hex (....can't remember what goes here)

From First To Last - Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Body Count

Boris - Akuma No Uta

For a nice little £67, which isn't too bad, but its more the volume of CD's I'm surprised by, I guess. I also bought 3 hats, taking my spending to £83.

So yeah, either in value or in the amount purchased, any particularly large spending sprees you've gone on in the past...CD's, DVD's, games, whatever.

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If I dug up one of my old cash books at home I'd be able to find records of some of my big anime/manga splurges. I don't do them anymore because, well...that was my student loan I was buying them with. I have to earn my own money now. ¬_¬ I can't remember exactly, but I've certainly spent in the region of £150 on one day before.

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I like to have nice clothes. I'm not one of those twats that would buy something, and wear it once. I like a nice collection. Most I've spent would be about £150, maybe.

I'm not big on CDs etc, but maybe a few DVDs.

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In a month I spent over $1,000.

Wrap your mind around that.

So? In a month I spend over £1,000. Rent, bills, food, DVDs, it all adds up. :shifty: The question is, what did you spend $1,000 on?.

£1,000 being $2,106.73 Canadian, for those curious.

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Just recently bought the X-Men Trilogy, Little Mermaid, Smallville Season 3, Entire Firefly series, Serenity, Running Scared, Lady & The Tramp, Kodiak Easyshare digital camera, True Lies, Mulan, Tarzan, The History of the WWE Championship, Mcmahon, Brian Pillman: Loose Cannon and picked up our monthly pull list of comics (about 10 titles) within the past couple days. Along with spending about $100 on my mother's birthday today. Altogether we've run through about $600 or so on shit we don't need without counting bills and shit. Which more than doubles that.

Spending sprees can be fun, but that's our spending habits all the time so eh.

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