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Star Trek: The Next Generation & The X-men: Planet X

The Mask of Norro

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It's a crossover novel that apparently reaks of bad fanfiction. This was the general storyline, as quoted from the place I found this gem at:

Basically, a planet that is allied with the Federation starts getting it's own "mutants." Just by sheer coincidence a few X-Men turn up on the Enterprise, apparantly already having met Picard and co before. And then they decide to go and help the planet wit this "mutant" crisis. Cue inavsion of planet by mysterious aliens somehow linked to it's mutants. Oh and Picard is apparently falling in love with Storm.

Mental, isn't it? Hmm, maybe it'll be revealed that Picard himself is a mutant. Considering he was born in France, but reads Shakespeare, drinks Earl Grey and speaks perfect "proper English." So he's either a mutant, or a some kind of fraky "Space French." It's also implied that Storm and Picard spend the night with each other which is quite freaky because several times it is commented how much Picard and Xavier look like each other, and Xavier is basically Storm's foster father...


Picard gets some action from Storm... that is ace.

It's a novel, but I figured it'd fit in here just as well as it would the lounge, so hey.

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I think my life goal just became clear: I have to read this book, not matter how totally shite it is.

EDIT: I'm bidding on an E-Bay copy now. Trust EWB to make me spend money.

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