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World Championship Wrestling 1993

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Guest MystikalityIX

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World Championship Wrestling 1993

Tuesday, 29th December 1992

We begin this diary in the boardroom of World Championship Wrestling, which is situated at the heart of Atlanta. Ted Turner and his associates are sat around a professional looking table on which lies an unmarked brown file. Everyone in the room, with the exception of Turner, looks very anxious as if something big is going to happen. Ted pulls the file towards him and opens it onto the first page. He scans through very quickly as a few stifled murmurs begin to rise up from some of the men in the room. Ted pushes the file back out onto the table and looks up with a grin.

Ted Turner: "Gentlemen, that file contains in it the five year business plan for World Championship Wrestling. That business plan will foresee how this promotion is run for the next half-century and it will help us become the number one wrestling promotion in the world. We might only be number two at the moment, but I can guarantee you that by the end of the five year plan, we will be on top."

Associate #1: "Our investors are going to want copies of the file sir, should I have it faxed to them?"

Ted Turner: "Yes, make sure they also receive a copy of the current roster and also a rundown on the current state of the industry."

Associate #1: "Is there anything else that could be done?"

Ted Turner: "No, just get the fax sent as soon as possible."

The associate leaves the room with the file and sets about the task of faxing it to all of the current WCW investors.

Fax to be sent to: Sports Illustrated, Nintendo, Castrol GTX, Burger King.


World Wrestling Federation

Size: Global

Based: America

Public Image: 30%

Owner: Linda McMahon

Risk Level: 50%

Production Values: 90%

Top 5 Workers: Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Yokozuna, Ric Flair and The Undertaker.

World Championship Wrestling

Size: Global

Based: America

Public Image: 27%

Owner: Ted Turner

Risk Level: 35%

Production Values: 100%

Top 5 Workers: Sting, Rick Rude, Big Van Vader, Ron Simmons and Arn Anderson.

United States Wrestling Association

Size: Cult

Based: America

Public Image: 20%

Owner: Jerry Jarret

Risk Level: 60%

Production Values: 60%

Top 5 Workers: Jeff Jarret, Eddie Gilbert, Austin Idol, Brian Christopher and Eddie Martin.

Global Wrestling Federation

Size: Regional

Based: America

Public Image: 80%

Owner: Grey Pierson

Risk Level: 80%

Production Values: 55%

Top 5 Workers: Iceman King Parsons, Action Jackson, Chaz Taylor, Rod Price and Alex Porteau.

Smoky Mountain Wrestling

Size: Regional

Based: America

Public Image: 70%

Owner: Jim Cornette

Risk Level: 65%

Production Values: 50%

Top 5 Workers: James E. Cornette, Brian Lee, Dirty White Boy, Chris Candido and Bob Armstrong.

Eastern Championship Wrestling

Size: Regional

Based: America

Public Image: 60%

Owner: Todd Gordon

Risk Level: 90%

Production Values: 50%

Top 5 Workers: Terry Funk, Jimmy Snuka, Paul Heyman, Tito Santana and Kevin Sullivan.


Main Event

Sting (Face)

Big Van Vader (Heel)

Ron Simmons (Face)

Upper Midcard

Rick Rude (Heel)

Arn Anderson (Heel)

Barry Windham (Heel)

Dustin Rhodes (Face)

Mid Card

Brian Pillman (Heel)

Cactus Jack (Heel)

Chris Benoit (Heel)

Jushin Thunder Liger (Face)

Kensuke Sasaki (Face)

Larry Zybysko (Heel)

Lord Steven Regal (Heel)

Masahiro Chono (Face)

Paul Orndorff (Heel)

Ricky Steamboat (Face)

Shane Douglas (Face)

Steve Austin (Heel)

Steve Williams (Heel)

The Great Muta (Face)

Lower Midcard

Bobby Eaton (Heel)

Dan Spivey (Heel)

Diamond Dallas Page (Heel)

Eric Watts (Face)

Johnny B. Badd (Face)

Johnny Gunn (Face)

Marcus Alexander Bagwell (Face)

Maxx Payne (Heel)

Michael PS Hayes (Heel)

Tom Zenk (Face)

Tony Atlas (Heel)

Too Cold Scorpio (Face)

Van Hammer (Face)

Vinnie Vegas (Heel)


Brad Armstrong (Face)

Shanghai Pierce (Heel)

Tex Slazenger (Heel)

The Barbarian (Heel)


Bill Irwin (Heel)

Bob Cook (Heel)

Chris Sullivan (Face)

Ken Dickson (Face)

Larry Santo (Face)

Mustafa Saed (Heel)

Randy Sledge (Heel)

Rick Sava (Face)

Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker (Heel)

With the faxes all sent, there was nothing left but to sit back and watch the plan go into action, Turner though to himself. And within a few days, it would begin.

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Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees back

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Guest MystikalityIX

When I said this weekend, I meant tonight ¬_¬. Yeah, it'll be up tonight. If not you can call me a bitch and sleep with my mother.

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Guest MystikalityIX

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Saturday, 2nd January 1993

Television Rating: 1.39

Show Rating: 68%

Words With Harley Race and Big Van Vader

The show kicked off with a brief interview with WCW World Champion Big Van Vader and his manager Harley Race. Race brought up the fact that Muta earned his shot at the title at last night’s Starrcade and would be given his title match tomorrow night on The Power Hour.

Overall Rating: 70%

The Great Muta d. Steve Williams

The match started off with Williams using some amazingly stiff suplex variations on Muta. Muta struggled to gain an advantage in the opening moments as every time he came close to using a move, Williams would simply snap him in half with a suplex or backbreaker. Things went Muta's way when he rolled out of a German suplex and fired off some quick kicks to the back and head of Williams. Muta then took control and was unrelenting right up until the closing moments of the match when he nailed a Shining Wizard for the three count. The fans in attendance ate this match up as they're not used to the style of wrestling displayed. Following the match, Big Van Vader ran down to the ring with Harley Race, obviously looking to gain an advantage prior to the title match tommorow night. As soon as Vader climbed up onto the apron, Muta ducked out of the ring and underneath his legs, walking back up the ramp. Harley Race got in his face on the way up but Muta just ignored it and stared at Vader.

Overall Rating: 70%

The Enforcers Strike

Following a commercial break, Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas began walking down the ramp, ready for their match with Shanghai Pierce & Tex Slazenger who were already waiting in the ring. When Steamboat jumped up onto the apron, Arn Anderson emerged from the crowd, sending Steamboat crashing down onto the padded mats with a well-placed forearm. Larry Zybysko ran down the ramp and leapt onto Shane Douglas who was unaware of the ensuing melee. Steamboat and Anderson began brawling while referees began filing down the ramp, trying to stop the frey. Pierce and Slazenger remained motionless in the ring, puzzled at what was going on. After receiving a heavy beating, Steamboat rolled into the ring into stomps from the opposing team. Shane Douglas managed to crawl around to his corner as Anderson and Zybysko were escorted away by officials.

Overall Rating: 81%

Larry Zybysko gained overness from this segment.

Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas d. Shanghai Pierce & Tex Slazenger (To Retain the WCW Tag Team Titles

After a short announcement from Tony Schiavone regarding the brawl that just took place, the match got underway. Tex Slazenger capitalized from the offset, beating Steamboat back into his corner and applying a series of varying sleeperholds. Slazenger used great psychology in building up the fact that Steamboat had fallen on his neck during the altercation with Anderson. Eventually Shanghai Pierce tagged in, going straight to work on the neck of Steamboat and following on from his partner. Howver, Steamboat managed to counter a neckbreaker and quickly stumbled into a tag with Douglas. Douglas came in and instantly cleaned house, dropkicking Pierce out of the ring and then nailing Tex Slazenger, sending him flying off the apron. Douglas followed him outside and gave him a brutal looking powerbomb onto the side of the ring. Shanghai Pierce came up behind Douglas and rolled him into the ring. Pierce climbed in after him and launched a clothesline which Douglas ducked, causing Pierce to fly into referee Charles Robinson. As soon as this happened, The Enforcers appeared ringside again. Larry Zybysko slid into the ring and attempted a spear on Douglas, who once again dodged, meaning Zybysko hit Pierce instead. Douglas tossed Zybysko out of the ring and nailed Pierce with a piledriver. Steamboat took care of Arn Anderson on the outside as Robinson came to his senses and counted the pin from Shane Douglas. Robinson then called for more officials to escort The Enforcers from ringside once again. Arn Anderson signalled a title belt around his waist as Steamboat and Douglas celebrated in the ring.

Overall Rating: 63%

The WCW Tag Team Titles have gained in image.

Sting Interviewed

Sting comes down to the ring following another commercial break. Tony Schiavone enters the ring with a microphone and tells the live crowd that tonight, Sting will be taking on Brian Pillman in the main event, which gets a pop. He then asks Sting some questions regarding what his aims are in WCW at the moment. Sting says that his aim is to take the WCW World Title away from Big Van Vader. Schiavone wishes him luck with it and Sting then leaves the ring and heads back up to the locker room.

Overall Rating: 67%

Sting lost overness from this segment

Rick Rude d. Bill Irwin to retain the WCW United States Title

Irwin barely got a move in this match, which was just here to make Rick Rude look good. The match started out with Rude overpowering Irwin and knocking him down to the ground where he proceeded to stomp the living hell out of him. Rude then went straight to work on the neck of Irwin, hanging him off the ropes at every opportunity. Eventually Rude grew tired of his plaything and gave him the Rude Awakening for the three count.

Overall Rating: 42%

A Rude Awakening For Rick

Following the match, Rude took it to Bill Irwin once more, hanging him upside down off the turnbuckle and kicking him in the ribs repeatedly. After ten or so kicks, Rude went to the opposing turnbuckle and then ran at Irwin, spearing him up against the post. Irwin crumpled into a heap on the canvas and Rick Rude continued to celebrate with his belt. Out of nowhere Steve Austin ran down to ringside and began pummelling away at Rude. Austin got in a few kicks before Rude managed to roll out of the ring. As he walked back up the ramp he mouthed something to Austin, obviously telling him that this wasn’t over.

Overall Rating: 64%

Steve Austin lost overness from this segment. Rick Rude lost overness from this segment. Steve Austin's turn was completed, and he is now a face. Steve Austin gained overness from this turn.

Sting d. Brian Pillman

Only moments after the match started, Tony Atlas made his way down to ringside and stood at the bottom of the ramp, watching the action inside the ring. The commentary team speculated as to why he was there, but couldn’t come up with a concise answer. Meanwhile inside the ring Pillman fought hard to contain Sting, trying to raise the pace of the match to suit his wrestling style. Sting however wouldn’t allow this to happen and took Pillman to the mat and applied a hold every time. Eventually Pillman managed to display a show of strength and stood up and out of a sleeper hold and somehow reversed it into a northern lights suplex which got a close two count. The ending of the match came about when Sting reversed an irish whip into the corner and then followed in with a Stinger Splash. Pillman hit the mat like a sack of bricks, allowing Sting to lock in the Stinger Scorpion Deathlock. Pillman tapped out, giving Sting the win. As Sting celebrated he noticed Tony Atlas begin walking back up the ramp. The commentators once again speculated about his presence as the show came to a close.

Overall Rating: 80%

Edited by MystikalityIX
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You liar. It took 3 minutes to get the show up.

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Eh, decent, but you've done alot better.

Sting Interviewed

Sting gets interviewed by Tony Schiavone.

Overall Rating: 67%

Sting lost overness from this segment

I feel cheated. You bastard.

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Holy shit, I missed the Sting segment out. I'll go edit it now.

Don't worry, it's Saturday Night. No one watches it anyway. :lol:

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Guest MystikalityIX

Don't worry, it's Saturday Night. No one watches it anyway.  :lol:


I've done half of the next show, it'll be up within a day or two. The promos are actually going to be written out this time and the rest of the show will be fleshed out a bit more.

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Guest MystikalityIX

WCW The Power Hour

Overall Rating: 70%

Television Rating: 1.95

Lord Steven Regal w/ Sir William d. Chris Sullivan

Regal made his way down to the ring as the show started, with Sir William at his side. A couple of fan’s tried grabbing Regal’s long robe, but to no avail as Sir William just kept snatching it away from them. Sullivan shortly followed and the match began almost immediately, with Sullivan throwing right hands like a madman. He quickly beat Regal back into the corner and began pummelling him down to the ground. He stood back and admired his work which allowed Regal to fire out of the corner with a spear. A few armbars later and Sullivan’s offense was all but diminished. Regal refused to break the holds and continued working the arms for nearly the entirety of the match. Every time Sullivan tried to take control Regal would roll through with the move and lock in a submission. This failed to work on one attempt which allowed Sullivan to capitalize. He twisted out of an arm wringer and dragged Regal into a huge clothesline, dropping to the floor and clutching his arm afterwards. Regal leapt straight back up and kicked Sullivan to the ground, applying an STF which Tony Schiavone called on commentary ‘The Regal Stretch’. Sullivan tapped straight away giving Steven Regal the win. Sir William climbed into the ring as the bell rang and the two celebrated as the show went to commercial break.

Overall Rating: 47%

Enforcing Their Opinions

Back from the break we join Jesse Ventura who is backstage with The Enforcers, Arn Anderson and Larry Zybysko.

Jesse Ventura: “Arn, I understand that you two aren’t exactly happy with the WCW Tag Team Champions at the moment?”

Arn Anderson: “That’s right Jesse, we’re not happy with Steamboat and Douglas. And as far as we’re concerned, they aren’t fit to be wearing those belts around their waists!”

Larry Zybysko: “And that’s why we’re proposing a little challenge. If those two show boaters think that they’re all that, then we’re sure they wouldn’t mind accepting our proposal.”

Jesse Ventura: “But what is your pro…”

Larry Zybysko: “I’m getting to that! Steamboat, Douglas, we’d like to arrange a match for the WCW Tag Team Titles. And we’d like to arrange that match for the January Clash of the Champions!”

Arn Anderson: “In fact, you know what? We’re not arranging the match, we’re not proposing the match and we’re not challenging you. We’re demanding that you give us the match, and if you don’t… Well, we’ll just have to enforce it.”

The Enforcers walk off as Ventura turns back to the camera.

Jesse Ventura: “You heard it guys, The Enforcers have just challenged Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas to a match for the WCW Tag Team Championships at the January Clash of the Champions. If they accept, then they’ve only got 13 days to prepare for what should be a great match!”

Overall Rating: 73%


Back at ringside Rick Rude’s entrance music plays as he walks down the ramp with the WCW US Title draped around his waist. He enters the ring and snatches a microphone from the ring announcer.

Rick Rude: “Steve Austin… Stunning? Hardly. I don’t know what was running through your mind when you decided to come out and attack me last week, but I assure you, it will be one of the last things that you think about. That was a fatal mistake you made, and you nearly made a mark on my ravishing face! I don’t take kindly to people needlessly beating others (The crowd booed as this was exactly what Rude had done to Bill Irwin last week). And I especially don’t take kindly to it when it is a mere act of jealousy!”

Steve Austin’s music hits and he walks down to the ring, microphone in hand. He climbs in and walks straight towards Rude who backs away pointing at him. Austin just laughs and stands in the opposite corner.

Steve Austin: “So you think you’re funny? Think you can make jokes about Stunning Steve Austin? And then you’ve got the tenacity to tell me that it’s because I’m jealous of you? What have you got to be jealous of?! You’ve overdone the tan, you’ve got a mullet, an ugly moustache and you’ve got no friends. So tell me why I should be jealous of you.”

Rick Rude: “Well, I can think of one good reason why.”

Steve Austin: “Go on then, enlighten me.”

Rick Rude: “You’re jealous of me, because not only am I the Ravishing Rick Rude, but I am also the World Championship Wrestling United States Champion!”

Austin takes exception to this immediately and begins walking towards Rude, who backs away.

Rick Rude: “Hold your horses blondie, I’m not fighting you yet, I’ve got a match to wrestle. But I will let you in on one thing. How about you sit at ringside and you watch me decimate the next poor bum that comes out here, and then we’ll go toe to toe, mano el boyo.”

Steve Austin: “That’s fine by me pops, oh and, break a leg.”

Austin ducks down out of the ring and sets up a chair at ringside. He watches on as Rude removes his robe and title belt and await’s the challenger.

Overall Rating: 98%

Rick Rude gained overness from this segment.

Rick Rude d. Chris Benoit

Rude stared up at the entrance ramp as some unfamiliar music hit. Chris Benoit made his way down the ramp, wearing new tights and with a new video and entrance music. Obviously they’re going to give him a push. Rude laughed it off in the ring until Benoit ran the rest of the way down and slid in. Straight away the two began brawling with Benoit getting the advantage. He quickly beat Rude back to the ropes and whipped him across the canvas. Rude ducked a clothesline on the return and spun around with a discuss punch to the side of the head which near knocked Benoit out. Rude then applied the pressure to the neck region, locking in a chickenwing. Benoit grabbed the ropes straight away, showing good knowledge of his surroundings. Rude continued the offence for a few minutes, trying all sorts of particular holds to wear down the neck of Benoit. As he attempted a sleeper hold, Benoit fought out with elbows to the sternum. He then bounced off the ropes straight back into another sleeper hold. He escaped this one quicker, simply dropping into a sit-out position causing Rude’s face to snap off Benoit shoulder. Rude flew down to the mat clutching his nose and rolling around. Benoit simply got to his feet and began stomping away as Austin cheered on at ringside. Benoit pulled Rude up and fought him back into the corner. He then pushed Rude onto the top turnbuckle and followed him up. Rude attempted to fight him off but Benoit managed to avoid the attack to nail a huge superplex. Rude got to his feet first as Benoit continued to sell the neck. Rick Rude pulled Benoit up and tossed him to the ropes. He went to apply a sleeper hold but Benoit ducked underneath, bounced off the opposite ropes and nails a flying clothesline. Benoit slowly got to his feet and began climbing the turnbuckle. He then signalled to the crowd and flew off with his patented Swandive Headbutt. Rude rolled out of the way at the last minute causing Benoit to come crashing down. Benoit sold the neck highly and took a full few minutes to get to his feet as Rude stomped at the neck. As soon as Benoit got up he attempted a clothesline which Rude ducked. Rick Rude then hit the Rude Awakening to a set of boos from the fans, who were led by Austin. Austin jumped up onto the apron but Rude span around and knocked him off before pinning Benoit for the three count. Rude scooped his belt up from off the apron and attempted to make off before Austin got up, but failed. Austin slid into the ring and began brawling with Rude who fell out of the ring, allowing himself to sneak off up the ramp as Austin attended to a hurt Benoit.

Overall Rating: 70%

Masahiro Chono d. Jushin ‘Thunder’ Lyger

An exciting but short match was up next, with Jushin Lyger taking on NWA Champion Masahiro Chono. The match started with both men shaking hands and then attempting a clothesline. They collided with each other and then both went for a dropkick, once again colliding. The fans cheered this as the two competitors stood back. The match then continued with Chono nailing a few right hands and some raised knees to the abdomen of Lyger. Lyger completely no-sold this and hit a kick to the back of the head of Chono. Chono fought Lyger’s attacks off and took the match along a more technical route, hitting some stiff suplex variations, which were also no-sold by Lyger. What’s gotten into him tonight? Lyger bounced back by rolling out of a German suplex attempt and hit one of his own. He then went up top and launched himself off with a moonsault, only for Chono to roll away. Somehow Lyger managed to land on his feet. As Chono got up Lyger caught him with an enziguri taking both men back down. The fans loved the fast style of wrestling and began chanting both men’s names. Lyger attempted his brain buster finisher, only for Chono to roll him up in a small package. A two count later the match resumed. Lyger once again went for the brain buster but this time Chono took him down to the mat and applied a reverse STF. Lyger struggled for the ropes for around half a minute but in the end was forced to tap out.

Overall Rating: 63%

Jushin Thunder Liger didn't really sell very much, which hurt the match rating. Masahiro Chono is losing overness because of his weak gimmick.

A Race for Glory

After a commercial break we are backstage with Harley Race and Big Van Vader. Vader grunts in the background as Harley speaks.

Harley Race: “Sting, we were backstage last night watching your little interview with that jackass Tony Schiavone. And we saw what you said, we saw what ‘your aims’ in WCW are. Well let me tell you this Sting, your little goal will never be succeeded because as long as this man is alive he will be the WCW World Heavyweight Champion and there is nothing that you or anyone can do about it. He’s Big Van Vader, he’s the greatest wrestler walking the planet, and he’s being managed by a former WCW World Heavyweight Champion to boot. So maybe you need to set your standards a little lower and start aiming for the WCW TV Title, I see that one’s vacant at the moment.

Now onto more challenging issues, tonight Big Van Vader takes on Muta with the title on the line. I’d call him ‘The Great’ Muta, but frankly, he isn’t. There’s nothing great about him. He wears face paint and looks like a blind clown, what’s so great about that? Nothing, that’s what. And after Vader finishes with him tonight, there’ll be nothing left of him to call great anyway. Come on Vader, let‘s go show these idiots we mean business.”

Vader gives out another grunt as the two head off to the ring.

Overall Rating: 71%

Big Van Vader lost overness from this segment.

Big Van Vader d. The Great Muta (To Retain the WCW World Title)

This turned out to be quite a solid match despite the obvious clash of styles in the ring. Muta started out quick throwing everything at Vader in an attempt to take him down. He let fly with some stiff kicks to the chest, one of which Vader caught. After catching the leg, Vader lifted Muta up into a one-armed gorilla press which got a huge reaction of boos from the fans. A light ‘We Want Sting’ chant started up as Vader took it to Muta, beating him senseless in the corner. Vader then tossed him to the other side and crushed him with a huge avalanche. Muta stumbled out of the corner and fell flat on his face before desperately trying to roll away from danger. Vader methodically followed him, stopping occasionally to stomp on his back. Muta managed to pull himself up on the ropes but Vader simply tipped him threw the middle rope and out onto the floor below. On the outside Vader tossed Muta into the ring steps which got another big reaction from the crowd. Harley Race cheered Vader on as he rolled Muta back into the ring. He then turned to the crowd and began screaming at them as Muta got up on the inside of the ring. Vader stood on the apron still taunting the fans and then turned around to a roundhouse kick to the head, sending him sprawling to the floor below. Muta ran at the ropes and dove through them, spearing Vader into the guardrail. Muta nailed some punches before attempting to roll Vader back into the ring. Vader slammed his hands into the mat and then grabbed Muta by the skull before delivering a head butt which made the whole crowd cringe. Vader then tossed Muta into the ring and followed him inside. The ‘We Want Sting’ chants rose up again, louder this time as Vader slowly climbed to the middle rope. Muta tried in vain to get up but couldn’t as Vader nailed the Vader Splash for the three count. The crowd chanted even louder as Vader and Race celebrated in the ring, and this time their chants were heard! Sting rushed down to the ring and slid in through the bottom rope punching away at a surprised Vader. Vader tumbled into the ropes and Sting whipped him to the other side of the ring. Vader ducked a clothesline and then spun around, connecting with one of his own which nearly took Sting’s head off. Tony Atlas began walking down to the ring as Vader stomped away at his victim. Atlas climbed into the ring and pushed Vader out of the way, before launching his own assault on Sting. Atlas pummelled him into the corner as Vader grunted at Harley Race. Race pointed at Atlas and shouted something, which Vader took as a signal. He walked over to Race and tossed him into the corner, sandwiching Sting between the turnbuckle and a 250lb man. Vader then gave a crushing power bomb to him before doing the same with Sting. Race and Vader celebrated in the ring, as Sting, Tony Atlas and Muta all lay wounded on the canvas.

Overall Rating: 77%

The WCW World title has lost image. The Great Muta is losing overness because of his weak gimmick.

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