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Terminator vs. Robocop

Lord Nibbler

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That was a bad ass little movie, nice find there.

The Terminator movies have always been some of my favorite action flicks, and the first Robocop movie itself was very cool. Personally, my money would be the on the Terminator, but of course this is fantasy sort of stuff we're getting into.

I also liked the cameo toward the end of the film (I wont spoil) from another favorite action flick of mine.

Edit - The second movie was even more fun than the first. Very creative film making.

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Definitely pretty cool there. The terminator movies are some of my favorite movies ever and I remember seeing the Robocop one at least once or twice, but not in a long time. This might make me go and grab it to see. The third one looks even more awesome.

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Guest Scamman

That was awesome. That was very well done and the creator deserves all the credit in the world.

It's so hard to do movies like that and get them right. Almost every shot hid exactly how it was done, when i was expecting to watch it and be like "I know how they did that" every 5 seconds, but i didn't.

Great work there, 5 stars.

Just watched the 2nd one, pretty much just as good.

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