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WWF 1994

Guest Xtian

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Guest Red Devil

- Introduction –

Welcome to the most honest and unbiased wrestling book to hit the shelves. I’m an unknown to most of you readers out there but this isn’t about me so all you need to know is that I was a ‘writer’ for the WWF back in the mid 90’s. My first show was one of the greatest Royal Rumble’s to date, Royal Rumble 1994. What a show, three top class title matches topped off with a great Rumble with a unique finish. Here is the copy of the Royal Rumble ‘script’ I received on my first day on the job.

For those of you who don’t know what a script is, it’s essentially a guide to what’s going to happen at that show before it happens. Each wrestler and staff member gets one of these before the show so they know what they’re doing and what’s going to happen, sometimes the matches are even set out on here as a guide on how the entire match will go. The ‘script’ is written in a ‘review format’. This means that when you are reading the script it should feel like your reading it after the show and not before it. This script was a ‘loose script’ for me as I only arrived in the WWF hours before the show.

user posted image

Tatanka pinned Bam Bam Bigelow with a flying crossbody off the top rope.

WWF Tag Team Championship - The Quebecer's defeated Bret Hart & Owen Hart after the ref stopped the match due to an injured knee suffered by Bret Hart. After the match Owen turned on his brother attacking his injured knee.

WWF Intercontinental Championship - Razor Ramon pinned Irwin R. Schyster after a false finish with interference from Shawn Michaels. Match restarted and Razor Ramon won with the Razor’s Edge.

WWF World Heavyweight Championship Casket Match - Yokozuna defeated The Undertaker after locking him inside the casket with help from Mr. Fuji’s associates.

1994 Royal Rumble - Bret Hart & Lex Luger were Co-Winners of the 1994 Royal Rumble after they both touched the ground at the same time.

Order of Entry Order of Elimination

1- Scott Steiner (1- Samu by Scott before #5)

2- Samu (2- Rick by Owen before #6)

3- Rick Steiner (3- Bart by Diesel before #8)

4- Kwang (4- Scott by Diesel before #8)

5- Owen Hart (5- Owen by Diesel before #8)

6- Bart Gunn (6- Kwang by Diesel before #8)

7- Diesel (7- Backlund by Diesel before #9)

8- Bob Backlund (8- Billy by Diesel before #10)

9- Billy Gunn (9- Virgil by Diesel before #11)

10- Virgil (10- Jarrett by Savage before #13)

11- Randy Savage (11- Savage by Crush before #15)

12- Jeff Jarrett (12- Doink by Bigelow before #16)

13- Crush (13- Diesel by Crush/Bigelow/Mabel/Plugg/Shawn bef. #19)

14- Doink (14- Mabel by Crush/Bigelow/Plugg/Shawn/Valentine/Tatanka/Kabuki bef. #23)

15- Bam Bam Bigelow (15- Kabuki by Lex before #24)

16- Mabel (16- Booger no showed before #26)

17- Sparky Plugg (17- Crush by Lex & Plugg before #29)

18- Shawn Michaels (18- Plugg by Bret & Shawn)

19- Mo (19- Valentine by Martel)

20- Greg Valentine (20- Martel by Tatanka)

21- Tatanka (21- Bomb by Lex)

22- Kabuki (22- Mo by Fatu)

23- Lex Luger (23- Tatanka by Bigelow)

24- Genichiro Tenryu (24- Bigelow by Lex)

25- Bastion Booger (25- Jannetty by Shawn)

26- Rick Martel (26- Tenryu by Lex & Bret)

27- Bret Hart (27- Fatu by Bret)

28- Fatu (28- Shawn by Lex)

29- Marty Jannetty (29/30- Lex & Bret)

30- Adam Bomb (Co-Winners: Lex Luger & Bret Hart)

This began the ‘Road to Wrestlemania’ which resulted in a change of direction, not a huge change but a subtle and minor one for the company but I won’t go into that at the moment as you’ll be reading about it in the next few pages anyway.

People ask me why I have chosen to write and publish this book, my reasons? I want everyone to know about my time with the company and want people to see for themselves how a wrestling company is run not only on screen but off screen as well. I always knew I was going to do this and that’s why I saved each and every script I ever received from the first day I walked in and they will all be published right here so sit back, relax and enjoy. Welcome to “Breaking Kayfabe

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Guest Red Devil

I fondly remember the morning after the Royal Rumble and before RAW is WAR. It was my first ‘big meeting’ of the year, usually the WWF have around four to five big meetings a year and this was the first of the year and probably the most important. It was used to discuss the upcoming Wrestlemania, to re-evaluate our roster maybe cutting a few workers and adding a few if needed and we also discussed where the product should go next to stop it getting stale.

First on the agenda was last nights show and what to do for Wrestlemania. We all talked about this for over an hour building up storylines, backup storylines and a backup to our backup storylines just to make sure we have everything set. This was mainly because of Vince’s paranoia of WCW, they had stolen Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior and Ric Flair off of us in the past year. That’s three of the biggest stars in wrestling lost to our rivals. Vince knew Ted was going to be watching and waiting for a chance to destroy the tenth Wrestlemania and Vince didn’t want that to happen. After about an hour and a half we had the card more or less set. It looked to me like it was a very interesting card.

Next on the list was re-evaluating out roster. Vince stressed the point that we needed a fresh roster who wanted to work together to make the WWF stronger. We took less then an hour as we chopped a few workers, nothing major just a few jobbers and we looked into signing some others. Vince wanted revenge on WCW and was hellbent on returning the favour of them stealing our stars. That was the first time I saw Vince show that much desire, I truly now believed that this was Vince’s life and he will do anything and everything to keep it alive and make it better. We picked out a few stars that we thought could make a good addition to our roster and got ready to scout a few of them.

We moved straight onto where the product should go next. Many of us, me included believed that in order to stay one step in front of our rivals we would need to push the envelope a little, not go all out with bloodbaths but slowly phase a more risqué style to the product. We all agreed that it might be a little too soon and a little too quick to do that quite yet so we decided to have some risqué angles play out every few months so we can gauge the audience’s reaction before going all out.

Next up was an important decision that needed to be made. We had 5 big PPV’s for the year but during those PPV’s we didn’t have any ‘big shows’ to balance the PPV’s out. We deliberated over this for an hour or so with ideas such as a 12 PPV calendar and leaving it as it is crop up, we ended up rejecting the 12 PPV’s but didn’t make a final decision on the ideas.

We were now coming to the end of our three hour plus meeting and only had a few points to go over. One was the announcing slots for our shows. Vince was the main guy on both TV shows and PPV’s but we didn’t really have a long term partner for him. We decided on keeping Johnny Polo a.k.a Scott Levy as colour commentator for WWF Superstars. We all agreed that last nights team of Ted and Vince worked well and they would continue on the main shows until we get a long term replacement.

Finally we discussed the injured workers. We got a report that told us 1-2-3 Kid should be back in the next few weeks while Ted DiBiase probably won’t be able to wrestle again, not on a long term basis anyway. Mr. Perfect had been missing on TV for a few months and was nearing a return but was still a few months away. Ludvig Borga’s injury wasn’t as serious as first thought so he would be able to return in a few months time as well.

That was it, my first big meeting discussing what should happen next for the WWF. As we all left we received a copy of the now updated roster, it was time to get the show on the road and start writing some shows. Here is my copy of the roster,

WWF Roster

Faces = Blue

Heels = Red

Main Event

Bret Hart


Upper Midcard

Lex Luger

Mr. Perfect

Randy Savage

The Undertaker

Shawn Michaels


Alundra Blayze

Bob Backlund



Marty Janetty


Razor Ramon

Bam Bam Bigelow


Jeff Jarrett

Owen Hart


Lower Midcard

1-2-3 Kid

Doink ‘The Clown’

Rick Steiner

Scott Steiner






Irwin R. Schyster


Rick Martel



Barry Horowitz

Bart Gunn

Billy Gunn

Sparky Plugg

Adam Bomb

Bastion Booger

Steven Dunn

Timothy Well


Steve Lombardi


Oscar (Mabel, Moe)

Paul Bearer (The Undertaker)

Afa (Fatu, Samu)

Johnny Polo (Pierre, Jacques)

Luna Vachon (Bam Bam Bigelow)

Mr. Fuji (Yokozuna)

Harvey Whippleman (none)

Ted DiBiase (None)

Jim Cornette (None)


Jack Tunnay (WWF President)

Sgt. Slaughter

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Guest Red Devil

This brings back some great memories, my first piece of writing i did on my new job. As the 'new guy' they assigned me to write up the RAW is WAR preview for tonight's show. This was probably the most nervous moment in my professional life as it was the first chance for people to see how i can write on a worldwide stage and i was very eager to impress. It might not seem that big now but back then, for me it was a huge task and i mulled over it for hours perfecting it before finally releasing it.

WWF Monday Night RAW Preview

Join Vince McMahon and The "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase for tonight's edition of RAW is WAR. We will see the aftermath of last night's Royal Rumble as Jack Tunney will be on hand to reveal what the plan for Wrestlemania's main event will be. The WWF World Champion will also be on hand with his trusted manager Mr. Fuji to give their opinion on Who should go to Wrestlemania to challenge Yokozuna for the gold. Unfortunately Bret 'The Hitman' Hart will not be with us because of an injured knee suffered at last night's Royal Rumble but the other 'Co-Winner' of the Rumble, Lex Luger will take on Crush in tonight's Main Event.

Also tonight the WWF Womens Title will be on the line when current Champion Alundra Blayze takes on Rookie Jane Fly, Owen Hart will go head to head with Virgil and the Steiner Brothers will take on the Headshrinkers in Tag Action. All this and much much more so don't miss RAW is WAR!

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Guest Red Devil

user posted image

Date: 24th January 1994

Announcers: Vince McMahon and Ted DiBiase

We open up Monday Night RAW with a brief clip of last night's show. We are shown Owen Hart turning on his brother Bret Hart as well as the false finish in the IC Title match and the re-start which saw Razor retain. We are then shown the ending of the World Title match where the Undertaker was ambushed and thrown inside the casket. Next is the Royal Rumble match where we see numerous wrestlers thrown out of the Rumble and we end the video with both Bret 'The Hitman' Hart and 'The Narcisist' Lex Luger tumbling over the top rope to the floor at the same time resulting in a draw.

We then cut to the arena where small pyro's go off to signal the opening of the show. We scan the arena as the crowd let out a huge cheer before we join our announce team of Vince McMahon and 'The Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBiase. They talk about last night's show going over numerous points but mainly talking about who will go to Wrestlemania to face the champion. They put over tonight's main event of 'The Narcisist' Lex Luger and Crush. They also hype Jack Tunney's rare appearance telling us that he will try and come to a decision on who should go to Wrestlemania to face the WWF World Champion.

1. Owen Hart v Virgil

They are cut off by "The Rocket" Owen Hart's music. As the Rocket walks down to ringside the crowd boo. Ted DiBiase tells us that Owen made the right decision last night and tonight he is going to beat "That no-good Scumbag" Virgil. Owen enters the ring as Vince reminds Ted that announcers need to be impartial. The match gets underway with a collar and elbow tie-up with Owen clearly the stronger of the two as he pushes Virgil into the corner. Virgil gets back to his feet and runs at Owen but Owen takes him down with a drop toe hold followed by a sit down headlock. Owen keeps on cranking Virgil's neck back as DiBiase puts over the "New Owen Hart" as a sadistic cold-blooded wrestler. After a few minutes Virgil attempts to fight out of it with elbows to the ribs and successfully breaks out of it and hits a dropkick, and another one knocking Owen off his feet. Virgil riles up the crowd before climbing to the top rope and waiting for Owen to get to his feet. Owen turns to face Virgil who flies off the top rope with a crossbody but Owen ducks sending Virgil face first into the mat. Owen smiles before lifting Virgil back to his feet. He whips him off the far ropes before taking him back down with a hard lariat. Owen then calls for the end as Virgil gets back to his feet. Virgil turns around straight into a Knee Breaker to his left knee. As Virgil hobbles around the ring Owen hits a dropkick to the right knee flooring Virgil before locking in the Sharpshooter. At this point Vince McMahon calls Owen a 'Methodical Technician' working the legs perfectly as Virgil taps out to the Sharpshooter. As the ref called for the bell Owen keeps the hold locked on until refs and road agents run in to break it up. Owen hold's up his arms in victory as refs help Virgil to the back.

Winner: Owen Hart (71%,64%,79%)**1/4

2. Owen Speaks

As Virgil was carted away to the back by refs Owen Hart grabs the mic to speak.

Owen: Last night my eye's were opened, i always knew in the back of my mind that Bret was selfish and didn't give a damn about anyone, not even his own flesh and blood but last night Bret proved to me that was the case. As i stood on the apron *points to his corner* and Bret was inside the ring with an injured knee he had the time to come across and make the tag but no, not Bret. You see Bret always wants to be #1, he always wants to do everything by himself and last night it was his fault we didn't win the tag titles. *Looks straight into the camera* Bret i know your watching this, banged up in some hospital, Bret i used to look up to you, you used to be the man i strived to become, you were my idol but now Bret it's time for a change and starting from now your going to be the one in my shadow. You're going to be the Hart that no one gives a damn about just like i was. Everyone came to see you not me but now it's going to be the other way round because i am the real Hart in the family and i am truly the "Best there is, the Best there was, and the Best there ever will be!"

Owen dropped the mic and raised his hands in the air as the crowd reacted with jeers following his mocking of Fan Favorite Bret Hart. Owen then exited the ring and went to the back as we cut to our first commercial break of the evening.

Overall Rating: 73%

*Commercial Break*

3. Alundra Blayze v Jane Fly - WWF Womens Title Match

As we returned from the break we see rookie Jane Fly standing inside the ring. The WWF Womens Champion makes her entrance to a small pop as she has the belt strapped around her waist. She enters the ring and holds the belt over her head to a cheer before handing it to the referee to get this match underway. As soon as the bell rings Fly is sent tumbling to the ground with a running clothesline followed by a jumping elbow drop from the Womens Champion. Blayze lifts the challenger back to her feet and hit her with a scoop slam and then posed for the crowd. This gave Fly some time to recover and as Blayze turned around Fly poked her in the eye's before hitting a hard clothesline on the champ and going for a pin but only getting a two count. That was the only offense Fly got as after that she went for a suplex but Alundra reversed it into a snap suplex followed by a Spinning Heel Kick. Blayze then called for the end before lifting Fly to her feet and hitting her with the Bridging Germain Suplex for the three count.

After the match Blayze celebrated with her WWF Womens Title on the top rope as Bam Bam Bigelow and his manager Luna Vachon hit the ring. Luna pointed at Blayze who was still on the top rope, Bam Bam walked over and pulled her off the top rope. Blayze responded by slapping Bam Bam which got a cheer from the crowd. Luna came from behind and whipped Blayze around before hitting her with a DDT. Luna then instructed Bam Bam to go to the top and he hit the Flying Headbutt on the Womens Champ. Both Bam Bam and Luna celebrated as McMahon screamed obscenities at both attackers.

Winner: Alundra Blayze (53%,43%,64%)1/2*

WWF Womens Title gained overness from this match

4. Shawn wants to settle it tonight?

After we see several replays of Bam Bam and Luna's attack on the Womens Champ we go to the announce table. Vince tells us that Jack Tunney is in the back and ready to make his announcement right now but before we could cut to the back, "Sexy Boy" hits and out comes Shawn Michaels characteristically dancing out to some heat as well as a few cheers as he enters the ring. He poses as pyro's go off before grabbing the mic. McMahon makes a good spot when he asks "Where is Diesel?"

Michaels: Last night i was cheated out of the Royal Rumble but... but that's not what I've come out here to talk about. *Fixes 'his' IC Title on his shoulder* you see this baby right here is what i want to talk about *motioning at the IC Title Belt* Last year i was suspended from the WWF but i did not lose the WWF Intercontinental Championship but now I'm back but i see this punk calling everyone Chico walking around with a new IC Title Belt. That ain't gonna cut it with the Heart Break Kid, Razor if you want to be the IC Champion you've gotta beat me, the "Current" IC Champion, and as far as i can remember you ain't done that yet boy. So I've got a proposition for you Razor, why don't you and me take care of this situation right here, right now!

McMahon and Ted DiBiase put over HBK challenging Razor Ramon for a match tonight as they argue who should be the champ with McMahon taking Razor's side and Ted taking Shawn's side. We don't have to wait long as Razor's music hits and out walks Razor Ramon with his IC Title belt. Michaels drops his mic and motions for Razor to enter the ring. Razor takes off his gold chains before taking off his IC Title belt but before he could enter the ring from behind Shawn Michaels' bodyguard Diesel attacks him from behind.

Michaels smiles as Vince tells Ted it must have been a plan. Diesel rolls Razor into the ring where Michaels begins to put the boots to Ramon. Diesel enters the ring and lifts Razor to his feet allowing Shawn to knock him back down with the Sweet Chin Music. HBK smiles as he tells Diesel to take Ramon out. Diesel picks Ramon up and gets him into position before lifting him into the air and bringing him back down with the Jacknife Powerbomb. Shawn and Diesel celebrate as Vince tells us we have to go to a break but up next, we will have Jack Tunney in the back!

Overall Rating: 78%

Diesel gained overness from this segment

*Commercial Break*

5. Decision time for Jack Tunney

We return to a room backstage where there is a long oval oak table with chairs all around it and one on the far end of the table. There are a few staff members standing around the room talking. We then see WWF President Jack Tunney walk in as the staff members go silent and Tunney takes his seat at the far end of the table. He has a few papers in his hands and takes a brief look at them before speaking.

Jack: Last night at the WWF Royal Rumble PPV we saw both WWF Superstars Bret 'The Hitman' Hart and 'The Narcisist' Lex Luger win the Royal Rumble match. However we need only one winner and i have been working on this all night to find a solution to this problem but i could not figure it out. I cannot make a 100% certain decision to who won the Royal Rumble so i am offering you, the WWF fans to decide. There will be a poll set up where you can ring up and vote for who you think won the Royal Rumble. As you can now see at the bottom of your screen the numbers are showing up for how to vote for Bret Hart and Lex Luger. I ask you to make a decision on who you think won the rumble and not who you wanted to win the rumble. This poll will stay open till 20th February where at the first ever "The Main Event" we will announce the results of this poll and decide who will be the man to go to Wrestlemania to face the WWF World Champion. Thank You.

After finishing this prepared statement Jack Tunney stood up before walking back out of the door he came in.

Overall Rating: 58%

6. A word from the WWF Champion

We cut back to the arena where we go into a close up of the announce table. Vince McMahon and Ted DiBiase both encourage the fans to vote so we can get a fair and final decision on the matter. They then tell us that WWF Champion Yokozuna is in the back with Mr. Fuji.

We cut to the back where we see Yokozuna standing behind Mr. Fuji wearing his trademark red sumo attire with a black belt with the WWF World Title draped over his shoulder. Mr. Fuji is holding a Japan flag wearing his trademark white 'gown'.

Fuji: Hitman...Luger...Yokozuna will squash you both, only one will challenge him and he will be destroyed by Yokozuna! no matter who, no one is strong enough to beat Yokozuna. You will be squashed like a bug!

Yokozuna: BONZAI!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Fuji smiles as he walks off screen while Yokozuna just stares at the camera as we cut to another commercial break.

Overall Rating: 75%

*Commercial Break*

7. Harvey has a proposition for Blayze

As we return from the commercial break we see WWF Womens Champion Alundra Blayze getting medical attention in the back. She is sitting on a stretcher holding an icepack to the back of her neck. We then see Harvey Whipplemen enter the room wearing his usual geeky clothes. He walks up to Blayze and looks at her for a minute before speaking.

Harvey: Alundra, i was in the back earlier and was scouting for some new talent and i saw you, you did good tonight but got blindsided by Bam Bam and Luna so i was thinking, how about you join me and i will help you defeat them?

Alundra just stares a hole through Harvey.

Harvey: Think about it, the "WWF Womens Champion" Alundra Blayze joining the best manager in the world, Harvey Whippleman. I can promise you that you will get your revenge, what do you say?

Alundra hopped off the stretcher and just stared at Harvey before walking past him still holding the icepack to her neck and walking out of the room. Harvey looked a little glum before replying into thin air,

Harvey: That's OK, that your time to make a decision.

The medics stared at Harvey as he quietly exited the room and we cut back to the arena.

Overall Rating: 76%

8. Steiner Brothers v The Headshrinkers w/ Afa

As we return from the back we see The Headshrinkers making their entrance led by Afa. Vince and DiBiase talk about Harvey's proposal as they try and figure out if Blayze was even going to consider it. They also inform us that the winner of this match will take on the Tag Champs next week in a Tag Title match. The Steiner Brothers make their entrance first to a good pop. They come out wearing their usual attire with their Michigan College jackets. They take the jackets off and hand them to a staff member outside the ring as Rick exits the ring leaving Scott to start off the match against Samu. Samu runs at Scott to take him down but Scott ducks and sends Samu into the corner. Scott follows up with a running clothesline and a bulldog out of the corner and a quick pin. Samu kicks out at 2. Scott lifts him to his feet and attempts to whip him across the ring but Samu reverses it sending Scott to the far ropes where Fatu sticks out a knee into Scott's back sending him to the floor. Samu quickly makes a tag to Fatu who enters the ring and lifts Scott to his feet before pushing him into their corner. He hits him with a few slaps to the chest before whipping him across the ropes and hitting him with a clothesline. Fatu follows this up with a few Headbutt to the fallen Steiner before making the pin but only getting a two count. Fatu again lifts Steiner to his feet and goes for a right hand but Steiner blocks it, and another one but Steiner blocks it again and fires back with one of his own. Fatu goes for another but this time Steiner ducks and as Fatu swings around Scott takes him down with a backdrop leaving both men down.

As the ref makes his 10 count a small screen appears at the bottom of the screen showing the Quebecers standing with Johnny Polo watching on. Fatu makes a tag to Samu but at the same time Scott makes the hot tag to Rick who runs into the ring and takes Samu down with a spear before pounding on him with right hands. Fatu walks in but gets a few right hands by Rick sending him into the far ropes as Scott runs back in taking Fatu and himself to the outside with a running clothesline. Afa climbs onto the apron leading to Rick walking up to him and knocking him back down. As Rick turns around Samu goes for a superkick but Rick ducks and takes Samu down with a running Bulldog and gets the three count. After the match the Steiner Brothers celebrate and McMahon and DiBiase tells us that the Steiners will face the Tag Champs next week on Monday Night RAW.

Winners: Steiner Brothers (71%,65%,77%)**1/4

9. Harsh words from the Tag Champs

We cut to the back where we see the Tag Team Champions, The Quebecers with their manager Johnny Polo standing by with Todd Pettingil.

Todd: As we've all just seen the Steiner Brothers become the #1 Contenders for your Tag Team Titles, what are your feelings on that?

Polo: I've got this one boys *speaking to champs, now looks back at the camera* you see earlier on we were scouting both teams and I'm happy that the worse team came out victorious. Them two brothers are just as usual as each and every single one of the stupid fans in this arena *Huge Jeers from the crowd* and we can beat them all just like them two punks.

Todd: You sound mighty confident Mr. Polo, is that what the Tag Champs think as well?

Polo: What are you getting at? we work as a team and there is no I in team, we all think together, fight together and always....always win together.

Polo smiles at the camera before walking off leaving the Quebecers posing for the the cameras before they walk off screen and Todd tells us to stay tuned because after the final break of the evening we will have our main event when 'The Narcisist' Lex Luger takes on Crush.

Overall Rating: 73%

Johnny Polo gained overness from this segment. Pierre gained overness from this segment.

*Commercial Break*

10. Next week on Monday Night RAW...

As we return from the commercial break we go straight into a video hyping up next weeks Monday Night RAW. On Monday Night RAW next week we will see the return of Bret 'The Hitman' Hart when he takes on IRS in singles action. That's not all from The Hitman because we will also have a sit down interview with the Hitman with Vince McMahon when he will discuss his situation with his brother, the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania! Next week we will also see the Steiner Brothers get a shot at the Tag Team Titles when they take on the WWF Tag Team Champions.

Overall Rating: 89%

11. Lex Luger v Crush

We cut back to the arena as Crush's music hits and the crowd go silent. The monster Crush slowly walks down to ringside as the crowd silently look on. Crush enters the ring and turns towards the entrance ramp awaiting his opponent. Lex Luger's music hits next and out comes the Co-Winner of the Royal Rumble to a great reaction. He gets cheered as he slowly walks down the ramp posing as Crush stares a hole through him. Luger enters the ring before posing a little more before the match starts. The bell rang to get the match underway. Crush and Luger circled the ring a few times before Crush put his arm in the air requesting a test of strength. Luger accepted and put his arm in the air. Crush lifted his second arm and so did Luger clamping both hands together. It looked evan for the first minute until Luger started to get the advantage winning the test of strength but before he could Crush kicked him in the mid section before hitting a hard right forearm to the back of Luger flooring him.

Crush put the boots to Luger sending him rolling into the corner which prompted Crush to put his right foot on Luger's neck before stepping off the ground and choking him only breaking the hold on the 4 count out of five. Crush lifted Luger to his feet and whipped him across the ring before following up with a running clothesline and a few more clubbing blows to the head. Crush again whipped him across the ring and went for the clothesline but Luger moved out of the way sending Crush face first into the turnbuckle and after groggily turning around Luger bodyslammed the monster. This took out any remaining energy from Luger sending him to the ground as well. Both men got to their feet at the 7 count and started throwing punches at each other. Luger gained the advantage hitting right hand after right hand before hitting him with a knee life followed by a Forearm smash flooring the monster. Luger was all riled up now and called for the finish as the crowd were behind him. Crush climbed back to his feet only for Luger to lift him up onto his back showing immense power and lock him into the Torture Rack. Crush wouldn't give up but after 30 seconds of intense pain Crush had no choice but to tap out.

Luger dropped Crush down before falling down himself, after a while he got back up celebrating his victory on the top rope. As Luger celebrated out walked WWF Champion Yokozuna and his manager Mr. Fuji. Unknown to Luger who carried on celebrating, Yokozuna and Mr. Fuji entered the ring behind him. Luger turned around and saw them, after a brief staredown Yokozuna stepped forward but Luger ran at him and knocked him down with a clothesline. Luger then called for the torture rack but as Yokozuna got to his feet Mr. Fuji hit Luger with the flag to the back giving Yokozuna the chance to take Luger down with the belly to belly suplex. Yokozuna then hit Luger with a huge legdrop crushing Luger's neck. As refs flooded down to ringside Yokozuna pulled the tired and beaten Luger across the ring before climbing to the second rope and hitting Luger with the Bonzai Drop. The show came to an end as we got a close up of Yokozuna sitting on Luger's chest.

Winner: Lex Luger (67%,68%,68%)* 1/4

*End Show*

After-Show thoughts

This was my first show i worked on when i joined the WWF. It wasn't a star studded extravaganza but it was a good solid show with plenty of storyline build up. For the all round show, using my ratings scheme i would give this show around 70% out of 100%. It was very solid with some good matches but lacked star power. I wasn't too sure about the main event because i don't think Luger and Crush connected because the match was clearly a clash of styles.

This show was really the first show on the Road to Wrestlemania. Starting off slowly and building up steam as we get there. The show was mostly revolving around the World Title situation with Tunney making the Announcement of the poll as well as our next 'big event' called "The Main Event". I'll let you in on a little secret now, hours before we booked this show we didn't know how to go with the World Title situation so we used that angle to cover it up. Using this it would give us some extra money as well as more time to come up with a good enough storyline. Everyone knows Polls in Wrestling are always fixed but it still didn't stop people phoning in to vote.

Next up was WWF Superstars, this was a show that we didn't really bother with because we rarely had a big name talent there and if we did he was always going to squash his opposition. Next up you'll be reading my second 'Preview' i wrote as well as the actual show, WWF Superstars - Edition 30th January 1994.

Edited by Diego
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Good show Diego, I like the cheesy way for picking who'll go to Wrestlemania but I have a feeling it'll end with both men getting 50%. Maybe a triple threat at Wrestlemania X? Or maybe Luger'll get the shot at Wrestlemania so we can have Bret/Owen at Wrestlemania X? Looking good thus far looking forward to the next show.

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Guest Red Devil

Next up was my first preview for WWF Superstars. This show was mainly used for the lower card talent to give them some TV time as well as show clips from the past week and hype up any future big shows. It was only an hour slot so we couldn't get that much into it but what we could get in needed to be chosen carefully.

WWF Superstars Preview

This week on WWF Superstars we will take you back to Monday Night and show you the actions that transpired there. We will also have exclusive footage from Bret "The Hitman" Hart's interview with Vince McMahon!

In tonight's main event we will see the WWF Tag Team Champions, The Quebecers defend their gold against the youngsters, Smoking Gunn. Tonight we will also see the "Native American" Tatanka take on Rick Martel in singles action and "Double J" Jeff Jarrett will face off against Sparky Plugg!

All this and much much more so join Vince McMahon and Johnny Polo this Sunday!

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Guest Red Devil

user posted image

Date: 30th January 1994

Announcers: Vince McMahon and Johnny Polo

Small pyro's go off as we kick off WWF Superstars. The camera pans around the arena as the crowd cheer before we cut to the ring where both "Double J" Jeff Jarrett and Sparky Plugg are in the ring ready to start their match.

1. "Double J" Jeff Jarret v Sparky Plugg

The bell rings to get this match underway as both wrestlers lock up before going through a series of moves with Double J getting the advantage. Vince McMahon and Johnny Polo welcome us to the show and hype tonight's WWF Tag Team Title match. They also talk about what happened on RAW and say we'll be taking a brief look at what happened last Monday Night. The match continues with the advantage swaying backwoods and forth until the ending. Sparky Plugg nails Double J with a dropkick but takes too long playing to the crowd. As he turns around and attempts to pick Jeff up Double J rolls him up and gets the three count before exiting the ring. Double J celebrates up the ramp as we cut to a video recap of this past weeks Monday Night RAW.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett (64%,56%,73%) *1/2

2. Monday Night RAW - Video Recap

We start off with the ending of the Royal Rumble with both Luger and Bret winning. We then see Jack Tunney make the announcement of the poll to decide who goes to Wrestlemania as well as when the results will be announced, at the first ever "The Main Event". We then see clips of the main event between Lex Luger and Crush and see Luger win the match but Yokozuna attack Luger after the match. We the n come away from the title scene and see the trap set by Shawn Michaels leading to a beatdown on Razor Ramon from Shawn and Diesel. We then see the Steiner Brothers defeat The Headshrinkers to win a shot at the WWF Tag Team Titles this coming week on Monday Night RAW as the video finishes and we cut to a commercial break.

Overall Rating: 50%

*Commercial Break*

3. Michaels warns Razor Ramon

As we return from the break we cut to the back where Shawn Michaels is holding his IC Title in his hands standing in front of his bodyguard Diesel.

Michaels: Hey Chico *mocking Razor* last week on Monday Night RAW me and the big man here gave you a beating you'll never forget so Razor let me give you a little heads up. If you don't give me the belt so i can be the undisputed WWF Intercontinental Champion, me and Diesel here will take it from you. Your decision Chico!

Michaels celebrates as Diesel stays motionless and we cut back to the arena.

Overall Rating: 78%

4. Tatanka v Rick Martel

We cut back to the arena where Rick Martel is already waiting in the ring. As the "Native American" Tatanka makes his way out to ringside to a good reaction Vince and Polo discuss Michaels warning to Ramon. This match is more or less a total squash with Tatanka hitting all his traditional spots to a good reaction and Rick only getting little offense with a few right hands and a kick to the mid-section. The match comes to an end when Rick goes for a clothesline but Tatanka ducks and lifts him up into the air before throwing him over his head in a fallaway slam. Tatanka then climbs to the second rope and as Martel gets to his feet Tatanka jumps off hitting him with a chop to the head and making the pin to get the victory. Tatanka celebrates after the match as the crowd cheer and Vince McMahon tells us it's time to take a brief look at Bret Hart's interview.

Winner: Tatanka (68%,62%,75%) *3/4

5. Next week on... Monday Night RAW!

We cut to a video where we see Bret "The Hitman" Hart sitting in a chair with his left knee bandaged up in a comfy room. He is facing Vince McMahon who is also sitting in a chair. We then see Vince McMahon ask questions such as "What are your thought's on Owen Hart's decision to turn his back on you" and "Who do you think deserves to go Wrestlemania to face the WWF Champion". We don't get to hear any of Bret's answers before we cut to a plain black screen where the words appear, "Want to know Bret's answers?" then underneath that "Tune in to RAW is WAR to find out".

We cut back to the arena where Vince McMahon tells us that Bret gave him some great answers so make sure you tune in to Monday Night RAW this Monday. They also discuss Bret making his in ring return when he takes on IRS in singles action on Monday. They then move onto the Tag Title match where Vince tells us that the Steiner brothers will take on whoever wins from tonight's main event. Johnny Polo interrupts him and tells him there's no doubt in anyone's mind that the Quebecers are going to defeat the Smoking Gunn's tonight and the Steiner Brothers Monday Night. Vince tells us that we'll have to wait and see and after the break the main event is coming up!

Overall Rating: 68%

*Commercial Break*

6. The Quebecers v Smoking Gunn

We return from the commercial to see Smoking Gunn entering the ring. They get a small pop as they pose in the ring before awaiting the tag champs. The Quebecers make their entrance next to a few jeers. Johnny Polo gets to his feet and starts clapping as the Quebecers enter the ring. They pose with the belts before handing them to the ref who holds them in the air before giving them to a staff member on the outside as the bell rings. Pierre locked up with Bart Gunn, Gunn overpowered Pierre pushing him back into his corner. Pierre ran at him but Bart knocked him down with a left hand followed by another and another. He lifted Pierre to his feet and whipped him across the ring and hit him with a clothesline as he came off the ropes. Bart then went for a pin but Pierre kicked out at the two count. Bart lifted him to his feet before whipping him into the ropes and following up with a running clothesline but Pierre moved out of the way. Bart went face first into the turnbuckle before falling to the mat. Pierre then walked over to Billy before hitting him with a hard right hand prompting Billy to enter the ring. As the ref went over to stop Billy, Jacques entered the ring and the Quebecers double teamed Bart. They put the boots to him before lifting him on his feet and hitting him with a double suplex which was followed up with a pin from Pierre as Jacques exited. The ref wasted a few seconds getting Billy out and then made the count but Bart kicked out at two. Pierre lifted Bart to his feet and hit him with a few punches before whipping him across the ring and putting his head down attempting a backdrop but as Bart came off the ropes he saw it coming and hit Pierre with a swinging neckbreaker leaving both men on the mat.

Both men slowly crept over to their corner with Pierre making the first tag but Bart followed shortly after giving the hot tag to Billy. Billy ran in and nailed Jacques with hard rights knocking him down before nailing Pierre with a couple of right hands. He then lifted Jacques in the air and hit him with an atomic drop and another atomic drop, this time to Pierre. Billy ran off the far ropes and took them both down with a double clothesline. The crowd were getting behind the Smoking Gunn's and Vince told us he "could feel a title change tonight". This angered Johnny Polo who left the announce table and walked over to ringside. Bart had joined Billy in the middle of the ring and had thrown Pierre over the top rope. As Bart and Billy brought Jacques to his feet Polo handed Pierre one of the tag title belts. Polo went to the opposite side of the ring and climbed onto the apron to distract the ref. Bart Gunn walked over and nailed Polo with a left hand knocking him off the apron but from behind Pierre had nailed Billy Gunn with the Tag Title belt before throwing it to the outside. As Bart turned around Pierre ran over to him and took him to the outside with a clothesline as Jacques put one arm over the fallen Billy Gunn. The ref saw the pin and made the three count giving them the win.

After the match The Quebecers celebrated with Johnny Polo as Billy Gunn got back to his feet. Polo looked over and ran over with his stick nailing Billy in the forehead with it knocking him down. Bart groggily entered the ring only to be taken out by the Quebecers with a double Suplex. The Quebecers and Polo celebrated with the Tag Titles over the fallen Smoking Gunn's as we came to an end.

Winners: The Quebecers (67%,57%,78%) **

*End Show*

After-Show Thoughts

This was a solid episode of WWF Superstars and had a Title match in it which wasn't very common but we always sprinkled the title shots around here just for the viewers to tune in for a shock title change that they think might happen. I would rate this 66% out of 100% because it had a lot of pluses but it seriously lacked the star power even with a very solid main event it couldn't compete with this week's Monday Night RAW. WWF Superstars was the show that opposed WCW Worldwide and we got good news that we destroyed them in the ratings this week. Just shows you how sensible booking can pull in the viewers.

Next up was the first show in my second week in the job. The more time goes by the more i settle in so gradually as we come up to Wrestlemania i would get much more comfortable and add a lot more to the table then I'm doing now.

Edited by Diego
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Good show Diego, Did you change Superstars time slot from early evening to Late night or something? Anyways a Double J win is always good though I hate seeing Tatanka going over Rick Martel. Hopefully you'll come up with something for Martel :D

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Guest Red Devil

I think this is the right time to mention this. This is an article written outside of the WWF. It was an independent "Wrestling Newsletter" which has now gone out of business but written in the "Wrestling Newsletter Weekly" was an article on what the WWF were thinking of in terms of bringing in new talent. Here is the article,

Do the WWF need more Talent?

We have just been informed from an inside source that the WWF have outlined some additions they need. These include a number of positions that need filling. One major position is the announcer on Monday Night RAW alongside Vince McMahon because it is slated that Ted DiBiase will be given a managerial role in the near future. Time will tell but the favorite in the running to replace Ted is either Jesse "The Body" Ventura, Jim Ross or even on the off chance maybe a return by Bobby "The Brian" Heenan. On the other hand the WWF could look inside their company to find a replacement.

We've also been told that the WWF think they need to strengthen up the Tag Team Division. Rumors have been circulating of a return from the fan favorites the Bushwhackers. The WWF feel that another 'face' tag team would give them a much more broader view in the tag division and give them a load of fresher feuds to play off.

The WWF have also been rumored to be in contact with numerous WCW stars. The tug of war battle between the two superpowers has been recently won by WCW who have won the contracts of Rowdy Roddy Piper, Bobby Heenan and Hulk Hogan. We heard a couple of weeks ago a WWF worker was on his to WCW but that has all changed as the WWF have gone on the offensive and look like they'll be bringing in a few workers from WCW. Many feel that Sting could be one of the men brought over but his loyalty to WCW might keep him in there.

The WWF have been contacting major stars as they start their build up to Wrestlemania X. They want it to be an event no one will forget so have been contacting major stars from around the world to appear so watch this space because anything that happens on this scene will be news here first!

This was mostly rumors that had a lot of truth in them. It looked like they really had an insider from our earlier meeting that gave them this info. It wasn't really going to give any big news away because they couldn't exactly pin point who we were after so it was all good in the end. Not perfect timing though because this was release hours before we release out RAW Preview and less then a day before Monday Night RAW aired.

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Looking good so far, hopefully Jeff Jarrett can get a push. <_<

The layout and stuff is great, so keep that up. On a different note I hope the rumours about bringing in some WCW talent are true, it could add something a bit different.

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Guest Red Devil

My second real preview and my first one for Monday Night RAW really because last week I was just hours into the job and hadn’t really settled in. Now I’m getting into the swing of things and the creative juices are flowing. This show was going to be further build up to Wrestlemania X as well as hyping our big show in February, The Main Event. At this time the Wrestlemania X card wasn’t clear to all the viewers but we were planning on pushing the Wrestlemania card after our first ever “The Main Event” and hoping to have built up enough steam to have a great show. Onto the preview now which I co-wrote with another WWF Writer.

WWF Monday Night RAW Preview

This week on Monday Night RAW we will see Bret “The Hitman” Hart return to the squared circle when he takes on Irwin R. Schyster in singles action. This will be his first appearance after the WWF Royal Rumble where he Co-Won the Royal Rumble match but was also betrayed by his brother Owen Hart. We will also have an exclusive interview with “The Hitman” that was recorded last week so whatever you do, make sure you tune in this week!

Also this week we will see the WWF Tag Team Titles on the line when the #1 contenders, the Steiner Brothers take on current champs The Quebecers who as always will have Johnny Polo in their corner. The Steiner brothers will also have another reason for wanting to win, last week on Monday Night RAW Johnny Polo told the world that the Steiner Brothers we’re “Just like the rest of the crowd, beatable”. This one will be a fierce encounter.

Also tonight we will see Luna Vachon in action against Jane Fly. WWF Womens Champion, Alundra Blayze defeated Fly last week only to get attacked by Luna so this week Luna takes on Fly to prove that she can do what Blayze does and do it better than her. Also tonight we will see Diesel take on Barry Herowitz in singles action as well as hear from both “The Rocket” Owen Hart and “HBK” Shawn Michaels so don’t miss Monday Night RAW this week!

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Guest Red Devil

user posted image

Date: 31st January 1994

Announcers: Vince McMahon and “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase

We start off the show with a brief video package. We see clips of last week mainly focusing on the WWF World Title situation. We see Jack Tunney make his announcement last week on RAW as well as seeing clips of last weeks main event between Lex Luger and Crush. We see Luger defeat Crush and then Yokozuna attack “The Narcissist”. We also see the ending to last week’s Tag match between The Steiner Brothers and The Headshrinkers.

We then cut to the arena where small pyro’s go off before we go to the announce table where Vince McMahon and Ted DiBiase welcome us to the show. They hype up tonight’s interview with Bret “The Hitman” Hart as well as his in-ring return against IRS. They also then hype up the WWF Tag Team Title match between the #1 contenders, The Steiner Brothers and the current Tag Team Champions, The Quebecers.

1. Luna Vachon v Jane Fly

We then cut to the ring where Jane Fly is standing waiting for her opponent. We see Luna Vachon make her entrance this time without her client Bam Bam Bigelow. Vince reminds us of last week’s attack on WWF Womens Champion Alundra Blayze by Luna Vachon and Bam Bam Bigelow. They also tell us that this match was signed only because Luna wanted to prove that she was better then Alundra Blayze. This match wasn’t a wrestling match, more of a brawl. Luna started off the match by jumping on Fly and taking her to the mat and pulling on her hair. She then started to bang her head onto the mat on numerous occasions until Fly finally managed to kick Luna off of her. Luna then lifted Fly to her feet and went for an Irish whip and followed up with a botched clothesline but Fly still sold the move falling to the mat. Luna called for the end and lifted Fly to her feet before downing her with a DDT and making the pin for the three count to end this very quick match.

Winner: Luna Vachon (38%,24%,52%) -*

2. Alundra answers

After the match Luna picks up Fly and once more hits her with the DDT. She then calls for a third but before she can lift Fly up out comes the WWF Womens Champion to make the save. As Alundra enters the ring Luna exits on the opposite side. Blayze and Luna exchange words as Luna makes her exit up the ramp. Alundra then walks over to Jane and helps her to her feet before raising her arm in the air. As this is happening out walks Harvey Whippleman. He enters the ring as Jane exits and faces Blayze who just stares at him like she did last week. Whippleman has a mic in his hand.

Harvey: Look Alundra, I’m a very busy man so I want you to make a decision. Do you want the services of the greatest manager of all time?

Harvey looks at Alundra who smiles back at him. Harvey gets happy and smiles as Blayze walks over to him and they hug. Harvey looks ecstatic but that is soon changed because as they’re hugging Blayze knee’s Whippleman right in the ‘testicular fortitudes’. Harvey falls to his knees as Alundra pushes him aside with her feet and exits the ring with her Womens Title as Whippleman rolls around the ring in agony and we cut to a commercial break.

Overall Rating: 75%

Alundra Blayze gained overness from this segment.

*Commercial Break*

3. The Bret Hart Interview

We return to Monday Night RAW and go straight to the announce table. Vince McMahon tells us it’s time to go to the eagerly anticipated Bret Hart interview. He tells us this was recorded after last week’s Monday Night RAW.

We cut to the video where we see Bret Hart sitting on a comfortable chair in a homely looking room. He has a bandage around his left leg and is wearing "street clothes". We then see Vince McMahon sitting across him wearing his usual suit.

Vince: Bret, first off thank you for letting us into your home to conduct this interview. *Bret Smiles* Now onto the questions, first off what is the news from the doctor regarding your injury?

Bret: I’ve been told to rest this knee for about a month but you know what, I’m a professional wrestler and I didn’t get to where I am now resting. I can’t rest because I eat, breath and live wrestling so that’s why this upcoming week on Monday Night RAW I’ll be returning inside the ring to do what I love, wrestle.

Vince: Are you sure that’s a good idea?

Bret: It may not be the best decision I ever make but I’m a fighter and no matter what happens I’ll always be up for a fight.

Vince: Ok, onto your brother Owen, what are your thoughts on what he did to you at the Royal Rumble and what he said on Monday Night RAW?

Bret: Sorry McMahon but I’ve got to talk to Owen first before saying anything.

Vince: That’s ok, now onto Wrestlemania X. You heard what Jack Tunney said so what are your thoughts on going to Wrestlemania?

Bret: I’ve only got one thing to say about Wrestlemania X, who will Bret Hart face for the WWF World Title? Don’t get me wrong, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Lex Luger but I know I won the Royal Rumble and I know the fans will make the right decision and at Wrestlemania X I will walk in the challenger but walk out the WWF World Champion because I am the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.

Vince thanks Bret for the interview as the interview finishes.

Overall Rating: 85%

4. Owen replies

We zoom out of a TV screen which is showing the end of the interview. We see Owen Hart watching the TV as Todd Pettingil walks over to him.

Todd: Owen, what are your thoughts on what Bret just said?

Owen Hart turns around to face Todd.

Owen: My thoughts? Bret just proved to the world that he’s the coward that I thought he is. A week has gone after that interview and I still haven’t heard from Bret, Bret’s just a coward and he’s trying to wiggle his way out of wrestling me, you wanna know why? *before Todd can answer Owen continues* it’s because he’s scared of me. That’s right, he’s afraid to take on The Rocket because he knows that I am better then him and he doesn’t want to be shown up in front of his stupid fans.

Todd: So what are you going to do?

Owen: I’ll tell you what I’m going to do, I’ve gotta go somewhere tonight so Bret’s lucky for another week but next week on Monday Night RAW I’m going to go to the ring and call Bret Out.

Owen grabs his bags from the floor and walks out as Todd tells us it’s time to head back to ringside.

Overall Rating: 82%

5. Bret “The Hitman” Hart v Irwin R. Schyster

We return to ringside and we see IRS making his entrance. He is greeted with jeers as he enters the ring with his briefcase. He is wearing his black trousers with a white shirt and red suspenders. Next out is Bret “The Hitman” Hart. He walks out to a huge reaction. He is wearing his usual black and pink singlet as well as his black leather jacket and sunglasses. He walks over to a little girl in the front row and takes off his sunglasses and puts them on her before entering the ring. He takes off his jacket and hands it to the outside as the bell rings. IRS quickly runs at Bret who knocks him down with a hard right hand. IRS quickly jumps back to his feet but is floored by another right hand and another and this time Bret knocks him down with a hard clothesline. The crowd cheer as IRS is down on the ground.

Bret lifts him up and hits him with a scoop slam before running off the far ropes and going for a knee to the head but IRS moves out of the way sending Bret injured knee first into the mat. Bret rolls around in pain holding his left knee as IRS climbs to his feet. IRS puts the boots to Bret’s left knee worsening the injury. IRS then drags Bret over to the ropes and puts his left leg on the bottom rope. He jumps in the air before sitting on Bret’s knee before going for the pin but Bret kicks out. IRS continues working the left knee of Bret hitting elbows into it as well as kicks and punches onto it. After a few kick out’s IRS calls for the end. He lifts Bret to his feet and goes for the Write Off but Bret reverses it and hits IRS with a DDT knocking both men down. Bret climbs to his feet with the help of the ropes and gets onto the second rope before flying off and connecting with the flying front elbow drop. Bret then goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count.

Both men climb to their feet with IRS getting there first as Bret holds his inured knee. IRS whips Bret into the far corner and then goes for a running clothesline but Bret moves out of the way and as IRS comes face first off the mat Bret takes him down with the Russian Leg Sweep and makes the quick pin to get the three count. After the match Bret celebrates as Ted DiBiase points out that with the injured knee his main move, the sharpshooter is taken out which gives his opponent a better chance. Bret celebrates still favouring his left knee as he limps to the back and we cut to another commercial break.

Winner: Bret "The Hitman" Hart (75%,76%,76%) ** ¼

*Commercial Break*

6. Steiner Brothers get some help

We return from the commercial break and go straight to the back. We see The Smoking Gunns working out in their locker room when the Steiner Brothers walk in. The Smoking Gunns drop their weights and stand up to face the Steiner Brothers.

Scott: Calm down guys, we’re not looking for a fight.

Billy: What do you want?

Scott: As you know tonight we’ve got our tag title shot at the gold just like you guys had this past Sunday. We were watching that match closely and we don’t want what happened to you to happen to us tonight. You see we both know that we are better then the Quebecers but they always manage to get away with the gold, and do you know why? Because of Johnny Polo. He’s their extra man and we saw what he did to you last Sunday and we know how badly you want revenge so I got a proposition for you, tonight if you come down to even the odds and keep Polo out of our match tonight I can guarantee you that you will be the first team we will defend our newly won Tag Titles against.

Billy scratches his chin as he thinks this through, he then turns around and confers with Bart as Scott extends his hand. After a minute or two of conferring Billy turns around and shakes hands with the Scott Steiner.

Scott smiles as we cut to the back where Todd Pettingil is standing by with Shawn Michaels and Diesel.

Overall Rating: 57%

Billy Gunn gained overness from this segment. Bart Gunn gained overness from this segment.

7. HBK warns Razor Ramon

We see Shawn Michaels holding his “Real” Intercontinental Championship over his shoulder with Diesel standing behind him. Todd Pettingil is standing next to them.

Todd: Shawn, last week on Monday Night RAW you and Diesel lay a beating on Razor Ramon, can you exp-

Shawn: Let me stop ya there kiddo. The Heartbreak kid doesn’t need some little man conducting his interviews for him.

HBK motions for Todd to go and after a while Todd walks off.

Shawn: Razor Ramon, Chico, last week me and the big man here gave you a little preview of what you will get if you try and come in my way of becoming the real Intercontinental Champion. We both know I’m the real champ so tonight I’m going to give you an opportunity to hand over your belt to me because after Diesel is done with that punk, I’m gonna call you down to ringside and give you your opportunity to apologise and give me your title. If your little tiny brain can’t understand what I’m saying I’ll break it down for ya, you either hand me the gold tonight and end this the easy way or me and Diesel here will take the belt from you and give you the beating of a lifetime, the hard way so it’s up to you Chico, you choose, the hard way or the easy way?

Shawn smiles before walking off followed by the monster Diesel.

Overall Rating: 82%

8. Diesel w/ Shawn Michaels v Barry Herowitz

We see Barry Herowitz already standing inside the ring as we are shown some footage from last weeks attack on Razor Ramon by both Shawn Michaels and Diesel. As the footage comes to an end out comes Shawn Michaels characteristically dancing his way down to ringside. Diesel follows Shawn down to ringside with a methodical slow walk with his eyes fixed on his challenger inside the ring. Michaels dances all the way around the ring before stopping in Diesel’s corner as the big man enters the ring. The bell rings and Herowitz runs at Diesel only to get knocked down with a big boot. Diesel lifts Herowitz to his feet and grabs him by his throat before tossing him into the corner. He puts his foot over Herowitz neck and chokes him but releases the hold on the 4 count of the referee. Herowitz falls to the ground as Diesel takes a few steps back before running at him and hitting him with a knee to the head as he lay on the bottom turnbuckle. Diesel then called for the finish as he lifted Herowitz to his feet before lifting him into the air and hitting him with the Jacknife Powerbomb and making the three count for the very quick victory.

After the match “HBK” Shawn Michaels enters the ring and celebrates with Diesel. He then tells Diesel to lift Herowitz up and hits him with the Sweet Chin Music flooring him. However before Michaels could call out Ramon like he promised out came the WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon running down to ringside. HBK saw him coming and exited the ring but Diesel wasn’t as lucky. Diesel turned around straight into a couple of right hands from Razor sending him into the ropes. Razor then ran off the far ropes before running at Diesel and clotheslining him over the top rope and to the outside. Razor pointed at Shawn Michaels and told him he wanted him as Michaels and Diesel scurried up the entrance way and made a quick exit as the crowd cheered on Razor Ramon and we cut to another commercial break.

Winner: Diesel (53%,50%,56%) DUD

*Commercial Break*

9. Polo and The Quebecers Respond

We return from the break where Todd Pettingil is standing by with Johnny Polo and The Quebecers.

Todd: Last week on WWF Superstars The Quebecers beat The Smoking Gunns and successfully defended their WWF Tag Team Titles but why did you attack them after the match was over and done?

Todd holds the mic up to Pierre but Polo pulls the mic towards him.

Polo: I’ll tell you why, The Quebecers are the greatest Tag Team in wrestling history and last Sunday those two punks tried to prove us wrong, this was a message to every team in here who are thinking of proving us wrong, that’s what happens to you.

Todd tries to ask another question but Polo interrupts him.

Polo: And that was a specific message to the Steiner Brothers who tonight we’re going to beat, they think they’re something good beating the Headshrinkers? We’re better then all the tag teams in this company and the Steiner Brothers are the worst tag team out of them all….ever lower then them two punks the Smoking Gunns.

Polo laughs as Pettingil asks him another question.

Todd: What are you thoughts on the Steiner Brothers getting help from the Smoking Gunns to help them win the Tag Titles tonight?

Polo stops laughing as The Quebecers stare a hole in him.

Polo: Wh… Wha…. What?

Todd: The Steiner brothers earlier tonight asked the Smoking Gunns to help them win and get revenge on you tonight and Smoking Gunn agreed.

Polo looked in shock as The Quebecers kept staring at him. Polo looked at them before answering.

Polo: I’ll figure something out.

Polo scratched his head as we went to a video package.

Overall Rating: 71%

Johnny Polo gained overness from this segment.

10. The Main Event: Road To Wrestlemania

We see a sign show up with “The Main Event” written on it. Then underneath it, the text “Road To Wrestlemania” comes crashing in. We are then shown the date of the show which is listed as 20th February 1994. A new screen then appears telling us that we will find out the result of the poll to decide which man goes on to Wrestlemania to face the WWF Champion. Finally we see the information on where to get tickets to the event before cutting to our final commercial of the evening.

Overall Rating: 64%

*Commercial Break*

11. The Steiner Brothers v The Quebecers w/ Johnny Polo – WWF Tag Team Title Match

We return from the commercial break where we go straight to the announce table. Vince McMahon hypes up our first ever “The Main Event” and confirms it will be titled “Road To Wrestlemania”. He then tells us that we will be seeing a very rare appearance from the WWF Champion Yokozuna on WWF Superstars this Sunday so don’t miss it. Ted DiBiase then tells us that he has a huge announcement that he will tell the world next week on Monday Night RAW. Vince tries to get him to reveal it tonight but he is cut off by The Steiner Brothers making their entrance. We cut to the ring as The Steiner Brothers get cheered as they enter the ring. The arena is then filled with jeers as the WWF Tag Team Champions, The Quebecers make their entrance with Johnny Polo by their side. Polo is holding both title belts and is leading the Quebecers to ringside. All three men enter the ring and are smiling as Vince asks where the Smoking Gunn are.

The bell rings to get this title match underway. Rick Steiner starts the match off with Pierre. They lock up with Pierre gaining the advantage as he outpowers Rick and sends him tumbling to the ground. Rick quickly rises to his feet and goes for a clothesline but Pierre ducks and clotheslines Rick down as he comes off the far ropes. Pierre then taunts the crowd before putting the boots to Rick. Pierre then lifts him up and takes him into his corner and nails him with a couple of right hands before making the tag. Jacques enters the ring and whips Rick across the ring and nails him with a clothesline flooring him. Jacques then hits an elbow drop before going for the pin but only gets a two count. Jacques lifts Rick back to his feet and drags him into their corner and hits him with a couple of knifechops followed by a knee to the chest and then lifts him onto the top turnbuckle. Jacques climbs to the top with him and goes for a superplex but Rick blocks it. As both men are perched on the top rope Johnny Polo gets onto the apron distracting the ref allowing Pierre to climb onto the second rope and nail Rick with a right hand to the back of the head which allows Jacques to hit Rick with the Superplex off the top rope!

The crowd jeer as Polo jumps off the apron as Scott tries to enter the ring but the ref stops him. Jacques very slowly rolls over to make the pin, after a long delay the ref can finally make the count but can only get a 2 count as Rick surprisingly kicks out. Jacques again lifts him to his feet and nails him with a right hand before whipping him into the ropes but Rick comes off the ropes with a flying shoulderblock knocking both men to the ground. Both men slowly crawl to their tag partner ready to make tags. Jacques is first to make the tag and tags in Pierre but soon after, Rick manages to tag in Scott to a loud pop and Scott enters the ring like a House o’ fire. He hits a running clothesline on Pierre, and another one, and a third with Pierre staying down this time. He then knocks Jacques off the tope rope and lifts Pierre to his feet. He lifts him into the air and holds him there for a few seconds before sending him back down with a hard suplex. He makes the pin but at the two count Jacques re-enters the ring and makes the save. This prompts Rick to enter the ring and hit a shoulder tackle on Jacques but unfortunately they both land on top of the referee who was getting to his feet after counting the pin. Rick doesn’t notice the injured referee and continues to pummel Jacques. Scott then calls for the end but Johnny Polo enters the ring behind them with one of the Tag Title belts.

He runs at Scott and tries to hit him with it but Scott ducks and accidentally Polo nails Pierre with it. Steiner then goes for Polo but Polo manages to escape fleeing the ring. Scott hits elbow drop on Pierre and makes the count but there is no referee. Polo re-enters the ring with his stick and is about to nail Scott with it but suddenly out comes running the Smoking Gunn. They grab the stick out of Polo’s hands and hit him with a double Russian Leg Sweep. They then lift him to his feet and throw him over the top rope and follow him to the outside. They nail him with rights and lefts as they take him to the back. Rick lifts Jacques to his feet and clotheslines him over the top rope and to the outside. Scott then walks over to the referee and wakes him up. Scott lifts Pierre to his feet as Rick climbs to the top rope. Scott lifts Pierre onto his shoulders in the “LOD position” and then positions himself near the turnbuckle where Rick is. Rick then comes flying off the top rope and takes Pierre down with a flying bulldog off Scott’s shoulders and Scott makes the pin, 1….2…..3!

Jacques gets to his knees on the outside and holds his head in his hands as the Steiner Brother celebrate inside the ring. The referee hands them the tag belts as they hug to celebrate. The referee raises their arms into the air as we see Smoking Gunn in the entrance way clapping. Pierre exits the ring and The Quebecers scurry away as The Steiner Brothers are announced the “New WWF Tag Team Champions”. The Steiner Brothers then climb to the top rope to show off their newly won titles as McMahon tells us this match was a classic. He also tells us that this is about it for Monday Night RAW and “be sure to tune in for WWF Superstars” as the show comes to an end.

Winners and New WWF Tag Team Champions: The Steiner Brothers (78%,72%,84%) ***

*End Show*

After-Show Thoughts

This show was a special one for me, I helped the Steiner Brothers and The Quebecers set up most of the spots for their match which turned out to be great. In fact it was one of the best TV matches of the year. This was also the first show with me as a writer where there was a title change and I could sense the crowd getting into the match and wishing for a title change and that final cheer the Steiner’s got once they made that 3 count will forever be etched in my memory. Other then the title match this gave Bret his return as well as a rest for Les Luger and continued to build up storylines and future events. All round I think this show gets a 69% rating because of a great Main Event and a very good interview from Bret Hart but the rest of the show was much more build up which will help us out in the future. Next up is an end of month report that I always get, yes you guessed it. I always get at the end of each month.

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