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putting the E back in WWE


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The WWE has started what many people had called the Dark Ages with JBL winning the WWE Title.

As well documented Vince McMahon was ill and on strong medication, however on June 29th Vince took a turn for the worst and died suddenly at home.

Later that day it was announced Vince died of a heart attack as a results of stress, as soon as Linda McMahon heard this she put the WWE up for sell,

And that’s where we start a Young Millionaire Wrestler from the UK called David Parak put a $65,000,000 offer and was accepted straight away.

July 1st was a memorial show for Vince and was the last show ran by the McMahon’s as the 4 McMahon’s took a 2 months LOA, David Parak arrived at WWE headquarters on July 2nd and the new era of the WWE begins today

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Ladies and Gentlemen today we here at Wrestlezone.Com have a interview with new WWE Owner David Parak

WZ.com: Hi, now first off what changes will we be seeing in the WWE?

DP: Well one big change you will see on raw, but I can tell you recent firings, the list was published on WWE.Com a short while ago:

Hiroki Suzuki

Big Bad John


Big Show

Tyson Tomko



Rodney Mack

Ray Taylor


Michael Hayes

Matt Morgan

Mark Henry

Luther Raines

Kenzo Suzuki

Ken Yasuda

Jamie Koeppe

Eric Mastrocola

Doug Basham

Danny Basham

Da Beast

Brian Hutchins

Bill Demott

Solo Snuka

WZ.com: Wow I have to admit there is a lot of firings but one that makes no sense to me is the firing of Michael Hayes, he was said to be a big backstage help?

DP: he was a jerk, and unreliable, see I have had my eye on him, every since the UK plan ride from hell back in 2002, and the actions at Stephaine and Triple H’s Wedding was enough to get him fired

WZ.com: Well with so many people leaving the company surly you need some new talent.?

DP: You are right, and you see I done some research of what the fans want, and they want fast paced pure entertaining wrestling, so I went straight to the Indy’s, and got talent that before would never have a chance in hell of getting to the WWE

WZ.com: Would you like to tell us who these talent are?

DP: Certainly, they are the best talent in the indy scenes, the lights of the Briscoe’s from ROH, and CM Punk and Colt Cabana, also you can’t forget the guys from NWA: TNA

WZ.com: What do you mean by that

DP: Well I know TNA is competition, really you would be a idiot not to, but in any battle for the number one spot, there are always underhand tactics, and I have made a number of offers to TNA superstars

WZ.com: would you like to tell us who theses people are?

DP: No

WZ.com: Well what type of changes can we except to see in the WWE?

DP: Well Velocity and Heat have been ended immediately and will not be making a return

WZ.com: Will there be a show replacing this?

DP: at this time I don’t know, we are in talks with many TV Networks but at this stage I have no idea

WZ.com: Well what up and coming storylines are there going to be in the WWE?

DP: Well all I can tell you is Monday on Raw a WWE Hall of Famer will be coming to the WWE

WZ.com: What will there role be?

DP: At this time I have no idea

WZ.com: Will he

DP: Or she

WZ.com: Ok, Will he or she be making a one night appearance? or will they be making a long time appearance?

DP: This has yet to be decided, I hope it will be long term but as of yet, nothing had been decided

WZ.com: Well what can expect the WWE Product to become?

DP: A exciting product, one that is shocking, unpredictable, but has some great action, and great entertainment.

WZ.com: Well we have heard Vengeance has been postponed for a week, why is that?

DP: Simple, with the new WWE, All storylines, feuds ended and there is a new start, with the McMahon’s taking the next 2 months off, we had no Main Event and I need more than 6 days to build a great card, so we have two weeks now to make a good card worth seeing

WZ.com: Well what can we except to see at Vengeance?

DP: The single best PPV the WWE have had in years, and all I am going to say, is History will repeat itself

WZ.com: What do you mean by that?

DP: You will find out on Raw

WZ.com: Well over in england you was a bright promising young superstar, will you be continuing that conquest here in the WWE?

DP: defiantly, I own the company, which has some of the best talent in the world, as a wrestler I would love to compete with them

WZ.com: Well one last question, many people have said the actions on Sunday, with JBL winning the title and the ‘death’ of Paul Bearer, the WWE has entered the Dark Era, can you pull it out?

DP: Yes infact, the 1 sole man behind it will be fired, pubically on Monday Night Raw, they don’t know, know one else does, untill it happens

WZ.com: Well I guess that’s something to look forward to, who on Raw is responsible for the Dark Era of the WWE, and whoever it is will be leaving the company, well thank you David, good luck with your venture of the WWE, and we look forward to Raw.

DP: Thank You.

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Raw comes to you live from Toronto Canada, and tonight is a night thrown into Mystery,

The WWE is heading in a new direction and that new direction starts on raw, wat shock and suprises will take place, theonly way to find out is by tuning in on Spike TV, the only TV station for Men

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NWA TNA Impact Shocker

Last night on NWA TNA Impact Glenn Gillberti answered a open challenge made by NWA World Champion, Ron The Truth Killings.

Many people expected Ron 'The Truth' Killings to win no problem but Glenn Gillberti won after Konnan  and BG James thought with Johnny Swinger and David Young on the outside, the brawl distracted Killings and Gillberti won with a quick roll up.

Many people in the company was shocked with TNA's decsion and wonder what they are going to do next

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Well this is Raw, i tried to make the funaki interview more realistic with the gabs in words, enjoy


The fireworks go off as we go to JR and The King

JR: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to raw, I am J.R. alongside the King

King: And what a night we have here for you, four matches and they are all title matches

JR: But what are the matches, we really have No idea

-Jericho’s Music Hits-

King: Well JR, looks like it is the high point of the Show, it’s the High-Lite Reel

Jericho came out doing all his usual posing and acme to the ring

Jericho: Well what a Raw we have in store for you tonight, infact what a surprise we have for you, infact, what a surprise I have for you all right here, right now let me introduce, WWE Half of Famer, the Brain Booby The Brain Heenan, babbyy

-Bobby the Brains Old Music hits-

The Brain walks out on heads to the ring with a Huge Crowd Ovation

Jericho: Now Mr Heenan, Everyone is glad you are here tonight, but what the world wants to know, is this a one off appearance or are you here to stay

Heenan: Little Guy, I am here to stay this time and there is no getting rid of me

Jericho: Well what is your role here, have you got a mangers license?

Heenan: Why be a manager, when you can own the champions, and the challengers and the challengers after that

Jericho suddenly had a strange look on his face

Jericho: well I guess they don’t call you the Brain for no reason, what the hell are you going on about

Heenan: theres a new man at the head of the table, and that man is me

Jericho: hang on wait a second, are you trying to tell me you are running the show

Heenan: I’m not only running the show, little man, but I’m running the whole company

Jericho: Well umm, I guess congratulations are in order.

Heenan: Hold up, first off there are some big changes to be made around here, the first involves this Whole, Raw and Smackdown idea, as of now, it is scraped, gone no more

Jericho: Well I guess you are making a shake off, straight off the bat.

Heenan: Next up, the four title matches tonight are, Eddie Gurrero against JBL, Ric Flair against Chris Benoit, Rene Dupree v John Cena and Tajiri against Rey Mysterio

Jericho: Hold up a second there Mr Heenan, I respect you and all, but here on Raw, Chris Jericho, is the real deal, and I am the star of the show

Heenan: the star without gold, well I guess we will have to sort that out, on Smackdown, in what could be the final time the Intercontinental Title is defended on TV, it will be Chris Jericho challenging Randy Orton, and the winner will go on to face John Cena or Rene Dupree in a title v title match at Vengeance

Jericho: Well I guess you are going to fit around here quiet nicely

----- Angle Summary -----

Overall Rating = 85.4%

9 Minutes

-Just then Evolutions Music Hits-

Randy Orton and Batista then came out to the top of the ramp

Orton: Hold up Legend Killer coming though, well, well, well, Mr Heenan, I hear you are a legend around these parts, and I am a legend killer, so work it out, I think its time I put you out your misery

Jericho: Shut your mouth, if you even come anywhere near the ring

Heenan: I will strip you of the intercontinental title, Jericho I can handle this, go back to the back

Jericho: I’m staying

Heenan: I said get to the back or security can remove you

Jericho reluctantly leaves

Heenan: Now say what you wan to say Orton and leave

Orton: Bobby, if you are going to be here, you have to understand one thing, Evolution is in control, and at Vengeance I will prove it against John Cena, now I have addressed that, Bobby you have a choice, how would you like to leave the WWE, willingly or in the Ambulance.

Evolution slowly started to walk to the ring when the rights went out and a lighting bolt hit the middle of the ramp, and wall of fire then appeared, Orton and Batista looked at each other and ran

----- Interview Summary -----

Overall Rating = 62.3%

3 Minutes

We come back to See John Cena walking along the halls on his way to the ring, when all of a sudden he stops; the Camera turns a bit to see Randy Orton with the Intercontinental Title around his waist, Orton the puts the IC title on his left shoulder, Cena then puts the US title on his left shoulder, the two men walked past each other, on purposely hitting each others Left shoulders, causing the IC and US title to Collided

----- Angle Summary -----

Overall Rating = 82.2%

1 Minute


Cena comes out for the following match with a mic

Cena: Yo Yo Yo, John Cena is in the house,

About to defend the United States Championship,

Against a French Frog,

John Cena is waving the Red, White and Blue

Here in the land of the Maple leaf..

Yo Yo, Rene Dupree sucks more than D generation X

And is a bigger bitch than Fife.

And after a win over the frog and his bitch tonight,

Will take me onto Ven-geance

To face the John Cena Wannabe,

He thinks he’s the future when he is shit

And if you don’t like that,

You can suck my D***

----- Interview Summary -----

Overall Rating = 90.3%

3 Minutes

John Cena v Rene Dupree – US Title

John Cena was in the ring and awaited Rene Dupree,

When all of a sudden, the lights went out and Evolution Music Hit and Randy Orton went to the announcing table with JR and the King.

Rene Dupree then came out to the ring with Fife.

-The Match-

The match has a normal start, with a double elbow tie-up and Dupree gets pushed into the turnbuckle,

The men end up brawling for a number of minutes around the ring, untill Rene Dupree whips John Cena into the ropes and hits a huge Spinebuster on Cena,

Dupree then done his French dance on Cena, but while Dupree wasn’t looking Cena rolled up Dupree for a two count, after Dupree complained to the ref, saying it was a fast count, Dupree then turned around, right into a John Cena Spinebuster, but that also only just got a 2 count

The 2 men went back on forth on offence, both men getting a number of near falls and had a very strong looking match for a number of minutes, and impressed the fans with there knowledge of the ring and they way they worked together so well

-The End-

Rene Picked Cena up in a DVD Position, swinged him around and while doing so Cena’s feet caught the referee and knocked the referee out, Cena then flipped out of the position as Dupree was about to hit the DVD, and landed on his feet,

Dupree then ran towards Cena, and Cena kicked Dupree in the Midsection and fit a FU on Dupree, as soon as Cena done that however, Batista was in the ring and hit a massive Sit Down Powerbomb on Cena, Batista then put Dupree’s arm over Cena and Batista rolled out of the ring, however the referee didn’t move so Batista went back in the ring, grabbed the referees Arm and forced a 3 count, even though Cena’s left shoulder wasn’t down for the 3 count,


After the match Batista and Orton left quickly before Cena could come to, Rene Dupree then grabs the US title and celebrates up the ramp, when World Tag team Champions Rob Conway and Sylvain Grenier came down and congratulated Rene Dupree and helped him up the ramp, as John Cena slowly started to get up with the referees help

-WINNER- New United States Champion Rene Dupree

----- Match Summary -----

Match Reaction = 73.3%

Match Quality = 72.7%

Overall Rating = 62.3%

8 minutes

-Road Agent Notes-

The announcing job by Randy Orton was terrible.

We then cut backstage we See Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas walking alone the hallway, they walk into each other not noticing each other untill they looked up, the two men then walked off talking together acting really buddy

----- Angle Summary -----

Overall Rating = 74.1%

1 Minute

We then cut back to the ring as we See John Cena in the ring leaning on a couple of referees with a mic

Cena: Batista, Dawg you wanna cost me the United States title to a frenchie, I’ll quick your damn ass, that’s right it’s a challenge to you Batista me and you, one on one

----- Angle Summary -----

Overall Rating = 74.6%

3 Minutes

We go to the back and Josh Matthews was talking to RVD,

RVD was saying how he loved being back on Raw, when all of a sudden a Chair smacked the back of RVD’s head, We then See Booker-T- holding a chair over a fallen RVD, started to move and Booker lifted up RVD on his shoulder and smashed RVD on the mental poles in the raw interview set, Booker-T- then kept laying a beating on RVD, throwing him into everything possible

----- Angle Summary -----

Overall Rating = 86.4%

4 minutes


As we come back we see Booker-T- still beating up RVD, referee’s try to interject but are unable to, Booker-T- the lets RVD get up and then though RVD though a solid plate glass window that was near by, Booker-T- left causally as EMTs came and checked on RVD and stop the bleeding from RVD’s head

----- Angle Summary -----

Overall Rating = 82.6%

4 Minutes

Backstage The Coach was with Batista

Coach: Batista earlier tonight you cost John Cena the United States title

A clip is shown of Batista Powerbombing Cena

Coach: And after that match John Cena challenged you to a match

We then see the clip of Cena Challenging Batista

Coach: Batista my one and only question to you is, do you have a response for Cena

Batista: I have a response for you John Cena, and its very simple as well, No, you see tonight was business I was doing what was best for evolution, and you being in the ring with Randy Orton is a insult to evolution, so Cena I won’t accept no challenge made by you, you are nothing to me, I am a monster you are just a pretty boy wanna be. John Cena I am doing you a favour by rejecting your challenge, infact I am saving your career.

Batista then pushed past Coach

----- Interview Summary -----

Overall Rating = 52.2%

3 Minutes

-Road Agent Notes-

Batista ended up rambling during the interview.

The Coach did a good job as interviewer, and helped lift the segment.

Rey Mysterio v Tajiri – Cruiserweight Title

Rey Mysterio came out to a HUGE pop, and he played it up well to the crowd, Tajiri came out next and got a decent pop from the crowd, so it was quite clear we are about to have a Face v Face classic

-The Match-

The match started off with a normal tie up, Tajiri then starts kicking Rey Mysterio’s Legs, Tajiri went to kick Rey’s Head but Rey ducked and springboarded off the ropes into a hurricanerunner, Tajiri got up and Rey Mysterio ran to the ropes and hit a Bulldog on Tajiri.

The two men put on a good mixture of High Flying from Mysterio and groundwork from Tajiri, the crowd really got into the match.

The highpoint of the match was when Rey Mysterio jumped of the top rope to hit Tajiri with a Hurricanerunner; However Tajiri caught Rey Mysterio and bounced him of the top rope into what was going to be a Powerbomb, but Mysterio went to counter into a Hurricanerunner to the outside, but Tajiri kept hold of Mysterio’s Legs and put Mysterio in a Tarantula.

Halfway though the match Tajiri caught Rey Mysterio with a series of kicks and then caught Rey Mysterio with a Backstring Elbow from the ropes, As Mysterio started to recover and get to his feet Tajiri hit Mysterio with the kick of death, Tajiri covered and Rey kicked out at 2

-The Finish-

Tajiri was kicking Rey Mysterio all over, Rey Mysterio then caught Tajiri’s Leg and hit a drop toe hold, and Tajiri landed in the second rope, Rey Mysterio hit the 619, and was standing on the apron waiting to hit the West Coast Pop When Chavo Gurrero and Jamie Noble came out and pulled Rey Mysterio of the apron and Rey Caught his head on the apron, Chavo and Noble then started stomping at Rey and Tajiri got disqualified for outside interference


Tajiri was laying down in the ring, as Chavo Gurrero and Jamie Noble kept stomping away at Rey Mysterio, when Billy Kidman and Ultimo Dragon came out and brawled with Chavo and Noble, and lead them back up the ramp, Tajiri started to stir in the ring and went to the outside, Rey Started to get up and Tajiri sprayed Mist in the face of Rey Mysterio and then Kicked Mysterio in the head with the kick of death, leaving him laying motionless

-WINNER- By disqualification and Still Cruiserweight Champion, Rey Mysterio

----- Match Summary -----

Match Reaction = 69.5%

Match Quality = 80.0%

Overall Rating = 79.6%

9 Minutes

-Road Agent Notes-

The lack of heels hurt the crowd a little, as they had nobody to boo.


As we come back we see the two General Managers Kurt Angle and Eric Bischoff arguing about who is in control.

Eric Bischoff says Kurt Angle is a cripple who should go home and retire

Kurt Angle comes back and says at least he didn’t single handily destroy one of the most dominate companies in wrestling

The two GMS have a stare down when referees come and break the two men up but they two men wouldn’t move, and threatened to fire any referee if they touched them

----- Angle Summary -----

Overall Rating = 89.4%

4 minutes

Booby ‘The Brain’ Heenan then came.

He asked the two men why they couldn’t all be one big happy family that was gonna take WWE back to its former greatest.

Both men said they refused to work with each other.

So ‘The Brain’ said he has no other choice but to Team Bischoff make Team Angle v in a 10 Man Elimination all out Brawl at Vengeance and the winning team’s captain would be GM

Angle and Bischoff walked off looking satisfied, wondering who they could add to their team

----- Angle Summary -----

Overall Rating = 85.9%

4 Minutes

Randy Orton and Batista came to the ring next, in there Wrestling Attire

Randy Orton grabbed the mic, he said he thinks, it’s a shame all these people paid to see Raw talent tonight and who do they get to see in action, none else than John Cena, so they make a open challenge to any tag team who they the are ‘hard enough’.

Orton then said he holds no responsibility for any broken bones they get from Batista and this match was going to send a message to Chris Jericho and Rene Dupree, and while John Cena is watching or should be glad Batista Spared him from this.

Shelton Benjamin’s Music hit and Shelton came out with a mic.

He said he was going to beat Batista and Randy Orton in a tag match just like he did a month ago, but he needed a partner, and he couldn’t think of anything better than to have a friend of John Cena’s come out and get retribution on Batista for what he did earlier tonight, but he is also a great friend of Shelton Benjamin, and for one night only the fans get the biggest treat of there life’s that the Worlds Greatest tag team are together,

With that Charlie Haas came to the top of the ramp with the beautiful Miss Jackie on his shoulder

----- Angle Summary -----

Overall Rating = 71.4%

3 Minutes

Worlds Greatest Tag Team v Randy Orton & Batista

The Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton and Batista are already in the ring,

Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas are at the top of the ramp, they run down to the ring followed by Miss Jackie,

-The Match-

Charlie Haas and Batista started the match; Batista threw Haas towards the ropes, and As Haas rebounded, Batista took Haas down with a clothesline, Batista dominated Haas for a number of minutes, with Clotheslines and a Powerbomb, Batista tagged in Orton, Orton hit a few Suplex on Haas, and throw Haas into a corner, Orton went to run into Haas in a splash attempt, however Haas moved and Orton hit the Ringpost, almost knocking him out, Shelton then received the tag.

A Few moments later Orton tagged in Batista and Batista ran into a Kick from Shelton, Shelton then took out both Batista with a number of kicks and Suplex’s,

However the momentum turned when Orton Caught Benjamin’s leg, however Benjamin swinged round and caught Orton with a Spinning Kick, however this gave Batista time to get up, and Batista clubbed Benjamin on the back off the neck.

About midway though the match the referee was accidentally knocked down when Orton ducked and Haas hit the referee, as soon as it happened Batista went outside and got a chair. Haas put Orton in the Haas of pain and Shelton was laid out on the outside after being thrown into the steps earlier in the match, Batista was going to smash Haas in the back of head, however Miss Jackie came in and tried to take the chair away from Batista, however Miss Jackie is no match for Batista, as he just threw her from the clutches of the chair, and went to smash her over the head, she very quickly rolled out of the ring, however Haas heard the screams and let go of the Haas of pain and dropkicked the chair into Batista’s face, forcing Batista to the outside

-The Finish-

Batista and Haas was the legal two men, however Batista was dominating both Shelton and Haas, the confidence levels started to raise in Batista and Orton, this was evident when Orton went outside the ring and started to flirt with Miss Jackie.

Batista hit a huge Sit down Powerbomb on Haas, Batista then started kicking Benjamin in the corner, as the referee was checking on Haas, out of no where, oblivious to the referee and Randy Orton, John Cena ran down and nailed Batista with a chain, Shelton Benjamin then superkicked Batista, and then dived onto Orton on the outside, just missing Miss Jackie, in the ring Haas just managed to get a arm over Batista and got the 3 count


John Cena pulled Charlie Haas out of the ring and Shelton Benjamin was helped to the ramp by Miss Jackie. Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas had the arms raised by John Cena and Miss Jackie put her arms around Charlie Haas’s waist. In the ring Randy Orton crawled into the ring. As Batista was standing on the Bottom turnbuckle shouting at John Cena

-WINNERS- Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas

----- Match Summary -----

Match Quality = 73.4%

Match Reaction = 72.8%

Overall Rating = 72.2%

7 Minutes


Angle is in his office as we return from the Commercial Break.

Angle shows us the footage from Batista costing Cena the US title against Rene Dupree. Angle then shows us Cena costing Batista the tag Match against Haas and Benjamin, Angle tells us on Smackdown it will be Batista Flair and Rene Dupree against Cena Haas and Benjamin and at Vengeance Batista will face John Cena one on one

----- Angle Summary -----

3 Minutes

Overall Rating = 78.2%

Funaki was in the back with the World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit

Funaki: To..night, you Chris Ben..oit will wrestle the Na…tur Boi Ric Fl..air, yo..ur tho..ugh…ts?

Chris Benoit: you know what Funaki, tonight I will step in the ring with a great, a legend infact in the Nature Boy, Ric Flair, and you know what Funaki, this could be the greatest challenge in my career, but you see Funaki, my whole career I have had to face the odds, I was never expected to come out on top but I did and I am here today as the World Heavyweight Champion, this belt shows all my sacrifices have been worth it, leaving my wife, children have all been worth it while I have the World Heavyweight Championship

Funaki: Bu..t Wh..at ab..out Ven..ge..ance?

Chris Benoit: At Vengeance Funaki, I will be going in as the World Heavyweight Champion, and I will be facing the NEW WWE Heavyweight Champion Eddie Gurrero in a match that will really put two greats together, and on that night, the better man shall win

Benoit then walked off getting ready for his match

----- Interview Summary -----

Overall Rating = 74.8%

4 Minutes

Booker-T- was standing around in the corridor looking all smug with his actions from earlier when Booby ‘The Brain’ Heenan walked over to Booker-T-.

Heenan said he was worried about Booker-T- and all the frustration Booker-T- must have inside to do what he did to RVD, so Heenan said he thinks the safest thing for Booker is to have some time off away from the ring, Heenan told Booker, that he will see him next Monday on Raw, when Booker-T- returns in the ring.

Heenan walks off and Booker is clearly pissed off

----- Angle Summary -----

Overall Rating = 82.0%

5 Minutes

Chris Benoit v Ric Flair – World Heavyweight Championship

Chris Benoit’s Music hits and he came to the ring first with the World Heavyweight Championship. Benoit then stood on opposite turnbuckles getting a huge crowd reaction, Ric Flair’s Music then hits and the nature boy came to the ring, with quite a load crowd pop which is surprising for a heel of his magnitude.

The Two men was face two face as the bell rang

-The Match-

The two men tied up, Benoit then took Flairs and left arm and moved it into a hammerlock. Flair grabbed the head of Benoit and snapmered Benoit over the top of Flair; Flair then put the leg of Benoit into a Leglock. Benoit kicked Flair off his left leg, with his right, Benoit got up and whipped Flair to the ropes, Benoit caught Flair and hit a overhead Belly to belly suplex on Flair

The two men continued there Technical exhibition and wowed the fans, Flair went up top and hit the a double axe handle on Benoit, the first time Flair has ever connected with that move in many years, Flair then managed to lock Benoit in a STF submission, Benoit managed to get to the ropes, The referee forced Flair to break the submission at the count of 4, Flair then done the stuct and woo’d to the fans as Benoit recovered and caught Flair from behind and hit 5 German Suplex’s, Benoit then went to the top rope and hit a headbutt, both men was counted down to a 9 count

Flair had Benoit in a figure four leg lock, Benoit almost tapped out but managed to roll Flair ova, Flair then felt the pressure and rolled outside of the ring taking Benoit with him, outside of the ring the two men broke then hold, but while flair was still down Benoit applied the crippler crossface to Flair, the referee however counted and got to 9 as Benoit quickly got in the ring and the referee restarted the count, Flair was almost unable to move his left arm and somehow managed to get into the ring by a 8 count, with his left arm first, Benoit the grabbed Flairs left arm dragged him to the center of the ring and locked Flair into the crippler crossface, Flair was very close to tapping out, but somehow managed to put his right leg on the ropes

-The Finish-

Flair managed to gain a little bit more dominance in the match, Benoit whipped flair to the turnbuckle and Benoit went to charge at Flair, Flair moved however and Benoit’s right shoulder went into the pole, Flair then stand Benoit up in the corner and started chopping Benoit with his right hand, as the left arm was still limp, However Benoit caught Flairs arm and dragged him down with a crippler crossface on Flairs right arm, as this would be less painful and Benoit’s right arm, causing Benoit to apply more leverage. With Flairs Left Arm limp and unable to move and his legs being to far away from the ropes Flair had no choice to quit, shouting the words I Quit to the referee


After the match Eddie Gurrero came to the ring and got the World Championship, he then gave his friend Chris Benoit the World Heavyweight Championship and celebrated in the ring, Ric Flair then got up, Benoit then went over to Flair, the fans had no idea what Benoit was going to do as he had the world title in his right hand. Benoit then grabbed Flairs right hand with his left and the two man shook hands in the ring, The fans started to cheer loudly for Flair as Flair left the bring mouthing the words off what looked like ‘you’re the champ, its your time’ Benoit and Eddie then celebrated what most of been Benoit’s best title defence ever, with Benoit and Flair showing the world there new found respect, Eddie Then usual leaves Benoit in the ring to celebrate on his own

-WINNER- Still World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Benoit

----- Match Summary -----

Match Reaction = 87.6%

Match Quality = 77.2%

Overall Rating = 71.1%

9 Minutes

Ric Flair is not physically at his best, and this affected his performance.

Eddie Gurrero is in the back with Josh Matthews

Josh Matthews: Eddie, next you face John Bradshaw Layfield in a rematch for the WWE Title, in what could be your final chance at the WWE title

Eddie: You see Holmes, Bradshaw never beat me for the WWE title, he couldn’t pin me, uno dos thres, so tonight I’m gonna show Bradshaw some Latino Heat

Josh Matthews: Now of course Eddie, if you win tonight you will go onto Vengeance and face your good friend the World Champion Chris Benoit in a unification match

Eddie: You see Josh, I have no problem with that, me and Chris, we are professionals, we leave everything we have in the ring, but at Vengeance the world will see Eddie Gurrero and Chris benoit one on one, and if more than anything, myself and Chris will finally settle who the best man is

Eddie Gurrero walked off to prepare for his match

----- Interview Summary -----

Overall Rating = 82.4%

4 Minutes


John Bradshaw Layfield v Eddie Gurrero – WWE Championship

Eddie Gurrero came out first in his lowrider, to a Huge Cheer from the crowd, and parks it at the top of the ramp and walks to the ring, JBL Music hits and he walks to the ring, noticeable without his Limo present, JBL received almost no crowd heat at all. JBL walked to the ring with the WWE title around his waist and his toothy grin, but however hard he tried he received nothing from the crowd, JBL entered the ring and the Bell rang

-The Match-

Eddie Gurrero charged at JBL to start the match. Eddie clearly had the advantage earlier on with his speed as he whipped JBL to the ropes and dropkicked JBL in the face, however JBL got right up and ran right though Eddie Gurrero taking Eddie down instantly, JBL then started to kick Eddie viciously in the corner. After a few minutes of this, JBL went to pick Eddie up and Powerbomb Eddie, however Eddie countered into the Hurricanerunner

JBL ran towards Eddie in what looked like a clothesline from New York, however Eddie ducked and kicked JBL in the midsection, Eddie then set JBL up for the suplex, after rolling though one Eddie hit a second, followed by a third. Eddie then taunted the crowd for a few seconds and hit a Frogsplash on JBL, the referee went to count and somehow JBL ended up kicking out at 2.

Eddie and JBL was brawling on the outside and Eddie managed to reverse JBL at the last minute sending JBL into the steel steps, JBL was laid out on the outside, Eddie Gurrero went into the ring, onto the top rope and Hit a Frogsplash on JBL from the inside of the ring to the outside, the crowd was chanting Holy shit a lot, Eddie managed to throw JBL into the ring for a 9 count, Eddie then covered JBL but only got a 2 count

-The Finish-

Eddie Gurrero accidentally knocked down the referee when Bradshaw ducked and the referee was hit with a dropkick. As Eddie was checking on the referee JBL went outside and got the WWE Title as well as a chair, JBL then slide the chair in the ring and took the WWE title with him in his hand, JBL than ran at Eddie and knocked Eddie down with the WWE Title, JBL then got the chair and was ready to hit Eddie with it, when Chris Benoit ran to the ring and grabbed the chair, both JBL and Benoit had a tug of war over the chair and Benoit let go of the Chair and dropped off the apron, causing the chair to bounce of the ropes and smashed JBL in the face, JBL feel backwards and Eddie Gurrero managed to get another strength to get to the top rope and hit a Frogsplash, Eddie covered and Benoit shouted at the referee to count, the referee then slowly turned around and counted a very slow 3 count


Benoit helped Gurrero out of the ring with the WWE Title and they celebrated, as they left and JBL started to stand up the lights went out, 4 bolts of lighting hit each turnbuckle and then a few seconds later a Lighting bolt hit the center of the ring of what looked like hit JBL, after a few minutes the lights came back and JBL was covered in blood, EMTs then came and helped JBL out of the ring.

-WINNER- New WWE Champion Eddie Gurrero

----- Match Summary -----

Match Reaction = 83.2%

Match Quality = 74.0%

Overall Rating = 81.2%

10 Minutes

We then go to a small office where we see Booby ‘the Brain’ Heenan sat at the desk holding a small envelope, he says first off he needs to tell there world what is inside this envelope.

It’s a letter from the B.O.D. and it affects one wrestlers career here in the WWE,

At 9am this morning, the WWE Board Of Directors had a unanimous vote to fire a certain WWE superstar for bringing the racial beliefs into the WWE and upsetting fans all over the world, as of right now, John Bradshaw Layfield is no longer a WWE Employee and would not be welcome back to the WWE ever again.

At that announcement the Crowd gave one of the biggest pops ever heard in wrestling

----- Angle Summary -----

Overall Rating = 76.1%

5 Minutes

As Heenan finished with that announcement, he wanted to make it officially, the match, Main Eventing in a Technical Exhibition Match will be the World Champion Chris Benoit going one on one against WWE Champion Eddie Gurrero, We then go off air with the match image off Eddie Gurrero v Chris Benoit at Vengeance to unify the two WWE World Titles

----- Angle Summary -----

Overall Rating = 81.1%

4 Minutes

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1. Don't bump. People will give feedback when they want to.

2. Honestly, there's really nothing that stands out about your show. The Cena rap was horrible, way too short, and not at all funny. Your matches are just ok at best, but the main problem I have with this diary is the formatting. The quote functions are just way too annoying, and the color scheme is horrible.

3. There was no explanation for the firings, nor was their any explanation to Funaki being on Raw. Why were Velocity and Heat scrapped? Becaues you were too lazy to write them? Not a good excuse.

This diary needs a lot of work, and judging from the first show, that work won't come early.

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Funaki was on Raw coz the roster split was ended, which is says if you read it,

The rap, so what i can't rap, big deal.

The firings was explained, its coz new ownership new way things are being run.

Heat and Velocity was scrappedcoz of management Issuses also the fact the shows are crap and i wanted 2 get rid of the side of the rubbish inhe WWE

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Guest Azrael

At the moment this diary just doesn't do it for me, feels like your backstory was a little too short and basic, Vince dies and Linda suddenly decides to sell the WWE rather than leave it to Shane, Steph and HHH? Just didn't make sense to me but then i'm a stickler for realism in Diaries.

The show did have some good points in it, like the reunion of The World's Greatest Tag Team, the feud between John Cena and Evolution, Bobby Heenan as the new General Manager of RAW and John "White Power" Layfields loss of both his title and his job. However i agree with Thuganomic, the set up and format for the show was horrible to read, there were loads of typos as well, but everybody makes mistakes, maybe just proof reading it before posting the next one would be an idea?

Seams sad to say but the negative in this diary outweighs the positive at the moment, but its only just the beginning so i'm gunna stick around and see how things turn out

Thats just my opinion dude, take from it what you will

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It's sort of easy to miss that line, because

1) It hurts my head to read your diary, and my mind wanders

2) There was nothing to emphasize that one line. If it was really important, perhaps you should have at least bolded it.

You wanted feedback, you got feedback. It's not "OMG~!~! THIS DIARY ROX~!!~", so you're choosing to ignore it, and rather badly at that.

You can't just say "No management, so we're going to fire all the people I don't like." Well, you can say that, but that turns most people off to a diary immediately.

Also, work on your grammar and spelling. It's horrible.

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user posted image

Smackdown Preview

Live from Wiinipeg tonight hometown hero Chris Jericho will face randy Orton for the Intercontinental Championship.

Also at the request of Bobby 'The Brainn' Heenan, we will see the starngest match in WWE History, 6 Cruiserweight teams will go at it, 4 teams will be on the apron and two teams will start in the ring, when a man tags out he will be replaced bu the man he tagged, The action will be fast paced and is one fall to a finish, but there is one more stipulation that makes it all a little bit more interesting, The 6 team captains are Cruiseriweight Champion Rey Mysyerio, and the 5 man that was involded in the brawl after Tajiri v Rey Mysterio, those 5 are Billy Kidman, Ultimo Dragon, Chavo Gurrero, Jamie Noble and Tajiri, now which ever team wins that captain will face Rey Mysterio at Vengeance for the Cruiseriwehgt Title, however if Rey Mysterio wins he gets to pick which captain he will face at Vengeance.

Also on Smackdown, we will see two 6 Man Tgas, first off John Cena, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin will face Ric Flair, Batista and there fellow Evolution members oppoenent at Vengeance, the New US Champion, Rene Dupree.

Also the World Champion and the WWE Champion will team up with RVD to face the team of the Dudleyz and Kane.

All that and More, Thursday Night on Smackdown

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Raw Rebound

Raw got a overall rating of 60.3%, which is about a 5.25 rating

The match of the night was Ric Flair v Chris Benoit

the Attendance was 14.484 and 1,075,457 viewers at home, in USA Canada and UK.

This is diffently a boost for the WWE and a look in the right direction

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The wrestling world has had some changes the last few days, also a number of companies have new head bookers, this is the list of the new head bookers

Tatsumi Fujinami - NJPW

The Messiah - CZW

Raven - 3PW

Christopher Daniels - PWG

Steve Williams - APW

Terry Talyor - BCW

Necro Butcher - LXW

Steve Corino - NWA-FLSean O'Haire - H2

Nathan Jones - PWA

Vampire Warrior - UPW

Genichiro Shimada - NOAH

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I'm not ignoring it, i'm answering bits you said, and i can't do spelling any better i'm using Microsoft Word Spell Checker

It's not really the spelling that's the problem...it's the fact that your knowledge of the English language is elementary, at best. For example, it must be horribly distracting for Ron Killings to have four guys thinking outside of the ring... <_<

The lack of thought put into this diary has really hurt it, and your constant shut-downs of our criticism isn't helping your standing either.

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Guest Azrael

We're just trying to point out things we think (as readers and maybe even fans one day) that we think are flawed dude, Gabriels right though, some of those sentances made me cringe, and i'm the absolute worst speller in history (btw did i spell that right?) but if this is a step in the right direction from your other diarys man they must have been horrible! Like i said, and like i try and tell myself when i'm writing something, read through it once your done and try and read what it says, rather than what you think it does, comes sometimes i've missed things because i thought it read one way but was actually completely the wrong thing.

Again its just my opinion, take from it what you will

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