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So what you looking forward to that you expect/know will come out in 2007.

STRUNG OUT!!! : Snippets of two new songs made their way to youtube yesterday, I was like a giddy girl. Then band promptly had them deleted. The first was alright, kind of slowish, menacing. The second sounded class, and had harmonies, I love Strung Out's vocal harmonies, rhwt really make songs like "Solitaire" and "Your Worst Mistake". I seriously cannot wait for this shit, it's going to be awesome. The "T4 Project" provided me with a little Jason Cruz awesomeness (Though I haven't heard the entire album yet), but it just wasn't Strung Out.

Streetlight Manifesto : Their version of "Keasbey Nights" was one of my albums of this year, I'm hoping for something great from their second original release.

Erm...I can't be arsed for talking;

The Postal Service (Potentially)

Bloc Party

Modest Mouse

Chuck Ragan (Potentially)

Eskimo Disco

A Wilhelm Scream

Death By Stereo

Break The Silence

Dredg (Potentially)

Only Crime

Sum 41

Dark Tranquility

The Weakerthans (Potentially)


There's probably loads more.

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I have no idea why Bloc Party's on there, because they've been fairly popular in the US all year.. since last December, even. I remember seeing their videos on MTV2 & Fuse.

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I bloody loved Twin Cinema. I'm looking forward to the new Shins album.

Anyway, 2007 could be a good year for hip-hop:

Talib Kweli is dropping Eardrum and the two songs on his MySpace sound good, Ghostface and MF Doom (AKA GhostDoom...probably) are bringing out Swift & Changeable (which can't not be good, can it?), Common is coming out with Finding Forever, produced (in part) by Kanye, and Dre might actually drop Detox, three years after it's scheduled release.

Plus 50, Busta, Luda, Redman, D12, Tony Yayo, Beanie Sigel, T.I. and M.O.P are all releasing new material, which could all go either way.

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I'd like to see new albums from:

Avril Lavigne - but with her recent marriage, may not happen this year.

Sum 41 - I loved Chuck, wanna see how they take it from there. I loved their love album too, I just need new songs.

Green Day - Wanna see how they do post-American Idiot. I really didn't like it as much as their earlier stuff though.

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New Saul Williams is expected out in the '07, which should be amazing and it would be interesting to see how Reznor and Williams mesh on record.

And there are ones that in no way have been confirmed but would be awesome in the '07: New Sufjan Stevens (perhaps an album about Alabama, if somehow you could write 80 minutes on our racist history), New Kanye West (everybody has been anticipating Graduation since early in the year so...)...and that's about all I remember at the moment...

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Dimmu Borgir just announced the title of their new album, it will be called "In Sorte Diaboli"

Silenoz has said "'In Sorte Diaboli' will be a concept album with a story located in Medieval Europe. There's this dude that works as a priest's assistant, and after a while he just discovers that he has nothing to do with Christianity. He just sort of has this awakening and realizes that he has different abilities and different powers and is leaning more to the dark side"

I'm stoked :D

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Definatly 8 Foot Sativa's Poison Of Ages, which was originally meant to be released on May 8th of this year, but looks to be released in February of the 07. From the demo I've heard it sounds like its going to be by far 8 Foots best album, I just hope that the feb release date isn't going to be knocked back again.

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Michale Graves is supposed to release an album in 2007 of songs that were cowritten with Damian Echols...

Korn's Album is supposed to be out "next spring" (from Nov 2 issue of rolling stone...)

Marilyn Manson

Rob Zombie live album... either before the end of this year or next year as well...

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Alright, going on Wikipedia's entry on 2007 in music:

* Untitled by Gavin DeGraw

* Wincing the Night Away by The Shins

* Untitled by The Thrills

* Eardrum (album) by Talib Kweli

* Infinity on High by Fall Out Boy

* A Weekend In The City by Bloc Party

* Swift & Changeable by Ghostface Killah and MF DOOM

* The Sun and the Moon by The Bravery

* Untitled by Kelly Clarkson

* Finding Forever by Common

* Untitled by Nine Inch Nails

* Untitled by Coldplay

* Grow Up and Blow Away by Metric

* Untitled by Radiohead

* Detox by Dr. Dre

* Untitled 8th Studio Album by Korn

* Untitled by Sevendust

* Untitled 8th Studio Album by The Offspring

* A Good Ass Job by Kanye West (I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be Graduation)

* Officially Back by Ma$e

* Untitled by Metallica

* Untitled by Green Day

Also, rumoured albums from The Arctic Monkeys, the Arcade Fire, the Dropkick Murphys, ill nino, The New Pornographers, and Rush.

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