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Green Wing Special


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How has this not been mentioned yet? It was incredible.

The best possible send-off to one of the finest British comedies this decade. A little less surreal, and a little less fast-paced, than usual, but all necessary, and it didn't hurt it either. All the loose ends got tied up rather nicely, in pretty much the most perfect possible manner.

And it fuels my growing Tamsin Greig addiction, as well as my ongoing Mark Heap love, so all is good.

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Guest muddatrucker

Yeah, to me it feels like a sketch show, but instead of clipping the boring parts inbetween each segment out, it just carries on, occasionally funny but not really my thing (although you'd think it was).

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Guest chatterbox

I didn't hear of Green Wing till the second series. Which i didn't like. So i haven't watched the first series, but didn't like the second. I watched the special, and thought it was average. Nothing special to me. Indeed watchable though.

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Pffft. Green Wing is clearly the best British comedy since forever.

Guy's organ scene will always be the best scene ever in any show ever ¬_¬

Or at least, the best scene ever in any show ever that didn't have Dr Statham in it.

Seriously though, I loved Green Wing. It was brilliantly written, and was more than just a comedy.

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