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Rescue Me - FX Series Starring Dennis Leary


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I just got through watching the debut of Dennis Leary's new show, Rescue Me, on FX. It was a very good show. FX has really showed that they are great at showing awesome original series. The Shield, Nip/Tuck, and Lucky (saddly, it didn't catch on, but it was great while it lasted), and now Rescue Me.

Dennis Leary is a funny guy and he shows that int he show, as do the other people, like Jack McGee. According to Dennis Leary, all of the stories that this series will have are 100% real and have happened to people he knows.

The first story, the apartment full of piss was nasty, but kind of funny that someone would actually do that in real life. Sick, but funny. I wouldn't want to have to live with the smell, but it was funny.

Good series, thus far, with good storytelling and great actors whether it be in funny moments or in serious moments.

So, who has watched it?

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I was going to watch it, but completely forgot. I'm gonna catch the replay on friday though, so its all good. :thumbsup:

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Guest DynamicJeremyS

Plus "C'mon C'mon" by the Von Bondies is such an awesome song.

I saw the first few minutes, and I can see why that gave the "17 and under" warning. DL must have said Pussy at least 10 times during the opening scene.

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I watched it, and I personally thought it was good. I've never really liked Dennis Leary when he's doing comedy, but he showed me that he can really be a solid actor on Rescue Me. I think it will be a good hit this summer...I hope so atleast. I'm also a **HUGE** fan of Nip/Tuck, so yeah, if FX would just get TNA on their channel, they'd be the best!

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Didn't see it, forgot about it. But i've always been a fan of dennis and i'll check it out during the replay on fri-day. Though by the sounds of it with this, Nip/Tuck, the Shield and the rumored Prime Time slot waiting for TNA this summer could be the summer of FX. :thumbsup:

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Guest bruins72

I watched it and enjoyed it. The bit with him always talking to his dead cousin took a little getting used to. I think the show will get better. This first episode had to focus on setting things up. Once it's established, they can get into more stories. BTW, Denis Leary's real life cousin was a fire fighter that lost his life in the Worcester cold storage blaze a few years back. He's been doing charity work for fire fighters ever since.

Both my roommate and his twin brother are fire fighters and I'm waiting for a slot to open up. My roommate was working but his brother was over watching the show with me. He spent most of the show telling me what was true to life and what wasn't. I watched it for the entertainment value.

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