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I've to reformat my computer, and I forgot to make the backup of the EWR File, so I make a new one.

Note: You don't have to read this. I just put it here because I need somewhere to keep this thing as a backup lol.

Disclaimer: This is a diary using the EWR [Extreme Warfare Revenge] game to tell a fictional story. The diary is using the High Voltage 3 (HV3) stats update. Almost everything is FICTIONAL.....


RAW Family Reunion - October 9, 2006

(note this is the real RAW, I just write a commentary)

IPB Image

So today, I was watching WWE live for the first time. I can't believe I just answered an easy question about WWE and receive a ticket to watch RAW... and it's not just RAW, it's the Family Reunion. I went to South Carolina with my parents. It's not a school holiday, but WWE is much much important then school, lol. I sit on the fifth row. Frankly, I didn't care where I sat as long as I can watch it.

1. - IN THE RING - John Cena, King Booker, The Big Show

They had all three champions from different brand in the ring as the first segment. Booker, Big Show and Cena. All of them were argueing on who is the champion of champions. It ends up with Big Show cleaning the house. Pretty good segment.

2. - BACKSTAGE - Heyman, Coach and Theodere Long

Now things have went way too far. All three GMs were still argueing about which brand's champion is the best. They set three match for tonight, ohh... I can't believe how lucky am I.

3. - PROMO - Degeneration-X

This is the funniest part of the show. I love it. I took note on what they said... and I realise a guy right beside me is looking at me. He asks me what I'm doing and I said I'm taking note.

4. - ECW Champion Big Show vs Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy [NON-Title Match]

Well, Big Show totally destroyed Jeff Hardy in this, but hey, credit to WWE creative team, they managed to make this match not a squash match. In the end, the former IC Champion Johnny Nitro showed up and beat up Jeff Hardy, only to be throwned out by Big Show. Again, I took note as I was confused with Big Show diposition. Is he a heel or a tweener? I asked myself... and the same guy besides me answer. 'Heel... he didn't help Jeff Hardy. Not at all. He just destroyed Johnny Nitro so he'll look like a dangerous giant'. I nod. I didn't know how the hell did he hear me.

5. STREET FIGHT - DX vs Cade and Murdoch

Very cool match. The highlights were when Shawn Michaels jump off the turnbuckle onto Murdoch who was on a table. Match finished after HBK delivers Sweet Chin Music followed by Triple H's Padigree for the countfall.

6. OPEN CHALLANGE MATCH - Chris Benoit vs Shelton

I give this match 4 star. Shelton coming out and said he won't leave the ring until someone come out and wrestle with him.Chris Benoit answers and win the match after Shelton taps out to the Cripplerer Crossface.

-I didn't watch the 6 man tag team title because I went to toilet and surf the internet, lol.

7. NON-TITLE MATCH - King Booker vs Rob Van Dam.

RVD almost perform a Five Star Frog Splash before Queen Sharmell pull RVD's legs while the referee didn't see him. King Booker nail a scissors kick for the win.

8. Mitch from 'Spirit Squad' vs Ric Flair -

Ric Flair won with a Figure-Four leglock and Mitch tapped out.

9. HOST SEGMENT - Edge w/Lita invited Randy Orton to be guest on the 'Cutting Edge'. Edge reminds Orton when he was dumped by Triple H after winning the World Heavyweight Title. Edge recruited with Orton to feud with DX. I started to talk with that guy. I said it was a cool idea, since DX had no teams to feud with me and he agrees.

10. John Cena vs The Undertaker

Match ended as no-contest when King Booker and Big Show interfere and toss Taker outside off the ring. Taker tried to enter the ring, but Ken Kennedy attacks him from behind. John Cena put Big Show in STF-U, and Big Show taps out. King Booker attacks John Cena, only to receive an F-U.

After RAW finished, the same guy who talked to me ask me to follow him, so I did, with my parents. He brought me to Mr. McMahon's office. I was shocked to see him, and I goes to shake his hand. Appearently, that guy who I talked with was the Head-Writers of WWE, Michael Hayes. Damn, why didn't I realised that?? Michael Hayes offered me to be the writer for the WWE. I turned around and look at my parents, and my dad said 'if you think you can do it, do it'. I smiles and hug my parents.... and now... your new writer/creative team for WWE, Syafiq Affandy. I promise Vince McMahon that I would make the WWE rating increase rapidly. Vince smiles at my determination. He introduced me to my assistant. Her name is Sophie (note: if you play EWR, you will get an assistant name Sophie, no matter what promotion you took)..... and I started working right after that.


- RAW Superstar

- SmackDown Superstar

- ECW Superstar





Main Event


Big Show

Brock Lesnar *new*


John Cena

Shawn Michaels

Triple H

The Undertaker

Upper Midcard

Chris Benoit

Jeff Hardy


King Booker

Randy Orton

Rey Mysterio

Ric Flair

Rob Van Dam

Shelton Benjamin


Bobby Lashley

Brian Kendrick


Charlie Haas

Chavo Guerrero

Chris Masters





Gregory Helms

Hardcore Holly

Jamie Noble


Joey Mercury

Johnny Nitro


Ken Kennedy

Lance Cade

Little Guido Maritato

Mark Henry

Matt Hardy

Mickie James


Paul London

Rene Dupree

Riot Guard #1

Riot Guard #2


Rob Conway


Scotty 2 Hotty


Super Crazy


Terry Funk

The Boogeyman

The Great Khali

The Sandman

Tommy Dreamer




William Regal

Lower Midcard

Ashley Massaro

Balls Mahoney

Big Guido

Jake Gymini

Jesse Gymini



Matt Striker


Molly Holly



Robbie McAllister

Rory McAllister

Stevie Richards

Sylvester Terkay

Trevor Murdoch


Kevin Thorn

Tony Mamaluke


Jonathan Coachman - RAW Executive Assistant

Paul Heyman - ECW General Manager

Mick Foley - is currently working behind the scene after suffering a huge injury

Shane McMahon - Vince McMahon's son

Stephanie McMahon - Vince McMahon's daughter/creative team

Stone Cold Steve Austin - currently not working actively in ring.

Theodere Long - SmackDown General Manager

Vince McMahon - The Owner of WWE


WWE Champion - John Cena

World Heavyweight Champion - King Booker

ECW Champion - Big Show

WWE Intercontinental Champion - Jeff Hardy

WWE United States Champion - Ken Kennedy

World Tag Team Champion - Kenny and Mikey (The Spirit Squad)

WWE Tag Team Champion - Paul London and Brian Kendrick

WWE Woman Champion - VACANT

WWE Cruiserweight Champion - Gregory Helms

Tag Teams and Stable

Cade and Murdoch (Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch)

DX (Shawn Michaels and Triple H)

Full Blooded Italian/F.B.I (Tony Mamaluke, Little Guido Maritato, and Big Guido)

Londrick (Pauil London and Brian Kendrick)

Orton and Edge (Randy Orton and Edge w/ Lita)

Teachers Pets (Idol Stevens and K.C. James w/ Michelle McCool)

The Gymani - (Jesse and Jake Gymini)

The Highlanders (Robbie and Rory McAllister)

The King Booker's Court (King Booker, Queen Sharmell, Sir Finlay, Sir William Regal)

The Riot Squad (Riot Squad #1 and #2)

The Spirit Squad (Kenny/Mikey/Johnny/Nicky/Mitch)

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WWE has come to terms on the release of ECW Diva Francine Fournier as of today, Oct. 12. We wish Francine the best in all future endeavors.

What next is there for SmackDown? King Booker said he won't be involved in any tonight match, because he need to make sure he is fully fit so that he can go to "Cyber Sunday" against WWE Champion John Cena, and ECW Champion Big Show and win the match.

The Undertaker is going to have a rematch with Mr. Ken Kennedy, and this time, it is going to be a 'Street Fight' rules match.

IPB Image

Mike Johnson reports that Gunner Scott (Brent Albright), WWE Development Deal star has been released by the WWE.

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IPB Image

---Opening Segment: King Booker and Theodere Long---

Michael Cole: Hello ladies and gentleman, and welcome to SmackDown! I'm Micheael Cole and this is JBL.

JBL: Hello everybody. I hope you'll enjoy the show tonight!

King Booker's song hit on the PA System as the crowd starts to boo him. King Booker come out with the 'King' look and Queen Sharmell with him. They walk to the ring which was 'make-up'ed with balloons and others

JBL: All hail King Booker!~

King Booker: Welcome, to the celebration caremony of Kinnnngg, Booker!!! the crowd boos King Booker. Now... last night, I, King Booker, beat not one, not two, but three people to retain, my gold. So tonight, it is time for me to celebrate! Now listen, two weeks from now, King Booker is going to fight with the RAW Champion, John Cena, and ECW Champion, the Big Show. Therefore, I would like to apologise, to all my citizen that support me, because until Cyber Sunday, I would NOT be in any match on SmackDown!..

Suddenly GM Theodere Long's song hit at the PA System. He come out and stands at the ramp, while King Booker and Queen Sharmell look confused

Michael Cole: What is this, JBL?

JBL: I don't know!

Theodere Long: Well, sorry to ruin your caremony, playa, but you have no right to choose not to be in any match of SmackDown.

King Booker: What the **** do you mean? I'm the King.

Theodere Long: You're not going to have any matches tonight. But, I will make a triple threat match between Batista, Bobby Lashley and Finlay for the World Heavyweight

titleshot, next week, on SmackDown!

Michael Cole: Whoaa!!!

King Booker: What?!!!! NO!!!

Cut to commercial

Rating: 82%

---Second Segment [William Regal vs Paul Burchill]---

This match ended after William Regal use his brass knuckle while the referee was distracted. William Regal win after a pinfall.

Rating: 67%

---Paul London and Brian Kendrick © vs Mexicools (Psicosis and Super Crazy)-- WWE Tag Team Title

Paul London and Brian Kendrick retain their title after nailing double superkick on Psicosis.

Rating: 89%

--Rey Mysterio vs Kid Kash--

Rey Myserio win after a 619. After the match, Chavo Guerrero run in and sneak attack Rey Mysterio from behind. Chavo Guerrero (with Vickie Guerrero) challanges Rey for a match at Cyber Sunday.

Rating: 93%

--Gregory Helms © vs Matt Hardy-- - WWE Cruiserweight Title

Gregory Helms win after a roll up on Matt Hardy. Gregory Helms runs away right after the three counts, as Matt Hardy looked furiously from the ring.

Rating: 83%

--Ken Kennedy Open Challange for WWE United States Title--

Ken Kennedy come out and said he is too good for SmackDown. He mentioned that he had beaten everyone on SmackDown and challange to anybody who think he never get beaten by Kennedy before for the United States. Chris Benoit come out as the match gets underway. On the 7th minute, the lights went off, as Undertaker 'gong' sound is heard. After a few seconds, everything goes back to normal, and just as Kennedy about to turn, Benoit locks him in the Cripplerer Crossface. Kennedy had no choice but to tap out. Chris Benoit is the new WWE United States Champion!

Rating: 84%

MVP Open Challange

After coming up short in the Loser Leaves Raw match on Monday, an enraged Kane made his way to SmackDown to unleash his fury and with MVP, he wasted no time. Enraged by Porter's stall tactics, Kane stalked the young upstart; punishing MVP with a viciousness that made Kane the superstar he is.While the contest never got underway, Porter retreated to the back, as a furious Kane looked on. Is the Monster the lastest addition to the SmackDown roster?

Rating: 83%

Batista vs Finlay vs Bobby Lashley - No. 1 Contender for World Heavyweight Title

An agitated King Booker watched from ringside as three contenders to his SmackDown throne battled to determine who would face the World Heavyweight Champion next week at SmackDown. Lashley, Finlay and Batista, all looking to be the number one contender, hold victories over the champion and tonight, one of them would earn the right to fight for championship gold. Lashley and Batista made quick work of Finlay early, sending the Belfast Brawler to the outside. From there, it was a battle of titans as Batista and Lashley blew the roof off the building. Matching power for power both The Animal and the 3-time Armed Forces Champion sent one aother to the mat with double boot to the face.

Finlay, taking a page from the King's royal book, tried to steal a cover, but was un successful. As Finlay and Lashley battled, the Little Bastard would make an appearance to break up Lashley's pin attempt. None of the participants could gain a clear advantage; breaking allianaces as quickly as they were made...or so it seemed. Realizing that fighting one powerhouse was better than fighting two, Finlay was able to convince Lashley to help him send The Animal through the announce table. With Batista out of the way, Finlay and Lashley battled on. Finlay never backed down from the bigger Lashley as he hit the Celtic Cross for the near fall. Down, but not out, Batista broke up the count and took the fight to Finlay. With Laskley laid out after being it with the Celtic Cross and a shilleghla shot, Batista was able to hit the Batista Bomb on Finlay for the win. As King Booker looked on in disbelief, the shocks continued as Michael Cole leanred that next week, Raw champion John Cena and ECW champion Big Show will be in attendance at next week's SmackDown. With such a heated rivalry building between the champions, how will this all play out next week?

Rating: 83%



Quick Result

William Regal beat Paul Burchill

Paul London and Brian Kendrick beat Mexicools to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles

Rey Mysterio beat Kid Kash

Gregory Helms beat Matt Hardy to retain the WWE Cruiserweight title

Chris Benoit beat Ken Kennedy to be the new United States champion

Kane drew MVP after time limit where both wrestler leave the ring for more duration allowed.

Batista beat Finlay and Bobby Lashley to be the number 1 contender

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A fast, to the point and easy to read diary. And a really good read I must say.

The addition of Brock Lesnar is a good move as I think ECW needed some shake-up to get things moving faster.

I'll keep following this.

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thx guys

IPB Image

RAW Preview

Vince McMahon is also coming to RAW to make an announcement regarding the Champion of Champions match at Cyber Sunday. We were also informed that Vince McMahon will have a good news and a bad news for Jonathan Coachman. Last week on RAW, Edge and Randy Orton formed an alliance to 'kill' DX. What are they going to do?

Find out these answers on Monday Night RAW.

IPB Image

WWE Fired 2, Hired 2

According to some sources, World Wrestling Enterteinment had fired two of their current developmental worker, which are Tracy Taylor, Mike Kruel and Mason Raige.

Source Alex had told us that WWE had signed 1 diva. WWE tried to negotiate with AJ Styles but fail.

Edited by KingKongStudy
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IPB Image

Maria vs Molly Holly - Last match for the first round of Women Championship Tournament

Maria enters the ring first, and when Molly came, she welcomes her with a handshake, but Molly kicks her, and starts the match quickly. Molly Holly nails a DDT, and goes on top of the turnbuckle. Maria get on her feet, turned around, and received a Molly-Go-Round.

Rating: 56%

Vince McMahon Huge Announcement

Vince McMahon came out and said the Cyber Sunday Main Event, the fans, will be allowed to choose any o those three titles to be on the line. Crowd reacts positively.

Vince McMahon: Coach, I believe you had done a very good job as an Executive Assistant. *crowd boos*, therefore, with my powers, I now, assigned you as the NEW General Manager of RAW! *crowd boos even louder, Coach looks happy* But, unfortunately, you won't be running the show alone. You will have a partner, Coach. A partner that you may not like, and he's a person that I hate very very much!

Coach: Who is i-

*Glass Shatters... the crowd reacts spontaneously, stand up and roar, as Texas Rattlesnake's song hit on the PA System. He came out with the new Stone Cold t-shirt. Jonathan Coachman looks really scared. Austin enters the ring and raise his arm on all four corner, and asks for a microphone.*

Vince McMahon: Well, I'm sorry, Coach, but I had no choice. *Stone Cold is seen staring at Coach* Now Stone Cold, I know you very well. So, I'm going to make this rule. You CANNOT, touch any of WWE Superstar, unless you're physically provoked.

Stone Cold: Fine!~

Vince McMahon: Okay, that's all I gotta say.

*Coach helps Vince McMahon get his way out while Stone Cold ask for beers. When Coach, turns around, he accidentally 'touch' Stone Cold. Austin turned around slowly. Coach tried to run but it was too late as Austin nailed a stunner while the crowd roars in excitement*

Rating: 89%

Umaga vs Charlie Haas

Umaga dominates this match, and win after a body splash on Charlie Haas.

Rating: 74%

Jeff Hardy vs Johnny Nitro WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Early on the match, Jeff Hardy nails a Twist of Fate on Johnny Nitro, but the referee was distracted by Melina. On the seventh minute, Melina tried to distracts Jeff Hardy, but he was ordered to get out by the referee. Nitro school-boyed quickly after the incident, and referee count to two. Nitro tried to superkick Jeff Hardy, but he reversed it into a Reverse of Fate. Jeff win and retain his IC Title.

Rating: 76%

Cryme Tyme vs Cade and Murdoch

After all the hype, Cryme Tyme had finally debut. JTG win the match with the schoolboy on Cade. After the match, Cade and Murdoch get their revenge on Cryme Tyme.

Rating: 58%

Austin, Shelton - Backstage

Shelton: Hey Stone Cold....

Austin: What?

Shelton: I want a match *the crowds say "What"*

Austin: Fine!!! Tonight you, Cena, WWE title. *Austin quickly leaves Shelton*

Shelton: 0_0...... It's because I'm black, isn't it. -.-

Rating: 76%

Triple H vs Edge

Probably the match of the night. Both wrestlers seems to work really well with each other. On the 12th minute, Triple H got Edge into a Padigree position, only to receive a charishot from Randy Orton. Referee quickly call for disqualification. Edge and Randy Orton assault Triple H, until Shawn Michaels make the save.

Rating: 92%

John Cena vs Shelton Benjamin - WWE Heavyweight Title

John Cena win via pinfall after nailing an FU. After the match King Booker's Court (Booker, Finlay, Regal and Sharmell) enter the ring and assault John Cena quickly. Booker told his court to make Cena kick his royal feet again, until Stone Cold's music hit on the PA System. Austin make his way to the ring, and King Booker's Court quickly get off from the ring.

Note: WWE Heavyweight title had gained image.

Rating: 83%


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I don't especially like the rehash of the old Bischoff/Austin GM dynamic (complete with Austin's "no physical violence" clause) only with Coach this time round. And how, exactly, did Vince "have no choice"? It just seems entirely random and nonsensical.

That said, it's not unsalvageable. Perhaps if Vince explained to Coach something along the lines that after everything else failed to control DX, he needed a tough, take-no-BS hardliner to do the job and so "had no choice" but to bring in Austin as the only guy to do the job. Vince's thinking would be that if he put Austin in a position of authority, it wouldn't be too long before DX's innately anti-authoritarian ways rubbed him the wrong way.

That, as I say, is about the only way I can think of this working. I find that if a diary can never put *too* much work looking into following its characters' motivations and thought processes more logically, and that doing so can really help it improve. Just something to think about.

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thanks.... I appreciate that comment. I can't really think of an idea to make sure Austin is on the sreen, since he is our top draw.

IPB Image

ECW Preview

Last week on ECW, RVD beat Sabu in a friendly match to become the number one contender for the ECW Title. Paul Heyman had told us that he will order 'Riot Guard #3' to make sure that nobody from RAW or SmackDown will enter the arena, especially John Cena and King Booker.

Confirmed Match for Tonight

Rob Van Dam vs Big Show - ECW Title.

WWE.com Poll

1. If you could fire one wrestler from RAW and one wrestler from Smackdown, and you had to do it, which wrestlers would you choose?

2. Who would you like to see getting a push?

Edited by KingKongStudy
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ECW - The Whole F'n Big Show

IPB Image

ECW starts with a scene from backstage. Paul Heyman ordered Riot Squad #3 to make sure that neither John Cena nor King Booker will be in this arena.

Segment 1: Stevie Richards vs Rene Dupree

Rene Dupree came out and said he want a match, and he said he'll face anybody. Stevie Richards come out. Rene Dupree laughs at Richards, but in the end, it was the other way around. Rene Dupree tried to cheat and schoolboy Richards while trying to pull his underwear, but Stevie Richards reversed it into a schoolboy of his own, and win the match

Rating: 66%

Segment 2: CM Punk vs Danny Doring

Not really a great match. The fans aren't liking Doring, I guess. CM win via pinfall after a shining wizard, and he gets pretty lots of pops even though he is a heel.

Segment 3: Hardcore Holly vs The Sandman Extreme Rules Match

The fans are loving this extreme rules match. A lot of sick bump and ended up with Sandman taking one. While Sandman set Holly on the turnbuckle for a Frankensteine, but Holly reversed it into a super Alabama Slam, where Sandman landed on his head and injured himself.

Rating: 82%

Segment 4: Little Guido Maritato vs Sabu

Sabu is debuting his new gimmick (which gets positive reaction). Little Guido win when fellow FBI Tony Mamaluke distracts the referee while Little Guido hit Sabu with steelchair. After the match, Sabu fight both men off. The crowd cheers for him as he leaves the ring.

Rating: 75%

Main Event: Big Show vs Rob Van Dam - ECW Championship Match

Pretty good match. Paul Heyman was at the ringside. Big Show got RVD into a Showstopper position only to be reversed into Drop Toehold. Big Show is down, facing the mat, as RVD waste no time and quickly jump onto the turnbuckle. FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH! 1, 2.... Paul Heyman pull the referee down. RVD looks very angry, as he chases Paul Heyman. RVD get Heyman in the ring, and nails a spinebuster. RVD jumps onto turnbuckle, but out of nowhere, Riot Squad #1 and #2 (Basham's Brother) came and hit RVD with their batons. RVD is down. The referee saw it and call for disqualification. The riot squad is still assaulting RVD, as Brock Lesnar run into the ring to make the save. He punches both squad and throw both of them over the top rope. Paul Heyman hit him with a steel chair from behind, Brock turns and smile, as he quickly set Heyman up for an F5. When Brock was ready to spins Heyman, Big Show catches his throat for chokeslam. RVD is already up at the moment. He runs onto the rope and then tried to jump onto Big Show, but he, too, gets choke by Big Show. Big Show nails double chokeslam, and leaves the ring, not looking really happy.

Rating: 70%


Stevie Richards beat Rene Dupree

CM Punk beat Danny Doring

Hardcore Holly beat The Sandman

Little Guido beat Sabu

RVD beat Big Show via DQ

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INteresting so far, be good to see how it turns out. Though the way you did the latest ECW results was much better than previous write-up, if you did it like that for Raw (matches & segments and see what the reaction is? Liking it so far though.....

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SmackDown Preview, WWE signed Josh Harter

WWE Champion John Cena defended his title successfully against Shelton Benjamin on RAW. Big Show meanwhile retain his title after losing via disqualification. Will King Booker retain his title, against the Animal, Batista? Find out tonight on SmackDown!!

IPB Image

It has just been confirmed that World Wrestling Entertainment has signed Josh Harter, who is best known as Chris Sabin. It looks like Harter will be around for the long haul as the contract is a three year deal. There is no word yet on what brand he will be on.

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1. If you could fire one wrestler from RAW and one wrestler from Smackdown, and you had to do it, which wrestlers would you choose?

Gene Snitzky (RAW)

Chuck Palumbo (Smackdown)

The WWE roster is pretty much ok to me at the moment, but these two wrestlers have been unused for some time or I didn't notice them lol. A move might be good for them. Either ECW or free agency.

2. Who would you like to see getting a push?


He's pretty much lost in the shuffle in real life. He's been a favorite of mine before and still remain one. He deserves at least better opponents than The Miz.

The last shows were nice.

Edited by magik
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thanks for answering the poll, magik, I'll see what I can do

IPB Image

Segment 1 - Chris Sabin vs MVP

This is Chris Sabin debut match. During the sixth minute, Kane pyro's explode, as MVP looks in horror. Chris Sabin took the opportunity and pulls MVP into a schoolboy.

Rating: 66%

Segment 2 - Sylvan vs Matt Hardy

Sylvan win after a clean pinfall. Matt Hardy mocks Sylvan and call Sylvan a dog. Big mistake though, as Sylvan runs to the ring, looking really angry. Sylvan nails a Québécois Cutter and win via pinfall

Rating: 71%

Segment 3 - King Booker's Court, Chris Sabin

At backstage, King Booker's Court is seen walking backstage. Suddenly, they bumped on Chris Sabin. King Booker told him to apologises, and hail King Booker, but Sabin refuses, and tell them to hail Sabin instead. The King Booker's Court attacks him, until Jamie Noble save him while holding a steel chair. King Booker's court obviously don't want to get injured as they have championship matches tonight.

Rating: 70%

Segment 4 - Kane vs Joey Mercury

Joey Mercury cut a promo and said there's a few superstar in SmackDown who is too ugly to be on TV. Mercury mentioned Kane name, and the pyro explodes as Kane make his way into the ring. Kane chokeslammed Joey Mercury and win via pinfall in a squash match. Aftermath, MVP run into the ring attacking Kane with steel chair, but it's not working, as Kane chokeslammed him too.

Rating: 75%

Segment 5 - Backstage, Batista and Lashley

Batista is warming up backstage. Lashley walks over and tells him that he has his back tonight.

Rating: 76%

Segment 6 - Sir Regal and Sir Finlay vs Londrick - WWE Tag Team Championship

Regal uses his brass knuckles to win this match while Finlay distracts the referee. Little Bastard also made a couple of appearence, pulling both London and Kendrick's legs.

Rating: 81%

Note: The WWE Tag Team titles have gained in image.

Segment 7 - I Quit Match - Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero - Loser leaves SmackDown

The crowd was hugely dissapoint for the result, but the match is really good. Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero fights at the entrance ramp, and Chavo finishes off with a botched tombstone piledriver on the ramp. Sick bump.

Rating: 79%

Note: Chavo Guerrero gained 1 point of overness from this match.

Segment 8 - Undertaker vs Ken Kennedy

Ken Kennedy challange Undertaker to a match, which he accepts. Ken Kennedy try to use the steel chair, but Undertaker choke him first, and nails a chokeslam. Undertaker win via pinfall.

Rating: 78%

Segment 9 - Main Event - Batista vs King Booker © - World Heavyweight Championship Match

Batista almost got this match win when he spinebuster King Booker twice. Sharmell Sullivan pull the referee (and making him fainted, duh), while the Booker's Court arrive and attack Batista. Suddenly, Bobby Lashley is seen running from the entrance ramp. At that time, Batista already managed to throw both Sir Finlay and Sir William Regal. When Batista turn around his best friend, Bobby Lashley speared him. The crowd was confused. King Booker, Bobby Lashley, Sir Finlay and William Regal do a 4 on 1 to Batista. In the end, it has to be Chris Benoit (who was the top face) to make the save, as the Animal is left having a bloodbath.

Rating: 76%

Note: King Booker gained 1 point of overness from this match. Bobby Lashley's turn was completed, and he is now a heel. Bobby Lashley gained 5 points of overness from this turn. The World Heavyweight title has lost image.

Overall Rating: 74%

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IPB Image

IPB Image

RAW Preview

Last week on RAW, Triple H won the match against Edge via disqualification. Would it be the same tonight? Certainly not! The Co-General Manager of RAW has confirmed that the main event tonight will be a no disqualification match! Also on RAW, Jeff Hardy will face all his possible challanger on Cyber Sunday tonight. Will he be able to defend his title? Watch RAW, live tonight.

Confirmed Match

Fatal Four Way - Woman Title - Molly Holly vs Lita vs Melina vs Mickie James

Masterpiece Challange

Fatal Four Way - IC Title - Jeff Hardy vs Johnny Nitro vs Shelton Benjamin vs Charlie Haas

Main Event - Randy Orton vs Shawn Michaels

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RAW - October 23rd, 2006

IPB Image

Segment 1 - Women Championship Match - Molly Holly vs Lita vs Melina vs Mickie James

Lita won the vacated Women title after nails a DDT on Mickie James. Fans will now be able to choose Lita's challanger for the Women title at Cyber Sunday.

Rating: 58%

Segment 2 - Kenny and Mikey vs Cryme Tyme

Kenny win after a roll up on JTG while pulling his tight. Both Kenny and Mikey quickly run away with their titles after the pinfall. Cryme Tyme will be one of their possible tag team title's challanger.

Rating: 60%

Segment 3 - Coach, The Spirit Squad

Coach announces that they'll have an Interbrand 'Money in the Bank' match. SmackDown and ECW already registered their participants (Kane, Benoit, RVD, Sabu). Coach announces the first RAW participant, that is Carlito. Suddenly. Spirit Squad (Johnny, Mitch, Nicky) enter his office and complained about not being used enough by RAW other than sharing the tag team titles. Coach has an idea. He said he'll add Johnny, Mitch, Nicky as a choice for the last spot in the 'Money in the bank' match

Rating: 73%

Segment 4 - Ric Flair vs Rob Conway

Ric Flair won the match after making Rob Conway tap out to the Figure Four leglock. After the match Umaga (with Armando) attacks Ric Flair. Armando said RAW has way too many talentless superstar. Last two week, Umaga sent Kane packing to SmackDown. Umaga challanges Ric Flair to another Loser Leaves RAW Match at Cyber Sunday!

Rating: 67%

Segment 5 - Chris Masters cut a promo

Chris Masters said he'll fight anybody at Cyber Sunday, but he'll choose the possible challanger. Number 1, Eugene. Number 2, Rob Conway, and Number 3, Ji-, before he can finishes, the glass shatters and the crowd starts roaring. Austin stand on the ramp, and said he'll choose the third possible opponent. Austin said the choice will be named as a 'Legend', and we all will find out who it is on Cyber Sunday. Masters doesn't look too happy

Rating: 78%

Segment 6 - Jeff Hardy © vs Johnny Nitro vs Charlie Haas vs Shelton Benjamin

Jeff retain his IC Title after a Swantom Bomb on Shelton Benjamin. After the pinfall, Charlie Haas nails a Haastile DDT on Jeff Hardy. Haas turned around and received a superkick from Johnny Nitro. Nitro thought he was the last man standing as he was celebrating, while Melina was screaming and warning him about the danger behind him. Shelton nails a T-Bone on him. Jeff Hardy get on his feet, kick Shelton, set him for Twist of Fate, but Shelton escape and slide off the ring.

Keep in note, All three challanger tonight will be the possible challanger of Jeff Hardy's IC Title. For tag team titles, there will be an option to choose the two that are not chosen for the IC Title match.

Rating: 72%

Segment 7 - DX

HBK and Triple H was talking backstage and mocks Orton and Edge. Well, what can I say? The fans love DX

Rating: 84%

Segment 8 - John Cena, Carlito

John Cena cuts a promo in the ring regarding the Cyber Sunday main event. The champion of champions match that fans will have the power to choose which title. Carlito come out and said he want Cena to win others' title, so that when he cash in his Money in The Bank, he'll have two major titles. John Cena wishes him good luck.

Rating: 81%

Segment 9 - Shawn Michaels vs Randy Orton - No Disqualification.

It's No-DQ match. Shawn Michaels nails a Sweet Chin Music on Randy Orton, but when he was about to pin Edge interfere. He bring a steel chair together, and try to hit Michaels, but the Heartbreak kid ducked, and nails a SCM on Edge. HBK is obviously tired as he fall off after the kick. HHH enter the ring, and takes the steel chair that Edge brought. Edge managed to get up, but he received a chairshot from HHH. Orton is next. HHH is waiting for him to get up, and BAMM!! Orton ducked. The chair hit HBK head and he starts bleeding. HHH looks panicked. Orton took the advantage to RKO HHH, and pin HBK for the win. After the pinfall, Orton slide off the ring as Lita pull Edge off the ring. RAW ended with both HHH and HBK lying on the ring, while Orton and Edge with Lita look from outside happily.

Rating: 90%

Overall Rating: 78%

Quick Result

Lita beat Mickie James, Molly Holly, Melina to win the Women Title

Kenny and Mikey beat Cryme Tyme

Ric Flair beat Rob Conway

Jeff Hardy beat Johnny Nitro, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas to retain the IC Title.

Randy Orton beat Shawn Michaels in No-DQ Match

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Hmm.. A swerve in Smackdown.. Some nice buildup for Cyber Sunday.. That ending for Raw?!

That last segment on Raw was the one I enjoyed the most in all your shows as I didn't expect that at all. I really got into it.

Really cool so far.

Edited by magik
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thanks magik

IPB Image

CONFIRMED MATCH FOR CYBER SUNDAY - /forum/index.php?showtopic=45854">START VOTING!

Champion of Champions

John Cena vs Big Show vs King Booker

Fan choose which Title on the line: WWE Title, ECW Title, World Heavyweight Title

DX vs Randy Orton and Edge

Fan choose referee: Vince McMahon (WWE Owner), Eric Bischoff, Steve Austin (RAW Co-GM)

WWE Intercontinental Chamionship Match

Jeff Hardy vs ???

Fan choose challanger: Johnny Nitro, Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin

World Tag Team Championship Match

The Spirit Squad (Kenny Mikey) vs ???

Fan choose challanger: Cryme Tyme, Cade and Murdoch, Two not picked in IC Title match

Interpromotional Money in the bank match

Rob Van Dam vs Kane vs Chris Benoit vs Sabu vs Carlito vs ???

Fan choose last participants: Johnny, Nicky, Mitch

Loser Leaves RAW

Umaga vs Ric Flair

Fan choose match type: Hardcore, Table, First Blood

Masterpiece Challange

Chris Masters vs ???

Fan choose opponent: Eugene, Rob Conway, Legend (wildcard)

Women Title Match

Lita vs ???

Fan choose challanger: Molly Holly, Mickie James, Maria

IPB Image

ECW Preview Handicap match booked.

Tonight on ECW, Brock Lesnar and Rob Van Dam will face the Big Show, and Riot Squad #1, Riot Squad #2 in a Two versus Three handicap match.... and what is next for CM Punk. Week and week, he still haven't do anything to impress the ECW General Manager Paul Heyman to give him an ECW Titleshot. This week, he'll go one on one against 'The Reject', Shannon Moore.

Confirmed Match

CM Punk vs Shannon Moore

Rob Van Dam and Brock Lesnar vs Big Show, Riot Squad #1, Riot Squad #2

Edited by KingKongStudy
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IPB Image

Segment 1 -Matt Striker vs Tommy Dreamer

Matt Striker win via cheating when he positions himself so that the referee can't see and hits low blow after a quiet enter taining match. Matt Striker gained two points overness from this victory.

Rating: 66%

Segment 2 - Paul Heyman, CM Punk

CM Punk enters Heyman office and ask why he's not booked in the ECW title match yet. Heyman said he's not ready, and CM Punk want a stronger opponent rather than 'The Reject' Shannon Moore. Heyman changes the match into a tag team match. CM Punk will team up with Dupree and fight against Shannon Moore, and a former World Heavyweight Champion

Segment 3 - Hardcore Holly vs Stevie Richards

Hardcore Holly finishes the match with Alabama Slam. Nothing too special about this match. The crowd reaction is only at 62 percent.

Rating: 71%

Segment 4 - The Sandman vs Rodney Mack

Rodney Mack and Jazz challange any white boy who want to fight. Out come The Sandman, who come out confidently, Rodney Mack locks Sandman in the Blackout but Sandman reversed it into White Russian Leg Sleep and get the win.

Rating: 69%

Segment 5 - CM Punk and Rene Dupree vs Shannon Moore and Rey Mysterio

Yeap, Rey Mysterio. He was forced to leave SmackDown after Chavo Guerrero beat him on SmackDown last week. A lots of double teams. At the end of the match, Shannon Moore gets both CM Punk and Rene Dupree in the 619 position, when Rey Mysterio about to nails it, CM Punk run to outside. Rey Mysterio performs a west coast pop, and pin Dupree while CM Punk look from outside cowardly.

Rating: 72%

Segment 6 - Test vs Sabu Extreme Rules Match

Test win after nailing a Sideslam on a steel chairs. Test gained 1 point of overness from this match.

Rating: 72%

Segment 7 - Rob Van Dam and Brock Lesnar vs Big Show, Riot Guard #1, Riot Guard #2 2 on 3 Handicap Matches

Brock Lesnar and RvD toss Riot Guard #1 and #2 respectively out from the ring. They turned around and see Big Show trying to get on his feet in the middle of the ring. Brock Lesnar kicks Big Show in the gut and nails an F5!!!! RVD jumps straight onto the turnbuckle and performs a Five Star Frog Splash

Rating: 70%

Overall Rating: 70%

Edited by KingKongStudy
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