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WWE Day Of Reckoning


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QUESTION: Where is WrestleMania XX? Are they still making it?

ANSWER: WrestleMania XX (ie. The next WWE game for Nintendo Gamecube) has been renamed “WWE: Day of Reckoning”. THQ made this decision simply because the games rarely have any relationship with the event itself, so there is no real point to having the name “WrestleMania”. Day of Reckoning is still the next WWE game for Gamecube, it has merely been retitled. That’s it.

QUESTION: Will there be a Story Mode this time or do we have to put up with that damn Revenge Mode again?

ANSWER: Have no fear, Revenge mode is dead. THQ listened to the feedback (or rather, the complaints) of their audience and have completely scrapped the idea of the story mode taking place outside of the ring. In fact, they’ve done a complete 180. In WWE: Day of Reckoning, gamers will be faced with the most realistic storyline to date. Not only will gamers have to put together a successful career based on their wins and losses in the ring, they’ll have to start at square one just like any professional wrestler. You will take your character from “small time” events in which you will face original, non-WWE characters until you’ve put together a reputation and garnered the attention of WWE. At that time, you will be brought into the “big time” of World Wrestling Entertainment. From there, you will work your way up from Velocity or Heat to the main weekly shows Raw and SD before finally getting a spot on Pay-Per-Views and eventually getting your chance at the WWE Championship.

The Story Mode has been said to last roughly a year and a half and will take around 50 victories to beat. Also, your character will indeed switch from Raw to Smackdown (or vice versa) at approximately the half-way point of the season mode.

QUESTION: I’ve heard that you can’t use WWE superstars in the Story Mode. Is this true? If so, to quote the Hurricane, “Wassupwitdat?”

ANSWER: Yes, this is true. In season mode, you will take control of a CAW (Create-a-Wrestler). You will literally build not only your superstar’s career, but your superstar him/herself, from scratch. If you can’t figure out why, it’s quite simple. Why would Triple H have to work his way up from small-time events? The storyline you will be faced with has been designed specifically so that the gamer can build an entirely new career and take their wrestler to superstardom. As you can imagine, THQ has also promised to “overhaul” the whole CAW system.

This also prevents you from choosing the superstars with very high stat points and just annihilating lesser superstars. It might actually force you to actually play the game with a bit of effort.

QUESTION: Is (enter any superstar’s name here) in WWE: Day of Reckoning?

ANSWER: So far, the following ten superstars have been made for Day of Reckoning and shown to the public: Triple H, Chris Benoit, Kane, Booker T, Christian, Batista, Randy Orton, John Cena, Stacy Keibler and Trish Stratus.

THQ has confirmed a total of at least 40 wrestlers in the game, so that leaves another 30 still to be named. THQ has also said that it would include a number of Legends. The main reason for this is a disk-space issue. The titantron videos, entrance music and so forth take up a lot of space, so to compensate THQ will be including legends (who naturally, do not have any space-consuming entrance videos). There have been a number of rumours as to who this will include, with Andre the Giant looking to be certain. Other names such as Ted Dibiase and Jimmy Snuka have also been mentioned. Other than that, we can look forward to “new” legends not featured in a Smackdown game, as THQ will want to give each system something unique.

As it relates to the remaining 30+ current WWE superstars, there is no need to worry about people such as the Undertaker. It can be assumed that anyone who is a regular fixture on Raw or Smackdown will be in the game, especially someone with as much name value as Taker.

QUESTION: Will Steve Austin, Goldberg and Brock Lesnar be in the game?

ANSWER: To give you a nice, short answer: No. None of these guys are affiliated with World Wrestling Entertainment at the present time, and thus, will not be in Day of Reckoning or any upcoming WWE game. So if you can’t live without Goldberg, despite him being one of the most useless wrestlers in history, you’ll just have to get over it.

QUESTION: WrestleMania XIX didn’t have that many arenas, will Day of Reckoning have more?

ANSWER: Yes, many more. THQ has stated that every TV arena (Raw, Smackdown, Heat and Velocity) will be included, as well as all the PPV arenas (everything from the Royal Rumble to Armageddon). There will also be “a gym”, although it hasn’t been revealed exactly what this is for. Perhaps it will be the setting for your matches with fabricated character before getting to WWE in the story mode, or it could be for some other use, such as Tutorial mode.

QUESTION: Will there be more than four wrestlers on the screen at one time? Will we see a 6-man tag or 6-way match?

ANSWER: While an interview with a THQ developer said that this would indeed be an option, it hasn’t been mentioned since. This has led most fans to believe that it was an unintentional slip of the tongue and that the game will feature four wrestlers on the screen, and a referee. Perhaps more info on this subject will be unveiled in the near future.

QUESTION: What stipulation matches are available?

ANSWER: So far, outside of the usual 1-on-1 and handicap matches (and so forth), THQ has confirmed an Iron Man, First Blood, Hell in a Cell, Steel Cage, TLC and the new Bra and Panties match. It has also been said that there will be two additional match types announced at a later date.

QUESTION: Can you focus on the referee and deliberately attack him?

ANSWER: Yes. Recent videos has shown this, and this time the referee stays down for a considerable amount of time after being attacked.

QUESTION: What’s this “Tug-of-War” system I’ve been hearing about?

ANSWER: When you are either applying or taking a submission move, a see-saw-like bar (the submission meter) will appear. At this point, players will tap the A button as fast as possible, bringing the marker to either cause a submission or break. Moves are no longer controlled by the game, the players button-pressing will determine how successful a hold is. As an added bonus, new animations show wrestlers physically grabbing the bottom rope to cause a break, rather than it being done automatically when the wrestler is in the right position. Also, Smackdown’s character model method of showing location-specific damage has been brought over to Day of Reckoning. That’s right, we’re stealing all the good stuff and leaving them with their gameplay!

QUESTION: Will there be entrance attire?

ANSWER: Yes. Wrestlers will have entrance attire and cut-scene attire where applicable.

QUESTION: Will wrestlers wear title belts to the ring?

ANSWER: Yes, wrestlers will finally wear their titles and be able to show off their hard fought for hardware. Logic would also say that they will then be able to defend them ala No Mercy, although THQ might choose to keep the titles as rewards at the end of Season Mode, not something that can be traded between character in one quick exhibition match.

QUESTION: Will there be interference, like there was in No Mercy.

ANSWER: Once again, yes.

QUESTION: Any other general developments on the presentation or models?

ANSWER: Day of Reckoning is said to have a much more “cinematic” feel, with much more effort going into having perfect entrances and dramatic new camera angles during the matches. Also, there is a new presentation to many moves, such as a brief slow-motion effect for finishers, a 1-2 second “photographic negative” effect to accompany a change in momentum and many more.

QUESTION: Will (any wrestler) have his correct move this time?

ANSWER: Yes. In cases such as John Cena and his FU finisher, THQ had minimal time to animate it before WMXIX, so they quickly included moves they already had animated. This time around, all the moves will be fully animated and unique. To be specific, at least FIFTY new or reanimated moves will be included in Day of Reckoning.

QUESTION: Can women bleed in Day of Reckoning?

ANSWER: No, graphic violence towards to female superstars is still impossible, likely to appease censors in countries like those in the UK that have been known to edit man-on-woman violence from WWE programming. Odds are that they wouldn’t appreciate it in a game, so THQ is simply avoiding the whole subject.

QUESTION: Will the wrestlers have their real entrance music? I’m sick of listening to a bad rip-off of Matt Hardy’s theme!

ANSWER: THQ has promised to included ALL the authentic entrance songs into the game. Recent videos have shown that Booker T now has his real music, however Kane’s is currently using his original theme. This is most likely just a temporary thing, as the game is less than 50% complete and THQ may have a few legal battles or contract negotiations to get through to get a few of the songs in the game (specifically those performed by recording artists, such as Kane’s theme being done by Finger Eleven or Hardy’s by Monster Magnet). This is merely contractual and an issue about royalties. THQ has promised to work through it, so the videos at the moment include some dated entrance videos or songs simply because either a) THQ doesn’t have the rights to use the song yet or they are yet to load the video onto the game. Keep in mind that it is still in production, the majority of these things will be accurate by the release date.

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