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World Championship Wrestling 2000


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Vince Russo was bought in to be World Championship Wrestling’s saviour, he was meant to revolutionise the company and allow it to once again compete with the World Wrestling Federation. What Ted Turner and his company did not realise, was that while Russo might have been a great writer, he was only great when restricted by someone like Vince McMahon. In January of 2000 Vince Russo finally pushed World Championship Executives too far with his inane booking style and was finally released from the company.

In reality a booking committee lead by Kevin Sullivan took his place, “The Old Guard” however were not well received, more than one individual was unhappy at his position, this group left the company as “The Radicalz” in the World Wrestling Federation, others were unhappy too.

What would have happened however if Sullivan and co. had not have taken over the booking? What if this group consisting of Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn and Eddie Guerrero, had stayed with World Championship Wrestling? What if the true potential of World Championship Wrestling was finally bought to light? Beginning after Souled Out 2000… here’s what if…?

WCW Souled Out 2000

Date: January 16, 2000

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Arena: Firstar Center

Triple Threat Theatre: Dungeon Match

Billy Kidman def. Dean Malenko via pin fall

Triple Threat Match

Vampiro def. David Flair and Crowbar via pin fall on David Flair

Vito LaGrasso and Johnny the Bull def. Harris Brothers via Vito pinning Ron Harris

WCW World Cruiserweight Title

Oklahoma def. Madusa© via pin fall

WCW World Hardcore Title: Four Way

Brian Knobs© def. Meng, Fit Finlay, and Norman Smiley via pin fall on Smiley

Triple Threat Theatre: Bunkhouse Brawl/Falls Count Anywhere Match

Billy Kidman defeated Saturn via pin fall

Booker T def. Stevie Ray via disqualification when a man interfered on Stevie’s behalf

Tank Abbott def. Jerry Flynn

Last Man Standing Match

Buff Bagwell def. Diamond Dallas Page via pin fall

Triple Threat Theatre: Cage Match

The Wall def. Billy Kidman via pin fall

WCW Commissionership

Kevin Nash def. Terry Funk© via pin fall

Vacant WCW World Heavyweight Title

Chris Benoit defeated Sid Vicious via submission to win the title

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WCW Nitro 2000

Date: January 17, 2000

New WCW World Heavyweight champion…

At Souled Out Chris Benoit became World Championship Wrestling’s World Heavyweight champion after defeating Sid, but it may have come at a consequence as the New World Order threatened to make Benoit’s life hell until he lost the title. What will Benoit have to say on the situation?

Commissioner’s Statement…

On Nitro Kevin Nash will be making a statement, what he intends to do with his new post of commissioner. Nash promised to make the situation of WCW far clearer than it was. What does Nash mean? How will the New World Order use this new position to their advantage?

The feud of Kimberly…

Buff Bagwell pulled out the victory in last nights Last Man Standing match against Diamond Dallas Page, but this feud is not over, at Nitro DDP will take on Rick Fuller, will Bagwell make his presence felt or will DDP demand his presence? We will see on Nitro!


The Revolution will face off against The Filthy Animals

Crowbar and David Flair defend the WCW Tag Team titles against Vito LaGrasso and Johnny the Bull

Diamond Dallas Page will fight Rick Fuller

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Guest It's 999

Being perhaps the only person on the face of the Earth that actually enjoyed the 2000-2001 Russo WCW era, I'm looking forward to this.

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Apologies, I didn't quite make that clear enough, Russo didn't stay in charge in this diary, I did consider having him take charge but I felt I couldn't do justice to Russo's booking style, bizzare as it was. This is instead merely a different booking comittee to the one that took over in real life. Sorry, didn't make that clear.

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Being perhaps the only person on the face of the Earth that actually enjoyed the 2000-2001 Russo WCW era, I'm looking forward to this.

Nope, I enjoyed it... well, if it was he behind the Booker T vs. Scott Steiner feud, then yeah, I enjoyed Russo's era.

Anywho, I was hoping you would send the Radicalz to the WWF to see what you made out of it, but so far its looking good.

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World Championship Wrestling Presents… Nitro

Date: January 17, 2000

State of World Championship Wrestling address…

The WCW logo flashes across on a black shadow as the scene opens up to Kevin Nash standing on a podium dressed up in a suit, the camera pans out to reveal Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett both wearing shades and in black suits, acting as bodyguards. The podium is a mock of a presidential announcement/interview room with the American Flag spray painted across with the New World Order logo.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Nash begins very slowly, “I welcome you to the January 17th edition of WCW Monday Night Nitro. Tonight will begin a true new era in World Championship Wrestling. As you all well know, last night at Souled Out I defeated Terry Funk to become the WCW Commissioner. I want you all to know that despite me being a member of the group many have called ‘Thugs’, rather than the name appointed of the New World Order, I am going to take my job very seriously, therefore next week on Nitro there will be a ‘Night of Champions’ if you will - every single title will be on the line. Oh and one last thing, tonight Chris Benoit and Jeff Jarrett will go one-on-one in a champion versus champion, due to stipulations of next week, none of tonight’s matches will be title matches.”

Nash brushes his suit slightly and coughs, he looks into the camera which slowly zooms in on his head.

“Have a good night and god bless you all, every single one…”


After the end of Nash’s speech the scene finally changes to the Nitro intro. The scene then opens up to the arena with what seems like a sell-out crowd, although it is actually just camera shots. The commentary table is shown with Tony Schiavone and Scott Hudson sitting.

“Good evening all and, as commissioner Nash stated, welcome to the January 17th Nitro,” Tony Schiavone opens, “I’m Tony Schiavone and this is my commentary partner for the night Scott Hudson. Tonight two battling factions will go head on when The Revolution takes on The Filthy Animals in an Eight Man Captain Fall Elimination match, Crowbar and David Flair will take on The Mamalukes team of Johnny the Bull and Vito LaGrasso and Rick Fuller gets a major shot at scoring an upset as he takes on Diamond Dallas Page.”

“Not only that Tony,” Scott iterates, “but as commissioner Nash just stated, we will see new WCW World Heavyweight champion Chris Benoit and United States champion Jeff Jarrett go toe-to-toe in that ring as our main event!”

Match One: The Revolution versus The Filthy Animals

Shane Douglas and Konnan were the leaders along with their team mates Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman and Eddie Guerrero for The Filthy Animals and The Wall, Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn for The Revolution. The match began with an all out brawl, in a Kidman and Mysterio were eliminated followed by Perry Saturn. The match was 3 on 2 in favour of The Revolution, who also had the size advantage, which they used efficiently until Guerrero and Malenko got in the ring together and Guerrero eliminated Malenko with some amazing counters. Guerrero was tired out and tagged in Konnan who was decisively beaten by The Wall for a Revolution victory as the captain was eliminated.

Winner: The Revolution

Hardcore Contenders…

Backstage Kevin Nash is in more casual wear, he is talking to someone at the food stand.

“Yeah, okay I’ll have a black coffee if it’s fresh,” Nash requests.

“Hey big Commish!” a voice shouts down the hall, the camera reveals Norman Smiley running towards Nash, “what’s up my man?”

“What do you want Smiley?” Nash sighs despondent.

“Whoa straight to the point,” Smiley jibes, “well big man I was just wondering, seeing as next week someone gotta’ take on that ol’ Nasty Brian Knobbs, I was thinking you could give me the shot, y’know, a rematch like.”

“Hmm, sorry man, that shot is already taken by Hugh Morrus,” Nash says, trying to keep a straight face as Smiley dances to keep warm, “but I tell you what, I did have another request for a shot from that, maybe I could organise something for tonight, I’ll see what I can do.”

“Nice one Nasher,” Smiley grins.

“Don’t call me that,” Nash sneers, “Now go away.”

Smiley wanders off as Nash turns back to receive his coffee.

“You know what,” Nash smiles, “this job is easier than Torrie Wilson.”

Gibberish comes from behind the counter.

“Oh really, you want a shot too?” Nash asks the person behind the bar surprised, “Okay, I’ll give you a chance too, might actually get an interesting match out of this.”

Match Two: Crowbar and David Flair versus The Mamalukes

Due to the stipulations of next week this match was not for the tag team titles which caused Disco Inferno and Tony Marinara on announcing to complain their boys were screwed out of the title shot. The match was dominated by Vito and Johnny until two men entered the ring and destroyed everyone there, The Harris Bros. Nash came out and explained that if they had won they would have had their shot next week, but as there was no winner it would be Ron and Don taking on Flair and Crowbar next week.

Winner: Draw

Match Three: The Cat versus Hugh Morrus versus Norman Smiley versus Meng

The winner of this match was announced to receive a WCW World Hardcore title shot next week. The Cat, Morrus and Smiley were all in the ring ready for a triple threat match as the announcer had called it when Nash came out and presented the fourth man in the match, the best coffee maker in WCW… Meng! The three men all tried to pick apart the brutish wrestler but to no avail as he decimated The Cat upon arrival with a stiff clothesline, he went to work on Cat as Smiley and Morrus began fighting instead as Meng was occupied. The two were very evenly matched until Morrus’ power became too much and he hit the No Laughing Matter moonsault, however as he went for the pin Meng re-entered the ring and locked on the Tongan Death Grip for a submission victory.

Winner: Meng

Bah gawd I lost the title…

In the New World Order locker room Nash is sitting down on a leather sofa with two women either side when Oklahoma bursts in.

“Hey y’all son-of-a-gun pistol-packing rattlesnake bitten Kevin Nash!” Oklahoma shouts at the top of his voice, “I heard y’all sayin’ that I got a title match next week, who is it against? Madusa again? Torrie maybe? Miss Hand-cock?”

“I think you’ll find its pronounced Hancock,” Nash sighs, slightly annoyed.

“Okay hand-job, whatever, but who am I facing?”

“Well actually I couldn’t decide on the best cruiserweight, so I was going to leave it to a 10 Man Battle Royal including you for the title,” Nash says, not even look at him.

“Whoa wait a darn tooting by gum moment there sonny! Okla-homer says he don’t want no match against men,” Oklahoma cries, “either you give Oklahoma an easy opponent or Oklahoma leaves bah gawd!”

“Well I don’t have the authority,” Nash smiles, finally turning to Oklahoma, “but in that case I can say… YOU’RE FIRED!”

Oklahoma looks shocked and starts to walk off.

“Oh and Okla-homo,” Nash commands, “that title doesn’t belong to you anymore.”

Oklahoma looks at his title one last time and throws it at Nash.

Match Four: Rick Fuller versus Diamond Dallas Page

The match began with Buff Bagwell taking a seat upon the stage to watch the match. As the men in the ring locked up Kimberly looked up at Bagwell on the stage, Bagwell ignored her and intently watched the match. Page pretty much dominated the match with Fuller getting about ten shots in total. As Diamond Dallas Page looked ready to finish the match he looked up at Bagwell and shouted that he best run quickly. DDP pinned Fuller and grabbed Kimberly, they stood on the ramp and looked each other face-to-face with Kimberly in the middle just to their side. After about twenty seconds with the commentators almost screaming “What is going to happen?” Bagwell turned away and shook his head before walking off leaving DDP and Kimberly to walk to the back

Winner: Meng

A champion and his friends…

Chris Benoit is backstage warming up when Eddie Guerrero enters the room and motions to Chris.

“Hey man,” Eddie smiles, “way to go hombre, winning that title, you made me so proud, I knew all those years training together would make you so much better, I feel like a champion too because we wrestled together, we learned from each other, I just want to say congratulations essay.”

Benoit nods and grunts, he keeps on working out as the door opens again, this time Dean Malenko enters.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Malenko asks.

“Whoa my man, calm down, I was just wishing Chris good luck,” Eddie calmly says to Malenko.

Benoit starts stretching against the wall, Malenko stands next to him.

“Chris, I haven’t got any fancy words for you, but for all those times we worked together and against each other I want to say thank you, you are an inspiration my old friend,” Malenko states.

Malenko and Guerrero look at each other as Benoit doesn’t say a word, they walk out the locker room, they can be heard talking to each other as Chris grabs his title and slings it over his shoulder.

“Its showtime,” Benoit smiles in the mirror.

He walks out the locker room as the image changes.

No exceptions…

Backstage Nash is watching the events on a monitor smiling when Jeff Jarrett walks up to him.

“Hey Kev,” Jeff commands, “I just thought of something, you said everyone has to defend their titles, that doesn’t include me surely?”

“Yeah it does JJ, why?” Nash asks.

“Well, I know it’s unlikely, and it’s got about as much chance of happening as an apocalypse, but what the hell happens if I lose?!” Jarrett demands.

“Ah Jeff, don’t worry,” Nash grins, “I’ve got that covered, have you been watching the ring recently?”

“Yeah, but why the hell does that little whore Kimberly and her sex toys have anything to do with my title?” Jarrett asks.

“Well those two sex toys will next week be your opponents, you’ll get a triple threat match,” Nash nods.

“Ah,” Jarrett smiles and nods, “those two will be too bothered about each other to touch me, when one is down I can beat down the other and win the thing.”

“Exactly,” Nash says knowingly, “but right now you have to sort out that problem for me…”

“Say no more big man…” Jarrett says.

Jarrett turns away and walks towards the ring as Nash watches the monitor.

Match Five: Jeff Jarrett versus Chris Benoit

The match was amazingly even as it went for about fifteen minutes until Jarrett couldn’t get a pin fall, he grabbed the guitar and ignored the referee and smashed Benoit with it, forcing the referee to call for the bell. Kevin Nash came out however and declared that the match is No Disqualification, therefore it continues. With everything Jarrett and Benoit tried on each other neither could put the other away until Nash and Steiner decided to interfere and turned it into a handicap match. Benoit was finished until Terry Funk and Sid Vicious ran down to the ring to make the save. The match was thrown out as it never finished but the last scene was of Nash proclaiming he would face Benoit next week for the title and Funk, Vicious and Benoit standing together arms raised, united.

Winner: Chris Benoit victory ruled out, match thrown out

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PWNewsLine.net | Nitro Notes

The Nitro main event never actually finished, the match was thrown out due to time constraints, the original plan was to have Jarrett pick up the victory but many WCW officials felt that Jeff had not yet earned his place and that it would confuse storylines as it would make Jarrett No1 contender.

The only title match not booked for next week’s Nitro was the Cruiserweight title match; this is expected to be booked on Thunder although it is unclear who will take part.

Last nights Benoit/Malenko/Guerrero skit was built in order to build the three into a future group WCW hopes. Malenko and Guerrero’s respective factions are currently feuding so how this will fit into the story is unclear, however they could be distinctly heard talking after leaving Benoit’s locker room.

The Oklahoma title stripping was the idea of the new WCW Exec. Booking committee, they felt that jokes should be kept not serious; therefore titles should not revolve around such characters. Ed Ferrara who played the character has been put onto the new booking team in a similar placement to when he was with Vince Russo.

Note: I felt that with Nash taking his commisioner role 'seriously' he should take on a serious tone, of course the Presidency mocking was actually him not being serious, this is why he said "Ladies and gentlemen", as in a sarcastic manner. Schiavone on the other hand was a mistake of my own, it's been that long since I heard him I couldn't write him properly, which is a fault of my own, I was going to replace him with someone I knew but I felt it would lack realism if I removed him instantly. Hope that clears things up a bit.

Edited by El Benjito
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I really liked the first show - well, as far as it's possible to really like anything that directly stems from WCW in 2000 at any rate - and I hope you can do a better job with the booking than that Russo guy.

Some good angles continued with and started on Nitro, keeping what little promise Vinnie Ru left and starting to shed what he didn't, which is great to see, and the whole "Commissioner Nash" thing was gold in my opinion. Hope to see Benoit with a good, long title reign, four years before the big-wigs actually worked out how good he really is.


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WCW Thunder 2000

Date: January 20, 2000

Be on the lookout…

Lex Luger and Booker T will be facing off on Thunder, and both men will be watching their backs. Luger has been seemingly sent messages by Sting recently after injuring the painted superstar many months ago, Luger has been slightly wary since. Booker however has not just got signs to look out for, but two very real men in Stevie Ray and his mystery man. The odds against this match going smoothly look highly doubtful…

To be a champion… you have to win…

These matches were booked in order to decide who would take part in Nitro’s Cruiserweight title Battle Royal, two matches of five-on-five sudden death matches will take place featuring WCW’s best cruiserweights and some “Open Invitation” talent not before seen on national television, be sure to tune in for some high flying action…

Factions at war…

The Revolution/Filthy Animals feud continues as The Wall takes on Eddie Guerrero, Guerrero was too tired to fight Wall in the elimination match on Nitro and it cost his captain the win, Eddie now fights in the match he couldn’t on Nitro. Who will pick up the win in this battle?


Lex Luger will take on Booker T

XS and Three Count team of Shannon Moore and Shane Helms will face off

The Wall will do battle with Eddie Guerrero

Two WCW Cruiserweight title “Battle Royal Qualifiers”

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World Championship Wrestling Presents… Thunder

Date: January 20, 2000


The Thunder opening plays and the scene opens to the arena fans before switching to Tony Schiavone and Mike Tenay on commentary.

“Thunder here tonight,” Schiavone begins, “and what a hell of a night! We got two major cruiserweight matches tonight featuring twenty men…”

“Nineteen men and a woman…” Tenay interrupts.

“… trying to get a shot at the WCW Cruiserweight title!” Schiavone finishes.

“Not only that but Booker T and Lex Luger will go one on one,” Tenay explains, “we have tag team action from Three Count and XS as well as Eddie Guerrero and Wall facing off.”

“It’s explosive here tonight on Thunder! We’re kicking off with our first cruiserweight match,” Schiavone states

WCW Cruiserweight title Battle Royal Qualifier: Set One

Team A consisted of Malenko, Chavo Jr., Kid Romeo and Kaz Hayashi as regulars as well as an unknown going by the name of Brian Kendrick. Team B was a bizarre bunch, Madusa and Blitzkrieg of regular WCW stars, NOSAWA, a bizarre looking Japanese wrestler, Mike Sanders of the WCW Power Plant and an unknown named Teddy Annis.

Team B seemed to have the advantage in the early going as the opposition could do little to scout their styles, Teddy Annis put in an amazing performance with some high risk manoeuvres that not even WCW’s top luchadores can pull off so crisply. However they don’t call it high risk for nothing and as he went for a dropkick on Dean Malenko the Ice Man moved to the side and barely as Annis hit the ground Malenko had locked in his Texas Cloverleaf submission for the victory.

Winner: Team A via Dean Malenko submission on Teddy Annis

You only get two chances…

The New World Order are hanging around backstage when Norman Smiley comes walking up to them.

“Hey guys,” Smiley grins, “I was wondering about talking to you big Nasher.”

“First,” Nash growls, “I warned you not to call me that, second, if you’re coming here about a match I’ve already given you one chance last week, other people need shots too Smirky.”

“Sorry about the name big man,” Smiley laughs to himself alone, “its Smiley by the way…”

“Oh did I?” Nash mocks, “I am SO sorry Smarky.”

“No problem-o man,” Smiley grinned, looking slightly annoyed that Nash still got the name wrong, “anyway, I know you gave me one shot, but the Hardcore title needs the Big Wiggle, how about it big man? Can you help a guy out?”

“Yo’, Big Sexy, here a sec,” Scott Steiner calls to Nash.

Steiner whispers to his nWo colleague who smiles and laughs, he then turns back to Smiley.

“You know what Smiley,” Nash smirks, “You got a chance, next weeks Thunder you can get a title match against the winner of the Nitro match…”

“Cool BS,” Smiley laughs, evidently proud of standing to Nash, “Catch ya’ later…”

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!” Nash shouts, “You gotta’ earn your shot first… that’s why tonight you’ll get a hardcore match against a man who deserves gold… you got the Big Booty Daddy Scott Steiner in the semi-main event. Let’s go guys.”

The New World Order walk off laughing, Jarrett is laughing and shouting about Steiner wiping the last name off Norman’s face.

WCW Cruiserweight title Battle Royal Qualifier: Set Two

Team C consisted of Crowbar as the only current WCW star, Elix Skipper and Alan Funk of WCW’s Power Plant, and two Indy talents of Air Paris Damien 666. Team D had three permanent WCW stars; Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio of the Filthy Animals as well as Psychosis who is going by the ‘y’ spelling, also involved were Harry Smith and “The” Kid Styles.

The match was full of fast paced action, on the outside the four relative unknowns of Team A took on Smith, Psychosis and Styles will Crowbar was double teamed by the Filthy Animals. Damien 666 hit a Asai Moonsault to take out all the rest, including his own team. Crowbar managed to remove Kidman after he went for the Kid Krusher and Crowbar used the ropes to pull away, sending Kidman head first to the mat; Mysterio was ready however and got the Ruff Ryder and Standing Moonsault for the win.

Winner: Team D via pin fall by Mysterio on Crowbar

The ten men facing off…

Backstage the first cruiserweight match winners are backstage cheering about their victory when the men who just won walk up to them, Chavo Jr turns to them and laughs.

“Bravo, way to pull out a victory from your ass,” Chavo laughs, “Crowbar had you guys beat in a two-on-one, it should be him and his team facing us next week, instead we got the easy way out…”

“Yeah Chavo,” Kidman chuckles to himself, “you got the easy way out because you’ll easily be the first eliminated.”

Brian Kendrick laughs.

“What you think something’s funny boy?” Chavo demands.

Kendrick shakes his head and doesn’t say a word.

“I’ll see you on Nitro cheech,” Chavo sneers.

Chavo and crew begin to walk off.

“Yeah you will, you’ll see me lying on top of you as you get pinned,” Kidman laughs.

Chavo turns around and strikes Kidman as an all out brawl erupts backstage between the cruiserweights in next weeks 10 Man Battle Royal.

XS versus Three Count

XS managed to gain the going in the early minutes of the match, their experience advantage allowing them to predict some of Helms and Moore’s moves, as well as the experience as a team coming into play as they double teamed. Karagias managed to switch the going however by tripping Idol when they went for a clothesline/bulldog combo on Helms and instead the two clothes lined each other. With XS down Moore and Helms used high risk to wear them down, as Helms went for the Vertabreaker, Idol managed to Bulldog him off his partners back and as Karagias went to interfere in the pin fall Miss Hancock flashed her buttocks in a small thong, distracting Karagias and giving XS a victory in the tag division.

Winner: XS via pin fall when Idol pinned Helms

To die is to live…

A church organ plays slow ‘painful’ music as a man in black, hooded like a monk, prays at an altar, and in front of him is a cross made of fire. The man utters in Latin as the image changes to black.

The words… “Judge all without faith to be lifeless… I am here to breed life to the dead…” in bright white lettering flashes on the screen briefly, just enough time to read it before the image shows the man with eyes closed and hood on, he gently breathes the words with a slightly husky voice “I will live…” before opening his eyes snappily to show his all-red eyes. The screen quickly goes black.

The Wall versus Eddie Guerrero

In a strange occurrence neither man’s teams accompanied them to the ring. Eddie started off the match evading The Wall’s grasp, managing to escape his big hands and hit counters from all over the place, when The Wall finally looked to have hold of him he went for the Choke slam and accidentally knocked the referee on the way down. The Wall looked annoyed and tried to work over Eddie again but the little Latino managed to dodge a clothesline, bounce off the ropes and bulldog the bigger man to the floor. Both men were out of breath down on the floor as well as the referee, as they got to their feet Dean Malenko ran to the ring and attempted to strike Guerrero with a running dropkick, Guerrero ducked however and instead The Wall got pasted. Malenko noticed the ref getting up and ran out allowing Eddie to get the Frog Splash and a victory. As Malenko backed up the ramp he and Eddie stared one another down, but both smiling ever so slightly at the corners of their mouths.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero via pin fall


Booker T is backstage limbering up when Midnight walks into his locker room.

“Hey Booker,” Midnight smiles, “What’s up?”

“Hey sis,” Booker greets her, “just getting ready to kick some ass tonight, you gonna’ join me?”

“Nah sorry Booker,” Midnight replies, “I’ve got to go visit some friends in the area. You’ll be okay right? Just stay on your guard for Stevie and his oversized muscle freak.”

Booker nods.

“Alright,” Midnight smiles, “That’s my brother, catch you later.”

Midnight walks off; Booker stands up straight and sighs.

“I’m gonna’ win and I can dig that…” Booker smiles.

Scott Steiner versus Norman Smiley in a Hardcore match

What was there to say? Steiner decimated Smiley and every time he went for the pin he stopped it himself. Steiner used chairs, chains, tables in a ten minute appetite for destruction. He eventually had Smiley pass out by the Steiner recliner; Smiley could not answer the three count. Post-match Steiner tried to give more of a beat down but Terry Funk made the save with some horrific chair shots, of which thin nails were implanted leaving Steiner censored, but bleeding as he runs off.

Winner: Scott Steiner via submission KO


Backstage Shane Douglas is hunting around, stalking the backstage area looking for someone as he asks multiple backstage personnel. Dean Malenko goes walking past and Douglas grabs his shoulder.

“Where the hell have you been?!” Douglas demands.

“Sorry Shane,” Malenko explains, “I was busy outside trying to organise the arrangements for Nitro’s Cruiserweight title battle royal. Why do you want me?”

“What the hell was that about with Guerrero?!” Douglas berates Malenko, about spitting on his comrade.

“Sorry boss, it was an accident,” Malenko professes innocently, “Guerrero knows me too well, we did used to team and fight together, we know each others moves and so I hit Jerry instead.”

Douglas looks at Malenko slightly suspiciously.

“What about that sly smile?” Douglas eyes his partner, “that was just me thinking to myself that I was going to get him, I tell you what boss, I’ll see about a replacement in the cruiserweight title match so I can face him, how about it?”

Douglas shakes his head.

“No, no my friend,” Douglas smiles, “I misjudged and was hastey, I shouldn’t have doubted you. You bring that gold home to The Revolution!”

“Okay boss,” Malenko smiles back.

Douglas walks off as Malenko watches him, the corners of his mouth upturn into a sly smile.

Lex Luger versus Booker T

The match barely got underway as Stevie Ray and his accomplice who is still un-named ran to the ring as Booker made his entrance; they beat him down and dragged him backstage. Luger was left in the ring alone looking bemused; he and Liz began to walk off as a Crow swooped down and just missed them. The last scene on Thunder was Sting covered in a black cape with only his eyes showing and Tony Schiavone screaming at the top of his voice “The Stinger is back!”.

Winner: Match did not begin

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PWNewsLine.net | Thunder Notes

The Cruiserweight contenders matches included many fresh faces to WCW’s ranks, while most were one night only performances, it is thought some may be brought back for future ‘one-offs’.

Notable inclusions into the cruiserweight qualifier matches were Teddy Annis, a member of the Hart family who was released while under a WWF Developmental contract quite the while ago, he goes under the name Teddy Hart, but WCW officials felt it would not be wise to push him into the spotlight, especially under a one-shot deal. Harry Smith, son of “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith, and Brain “Spanky” Kendrick, whom was trained by Shawn Michaels. Local talent AJ Styles also wrestled as “Kid Styles”.

Many have noticed a change in Kevin Nash’s character over the past two shows; WCW wants to build Nash as a long term commissioner and so are making him more serious while having him make smarmy comments and mocking things in general. They feel he has the potential in this position and it will allow him to stay on screen while gently easing him into a semi-retirement as Nash feels he deserves more time off. It is essentially the booking staff’s was of keeping Nash’s political games to a minimum without removing him, which would upset many of his allies backstage.

Also Tony Schiavone’s character seems to have toned down, WCW officials asked him to calm down his persona a little as he often gets over excited and gives things away or brings on a ‘smarkish’ view, which is what the staff are trying to stay away from after Russo’s smark moments. This is all the new head of bookings way of having his personal touch shown.

The promo showed for a new character on Thunder is yet to be named, as is the person portraying the character as he seems to be an unknown. Many people consider this a bizarre move as if no-one knows the person portraying then surely a lot of pressure is being put on this new persona, especially after the last major gimmick for WCW of this sort was the infamous “Blood Runs Cold” angle…

Speaking of gimmicks, Chavo has gone to a cocky gimmick with no real storyline explanation; perhaps management felt that such a foolish persona as Guerrero was portraying was not worth explaining a removal.

Saturday Night has been changed into a recap show.

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Well, all good so far. The only thing tempting me away from staying on this page is the small ad saying 'Hit HHH in the face with a hammer'. Sorry Benjito but I can't resist.

*hits HHH*

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Guest y2gudge

Your writing has been strong so far with both Nitro & Thunder following on from Souled Out well, the 'Hardcore' division does need a fresh face though and lastly I am entrigued by the newcomers video promo.


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WCW Nitro 2000

Date: January 24, 2000

Night of Champions…

Every World Championship Wrestling title will be on the line on this Monday’s edition of Nitro! Under the orders of Commissioner Nash all champions must defend their titles. With everything to play for in these matches it will surely be one heck of a show, especially when Chris Benoit takes on Commissioner Nash for his title. Will the New World Order make their presence felt or will this unholy alliance of Benoit, Funk and Sid stand tall?


The triangle match on Nitro would suggest the match is about the title, but the smart money is more on the Buff/DDP feud developing. The match might be a Triangle match but it seems the triangle that will be involved in this match is the seeming love triangle between Buff, DDP and Kimberly. Commissioner Nash booked this match to keep Jarrett with his title and it looks like that might just happen…


Billy Kidman and Chavo Guerrero Jr. had a confrontation on Thunder after their teams won the Cruiser-qualifiers. Both men seem confident about their victory, can they back up their mouths with the gold? Find out on Nitro!


Brian Knobbs will take on the monster Meng for the WCW World Hardcore title

10 Man Over the Top Battle Royal for the WCW World Cruiserweight title

David Flair and Crowbar and the Harris Brothers will go head-to-head for the WCW Tag Team titles

Jeff Jarrett faces Diamond Dallas Page and Buff Bagwell in a Triangle match for the WCW United States title

Chris Benoit will defend his WCW World Heavyweight title against Kevin Nash

Note: Thanks for the positive feedback guys, it's really encouraging.

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World Championship Wrestling Presents… Nitro

Date: January 24, 2000


An updated Nitro intro shows with pictures of the World Championship Wrestling roster in each of their own poses of video. The action in between is mostly high flying and action scenes as the logo flashes the same old Nitro logo as we go to the announcer team.

“It’s January 24th,“ states Tony Schiavone, “and this is Monday Nitro, I’m Tony Schiavone…”

“I’m Larry Zybszko…”

“… and do we have one heck of a night prepared for you tonight!” Tony yammers, “a ‘Night of Champions’ as Commissioner Nash proclaimed, every single title is up for grabs tonight as last weeks qualifiers took place, or positions were booked like our main event.”

“That’s right Tony;” Larry begins to explain, “Commissioner Nash will take on Chris Benoit after giving himself the title match. Last week at the end of Nitro it seemed an alliance was formed with Benoit, Sid and Terry Funk to stand against the New World Order, no doubt Nash has something up his sleeve to ace this tonight!”

Brian Knobbs versus Meng for the WCW World Hardcore title

Knobbs came out first and seemed very confident, Meng made his way to the ring and the two went to battle, Meng inflicted a lot of pain using weapons, but Knobbs managed to subdue his foe as he managed to lock his opponent in a sleeper. Norman Smiley ran to the ring and smashed Knobbs with a solid chair shot and pinned him to gain the title, Hart attempted to stop him escaping but Smiley simply hit him with the title. Under hardcore rules where anything goes the win was actually legal and Smiley is the new WCW World Hardcore champion.

Winner via pin fall and NEW WCW World Hardcore champion: Norman Smiley

All the time…?

Backstage Norman Smiley is running away as fast as he can as Scott Hudson attempts to catch up with him.

“Norman, Norman,” Hudson cries as they run, “you got your title, under peculiar circumstances, what do you have to say?”

“I’m a real champion fool!” Smiley gags out of breathe, “I’ma defend this title twenty-faw seven! I’m defending this baby all the time, bring a ref and pin me, that’s the new rules for my title!”

Hudson stops running as Smiley jumps into his car and rides off.

“He’ll be defending that all the time he holds it,” Zybszko says sounding quite in disbelief, “I don’t know quite what to say.”

“I’d say it sounds like a great idea,” Schiavone laughs and shouts, almost in glee, “this is going to make the Hardcore division a million times better than it already is! We’ll be back after these messages from our sponsors…”

The aftermath of Thunder…

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Zybszko begins, “last weeks Thunder ran out of time before we could show you the events after the Luger and Booker match, which did not take place. The following scenes, while censored, still present blood being spilled, so please if you are of nervous disposition or have young children around we suggest you turn away now…”

A replay of Thunder’s events where Booker T was beaten by Stevie Ray and his accomplice is shown. The image then shows more beatings backstage until finally they showed Booker Midnight bound and gagged on a security monitor.

“Look Booker,” Stevie whispers harshly, “look at what our sister is suffering because of you. She doesn’t deserve this, but you had to bring her in to ‘back you up’. You’re a fool Booker, you couldn’t wait for me to get back, you had to try and take the spotlight, well now you got the spotlight. You’re going to risk it all unless you realise that we are the future of Harlem Heat. What do you say bro, are you going to join me and the big man here?”

Booker slowly looks up at his brother, then at his accomplice who holds him by his collar, bloody and battered he smiles at his brother and then spits, a mix of blood and saliva, in his face.

“I’m afraid bro,” Booker coughs, “I cannot dig that…”

Booker braces himself for a beating but Stevie just shakes his head and they walk out, Booker slumps over the chair as the security video shows Midnight struggling.

“Just disgusting,” Schiavone gripes, “what kind of man would put his brother and sister through such torture all because they backed one another up? Stevie Ray is a twisted young man.”

“Booker is currently in hospital,” Zybszko explains, “he will return next week on Nitro, you can be assured of a confrontation between him and his brother, especially on the where-a-bouts of their sister.”

10 Man Over the Top Battle Royal for the WCW World Cruiserweight title

Kaz Hayashi and Styles started out first, trading chops and kicks until a minute and a half passed and Psychosis was allowed into the ring, Kaz and Styles were locked up in a test of strength when Psychosis jumped from the turnbuckle and hit a split legged kick to both men. Psychosis took advantage of the situation and eliminated Hayashi first by teaming with Styles by whipping him to the ropes and Styles going on all fours to trip Hayashi.

Elimination: Kaz Hayashi by Kid Styles and Psychosis

The two men looked ready to go at it until Harry Smith entered the ring; the two men teamed and eliminated Smith to leave it at one-on-one again.

Elimination: Harry Smith by Kid Styles and Psychosis

Styles and Psychosis went toe-to-toe, move for move as they used all manner of planchas and flips to try and take the other out, cat like reflexes kept them both in the game until Kid Romeo entered and eliminated them both.

Elimination: Kid Styles by Kid Romeo

Elimination: Psychosis by Kid Romeo

Due to the count down not coming down Rey Mysterio was sent into the ring, Romeo simply could not keep up with Mysterio but every time he looked close to elimination he held on. Kidman entered the ring and looked ready to finally be rid of Romeo but instead opted to take out Rey. Rey and Kidman spoke to each other quickly and Rey understood Kidman’s reasons.

Elimination: Rey Mysterio Jr. by Billy Kidman

The talk however gave Romeo enough time to try and eliminate Kidman; however Kidman didn’t touch the floor and as Romeo taunted the other wrestlers to enter Kidman instead hopped back into the ring and dropkicked Romeo out.

Elimination: Kid Romeo by Billy Kidman

Brian Kendrick was next to enter the ring, he managed to show surprising technical prowess mixed in with some speed moves, certainly someone with potential as Kidman couldn’t seem to keep up with his younger opponent. Dean Malenko entered the fray to make it a three way for the moment. All three men used technical moves on one another, but the third man kept getting in the way until the last entrant, Chavo Guerrero Jr. entered and rid the ring of Malenko with a clothesline.

Elimination: Dean Malenko

Chavo watched the two others fight for a while before he and Kendrick double teamed Kidman and landed him with a dropkick that once again almost sent him to the outside, Kendrick was quickly eliminated by Chavo as Kidman climbed into the ring.

Elimination: Brian Kendrick

Chavo celebrated as Kidman made a beeline for him but Chavo telegraphed it and back body tossed Billy to the outside

Winner and NEW WCW World Cruiserweight champion: Chavo Guerrero Jr. by eliminating Billy Kidman

Pledge allegiance…

A darkened church, similar to that of the video on Nitro a burning cross, the camera slowly proceeds down to where two individuals in grey robes are in a prayer position in front of a man in a black robe.

“Do you swear to honour our Lord,” the man in black begins to ask, “and obey me as your leader, obey me as your one and only through our Lord?”

The men utter some words in Latin which are transcribed beneath as “We do, my lord…”

“Arise brothers,” the man in black commands, “and pray for mercy for the souls we shall take…”

The men look to the sky as the camera pans upwards, past the cross to a stain glass window with what can only be described as a demon on it. The outside looks very dark as Thunder sounds, deafeningly, and lightning lights up the sky and the window as the scene fades.

Down but not out…

Backstage Gene Okerlund is standing by the parking lot, right next to a limo; the camera takes a look at the license plate to reveal “Hart1”. The camera switched back to Okerlund who stands by the door, slowly the door opens to reveal the obvious, Bret “The Hitman” Hart dressed in a zipped up lather jacket, shades and faded blue jeans.

“Bret,” Okerlund stammers, “Bret, could I possibly get a word with you?”

Bret pulls off his shades and looks at Gene.

“Okay ‘Mean Gene’,” Hart smiles a glancing smile, “You got three questions and then I have to get down to business…”

“First of all,” Gene begins, “Bret, what is the status of your injury?”

“Well,” Hart sighs, “I’m afraid I may never wrestle again, the concussion has caused severe damage to my physical-mental link and as such would not allow me to completely control my body under circumstances of extreme adrenaline such as fighting in a ring.”

“There is NO chance of you returning?” Gene says, shocked.

“Never, ever say never Gene,” Hart replies, “Never say never, especially not in pro wrestling, especially not where a Hart is concerned…”

“What do you think Goldberg will have to say about this when he returns?” Gene inquires.

“Nothing,” Hart says scowling, “he is a son-of-a-b*tch and I’ll make him pay, even if I myself can’t make him, I know plenty of people who would be willing to shut him up?”

“Like who?” Gene says, extremely serious, “Is that why you are here tonight?”

“I’m afraid you ran out of questions Gene, shouldn’t have asked about my injury twice huh?” Hart smiles and walks off leaving Gene looking slightly despondent.

David Flair and Crowbar versus Harris Brothers for the WCW Tag Team titles

Flair and Crowbar were totally dominated by Ron and Don; they kept David away from tagging to Crowbar. Daffney inadvertently got in the way of Don and as a consequence suffered a horrendous chucking into Crowbar which left both on the floor. The Harris’ hit the H-Bomb and took away the tag straps leaving all three opponents decimated in the ring.

Winner via pin fall and NEW WCW Tag Team champions: The Harris Bros.

It’ll be alright…

Jeff Jarrett makes his way down to the ring to the New World Order music, he is accompanied by Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash. They climb into the ring and Jarrett grabs a microphone.

“You know,” Jarrett begins, “when the great and powerful Commissioner Nash put me in this match I was a little sceptical, I thought that God only knows what could happen, heck, Buff or DDP could pin the other while I was out and I’d lose the title. Then Commissioner Nash told me, it’ll be alright, Jeff, then after that, I was worried about not being able to watch his back in case the evil Terry Funk and Sid take advantage of him in his match, then Commissioner Nash told me, it’ll be alright, Jeff. Then I worried because that fool Norman Smiley caused damage to my good friend Scott Steiner here…”

Jeff points to Steiner who takes off his shirt to reveal holes where nails were inserted last week after Terry Funk attacked him.

“… then commissioner Nash told me, it’ll be alright, Jeff,” Jeff smiles, “now I have to repay my debt to Mister Nash, so I’d request that my New World Order colleagues leave the ring.”

Jeff’s partners look confused; Jeff puts his hand on Nash’s shoulder and looks him in the eyes.

“It’ll be alright, Kev,” Jarrett grins at his partner.

Nash and co. leave the ring, leaving Jeff to talk a little longer.

“Now Buff, Page,” Jarrett proclaims, “I know you two haven’t seen eye-to-eye, but I want to see a fair match, let’s not make my title become tainted huh? Let’s keep it prestigious and honorourable… now roll on the adulteress and her slap-ping-nuts!”

Jeff Jarrett versus Diamond Dallas Page versus Buff Bagwell for the WCW United States title

Jarrett began the match getting very into the match as Page worked him over for his comments. Jeff backed off as the match progressed; amazingly DDP and Bagwell teamed up against Jarrett but when it came to the pin fall they soon fell out, this was when Jarrett got less involved. Bagwell whipped DDP into the ropes where Jeff Jarrett dropped the ropes to send DDP crashing out, Bagwell and Page fought outside with Kimberly trying to separate them as they were counted out and Jarrett retained his title.

Winner via count out and STILL WCW United States champion: Jeff Jarrett

Mistaken Identity?

Backstage Buff and Dallas are still brawling, Kimberly looks on in horror at the pain they are inflicting upon each other. Page swings for Buff with a chair but he misses and Page hits Kim with tremendous force.

“Kim!” Page shouts, realising what he has done.

Both Page and Bagwell stop fighting and jump to Kimberly’s side, she seems very hazy.

“Kim, how many fingers am I holding up?” Page inquires as he hold up two fingers.

“Uh, I don’t know, two?” Kim replies dazed.

“You’re vision seems okay,” Page smiles, “I’m sorry baby.”

“That’s okay Buff,” Kimberly stammers.

Page looks aghast and upset; he slowly stands up looking lost, Bagwell looks up to him.

“It’s just the confusion of what just happened man, “Bagwell tries to explain his way out, “comes on, we have to help her.”

Page just stumbles back and walks off solemnly as Bagwell shakes his head, a medic comes over to help Kim out as the scene changes.

Chris Benoit versus Kevin Nash for the WCW World Heavyweight title

Nash and Benoit were very evenly matched, for about two minutes neither man could get a solid move on the other as Benoit countered and Nash overpowered. The first real strike finally came when Nash low blew Benoit when the ref was watching the ramp as Bret Hart stood on the ramp way. Hart watched the action from afar as Benoit was dominated, finally Nash got ready to hit his Jack-knife power bomb to end the match, however Benoit reversed it by rolling down his back and getting a sunset flip roll-up for the two count, a brawl came out into view as Hart stepped aside, Funk and Vicious were battling Steiner and Jarrett, all of whom had obviously tried to get to the ring, security dragged them all off before they could reach it however.

Bret made his way closer to the ring as Benoit managed to take advantage, using Nash’s own size against him as he entwined Nash in the ropes, before Benoit could capitalise the referee warned him it was illegal, Nash untangled himself and hit the big boot on Benoit who was still arguing with the ref, who was as a consequence knocked down as Benoit fell. Hart got in the ring and locked the sharpshooter on Nash, the referee stirred and Benoit locked in a sharpshooter himself for the victory.

Post-match Bret and Benoit celebrated to the crowd together, but after a few moments Hart turned to Benoit and went to shake his hand, only to kick him in the gut and throw him out the ring leaving Hart’s allegiance in question as he stands looking at the fallen men as the show ended.

Winner via submission and STILL WCW World Heavyweight champion: Chris Benoit

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PWNewsLine.net | Nitro Notes

Ahmed Johnson, who plays Stevie Ray’s behemoth partner who is still un-named, has already begun to annoy WCW management by missing a scheduled photo shoot with the Official WCW magazine. Management only tolerated it this once as Johnson seemed genuinely sorry; however they made it clear that if it were to happen again it would result in serious punishment. Johnson didn’t seem to take this seriously as he started spreading locker room rumours; as a consequence he was fired after Nitro. How this will be dealt with in the storyline is unknown.

Jim Duggan however, who was also due in for an interview with the magazine did not appear, he had no excuse and as Duggan is a senior member of WCW, officials felt he needed to be made an example of, especially after Johnson’s two chances pushed the boundaries, therefore they suspended him for three months without pay.

It seems that some of the talent who worked last weeks Thunder taping in the Cruiserweight Battle Royal qualifiers might be asked back, most notably Brian Kendrick who works the Indies under the name ‘Spanky’, it was obvious WCW liked him due to the fact he made the final three of the battle royal. All of the wrestlers were said to be very well mannered and got on well with the other wrestlers. Teddy Annis mostly hung around backstage with his uncle Bret Hart, he was also at the Nitro taping and was said to be slightly arrogant, but otherwise a very nice young star in the making.

Current plans for SuperBrawl are to have the New World Order fighting against the unholy alliance of Sid, Terry Funk and Chris Benoit in a three on three match although this may change at any point.

David Flair has been sent back to the WCW Power Plant to learn his craft as WCW officials felt he was not yet ready for his position. Expect Crowbar to keep Daffney as his valet and enter the Cruiserweight and/or Hardcore divisions. Other wrestlers sent down to the Power Plant included Rick Fuller, Kid Romeo and PG-13 as well as others.

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WCW Thunder 2000

Date: January 27, 2000

Commissioner’s Night Off…

Kevin Nash has taken the night off to recover from the injuries suffered at the hands of Bret Hart and Chris Benoit, while the Commissioner will return on Nitro he has already ensured Benoit will not be in the arena nor’ will Hart. The Commissioner has however booked an action packed show with two title shots up for grabs as well as what could be called a revenge match for last weeks Thunder when Evan Karagias takes on Idol of XS.

Stevie Ray Talks…

Stevie Ray will take on Disco Inferno, but before that happens he will take the stand and give a message. What will Ray have to say about his recent actions and the status of Midnight and Booker T? Hopefully we will find out on Thunder.

The War Goes On…

Kidman and Malenko, Filthy Animals and Revolution, a chance at gold on the line as another battle in this war goes on. With both men involved in other things at the moment who will keep concentration long enough to take the shot onto SuperBrawl?


Evan Karagias will go one-on-one with Idol

Stevie Ray takes on Disco Inferno

Billy Kidman and Dean Malenko face off for No1 Contendership to the WCW World Cruiserweight title

Sid Vicious and Terry Funk will go at it to decide the No1 Contender to the WCW United States title

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World Championship Wrestling Presents… Thunder

Date: January 27, 2000


The Thunder opening plays, as it finishes the arena is shown with the fans packing in before switching to Tony Schiavone and Mike Tenay on commentary.

Schiavone begins, “Commissioner Nash is away but he has tried to book a match to cause dissention between the ranks of the unholy alliance between Terry Funk, Sid Vicious and Chris Benoit by putting Jeff Jarrett’s gold in the way!”

“There isn’t enough time to explain what’s going down tonight so let’s go straight to the match” Tenay explains.

Evan Karagias versus Idol

Helms and Moore accompanied Karagias to the ring and Miss Hancock and Lane accompanied Idol. The match was seemingly one sided to begin with as Karagias took Idol to school with his agility, he even managed to score a two and a half count until Idol finally got any form of control, Karagias was busy flirting with Miss Hancock when Idol came from behind her and clotheslined his opponent. The match turned into a brawl with Idol and Lane being dominated by the numbers game as the ref called for a double disqualification.

Winner: Double DQ

Whose shot is it anyway…?

Backstage Norman Smiley is walking around with his title belt around his waist, he talks to people occasionally, just saying hi and trying to look ‘Cool’ when all of a sudden a steel chair is cracked across his back, Smiley screams like a little girl as the chair keeps on being hit over him.

“It’s my title!” Brian Knobbs screams.

“That’s it Brian!” Jimmy Hart shouts through his megaphone, “annihilate that fraud! He doesn’t deserve that title like you.”

All of a sudden a kendo stick cracks across Brian Knobbs’ back and then across his head as Fit Finlay comes into view, Hart looks at him.

“What are you doing?!” Hart cries without his megaphone.

“I want that title,” Finlay proclaims, “its just business!”

As Finlay goes to turn to Smiley to pin him he looks down to notice he is gone, the camera views up as Finlay and Hart look down the corridor as Smiley is running away holding his back in one hand and the title in the other.

“Damnit!” Hart shouts.

Not Proud…

Stevie Ray comes to the ring alone, his music plays as he walks to the ring, not looking very proud of himself.

“There’s that scumbag Tenay,” Schiavone shouts.

“What he has done to his brother and sister in the past week or so has been unbelievable,” Tenay explains, “he has put them through mental and physical torture, Booker is in hospital and Midnight, god only knows where she is.”

Stevie Ray climbs into the ring and takes the microphone; the crowd is actually giving considerable heat as Stevie gets straight to the point.

“I am sorry,” Stevie apologises, “I’m sorry for what I have become. I meant to bring back the fire to Harlem Heat by forcing the anger in you to come out Booker, to force you to be the real competitor I know you are. However, I have since learned that it was not you who lost the fire brother, it was me. I know you are watching this at the minute so I have a message for you.”

Stevie turns to the camera.

“I’m sorry bro,” Stevie says, looking honest, “please forgive me.”

Stevie turns to the crowd.

“I’ve got rid of my supposed friend,” Ray explains, “I saw that there is only one person I want as my partner and that is my bro. So when you are at Nitro Book, I want you to tell me to my face what you think of me. All I ask is forgiveness.”

Disco Inferno’s music hit’s as the commentators seem to have a minor change of heart.

Disco Inferno versus Stevie Ray

The match involved a lot of back and forth, Disco seemed to take advantage for a while when Tony Marinara interfered on his behalf, however of all people, Midnight came out to help Stevie Ray pick up the victory when he hit his Slapjack on Marinara, who had entered the ring, and Marinara hit Disco by accident when Midnight shoved him in the way. Post-match Stevie and Midnight embraced in a hug.

Winner: Stevie Ray via pin fall


Backstage The Maestro’s and valet Symphony are walking around; Maestro is dressed up in his usual gear as they chat away.

“Just wait a moment baby, I’ll be right back,” Maestro smiles.

He wonders into the toilet as Vampiro walks by Symphony.

“What a bizarre creature you are,” Vampiro mocks.

Symphony looks at Vampiro with an offended look. Vampiro smiles at her and then bares his fangs and screams at the top of his voice causing her to run off. Vampiro is laughing as Maestro exits the toilet still doing up his zipper when he notices Symphony running off.

“What the hell did you just do?” Maestro demands.

“You’re pathetic you know,” Vampiro growls, “if you’re going to bother fighting don’t bring dolly girls like her to the ring!”

Maestro shouts, “I’ll show you! In the ring! I’ll find her and in five minutes I’ll kick you from pillar to post!”

The Maestro versus Vampiro

Symphony was afraid of going to the ring but Maestro dragged her along. The match involved Maestro gaining advantage quite often, but Vampiro’s superior experience came through when he used Maestro’s weakness against him by scaring Symphony, Maestro got worked up and as a result Vampiro worked him over easier and hit the Nail In The Coffin for the win.

Winner: Vampiro via pin fall

Billy Kidman versus Dean Malenko for No1 Contendership to the WCW World Cruiserweight title

The two warring factions went at it again, but this time more than pride was on the line. Malenko’s technical expertise bested Kidman’s efforts to take to the air for a long period of time until Kidman used one of Malenko’s own holds against him. As he locked Kidman in a sleeper like submission, the young Billy ran off the turnbuckle and hit an Acid Drop. As both men were down, not one but two Guerrero’s appeared, Eddie came out first through the ramp way and Chavo through the crowd, as Eddie noticed Chavo attacking Kidman he stopped on the ramp and walked away again allowing Malenko to score the pin fall as he slowly covered his opponent.

Winner: Dean Malenko via pin fall

The Easy Option…

Backstage Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett are talking away.

“So who would you rather face at SuperBrawl?” Steiner asks.

“Hah! Funk easily,” Jarrett laughs, “that decrepit old SOB would be easy to beat down.”

“What’s that meant to mean?” Steiner growls.

“Whoa nothing man,” Jarrett backs off a little, “he caught you off guard and everyone knows that, he cheated to beat you down its no worry.”

Steiner backs down a little as Jarrett straightens himself out.

“Jeez, anyone would think you had the problem of defending my title,” Jarrett says rolling his eyes, “It’s not east being the REAL current champion you know.”

“Oh yeah sure,” Steiner mocks, “this coming from a guy who wants to beat down on the decrepit old man, why not stand up to Vicious eh?”

“I could beat him if I wanted,” Jarrett defends.

“Let’s just see if you can back up your words with actions boy,” Steiner laughs as he walks out of the locker room.

Jarrett is left with a look of concern on his face.


“Well Tony,” Mike Tenay says, “we all know that Booker T will return on Monday Night, and we know what Stevie Ray has said, but another somebody on the roster was suffering from a concussion last Monday and it resulted in an interesting moment…”

“That’s right Tenay,” Schiavone continues, “Kimberly was his by accident by her husband Diamond Dallas Page and she believed that when he asked her if she was okay, that he was Buff Bagwell. Of all names to say, by accident or not, that was NOT something she wanted to say as no-one has seen DDP since!”

“Not only that,” Tenay iterates, “but on Monday Night Tony we saw the return of someone who suffered concussion, one Bret “The Hitman” Hart, pictures say more than any words could so let’s take a look at the footage shall we…?”

The image show Monday night, the first video piece is when Hart sat on the ramp, only to be moved by the small brawl on the ramp way which erupted. The next was when he made his way to the ring and helped Benoit win the match and finally when he attacked his fellow Canadian.

“Whose side is Bret on?” Schiavone questions, “earlier in the night he had said he wanted someone to take out Bill Goldberg upon the monsters return because Hart could no longer safely wrestle, instead he seems to be making enemies who will want to take him out!”

“This is very true Tony,” Tenay replies, “I mean, to make an enemy like Chris Benoit is one thing, but to make an enemy out of his enemy too, a man who holds the power in WCW and leads the biggest faction in the history of wrestling, it just boggles the mind.”

Fit Finlay versus Brian Knobbs for No1 Contendership to the WCW World Hardcore title

This match was to decide who gets a WCW World Hardcore title shot/rematch on Thunder next week. Finlay and Knobbs simply went at it, using all kinds of weapons, Kendo Sticks, Chairs, the announcer table, lead pipes, but one weapon scored the victory for Finlay as he used a pair of Brass Knucks and got a pin fall in a tremendously closely fought match.

Winner: Fit Finlay via Pin fall

Sid Vicious versus Terry Funk for No1 Contendership for the WCW United States title

This match was full of heavy blows, back to the very basics of brawling style wrestling as the two men hit punch and kick after one another. Finally Vicious began to use a corner pad Funk had opened against him as he rammed him head first. Funk got the advantage when Vicious tried to hit the power bomb, Funk somehow dodged the kick and instead hit a DDT that could be heard around the arena, the DDT was so Vicious that even Funk himself suffered. As both men were down Scott Steiner ran to ringside, Funk got up first but Steiner tripped him into a gut kick by Vicious and Sid scored the pin fall. The last image on the show was Sid and Funk shaking hands as Funk looked mighty pissed off.

Winner: Sid Vicious via pin fall.

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PWNewsLine.net | Thunder Notes

WCW has apparently signed Brian “Spanky” Kendrick up to a two year deal. The youngster impressed during his two matches with the company and has become a permanent addition to the roster. Officials are even rumoured to want him to go for a straight run at the WCW World Cruiserweight title in an Underdog role. Also signed is the wrestler Joey Munoz, known in independent circles as “Kid Kaos”, Munoz has reported to The Power Plant for training effective immediately.

It seems the entire storyline between Booker T, Midnight, Stevie Ray and Ahmed Johnson had to be completely re-written. The original plan was to have Stevie and Ahmed team up to take on Midnight and Booker over the issues Stevie had raised and over the name of Harlem Heat. After the feud Booker was due a big singles push, it seems however this push may be delayed for a while at least.

The original three on three of the allies against the New World Order would lead us to believe that it has been scrapped as Sid is now No1 Contender to the United States title, the official word however is still that a 3 on 3 will take place. Jarrett and Steiner’s confrontation would appear to have no payoff at the moment, however we are assured that the long term is being considered.

The 24/7 idea had apparently been in the works for a short time and is brought in to rejuvenate the division. While new wrestlers are wanted by WCW for the division it seems they do not want to rush people into the spotlight yet.

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