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Guest fultie

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Guest fultie

on tuesday i was watching cnn, and those little things on the bottom, one of them said a man bought a breifcase for $36 and it had unreleased beatles tapes inside of it

what do you think he'll do with these tapes? i bet nothing comes out of it..

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Guest Angry Baboon

Nothing comes out of it?! If it has original songs (Especially post-Revolver) on it, It will sell into the six figures, perhaps even millions...

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Guest fultie

ill pay you for his death!

My local classic rock station, KSHE 95:


In an exclusive deal, the Times Online has published an extract from a purported Beatles recording, rediscovered recently by chance at an Australian flea market. The track on the discovered tape, titled "I'm in Love," was written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, but never released by the Beatles, and instead recorded by another band, The Fourmost. "I'm in Love" can be heard at timesonline.co.uk. "



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I bet the guy who sold it to him, sues him because he only bought the suitcase, not the contents of it.

or something like that.

And if there's a damn bit of justice in the world, any judge in his right mind would laugh him out of court.

Seriously, what kind of mook sells a case, box, or container of any kind without at least making sure it's empty? Our moronic seller deserves a swift kick to the crotchular region. :rolleyes:

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