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I know that there is one going around here, but over on another 2 forums I have been doing a similar thing and was just wondering if you guys could put your list of 20 bands in order of favorite so I can add up the points (1st pick gets 20 points, 2nd gets 19 etc).

Don't moan at me for doing this, if it isn't allowed then close it. I don't mean any critism for Jook for doing this either, as I respect the hard work that goes into this. If you want the results then I will do them in a straight 100, a few weeks after the current one has finished. To anyone who does this, then I thank you

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The Killers

The Smiths


The Libertines


Massive Attack


The Strokes

Yeah Yeah Yeah's

The Cure

Hope of the States

Secret Machines



Bloc Party

The Mars Volta


Not my definitive list, but the top 5 are. The other 15 are what I feel like today, but they change every few days :P

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Guest MuRd0K

Alice In Chains

Puddle Of Mudd



Velvet Revolver

The Vines


The Strokes



The Doors

Guns N' Roses

The Sounds



Stone temple Pilots



Mad Season

Jimmy Hendrix Experience

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2- Blind Guardian

3- Nightwish

4- Children of Bodom

5- The Devin Townsend Band

6- Darkthrone

7- In Flames

8- Iced Earth

9- Radiohead

10- Iron Maiden

11- Rhapsody

12- My Dying Bride

13- Old Man’s Child

14- Opeth

15- Sonata Arctica

16- Morbid Angel

17- Sepultura

18- Burzum

19- Marduk

20- Queen

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Hey, I'm always up for giving my list of top bands.

I'd say my top five are definitely my top five, but in no order, they all deserve the top spot. The rest are basically in order.

1. The Doors.

2. Nomeansno

3. Black Sabbath

4. Dead Kennedys

5. Minutemen

6. Link Wray

7. Jimi Hendrix

8. Alice Cooper

9. Bad Brains

10. Johnny Thunders

11. Elvis Presley

12. The Dead Boys

13. MC5

14. The Offs

15. Slayer

16. The Cramps

17. X

18. Richard Hell and the Voidoids

19. Reagan Youth

20. G.G. Allin

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Guest 12characters

1. Nirvana

2. Pearl Jam

3. Soundgarden

4. Nine Inch Nails

5. Pantera

6. Rage Against the Machine

7. Queens of the Stone Age

8. Slayer

9. Tool

10. Soulfly

11. Marilyn Manson

12. Sepultura

13. Korn

14. Smashing Pumpkins

15. The Jimi Hendrix Experience

16. Pink Floyd

17. Led Zepellin

18. Red Hot Chilli Peppers

19. Damage Plan

20. Foo Fighters

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1. Guns N' Roses

2. Red Hot Chilli Peppers

3. AC-DC

4. Aerosmith

5. Black Sabbath

6. Nirvana

7. The Doors

8. Queen

9. Led Zepllin

10. Foo Fighters

11. Incubus

12. The Offspring

13. Everclear

14. Nickleback

15. The Jimi Hendrix Experience

16. Pink Floyd

17. Yes

18. Motorhead

19. The Cars

20. Collectible Soul

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Guest Angry Baboon

1: Bjork

2: Pixies

3: Talking Heads

4: Beck

5: Flaming Lips

6: Neutral Milk Hotel

7: Roxy Music

8: Sonic Youth

9: Velvet Underground

10: Radiohead

11: Blur

12: The Jesus and Mary Chain

13: Acid Mother's Temple

14: Aphex Twin

15: The Kinks

16: Mr Bungle

17: Pere Ubu

18: The Who

19: Sigur Ros

20: Tom Waits

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I'm not going to include classical music in this.

1. Aphex Twin

2. Bjork

3. Polysics

4. Ladytron

5. Add N To (X)

6. Muse

7. Autechre

8. Kraftwerk

9. Underworld

10. Chemical Brothers

11. Radiohead

12. David Bowie

13. Gary Numan

14. Air

15. Royksopp

16. Kid606

17. Massive Attack

18. Goldfrapp

19. Beck

20. Blur

Hairy rockers can kiss my slightly hairy white asssssssssssssssss

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EDIT: Okay I realise I have to order them.

EDIT 2 Bugger - bands only - so in that case honourable mentions to DJ Shadow, Squarepusher and Bjork who all would have been in the top 20. PJ Harvey was also pushing in there. So U.N.K.L.E replaces DJ Shadow, The Prodigy replace Squarepusher and Mad Capsule Markets replace Bjork.

1. Nine Inch Nails

2. Joy Division

3. Aphex Twin

4. Tool

5. Fugazi

6. Air

7. Smashing Pumpkins

8. A Tribe Called Quest

9. De La Soul

10. The Specials

11. U.N.K.L.E

12. The Prodigy

13. Mad Capsule Markets

14. Pantera

15. Sonic Youth

16. R.E.M

17. Kyuss

18. New Order

19. The Happy Mondays

20. Sunna (Only one album I know, but boy it rocked)

Edited by fineintent
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1. The Clash

2. Gang of Four

3. Million Dead

4. The Jam

5. Bad Brains

6. Fugazi

7. Pixies

8. Minor Threat

9. Richard Hell & The Voidoids

10. The Smiths

11. The New York Dolls

12. Vibrators

13. Dead Boys

14. Nirvana

15. Black Flag

16. The Velvet Underground

17. Mission of Burma

18. Dead Kennedys

19. The Pretty Things

20. MC5

(Honourale Mentions: The Sex Pistols, The Circle Jerks, Capdown, The Stiff Little Fingers, The Damned, Agent Orange, At the Drive in, REM, TSOL)

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1.Led Zeppelin

2.Black sabbath

3.Pink Floyd

4.Rage Against The Machine

5.Alice In Chains

6. The Clash

7. Creedence Clearwater Revival



10.The Doors





15.Motley Crue

16.Rolling Stones

17.Alice Cooper


19.Guns and Roses

20.Lynyrd Skynyrd

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