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Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium.

Paulie Danger

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So I've been playing the translated version of the game, and I'm getting my ass whipped. All the FAQ's I've seen are just the special moves. Can anyone hip me to the basics on this game? Because it looks like it could be The Truth. But until I can hit a suplex, then it just does nothing for me.

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Yeah, exactly what Iain said. You need to hit the button as the wrestlers lock up, once you get the timing down it'll be a lot easier. You also need to work over an opponent before you can actually hit them with any of your more powerful moves.

Excellent game.

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Y is the weaker moves, then B, then A, grapple your opponent when groggy and press A+Y for a finisher. I Don't think there's a trick to getting out of submissions, the amount of time you're held in a hold is dependent on how much damage you've taken.

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