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NWA Domination - Taken To the Next Level

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Guest Sweet Justice

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What if Vince's World Had Come Crashing Down

What if Vince had lost a steroid lawsuit in 1987?

Have you ever wondered what would It would be like if...

· The steroid lawsuit had come in 1987?

· Vince had lost the lawsuit?

· If WrestleMania 3 never was?

· If NWA had succeeded?

· If Hogan and Vince were still best friends?

· If the 1997 Montreal Screwjob Never Was?

· If the nWo Never Was?

· If Owen Hart had never died?

· If Steve Austin never had his neck broken?

· If Paul Heyman had never gone broke?

Would things be all that different?

WrestleMania 2 had just commenced and went with several hitches. The entire idea of basing the event in three different locations was assanine, and the WWF would pay for it. However, the abundance of talent was hard to ignore, Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and King Kong Bundy all appeared at the top of the program. However what would happen in the months after WrestleMania 2 would change the face of wrestling forever.

NWA was fighting to stay alive. Ric Flair and Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat were putting on unforgetable matches. Lex Luger & Sting emerged as new stars, The Four Horsemen had amazing success, Dusty Rhodes continues to be a national novelty, and the Road Warriors managed to create more excitement in a high school gym then an entire WWF program could in the Los Angelas Sports Arena. However, financially the NWA needed aid. NWA owners had spent money poorly and endorsed in various failed endeavours. Promoters working for the NWA were falling all over the country.

Then the unpredictable happened... a lawsuit in 1987 seven months after Wrestle Mania 2. It seemed as if the lawsuit was six years ahead of its time. Superstars and staff were all testifying against McMahon. McMahon was not prepared for such a lawsuit. McMahon was sure that the lawsuit would crush him, but he believed he could come back from all the financial losses and come back to rebuild his regime. However a young female referee would sue McMahon again shortly after for a sexual harassment lawsuit.

McMahon and the WWF which prided itself as a family product went broke. Families simply refused to put money into juicers and sex addicts. The NWA would continue to reign supreme in the confines of North America. However the basics in which the NWA were created upon could build to a self destruction. The NWA, being made of several small sub-promotions could not go Global.

Three promotions were very close, but even in 2004, these three promotions had only Pay Per Views. No television time slots. This would soon change...

Would any one promotion reach Global status? At what cost? Would alliances be built? Would wars be waged? The battle lines were drawn.

Six Promotions. Three National. Three Cult. All Based Out of Cities in North America.

NWA: Stampede Wrestling (National) - Owned by Stu Hart, NWA:SW are the only federation promoting out of Canada. Built around the best three graduates of the Hart Family Dungeon - Lance Storm, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho - this federation relies more on straight heavily-athletic matches, and avoids gimmicks and shock angles.

NWA: East Coast (National) - Vince McMahon returned to wrestling by joining the NWA and promoting out of New York City. The promotion is built around big draws like Hogan, Rock and the Clique. The rest of the roster is made up of McMahon loyalists and assorted big men.

NWA: Texas (National) - Built on the legacy of the Von Erich's, Dusty Rhodes has taken control of NWA:TX. The promotion is a throwback to the 1980's, with much of the roster taken up by either veterans of that era, or local Texans. The major stars are Ric Flair, Steve Austin, Mark Callaway and Randy Savage. Vince Russo also works here, and uses gimmicks and shock angles.

NWA: Los Angeles (Cult) - A brainchild of Roddy Piper, NWA:LA is a two-tiered promotion. Once tier has a gritty urban feel, using people like the Gangstas to deliver chaotic violence. The other tier is a result of a deal struck with some Japanese federations, where some of their top talent like Mike Barton and Michael Modest are allowed to compete.

NWA: Mexico City (Cult) - The most popular grappler in Mexico, Konnan hung up his wrestling boots and became the promoter of the biggest promotion south of the border. Focussing almost entirely on lucha libre performers like Rey Misterio and Juvi Guerrera, NWA:MC features mostly high-flying bouts.

NWA: Philadelphia Extreme (Cult) - Based out of Philly, Paul Heyman's promotion is the bad boy of the NWA, always looking to use shock tactics. The roster consists entirely of Heyman loyalists like Tommy Dreamer, Tazz, and Stevie Richards.

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Guest Sweet Justice

AR, I'm not actually using the same scenario as Adam Ryland, I changed it up a bit so that problem no longer exists. I also have reasons for some guys being at the top which I will include here.

What Had Happened: NWA - Calgary Stampede

So what had happened over the confines of seventeen years? In 1987, Stu Hart was fearing his promotion would go broke. He even allowed his children Bret and Owen to go an work for the WWF in New York. However, when the WWF went out of business Calgary Stampedes financial analyst Martha Hart made the historic decision to take the Canadian promotion and include into the NWA. Soon the Calgary based promotion would go National in Canada.

Bret and Owen Hart would return to Calgary and compete their. For the next three years (1987 - 1990) the major stars of Calgary Stampede would include, Bad News Allen, Owen Hart, Bret Hart and a newcome by the name of Davey Boy Smith, who took a liking to one of the Hart sisters. The Honkey Tonk Man and Harley Race also made rare appearances for the comapany, making it one of the major NWA branches.

In 1991 the company really took off, as Bret Hart, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, Owen Hart, Curt Hennig and Davey Boy Smith would work together to create a very impressive main event scene. As well Brian Pillman and the Dynamite Kid. Davey Boy Smith and the Dynamite Kid worked as a team in the early nineties. They worked under no gimmicked needed, as many Calgary Stampede characters did. Davey Boy Smith worked as a powerful partner to a highflying innovator. The team was one of the biggest tag teams of all time. They fought for years against teams all across the country. Smith and the Dynamite Kid would also win the NWA World Tag Team Titles in 1991.

Meanwhile Bret Hart reigned promotion champion for three years (1990 - 1993) fueding against the likes of Bad News Allan, the Honkey Tonk Man, Owen Hart, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and a young french wrestler known as Ric Martel. Martel would end up beating Hart in the winter of 1993. Winning in his hometown of Quebec City, Quebec. Martel would be a huge star all across Canada, eventually adapting a “Super Model” gimmick that caught on down south in the United States as well. Calgary Stampede would catch on in Northern States, Washington and Oregon.

The model was hated among all fans, except those who lived in Quebec. Not only was Martel a “Super Model” but a seperatist as well. Young wrestlers from Quebec aspired to be wrestlers for Calgary Stampede, and it would pay off. Raymond Rougeau would become another huge star. Rougeau and an unnamed teammate called themselves “The Quebecers” and fought Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid all around the country for years.

Meanwhile Bret Hart would recapture the regional title from Martel, and the title would lose credibility due to several short title reigns. In a matter of seven months six men had worn the title (Rick Martel, Bret Hart, Bad News Allen, Curt Hennig, Davey Boy Smith and Greg Valentine) But the main problem within Calgary Stampede was the aging of their main stars, Ric Martel, Dynamite Kid, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart and Davey Boy Smith were all years away from retirement.

Stu Hart realized this and held one last event that would showcase his main talent. It took place in Toronto SkyDome on Pay Per View in 1994. With a pre show taking place in Calgarys Saddledome. The card was excellent featuring great matches from top to bottom. And it not only sent many wrestlers out with a lot of pride it also created interest in some new stars, such as “The Pegasus Kid” Chris Benoit, Lance Storm and Chris Jericho.

In 1997 Bret Hart had reached his prime and put on amazing matches up and down the country. He then lost the title to Chris Benoit. The title match was aired on Pay Per View and recieved the promotions highest amount of buys ever. Bret Hart handed the belt to the “Pegasus Kid” and shook his hand creating a great moment in wrestling history. Benoit would end up creating a stir with his agressive style of wrestling. In the meantime Bret Hart slowed down and wrestled rarely for the company, often as a tag team partner to Benoit.

Chris Jericho was also becoming a HUGE star and had amazing fueds with Brian Pillman, and the Dynamite Kid. Fans were amazed that such a young star could be so impressive. Jericho then took a gimmick which would make him one of the most hated characters in Canadian history. He took a gimmick that was bent on destroying the Hart legacy. Jericho fueded with Owen Hart throughout 1997 and 1998 eventually leading to an even bigger fued with big brother Bret. Bret Hart would end up making Jericho submit to the Sharpshooter. However Jericho would continue to be a giant star working a cocky style that made crowds love to hate him.

Tragedy struck when Dynamite Kid would be confined to a wheel chair due to his heavy wrestling style. Dynamite Kid was also forced to work in both Calgary Stampede and Japan and could not keep up with the busy schedule. Davey Boy Smith continued wrestling, however it was discovered he had an addictive lifestyle. Luckily, Smith worked close to family and his addictions were avoided. Davey Boy Smith still wrestles to this day, rarely as a comodity. However Brian Pillman was not so lucky, and died later in 1999. Most believe it would have happened even earlier if he had not also worked so close to family.

In 1999 the east coast Canadian markets that Calgary Stampede had created in the early nineties would end up paying off. Many young wrestlers came from this area including Chistian, Test, Edge, Val Venis and Trish Stratus. Quebec would also create stars like Rene Dupree, Sylvan Grenier and many others. 2000 seemed to be an excellent year for the promotion. The main event scene included Chris Benoit (Champion), Owen Hart, Chris Jericho, and Lance Storm. Chris Benoit also persuaded friends from all around the world to join Calgary Stampede as well. Wrestlers enjoyed the straight forward promotion style of Stu Hart.

William Regal, Steve Corino, Chris Candido and a youngster named AJ Styles would all join Calgary Stampede in 2000 - 2001 making a wave in the company. As well as huge Japanese sensations Jushin Liger, Ultimo Dragon, Funaki, Taka Michonoku, Aguila and the Great Sasuke. It was clear that Calgary Stampede did not have the most Japanese superstars but clearly had the highest quality. All though NWA:SW was doing very well the company would face some more tragedy in 2001 a huge star in Calgary Stampede and former champion, Bret Hart, would suffer a stroke while riding his motor cycle. And retire for good. Bret still works for Calgary Stampede as a rare on screen character and a common backstage road agent.

In 2001 a Canadian gold medalist from the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Daniel Igali, would sign with Calgary Stampede. This was the second major amatuer wrestling star signed to a major promotion, as East Coast Wrestling would sign Kurt Angle in 1999. The years 2002 and 2003 would be two years of constant fueding between all the major NWA territories. Through the nineties Calgary Stampede would hold the World Heavyweight Title on two separate occasions. Once in 1995, Bret Hart. And again in 1997, Chris Benoit.

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Guest El Blanco

Do you plan on recapping for all the promotions or just his one? I would really enjoy reading about all the promotions like I did the above one. Very intersting that you decided to habe Pillman die instead of keeping him.

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Very nice recap for the Canadian promotion. It's good to have some kind of history behind the scenario as things get started, rather than trying to shoehorn it in with little asides during the first few shows.

One small quibble, though...in case you're thinking about having the Japanese competitors form some kind of Oriental stable, just remember that Aguila is Mexican, not Japanese. Of course, you could always put him under a mask, like everyone else does with the non-Japanese Japanese wrestlers... :D

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Looks like good stuff. I marked for the Rick Martel seperatist gimmick. That would go over really well all over Canada, and about half of Quebec too. Good backstory with all the history, hopefully they all get it. Keep it up!

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Guest Sweet Justice

What Had Happened: NWA - Texas Wrestling

In 1989 Dusty Rhodes as well as several other financial backers realized that many NWA Southern State sub promotions were going broke. So Dusty bought them out and raided their talent. Mid Atlantic wrestling was the biggest buy out as it allowed Dusty Rhodes to sign talents like Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, The Great Muta, Lex Luger, The Road Warriors and Sting. Dusty Rhodes then made the desicion to base an entire promotion out of Houston, and develop on the legendary Van Erich Dynasty.

The Von Erich sons would fight for Dusty during the early nineties and were extremely popular in Texas. Unfourtanetly, their enourmous popularity would be fatal. And in the early nineties many of the Von Erich sons would die from drug overdoses and alchohol complications. Today, none of the Von Erich sons continue to wrestle. With the Von Erich family out of the picture by the early nineties, Dusty Rhodes had full control.

Dusty was not a smart business man, and although Texas Wrestling stayed profitable throughout the years Dusty paid little attention to the future, and failed to sign young talent or upgrade production values. This continues to be a problem to this very day. Dusty instead invested in many old NWA Talent. In 1990 Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat would wrestle for the NWA Championship in a Pay Per View called “Back In the Saddle” It was a rematch from the 1987 classic match in Greensboro.

Ric Flair would win the match and Ricky Steamboat would struggle in the main event picture for the next year. Throughout the year young stars like the Great Muta and Sting were extremely succesful. The Koloffs also fought the Legion of Doom around the southern portion of the country, ending in a match advertised on the same bill as the Flair/Steamboat match in 1990. The Legion of Doom were extremely popular throughout the early nineties as well, and would win and lose the NWA World Tag Team Titles off of Smith and the Dynamite Kid for years.

NWA: Texas Wrestling would be very succesful in the early nineties fueding with NWA: New York. The fued was always highlighted by matches featuring Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan. The two would fight on and off for the NWA Championship for several years. Eventually Calgary Stampede’s very own Bret Hart would also get into the mix. Harley Race then decided to come back into the main title picture in 1991. Harley Race would fight Ric Flair in an NWA style Steel Cage for a shot at the NWA Championship, in what was yet another Ric Flair classic match rematch.

The match would be broadcast throughout the country on a live Pay Per View also called “Back In The Saddle” and would take place in a small gymnasium in Memphis. Harley Race would win the match and then win the NWA World Title only to lose it back to Hogan in August. Although the Race/Flair match was excellent the event served a second purpose. The event in Memphis would also feature a match involving Jerry Lawler against Sting. This match was the favourite of the local crowd, and it became a local classic.

This event would make NWA: Texas Wrestling very popular in the Tenassee area which was an important territory at the time, as it was often seen as the battle line between NWA: Texas Wrestling and NWA: New York. While the NWA: TW and NWA: NY fought, it allowed NWA: Calgary Stampede to become an extremely popular promotion in Canada. NWA: Texas Wrestling managed to create a lot of talent in order to beat NWA: New York in the early nineties.

In 1992 a new talent named Mark Calloway was introduced to fans in the Texas area. He called himself “Mean” Mark Calloway. Although Calloway was able to defeat many low card workers in NWA: Texas Wrestling and was given many squash matches, he was not over with the fans. In the process of pushing Calloway the NWA: New York showed interest in one of NWA: Texas Wrestling’s main tag teams, The Steiner Brothers.

The NWA: Texas Wrestling deliberated and came to the decision that they did not need the Steiner Brothers. They already had two extremely popular face tag teams (The Steiner Brothers & Muta & Sting) that were fueding with the Koloffs. So NWA: Texas Wrestling offered a trade to NWA: New York, the Steiner Brothers for King Kong Bundy and a future consideration. Unfourtanetly for both parties Vince McMahon did not like the idea of givng away one of his top talents and having the burden of owing something to his rival. So instead of a future consideration he simply offered NWA: Texas Wrestling an angle they were considering using for one of their big men. Dusty agreed as he was eager to start fueds involving King Kong Bundy.

Throughout 1992 Dusty Rhodes would try and get King Kong Bundy over by putting him in fueds with the likes of Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, Sting and the Great Muta. However King Kong Bundy prevoked no reaction whatsoever from the Texas Wrestling’s elite fans. Dusty then tried turninf King Kong Bundy face, which was an even bigger failure. Although in 1992 Harley Race was able to carry Bundy to a great match, fans still did not care for Bundy. Frustrated, and thinking he had gotten the short end of the deal, Dusty Rhodes decided to look at the storyline given to him by NWA: New York.

Dusty originally overlooked the idea but suddenly thought that he could addapt it to “Mean” Mark Calloway. The idea was for a gimmick. A gimmick in which a wrestler would be a man from the dead, who was completely unbeatable. Dusty Rhodes went to Calloway with the idea, and although Calloway did not like it, he feared for his job and went along with it. It would become a hit and the Undertaker would become a main eventer.

The Undertaker would fued with Ric Flair, and it was a good thing as Ricky Steamboat decided to hang up his boots and become an on air personality and trainer for Texas Wrestling. Harley Race also decided that he was outgrowing the wrestling business. Luckily the Undertaker would win the NWA World Title from Hulk Hogan and hold onto it for nearly a year. Until Bret Hart would win the title from him 1993. Bret Hart would defeat the Undertaker thanks to some help from Sting.

Sting and the Undertaker would fued throughout the nineties, and Sting would eventually develop a Mysterious, Dark Character that wore Black and White paint on his face. Sting and the Undertaker would face in an event called “Bad Intentions” In which The Undertaker would defeat Sting. In the end Sting would become face after a long transition turn. In 1994 Dusty Rhodes noticed the lack of talent in New York and became the dominent wrestling promotion in the continentle United States.

On mission in perticular that had to take place in 1994 was Ric Flair and the NWA had to break up the Four Horsemen. Many believe that had their been a global promotion at the time that Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson would have migrated their and jumped ship. The angle used to break up the Four Horsemen was a simple one, Ric Flair became NWA: Texas Wrestling Champion, and made some comments about the Undertaker. After refusing to face the big man he was constanly in fear of the Undertaker. He Often used the Horsemen to fight his battles against the Undertaker so he wouldn’t have to. First The Undertaker went through the Enforcer Arn Anderson in what some would call a squash match. Next the grizzly veteran and the Undertaker would put on a match in Boise, in which the Undertaker would go over Ole Anderson in fifteen minutes. Finally the Undertaker was to take on the technician Tully Blanchard. Blanchard was able to carry Taker to an amazing match, in which Taker would go over using his signature move the Tombstone.

It seemed that the entire Horsemen were injured and defeated by the Undertaker. And one night Ric Flair decided to call his boys out. Many believed Flair had called them out to appologize about using them to fight his battles, but instead Flair berated his friends, only to Ole Anderson talk back to the leader of the group and then retaliate using a cast on his right arm. Ole Anderson kicked Flair in the back and kicked him out of the ring. Ole would then receive a cast to the back luxury of Tully Blanchard. Arn Anderson would attack Tullys leg with a chop block and a brawl would ensue in the ring.

In the end it seemed as though it was Flair and Blanchard against the Minnesota Wrecking Crew. When Arn and Ole Anderson won a match against Flair and Blanchard. Flair held out his hand for a handshake. Flair wanted to bring back the Four Horsemen full force. When Arn put his hand out to shake Flairs hand Flair decided to slick back his hair instead causing a number of boos to come through the arena. In the end the horsemen were completed. Tully Blanchard would eventually retire with Ole Anderson the next year.

Lex Luger would fight a series of matches with Ric Flair, Sting would fight Great Muta, The Undertaker would fight through a series of big men and the mid card was made of many good young talents. Including “Stunning” Steve Austin and a newly signed Marty Jannety. Lex Luger would win the NWA Title for the first time in 1994 but lost it quickly to Hulk Hogan, eventually developing a gimmick which would make him the most hated man in America.

In 1994 Lex Luger was called “The Narcasist” and was constantly flaunting his muscles around stadiums thoughout Texas, New Mexico, Tenassee, Oklahoma, Nevada and Idaho. Ric Flair turned face yet again and fueded with Lex Luger throughout 1994. Despite the popularity and success of the fued Ric Flair became disgrunteled by the fact that he was carrying NWA: Texas Wrestling on his back, and was included in every main event fued.

Texas Wrestling had two horrible years in 1995 and 1996. With only a few fueds having much success, one involving Flair yet again. However in 1997 a new talent would be born. He had been in NWA: Texas Wrestling for many years, yet Dusty Rhodes had not noticed his full potentiol. His name was “Stunning” Steve Austin. Eventually Michael Hayes gave word to Dusty Rhodes, and they had a meeting with Austin. Austin explained his idea for a gimmick where he would be a degenerate who disobeyed all the rules.

Steve Austin would then addapt the nickname “Stone Cold” to his repetoire. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin would become a huge star, plowing through the roster. Austin would then ensure his spot atop the pleateau when he defeated Ric Flair in his hometown of Austin, Texas. Steve would then go onto defeat the likes of Lex Luger and Sting. Steve Austin even fueded with the Undertaker in 1998. The Undertaker, a man who does not lose very often, lost to Steve Austin thus proclaiming that Steve Austin was one of, if not the biggest stars in the business.

In 1998 Steve Austin would his a road block. A road block named Goldberg. Goldberg was a star coming out of Texas Wrestling’s training camp “Double Cross Ranch” which saw Dory Funk Jr. As the head trainer. Dusty Rhodes saw unlimited potential in the power and intensity that Goldberg fought with, thus he put Goldberg in an angle where he would never lose. Literally. Goldberg went on a huge winning streak running through the entire roster. Eventually Goldberg, with very few losses to his record would face Steve Austin, however a hamstring injury would prevent the match.

Many believed that Goldberg was in fact, a copy cat of Steve Austin, thus when the match never happened a sure classic was thrown away. People still await the match between Goldberg and Austin to this day. In 2000 Austin and The Rock would fued as well as Triple H. Goldberg continued to also get into the title picture. The main event scene was solid in NWA: Texas Wrestling featuring Ric Flair, Lex Luger, Sting, The Undertaker, Steve Austin, Goldberg, Diamond Dallas Page and occasionally Terry Funk.

Since 2002 When Terry Funk is not In the main event he often stars on NWA: Texas Wrestling television as the commissioner. Terry still wrestles, but people have tried to convince him to quit. Unfourtanetly Terry will still wrestle regardless of the compassion being sent his way by the NWA: Texas Wrestling community. As Paul Heyman continues to heartlessly book Terry in matches. Not just any matches, but Barbed Wire and Scaffold Matches. The most dangerous matches in the world.

In 2003 Terry Funk lost all of the cartilage in his knee drum, yet he continues to wrestle not only for NWA: Texas Wrestling, but for NWA: Philadelphia Extreme and in Japan as well. Also in 2003 Steve Austin continued to reign supreme in the wrestling business until losing the World Title in 2004 to Triple H. Since then Austin has been gunning for Triple H’s head. The NWA: Texas Wrestling territory has had its fair share at the NWA World Title reigns.

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Guest Sweet Justice

What Had Happened: NWA - East Coast

Rather then allow Vince McMahon to rebuild the WWF, the NWA hired him to take over East Coast Wrestling based out of New York. Vince McMahon had little money due to the failure of his main wrestling monopoly. His reputation was also tarnished due to the lawsuits. Vince McMahon spent the better part of 1987-1989 on house arrest so his reign only began around 1990. However, what Vince did have was a deep bond with many major stars. Which allowed him to start somewhere.

Vince McMahon was easily the most succesful promoter in the early nineties. He signed several of his WWF loyals, including Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, Andre the Giant, Randy Savage, Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, Paul Orndoff and Big John Studd. The main event scene was solid, but the mid card was weak. The NWA would have to create new stars as well, and did in Marty Jannety, Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon and Diesel.

In the early to mid nineties (1990 - 1994) Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair would fued on and off over the NWA World title. With Hogan fueding with Ultimate Warrior as well. Andre the Giant would pass in the early nineties, followed by Big John Studd leading East Coast Wrestling to have no big men in the main event scene. East Coast Wrestling would end up signing Sid Viscious, who would fued with Hogan as well. Many wrestlers disliked that they all fueded with Hogan with Hogan always going over. In a matter of half a decade Hogan had gone through the entire roster, including Randy Savage, Paul Orndoff, Sgt. Slaughter, Ultimate Warrior and Andre the Giant. All of which would retire before 1994.

Drugs and steroids circulated throughout the locker rooms in the early nineties causing early retirement for many main stars. Including the Ultimate Warrior and Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake. It was heavily known that other stars were using drugs as well. With the main portion of the NWA:EC main event scene retiring,or falling due to their addictive lifestyles. East Coast Wrestling invested most of its time in new stars like Razor Ramon, Diesel and Yokozuna. The Steiner Brothers were also brought over to create a stir. Veteran Ted Dibiase was also a main player at this point and fueded with Hogan. In 1995, Hulk Hogan decided that he wanted to get into the movie business. This was completely destructive to the entire organization.

However, by this time the NWA:EC had managed to make Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Razor Ramon and a young blue blood by the name of Triple H all big stars. They created a bond, which In the end became a Clique. This Clique would run the NWA:EC from the inside. Booking matches, events, fueds and making the storylines in which the show was run by. In 1996 Shawn Michaels had one the regional championship and was gunning for the World Championship held by Steve Austin at the time. Shawn Michaels would lose two consecutive matches against Austin.

1996 began the NWA:EC’s mission to produce new talent. They invested into workers like Ahmed Johnson, The Godwins, the Body Donnas, Farooq, Mark Henry and Rocky Maivia. Rocky Maivia was the most hated of all the youngsters and joined a racial faction known as the “Nation of Domination” in the end Rocky Maivia became a household name, and would call himself “The Rock” The Rock along with the Clique took part in more edgy storylines then the last era, however most felt the new attitude used in this time was not used to its greatest potentiol. Most people believed the new attitude NWA:EC would have been more succesful had they had access to NWA:TW’s biggest star Steve Austin, who also used edginess to his advantage.

The clique then developed into an on screen stable. They called themselves “Degeneration X” and Diesel and Razor Ramon changed their names to Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, to add a degree of realism and maturity to the group. Some people believe the Clique would have been more succesful had it used the four original members the writers had intended to use (Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn) but instead Road Dog was sent to NWA: Los Angelas and Billy Gunn stayed in EC doing countless pointless gimmicks. Despite 1997’s emergence of The Rock and DX the Main Event scene was still weak, consisting of Shawn Michaels, Triple H, The Rock, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Sid Viscious and Goldust.

The main problem with the roster was the shortage of faces in the roster, so in early 1998 The Rock would turn face and battle against all comers. NWA:EC would also sign UFC fighting champion Ken Shamrock to work as a face as well. Shamrock would fued against the likes of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. Finally the NWA:EC decided to make another important sign that would also indeavour into amatuer sports. The signing of Kurt Angle. A 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympic Gold Medal Winner. Finally, the NWA:EC had a respectable main event scene. They needed to showcase the newly developed roster though, and did in a Pay Per View from Madison Square Garden. Called WrestleFest I.

In the midcard fans became fond of Marc Mero’s manager known as Sable. And despite a great show she was alot of what people talked about. The show featured an NWA World Tag Title match where the Road Warriors took on Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. Hall and Nash refused to lose to the Road Warriors. It created a giant stir within the NWA, however the Road Warriors would win over Hall and Nash in the end. The finale of the show was a #1 contenders match for the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Pitting Shawn Michaels against the Rock. The Rock would end up winning the match pitting him against Steve Austin.

The Rock would beat Steve Austin for the NWA World Heavyweight Title making NWA:EC extremeley popular. Sable was becoming a huge star and by 1999 the NWA:EC was at its best. The main event scene could not have been stronger. Diamond Dallas Page then joined the main event scene as well. Making the scene consist of The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, X-Pac, Ken Shamrock, Diamond Dallas Page and Scott Steiner. Many wrestlers would come in and out of Degeneration X. Finally writers decided DX had to be split in order to maintain stability in the storylines. In the process the corporation was formed.

DX became a face faction and consisted of Scott Hall, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, X-Pac and Scott Steiner. For two years, 1999 - 2000 DX would face against the corporation led by evil boss Vince McMahon, Kurt Angle and a heel Rock and included members such as the Big Bossman and heel Ken Shamrock. At first it looked like DX would fall a slow demise as Scott Steiners brother Ric Steiner had persuaded Scott to leave DX leaving it at an even playing field. At WrestleFest II the main event would feature The Rock against Shawn Michaels, in the end Triple H and Scott Hall would turn on Shawn Michaels. Starting a four way fued between Triple H & Scott Hall against Kevin Nash & Shawn Michaels.

2000 - 2001 would be the years all of the major NWA promotions would fued, and try to beat eachother out. Eastern Wrestling used several major fueds to attract and keep fans. Shawn Michaels fueded with Triple H, Kevin Nash fueded with Scott Hall and The Rock fueded with Kurt Angle. These fueds would hold the company up for the years in which NWA:SW and NWA:TW were trying to destroy them. During these years, NWA:EC also held the NWA World Champion. Triple H won the title from The Undertaker in 2001. Triple H held the title for two years on and off fighting with Shawn Michaels.

In 2002 the entire NWA was shaken when Hulk Hogan made his return to wrestling. The NWA:EC would have Hogan fued with The Rock. This fued would be one of the biggest fueds of all time, and saw Hulk Hogan face The Rock in the main event on Pay Per View for WrestleFest VI. The match was huge with half the crowd cheering for Hogan, and the other half for the Rock. In the end The Rock would win the match, but the two would shake hands. Hogan turned face and fueded with Triple H for several months. The fued was very unsuccesful.

Hogan would take another break in 2003 and returned again to face NWA:EC owner Vince McMahon at WrestleFest VII. The match was very entertaining and a bloody battle. Hogan had regained his status as one of the biggest faces in wrestling. Hogan won the NWA World Title from The Undertaker and held it very shortly. Now the NWA:EC main event title had many big names in it. Triple H, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Ken Shamrock and Kurt Angle. Throughout the nineties NWA:EC would hold the NWA World Title on eight separate occasions. Hulk Hogan (1990) Hulk Hogan (1991 January) Hulk Hogan (1991 August) Hulk Hogan (1993) Hulk Hogan (1994) Shawn Michaels (1995) The Rock (1998) Triple H (2001) Hulk Hogan (2003)

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Guest Sweet Justice

I wont be doing the last three feds, as those are all the cult sized ones, and I'm only doing the backstories for the National feds.

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Guest Sweet Justice

NWA: Calgary Stampede

August 1, 2004

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The Pengrowth Saddledome

Chapter I: Preparing For a Battle

Stu Hart had been the owner of NWA: Calgary Stampede since its creation, but everyone backstage knew that the real puppetmaster was his son, Bret. Bret Hart booked the matches, signed the talent, and most importanly, motivated the lockerroom. Yes, Bret Hart was a natural born leader, and he had dreams of leading NWA: Calgary Stampede to the top. He had already made it a huge hit in Canada, not to mention States like Washington and Oregon.

NWA: Calgary Stampede had gone national in Canada, and was popular throughout the country. However, the most important city for NWA: Calgary Stampede was none other than Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Not only is it the home of the Hart family, but it also the home of the infamous training camp known as "The Dungeon" Many supberb wrestlers have graduated out of the dungeon, such as Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, The Hart Family and Lance Storm. Alberta was also the eastern neighbour to British Columbia, where their Developmental Territory rested. Called "British Columbia Wrestling" and the Calgary Saddledome would be the home of their next pay per view.

Bret Hart drove his car into the large underground parking area found in the Pengrowth Saddledome. He had been to this stadium many times. He traveled through the parking lot at a quick, accurate speed. Bret reached his usual spot, right next to the elevator and snuk into it. He pulled the key out of the egnition, opened the door and then braced himself for what layed ahead. He let out a quick breath of air and walked into the elevator. As Bret Hart made his way towards the elevator he thought about all of his great matches in the Saddledome and all the success the company has had their, but as he stood in the elevator he felt uneasy.

He was about to join an important Pay Per View related conferance with NWA: Calgary Stampede production people, internal staff, wrestlers and most importanly sponsors. However Bret felt very nervous about todays conferance. Sure, he had done conferances like this a million before. But this one was different. He could feel it. Something strange was going to come up. Bret finally reached his floor. He stepped out of the elevator and walked to an office at the end of the familiar hall. Inside he would be greeted by all the people that make the NWA: Calgary Stampede Pay Per Views happen.

He opened the doors and saw everyone sitting in their usual positions. With the head seat empty, saved for Bret. As Bret went to sit down, he saw a clock on one of the side walls. It was 11:35, he was ten minutes late. Bret shook off this problem and sat down not ecknowledging his own error. As he sat down he pervayed the table. Sitting to his left were four men, closest to him was referee Charles Robbinson who greeted Bret with a familiar smile, next to Charles Robinson was Brets long time friend and current NWA: Calgary Stampede champion, Chris Benoit. Next to Benoit was Brets very own brother Bruce Hart, who had an unfamiliar serious grin on his face. And finally at the end of the table was Mike Tenay, the companies main commentator. To the right Bret saw that closest to him was Bob Ryder, NWA: Calgary Stampede's top production personel. Next to Bob Ryder was Bret Harts personal assistant Summer. She was a large, chubby red headed, four eyed, bumbling idiot who chewed her gum so hard she pop an ear drum. However, she was organized and always got Bret where he needed to go. She was good at directing traffic. Next to Summer was NWA: Calgary Stampedes main sponsor, EA Sport's president John Shaw. Shaw was a nice man, and enjoyed investing in NWA: Calgary Stampede, as he too, was from Canada. Vancouver to be exact. And last but certianly not least, on the far right was a man so cold he could freeze the entire room, NWA: Calgary Stampede's personal attorney. Dick Sezzeral.

Bret noticed the lack of energy in the room and decided to begin the conferance with a quick. "Hello." he was greeted back by several 'hellos' from everyone in the room but Dick Sezzeral. Who continued to stare in the eyes of Bret Hart. Bret Hart tried to shake off the jitters he reciebed from Sezzeral and started on with the conferance.

"Well, I think we all know why we're here." Bret started "We're here, to prepare for our companies fourth installment of Stampede. Stampede is a pay per view we created in the year 2000. To showcase the NWA World Title that Chris Benoit has recently won..." Chris Benoit acknowledges the accomplishment with a quick smile and wave to the rest of the table "... and it recieved such a large buyout that we decided to make it a yearly event for NWA: Calgary Stampede." Bret Hart shuffles through some papers that include notes for his speach. "It is our largest event of the year, and I hope that this year we will be able to put on a great show. The Calgary Rodeo Stampede has also come and gone recently, and with the recent Stanley Cup Finals match between the Flames and the Lightning, I think sports fans in Calgary are pretty excited."

"Sir." Bob Ryder innterupted, which was unusual as the man was so polite, "With all do respect, I think that my production team may need a little more money in order to put on a show of this magnitude." Bret Hart nodded in slight agreement. "Are camera equipment and sound equipment is probably the worst of any national level wrestling promotion. Perhaps some new cameras would help?"

"That might be able to be done" Bret responded "Summer, could you please go check if their is any expenditure money that can be saved in order to get Mr. Ryder some new equipment for the boys?" Summer got up pulled down her medium sized tan skirt and stumbeled out the door.

"I also had an idea" Sayed Chris Benoit sternly from across the table "What if you were to give me around fourty-fifty minutes for my match against Chris Jericho? I think the fans will enjoy it." Chris Benoit then hunched and smiled at Bret.

Bret Hart wanted to put a stop to the barrage of favours being asked and responded with a "We'll have to see about that Chris, theirs no doubt in my mind that you and Jericho will put on a great match regardless of how long it is." Just as Mike Tenay was putting up his hand to ask a question the grizzly man that is Dick Sezzeral spoke out for the first time. As he talked for the first time everyone could see the piece of gold that replaced one of his front teeth.

"Lets just put a stop to all of this!" Dick Sezzeral screamed, as he spat all over the other parties sitting at the table. "Lets just get straight to the point." Dick Sezzeral then swiveledm his chair into the direction of Bret Hart and had a serious look on his face that would fold his forehead in what looked like a thousand times. "Bret," Sezzeral said in a concerned tone. "I should be the first to tell you this." Bret Hart nodded not knowing what to expect. "The buyrate for this years show will not be as high as usual." Dick Sezzeral continued explaining everything with his hands on the table. "It seems that the proverbial battle lines have been drawn. NWA: Texas Wrestling has decided to reschedule its main yearly show on the same day that our show airs. This is going to hurt us badly in our American markets like Washington, Oregon and especially Kansas." Bret Hart suddenly got a confused-concerned look on his face. "I did everything I could to stop them from doing so. But they seem hell bent on putting us out of business, stealing our talent and then taking the fight to New York."

Charles Robinson sat up with an idea "Can't we just reschedule?" Charles Robinson says with a smile "I mean, if they can, why cant we?"

Then the EA Sports president John Shaw got into the mix explaining his side of the situation. "It's simply too late to do such a thing. It would not only be bad for the NWA: Calgary Stampede, as it was decrease interest in the product and frustrate fans, but it would hurt us as a company. Any time a show is rescheduled its bad for the show and the sponsor. Especially a week before the show."

Just as Mike Tenay was about to speak he was interupted again, this time by Bret Hart. "What we could do..." Bret Hart said calmly and confidently. "Is take the fight right back to them. We could send out advertisements to their weaker territories, thus winning the buyrate battle their. We would lose money in advertising costs, but I think we could make it back in buyrates." Bret Hart then let out a breath of fresh air, he had come up with a solution, althought it was not perfect, it would last for the time being. It was now time to end the conferance. "So I guess this is it, get some good sleep, this is an important week. Please dont call me tommorow, I'm having a quick conferance with the writing team. Just leave a message for Summer."

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Guest Sweet Justice

NWA: Texas Wrestling

August 3, 2004

San Antonio, Texas

Texas Wrestling Corporate Trailor

Chapter I: The Battle Lines Are Drawn

Dusty Rhodes had made an important company desicion. To put NWA: Texas Wrestling's pay per view on the same day as NWA: Calgary Stampede's. Dusty was risking losing thousands of buyrates, upsetting sponsors and falling on his face. He knew that some people would be upset about the desicion. He drove down a dirt path that was decorated with several dessert plants on the side of the rode. His Ford Suburban Truck was painted with a coat of mud, and he simply wore Jeans, an NWA: Texan Wrestling t-shirt and a pair of snake skin cowboy boots. Dusty continued driving and then saw his desired location, a small movie trailor a half mile away from the Alamo Dome.

Dusty turns in shooting dust to every side of his truck. He then parks his truck and pulls out the keys letting off several loud "Dings" Dusty closes the door and strides himself into the small trailor. As he walks up the ramp, he knows he is about to embark on a huge desicion. He opens the door and a bell above the door rings, and inside are a number of people awaiting his arrival. He is greeted with a number of smiles and waves throughout the room. Their is a large round table in the middle of the room. Seated at the table our his main writer and right hand man Vince Russo. To the right of Vince Russo is NWA: Texas Wrestling champion Steve Austin, next to Austin is another huge NWA: Texas Wrestling star Marc Calloway, otherwise known as the Undertaker. To the right of the Undertaker is NWA: Texas Wrestlings main announcing team Don West and Tony Shavonne. To the right of them is an empty seat waiting for Dusty, and to the right of that is NWA: Texas Wrestling's financial analyst Floyd Wels. Floyd where large coke bottle glasses and his face was a pale white. He was also terribly skinny and wore a red bowtie to complete the outfit. Dusty sat down and was immediately interupted by Floyd Wels.

"Excuse me" Floyd Wels started "But we really need to do something huge for this Sundays pay per view. Were up against some really heavy competition, we could lose thousands of buyrates and thousands of dollars. Our sponsors are already very unhappy about us rescheduling the event"

"-- And" Mark Calloway interupted "From what I hear our relationship with the Harts has really been soured."

Dusty Rhodes thought about it for a second. And then decided to comment with his signature lisp. "Well hath the competition shown any sthigns of rebellion?"

"Well..." says Floyd Wels in a concerned tone "NWA: Calgary Stampede has decided to increase advertisement funding this month, including launching ad campaigns in our weakest markets. Including New Mexico, Florida and Nevada. We could always launch our own ad campaigns on their turf, but all of their markets are very loyal to the company. We might be able to steal some buyrates from Washington, Oregon and Kansas, but other then that things look to be a little in their favour. It looks like we'll have to beat them creativily."

"Creativily?" Asked Dusty Rhodes "I think that we have an abundanthe of talent, we just need to promote thith yearsth event a little differently. Do you boysth have any ideasth?"

Just then Tony Shavonne sat up from his chair. "I actually have an idea" Mike Tenay continued "I was speaking with Konnan, the president of NWA: Mexico City, and he is very happy with our product and has a very good repore with us. I think that e could add a certain element of excitement if we did a joint production with them."

"And..." Steve Austin said "I know that Golberg and I are already booked, but are matches really have no build up, and nothing special to them. People aren't gonna see Bagwell as a valid contender for my title. I think that Golberg and I should work as a tag team and be in the main event."

"I like thith idea." Said Dusty Rhodes "We could really promote that asth sthomething sthpecial. But who would you two face?"

Steve Austin replied with "I think we could do a mystery partner angle with Ric Flair. He could team up with just about anyone. It would a degree of unpredictability to the main event"

Vince Russo had remained quite quiet throughout the quick conferance and decided to comment. "I like this idea, we could also expand on it, in the way that Marcus Bagwell could become outraged about losing his title shot, we could put him in an interview where he speaks his mind, and then a quick squash match against one of our cruisers, we could even get him involved in the main event, by attacking Steve. It would give him a big push."

Dusty Rhodes nodded his head "These are great ideasth, letsth got em." Dusty then adds to Tony Shavonne "How many of dosthe Mexicansth do you think we could get?"

Tony Shavonne shuffled through some papers looking for information that was given to him by Konnan. "I think we could get around ten guys. Thats deffinetly enough to put on some cross promotional matches. I actually have some tapes of some of their talent. You could watch em, come to a deliberation and then we could decide which talent we wanted for the show. I know it would deffinetly add to the buyrates, especially in the southern state markets were already strong in, New Mexico, and curious American wrestling fans."

"It'll cost a fortune." Said Floyd Wels "But it could really pay off."

"Alright" Said Dusty "Lets finish thisth up, I wanna get my handsth on thosthe tapesth, and in two daysth I'll bring Konnan down with sthome of histh boysth and well work sthomethin out."

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Guest Sweet Justice

NWA: Calgary Stampede

August 2, 2004

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Starbucks on 52nd Street

Chapter II: Reassurance

Bret walked into the local starbucks. It was filled with college kids, all talking up a storm. Near the back Bret Hart could see the only person in the entire coffee shop over 22, besides him of course. The man was Ed Schmitt. The head writer for NWA: Calgary Stampede. Next to Schmitt was a raised newspaper, as the paper came down Bret could clearly see it was Dave Meltzer. Meltzer worked for Stampede as a writer and an announcer. They waved Bret over and Meltzer cleared the table and put the paper down at a nearby table.

"Come over Here!" Yelled Meltzer excitingly with a big smile on his face. Bret Hart braced himself, he had always hated creative writing meetings. "Nice to see ya Bret" said Meltzer. Bret had always liked Meltzer and his think positive attitude. "Sundays gonna be huge, eh?" The eh added a degree of Canadian authenticity to Bret, and it eezed the mood. "Dusty's a real asshole for getting into our turf. Hopefully our last minute advertisement campaigns will help." Bret was just sitting now, a pure example of how Melzter can talk at lightning speed.

"You got that right," Bret said, not paying much attention "But lets talk about writing, I dont anyone to get to the Saddledome not knowing what their job is. Do we have any new talent thats gonna be at the show?"

"We sure do" Meltzer said "Hes a great kid, I just talked to his yesterday, his names Lash Leroux, I'm sure you've heard of him, he had a brief stint in Houston for a while. He can wrestle pretty good, and he knows how to get heel heat and a pop. We've already got a few ideas for the kid. It might be a little bit of poetic justice if we can make one of Dusty's kids a star."

"Hmm..." Bret said trying to think about Lash Leroux "I remember him, he seemed like a good talent, so even if it doesnt work out Sunday we can always send him to Kamloops for retooling. Whats your idea for him?"

"Well" said Schmitt excitedly "I was thinking, that since Jericho is always talking about Jerichoholics, its only fitting that he have a personal assistant. The kid would go under the storyline that he's a young wrestler from Red Deer, he's also a big Jericho fan, so Jericho decides to hire him, but instead of doing real work he just gets Jericho bagals and coffees. Jericho abuses the kid at every chance he gets, eventually leading to a Leroux face turn. Once he's over enough of course."

"I like it." Said Bret "We could even have him get involved in the main event Sunday."

"Thats where you come in" Said Schmitt

"What do you mean?" Asked both Meltzer and Hart

"Well... I was thinking that Benoit could do a ref bump in the corner, thus knocking out the ref in the main event. Lash will run down, after being introduced earlier in the show. He and Jericho will double team Benoit for a while. Now, since were in Calgary the fans are going to expect to see Bret Hart, and psychologically, its so late in the show, if we dont mention you, they'll just think that you arent going to show up. So as Benoit is getting double teamed the rip chord hits and you walk down the rampway. You chase Leroux out, as you chase Leroux up the ramp Jericho screams at you, when he turns around BAM! Benoit locks on the crossface and Jericho taps."

"Its iffy" Said Meltzer "Fans dont usually like that finish..."

"Im not a huge fan of the finish either" Said Bret "I was even thinking of throwing a curveball and letting Jericho go over Benoit."

"Alright" Said Schmitt dissapointedly "Well, I know that Benoit and Jericho have already decided what kind of match their gonna do, so you just have to come up with a finish by Sunday."

"I cant wait for Lyger and Owen" Said Meltzer "If we give their match, and the Benoit match enough time collectively we can really create two classic matches. I think our card is pretty strong from top to bottom."

"Me too." Said Schmitt "I'm just a little scared about our tag division, I mean sure it has tons of talent, but right now, creatively its not going anywhere."

"I Agree." Said Hart "What tag matches are we gonna have on this Sundays show, Dave?"

"Umm..." Meltzer raises his finger to his chin thinking about the tag matches "I think were going to open with Shane & Kazarian against Teddy Hart and Harry Smith... then.... we were... gonna have America's Most Wanted taking on The Worlds Greatest Tag Team for the title belts." Meltzer then looked over at Schmitt "Do you have any storylines for these guys?"

"Well..." Schmitt said "I think we should just play it simple in regards to Harry Smith and Teddy Hart, we should just make them out to be Blue Chippers, give em a few wins and then eventually give them a Tag Title shot."

"I like that idea" Bret said "And I know that Harry's dad wanted him to start doing something soon. What about AMW?"

"I actually thought" Interupted Meltzer over Schmitt "That we could fued them with Daniels and Low Ki. Basically Daniels and Low Ki could come out and let out a challenge to any tag team, and their greated by the champions. Starting a fued. Very simple storylines again."

Bret Hart looked down at his watch and noticed that it was time to go to his sons Soccer Game. Bret then managed squirm his way out of the meeting. "Alright." Bret said "I think you've got some great ideas, if you have anymore. Just call me, I gotta head out, lets keep thinking, and I'll see you next on Sunday. Remember, I dont want to send anybody out on the main stage without something to do. So make sure you have something for everyone. Your giving me reassurance... thats what we all need this Sunday."

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Guest El Blanco

I'm really liking this. If you can keep this kind of writing up you could very well be more popular then the LAW diary. If this lasts that is.

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I haven't even seen a match yet and I'm hooked.

On a side note, I would have preferred if the backstory had something new, rather than just a relocation of real angles to different places.

All the names, all the dates...exactly the same as real life?

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Guest Sweet Justice

Does anyone reading my diary do graphics? If so, I would love to get you on board doing some graphics. Just reply here if your interested.

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