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Immortal Technique

MalaCloudy Black

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Is badass. That is all.

Well, that's ignoring the hilarious conspiracy theorist aspect. But damn, Tech can rhyme. Granted, he's a little monotonous, but still..

Yeah, I know I'm a little late to the punch (by like 3 years >_>) but I've been listening to Dance With The Devil a lot here recently.

http://azlyrics.com/lyrics/immortaltechniq...ththedevil.html :wub:

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The shit that always made me laugh about Immortal Technique was that he's big on the fuck whitey stuff, but most of his fanbase is.... white people. :pinch:

I'm not that big of a fan of his though. I like maybe one of his songs. Can't even remember the name of it either. It has an acoustic guitar in it though. *shrugs shoulders*

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Tech is one of my favorite underground artists. I got both his albums and waiting for his next, whenever the hell that drops. His flow isn't the best on his 1st album, but he has improved since. I like the humor in his rhymes and how he doesn't give a fuck in what he really says. I also like how he speaks out against the government, even if I don't believe in the 9/11 consipracies that much. He is smart and knows his stuff though.

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