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Solve my debate

Gene Kiniski

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Okay, so everyone remembers the "Hero" by Chad Kroeger and Josey Scott, right? It was the original Spider-Man (the movie) theme. Is there a new version out? I have a friend who swears that one version of the song that she listens to is not them and I say it is (it sounds exactly the same). Anyway, are there any covers of the song or any other versions?

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Well, I haven't heard of any cover of the song, and I haven't been able to find another version of it listed anywhere on Google... so I'd say no, there's no other version.

Then again, that Nickleback & Santana song was covered, and it sounds pretty much the exact same as the original too...

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Girl Advizory:  I was right. You were wrong. :D 

XXItsFrazXx:  ?

Girl Advizory:  about the hero song. 

XXItsFrazXx:  I kno, who sings it?

Girl Advizory:  i dont know 

XXItsFrazXx:  It's Chad and Josey

XXItsFrazXx:  What CD of yours is it on?

XXItsFrazXx:  u playin poker?

Girl Advizory:  It is not. 

Girl Advizory:  Asshole. 


Girl Advizory:  They aren't the same song. Damn. 

Girl Advizory:  It's not Chad Kroger or Josey Scott either. 

XXItsFrazXx:  Okay, listen, I dropped the song thing.

Girl Advizory:  Well I'm paranoid now, because I fucking put my relationship on it and Thomas was arguing with me on the phone and pissing me off and I'm about to lose it right now. 

XXItsFrazXx:  Okay, I've asked a dj @ Y101, I've asked Andrew from PaintedRed, I've asked at a messege board and they all agree w/ me, so please chill.

XXItsFrazXx:  don't worry bout the shit, dam

Girl Advizory:  I will send you the damn song in IM, it's not the same song. 

Girl Advizory:  Listen to the lyrics. 

XXItsFrazXx:  k

Girl Advizory:  what aol do you got? 

XXItsFrazXx:  7

Girl Advizory:  damn 

Girl Advizory:  nevermind

Girl Advizory:  The Militia Group recently introduced their roster of bands (and a few extras) with the aptly titled comp, "Hello, We Are The Militia Group". This comp features 14 artists/bands (some of which contributed rare/previously unreleased songs) and an anonymous hidden track covering a Foo Fighters song.


Girl Advizory:  HA!@ 

Girl Advizory:  I was right. 

Girl Advizory:  oooooh. 

Girl Advizory:  It's not the Spiderman track. 

XXItsFrazXx:  the Foo didn't sing that song, sorry.

Girl Advizory:  they wouldnt put that shit if it wasnt true

XXItsFrazXx:  and Prince is a dude, right?

XXItsFrazXx:  I rest my case 

Can anyone decode what she's trying to get at?

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