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I've never thought the guy with the dog is important to some greater depth, but merely as a plot device and as a "kooky" way to give a plot catch-up.

It's a great movie though and I got Lady Vengeance for Christmas to complete the trilogy for me. I agree, it's an excellent film.

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It is a fantastic film. I've got Lady Vengeance and I plan on watching that at some point, but still need to get Sympathy For Mr Vengeance as well.

I like that the ending in Oldboy is really just left up to you to guess/work out whether he has actually forgotten or whether he remembers it all, yet is still going to keep it going with his daughter.

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The fact it was a continuous shot with no editing makes it extra special.

For me it always goes a bit confusing at the start of the ifnal third but I think it's supposed to, then plenty of horror and realisation hit you as we get closer to the end. Cleverness.

Me and my wife went to watch it on original release at the cinema. There were about six of us in the screening at the UGC.

Similar to when we went to watch Zatoichi. However the rooms showing Scooby Doo etc were rammed tight.

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