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Pixar Possibly Staying With Disney?


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Credit - IMDB

After holding discussions with MGM, Sony, Warner Bros. and Fox, Steve Jobs' Pixar Animation Studios has concluded that it will remain partnered with Disney, the New York Post reported today (Wednesday), citing sources familiar with the matter. The newspaper commented that such a development would represent a significant victory for Disney CEO Michael Eisner, whose relationship with Jobs was described by the Post as "acrimonious." (Jobs has told interviewers in the past that he would renew negotiations with Disney only if Eisner was forced out.) Jobs had reportedly been hoping that another studio would agree to a deal in which it would receive simply a distribution fee to handle Pixar films and would not share in their profits.

Sounds kinda shady to me... need to get an official word before I believe it. But Disney needs this to be true, what is it, like five of their last six movies have been total flops? They better hope this goes through.

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