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The Borat Movie

Guest h.franklin

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Saw it yesterday, and its fantastic. Plenty of laugh out loud histerical moments, and half the time I was either wondering HOW he got away with what he just did, or thinking "Oh no...." at the thought of what he was about to do.

Very enjoyable film.

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I fucking loved that bit. It was one of those "Mustn't laugh.....humour over-powering me..... BWAHAHAHAHA" moments. Fucking great bit.
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It was absolutely awesome. I was cringing knowing what was coming so many times, and it's so painfully funny when it does happen........ an absolutely fantastic movie, I'd highly recommend it.

Although make sure the people you're seeing it with don't think that everyone in the film is an actor, because then the film sort of loses its point for them. Sigh.

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I'd like to think much of it like the gun shop, the NY Hotel, the rodeo was real, whilst stuff with Pamela and the bear was real, as was the Khazikstan (sp) bookends and the little story at the end when his producer abandons him before they re-unite.

Just how I saw it anyway. Seemed to get a bit more staged as it went on.

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I'd say the hooker must have been staged. Obviously the stuff in "Kazakhstan" (actually Romania) was written. Your guess is as good as mine for the rest.

My theory on the hooker is that it wasn't originally staged but they let her in on it afterwards and asked her if she'd like to do the epilogue scene.

That or she's a REALLY good actress, because I never got that vibe from her that she was acting at all (as opposed to, say, Borat or Azamat).

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Second favorite movie of the year, right behind The Prestige. I love how it was only in 837 theaters and it still beat movies that were released into 3,000 more theaters than it. I know it's only the first day but, still.

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Guest shibbycath

oh my god when they were throwing money at the roaches and we're screaming "take this take this!" and calling them shape shifters aaaahahahaha.

also my other favourite was the yard sale "who is this woman you shrunk gypsy?" as he picks up a barbie doll! "do not try to shrink me".

the naked 69 fight speaks for itself. wow.

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