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SAW: Film Series.


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I'll give you a little overview of what happens:

The Saw film series is a popular horror film franchise created by James Wan and Leigh Whannell. The current Saw trilogy is one of very few film series where each new film has earned more than its predecessor, along with The Lord of the Rings, Austin Powers and others.

The main plot of this film series revolves around the Jigsaw Killer, a vigilante who kidnaps victims and places them in deadly traps to test them and see if they are deserving of the life they have abused. The victims, always taken because they have taken their lives for granted and abused them (lying, conning, drug-dealing, etc.), are usually linked to each other in one way or another. The films tend to conclude with a twist-ending that wraps things up, but also creates more questions to be answered in the next film. There have been 3 Saw movies in total, and now a 4th movie is in the works.

Has any of you watched any of these. I do one of my favourite horror film franchise.

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SAW was pretty good (7.5/10). Much better than a lot of horror movies today. SAW II wasn't as good as the original, but I wouldn't call it a disappointment (7/10). SAW III in my opinion was great, best of the three (8/10). But I'm willing to bet SAW IV will suck huge amounts, as it is the "Friday The 13th" of the 21st Century.

And the movies are no where nearly as gory as people make them out to be. I saw SAW I and II in one siti-n, didn't flinch once. It was kinda violent I guess. SAW III I saw in theatres, I sat front row. My friend next to me had to stand up and leave at 2 occasions. I really don't see how or why. Movie violence is nothing, I don't see how it bothers people.

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Saw was very good, great story, and the acting didn't bother me. Saw II was good, bit more fatality-oriented, but still the story was just about up to scratch. Saw III wasn't so great. The story was good, but I hated the whole killing of characters in the first five minutes thing - it just smacked of the writers not knowing what to do with them. Nice twist at the end though.

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