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Mischief Makers and Legend of the Mystical Ninja

Fanku Kaibutsu

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That video desiredtoe posted reminded me of a pair of odd, yet fun, N64 games I used to have that, as far as I've been able to tell, no one else I've met have heard of.

was a strange, 2d sci-fi platforming game with an emphasis on throwing people at blocks, apparently breaking their backs(and making them 'umbel :shifty: ), and creepy old scientists who keep trying to feel up the robot women they create.

was a bizzarre 3d adventure game set in feudal japan with an emphasis on hitting people with pipes, going super saiyajin, transforming into fish, and piloting mechs. I also vaguely recall a running joke involving a pudgy character and his 'hypnotic dances'.

Both were great games, anyone else play them?

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I owned and beat the Legend Of The Mystical Ninja. I got addicted to that game so so so bad and remember regretting having to find the batteries for Sasuke cause I absolutely hated that robot he-she.

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