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WCW 1998

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Guest UmpireAJS

NO! I won’t do it brother.

Hulk Hogan was adamant of his decision of not to job to Sting cleanly, no matter how desperately Eric Bischoff wanted him to, and after hours of explaining Eric Bischoff gave up.

“Alright, Hogan-you have it, Sting wins the WCW World Heavyweight Title after help from the entire WCW locker-room, and you get back the title at April.”

“Thanks Brother, I knew you would understand.”

Hogan left quite peacefully but inside Eric’s mind ripples were forming.

He knew that Hogan was getting stale,and so was the nWo- he knew that the fans did NOT want to see a minute more of Hulkamania,but he was iron-tied.Hogan had full creative control over his characters and basically,over entire WCW.It was under HIS discretion,WCW had the worst Starrcade Main Event of all-time: Hulk Hogan vs Brutus “Whatever” Beefcake, it was under his discretion that Vader was buried. Austin, Foley, Flair and a countless more had fallen to Hogan-where they could have shined if Hogan didn’t poked in their affairs.

However,it was Hogan who helped the revival of WCW,by starting the most successful of all-time the nWo-NO OTHER MEN could have created the shockwaves Hogan did by turning bad.But now,he had gone too far-if Eric acted According to Hogan’s discretion-then WCW would bury their last remaining legitimate Main Eventer other than The Outsiders, as Savage and Piper were shadow of their former selfs-thanks in a large part to Hogan.

Eric foresaw a desperate attempt by the WWF to get back into the war,to win back the ratings.He sensed an upcoming angle that would change the face of wrestling forever and would instantly kill WCW.On the other hand,what he planned in 1998,courtesy of Hogan was the same old garbage of 1991-95,all-over again.

No Matter,how hard it would be without Hogan-Eric had to screw Hogan for the sake of the survival of WCW,he knew two guys who wanted to do just that,who were sick and tired of living in the Shadow of Hogan.But,Eric knew that if he balanced too-much weight on those guys,they might as well become the next Hulk Hogans-but yet Eric HAD to contact them,he had to contact........THE OUTSIDERS.

Since Ric Flair was involved in legal disputes with WCW,Sting was the only credible Main Eventer left in the scene and this left Eric worried.How can he even continue in 1998,without Hogan and with little big names as such? Sure there were Benoits, Guerrores, Bookers, DDP’s, Raven’s and Jericho’s waiting in the midcards but Eric wasn’t sure of pushing them to the moon a little too soon. So, Eric was starting to worry-may be he shouldn’t get rid of Hulk Hogan afterall.

But,right at that moment,a god-sent boon was granted to Eric,perhaps-THE BEST wrestler in the business at the moment became a free agent thanks to some grudges held against him by some of his fellow competitors and his boss. He was screwed by this men and as a result became THE HOTTEST free agent of all-time. This was Eric’s man of 1998-A Man he could rely on-A man who was more than a replacement for Hulk Hogan, he was none other than Bret Hart.

Bret Hart joined WCW almost immediately and with this Eric saw no need of Hulk Hogan, now that Hogan was refusing to co-operate with Eric on ANYTHING. Eric’s master plan involved this man-a man who knew too well what a screwjob was. So it was all set for Starrcade. Bret Hart would gain his revenge,Bret Hart would be the one to screw Hulk Hogan-Correction,Bret would be just a representative-it would be WCW’s turn to screw Hulk Hogan-to get back at Hogan for what he DID to them.1998 was going to be an year as Eric Bischoff planned it,not how Hogan wanted to be it.

Part two of the backstory and Starrcade ’97 at the next post.

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Guest UmpireAJS

Part Two




With a weak nod of approval, Eric Bischoff sighed as Hall and Nash left his office. He was right,the trouble wouldn’t end in WCW-even if Hogan was screwed, but he thought that atleast they could be more manageable than Hogan.

Eric then went on to call referee Charles Robinson, Sting, Bret Hart, Michael Buffer and Larry Zybysko to his office to explain their roles in the screwjob. Soon, almost the entire locker-room new that Hogan was going to be screwed and they were relieved and planned for some post Starrcade celebrations,well everyone except Hogan and hs friends,they knew nothing ofcourse.

Eric knew very well that if Hogan was going to be screwd, he would try to screw Eric Bischoff by walking out with all his friends. That’d be good- Eric thought,I don’t need those piece of shits anyway. The only person he was really feeling for was The Giant, so he was called up next.

“Paul,I’ve been thinking,I’ve been meaning to release Hogan-ofcourse it’s not final,but you know.”

“Eric,honestly I don’t see why are you thinking of firing Hogan,he is a great guy, great entertainer,are you-“

‘Yeah,yeah I know but I mean if we had to then would you stay-“

“Ofcourse not, Hogan’s my-“

The Giant rambled on, but Eric needed to hear none of that-he left out a sigh,oh well-One talented guy jumping ship wouldn’t hurt anyone.Atleast,he wasn’t going to join WWF-if he is going to follow Hogan.

STARRCADE ’97- MCI Centre, Washington D.C.

This it, Eric thought: no turning back.

Cruiserweight Title Match

Dean Malenko


Eddie Guerrero ©

Guerrero On A Frogsplash

Clash of the Giants

Kevin Nash


The Giant

Nash Was Unable To Wrestle

Vincent, Randy Savage, and Scott Norton


The Steiner Brothers and Ray Traylor

Savage On The Elbow Drop From The Top Rope



Steve “Mongo” McMichaels

Goldberg On A Jackhammer



Chris Benoit

Saturn With Some Outside Help From Raven

Buff Bagwell


Lex Luger

Bagwell With Outside Help From The nWo

Larry Zybesko


Eric Bischoff

Zybesko On A Sleeper Hold

U.S. Title Match

Diamond Dallas Page


Curt Henning ©

Page On A Diamond Cutter

World Title Match



“Hollywood” Hogan ©

:After Minutes of intense action, Hogan has Sting whipped to the turnbukcle- the fans boo as Hogan chokes Sting with his feet to the rope. Referee Charles Robinson, first asks Hogan to stop choking Sting Sting but just when Hogan is about to do so, Robinson calls for the bell.

Michael Buffer: You’re winner by submission and STILL World Champion: Hollywood Hogan

Needless to see,the announcers and the fans were utterly confused-but Hogan looked shocked,he muttered to Robinson,”What’s the meaning of this,it ain’t to be ended in this way.” Robinson,gave no answer –and Hogan was frustrated. Hogan then grabbed a mike, the fans were booing Hogan but were also confused


While Hogan was expecting Bischoff, out came Larry Zybysko

LZ: Hold on your horses Hogan, Bischoff has nothing to with this-Bischoff has no idea of what’s going on. See Hogan, Bischoff can’t do a thing about this- you know why, because the nWo and all your little friends Giant, Brutus Beefcake and Jim Duggan were kicked out from the building right before this match-and it wasn’t Bischoff’s idea Hogan. IT WAS MINE!

[Fan’s give mixed reactions to Zybysko]

HH: What are you talking about, you don’t book Main Events around here, Bischoff does- where is Bischoff,he’s gotta be here somewhere.

LZ: Get this through your old useless fat*** head Hogan, BISCHOFF HAD NOTHING TO WITH THIS, IT WAS MY IDEA FOR THIS FINISH HOGAN.

HH: I ain’t taking the World title. This isn’t a fair victory.

LZ: So What, you’ve won right-you are still the champion. So go out and rejoice, celebrate with your little friends- hold the title as long as you want, because HOGAN AS SOON AS YOU WALK OUT OF THIS RING AND AS SOON AS YOU STEP OUT OF THIS ARENA, YOU ARE HISTORY HOGAN- Ted Turner has stated that once you leave the building tonight, YOU’RE CONTRACT WILL BE TERMINATED and YOU CAN TAKE THE BELT WITH YOU HOME HOGAN BECAUSE IT’S AIN’T THE HEAVYWEIGHT HOGAN, IT’S YOUR MEMORIAL BELT. THE HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE IS VACANT HOGAN- And Tomorrow night, It will be Scott Hall vs Sting at the Main Event to decide the NEW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD.

HH:WHAT THE HELL IS THIS BULLSHIT. You can’t SURVIVE without me, I am bigger than WCW dammit.

LZ: WCW needed you Hogan to rise to the top, but Hogan YOU ARE NOT NEEDED HERE ANYMORE- BECAUSE YOU ARE BECOMING A CANCER FOR WCW-And unless you are eliminated Hogan, WCW will go downhill as fast as anyone can imagine Hogan. But we are fair Hogan, so I’m giving you a choice. You Can Give a farewell speech Hogan, you can retire from WCW-and let the fans give you a standing oviation as you award the Heavyweight title to Sting or you can walk out of this arena Hogan with the MEMORIAL BELT and WCW will remember you as A DISGRACE TO THEIR TRADITION HOGAN. So watchya gonna do Hogan?

[The crowd chants for WCW]


[The fans boo Hogan]


[The Bell rings, Hogan quite confused turns and GETS WHACKED by a baseball bat shot by Sting with HUGE CHEERS from the fans. Sting covers Hogan but Hogan kicks out. OUT COMES BRET HART! Bret Hart gets into the ring with a steel chair and SMACKS HOGAN down hard. Sting covers Hogan while Bret makes a lightning fast 3-count, STING IS THE WORLD CHAMPION, Hogan is knocked out cold]

[Contented Zybsyko picks up the mike again.]


[The fans cheer for Zybysko, as Hogan wakes up and realises what has happened. The entire WCW locker-room comes out and celebrates with Sting. Zybysko drops the mike and leaves, while Starrcade 97 goes off the air]

WINNER: Sting by pinfall.

End of backstory

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Guest UmpireAJS

Wrestling Headlines

December 29th to January 2nd 1997-1998

· Hogan was indeed screwed by WCW out of the heavyweight title in a similar fashion to Bret Hart who was screwed by WWF a month ago. Hogan has henceforth walked out of his WCW contract along with his friends The Giant, Nasty Boys, Brian Adams, Jim Duggan, John Tenta and The Disciple as well as Staff Members Gene Okerlund and Jimmy Hart. Hogan has also filed a lawsuit against WCW.

· Hogan and Fox Entertainment have teamed up to form the XWF: A New Wrestling promotion featuring monthly PPV’s and 2 prime-time shows courtesy of FOX Network

· NWA are back in business! National Wrestling Alliance has said in their website http://www.nwa.com that they are indeed back in the business. Jerry Jarrett will be given charge of the new NWA which will feature several NWA territorial wrestlers as well as former WWF/WCW/ECW talents

· Due to pressure from Japan, all WCW wrestlers working in Japan has been released.

· WCW has recently offered a mass release scheme after the “Washington Screwjob”. Most of the WCW Jobbers have left the company

· WCW has also signed tons of talents for the powerplant.

· Bret Hart will be in full-time in ring action pretty soon.

· WWF has released most of their developmental workers

· ECW/WWF has cancelled their talent exchange deal. All ECW talents are now under exclusive ECW contracts

· NWA is going to run with a weekly PPV fashion. Most of the New Japan workers has signed with NWA after NWA struck a deal with New Japan

· WCW Thunder was moved to a Wednesday Early Evening slot by TBS

· Steve McMichael has decided to retire from pro-wrestling after suffering multiple injuries at the hands of Goldberg at Starrcade 97

· Lex Luger and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart has both checked into rehab.

· Ric Flair and WCW are still in legal disputes

· The release of the WCW videogame WCW Nitro has been halted indefinitely.

· Nitro was pre-empted on December 29th and so was Thunder on December 31st and were replaced with Best of WCW shows

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Guest UmpireAJS


As Effective from January 2nd, 1998- Heels in italics

Main Eventers


Bret Hart

Rowdy Roddy Piper

Ric Flair [Currently in legal disputes with WCW]

Kevin Nash

Scott Hall

Randy Savage

Upper Midcarders

Booker T

Davey Boy Smith [Yet to make his debut]

Diamond Dallas Page

Lex Luger [in rehab until February]

Rick Steiner

Scott Steiner

Curt Henning



Alex Wright


Chris Benoit

Dean Malenko

Disco Inferno

Ernest Miller

Jim Neidhart [Yet to make debut,In Rehab]

Marty Jannetty

Rey Mysterio Jr.

Scotty Riggs

Barry Darsow

Buff Bagwell

Chris Jericho

Eddie Guerrero

Fit Finley




Rick Martel

Ultimo Dragon


Lower Midcarders

Bobby Eaton

Chavo Guerrero Jr.

David Flair


Juventud Guerrera

Lenny Lane

Norman Smiley

Stevie Ray

Eric Watts

Hugh Morrus



Louie Spicolli


Sick Boy


Prince Iaueka

La Parka

Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker

Tom Zenk


Arn Anderson


Ted DiBiase

James Vanderburg

Eric Bischoff

Lanny Poffo


Larry Zbyskpo

Dusty Rhodes

The Powerplant

No Discrimination of alignment

AJ Styles


CW Anderson

Dale Tolberg


Devon Storm


Hector Garza

Jamie Knoble

Jim Powers

Johnny Swinger

Kaz Hayashi



Lash LeRoux

Lizmark Jnr.

Mike Enos

Shane Helms

Shannon Moore

Skull Von Krush

Super Calo


Yuji Nagata [Currently not in active roster/refusing to participate in powerplant-possibly to be released]


1. World Wrestling Federation 36% Global 66% Risk

2. World Championship Wrestling 35% Global 50% Risk

3. National Wrestling Alliance 88% National 50% Risk

4. Extreme Championship Wrestling 55% National 90% Risk

5. X Wrestling Federation 3% National 37% Risk

TV Shows

· WCW Nitro:Monday on TNT/Primetime with Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan

· WCW Thunder:Wednesday on TBS/Early Evening with Mike Tenay and Larry Zybysko

· WCW Saturday Night: Saturday on TBS/Early Evening with Scott Hudson and Dusty Rhodes

· WWF Raw:HEAD TO HEAD with Nitro on USA Network with Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

· WWF Shotgun:Local Network,Saturday/Graveyard

· WWF Heat:Sunday on USA Network/Early Evening

· XWF Xtreme:Friday on Fox/Primetime with Gene Okerlund and Jimmy Hart

· XWF Impact!:Tuesday on Fox/Primetime with the same team

· ECW on TNN:Tuesday on TNN/Primetime with Joey Styles and Cyrus

· Hardcore TV:Saturday on America One/Late Evening

· WEEKLY NWA PPV:Total Nonstop Action from 8/7 CT


WCW World Sting

WCW U.S. Diamond Dallas Page

WCW T.V. Booker T

WCW Tag The Steiner Brothers

WCW Cruiserweight Eddie Guerrero

Results from WCW Saturday Night of 01/03/1998

Taped on December 29th from MCI Centre, Washington D.C.

The Flock [Lodi/Kidman and Saturn] def. Bobbie Eaton,Glacier and Scotty Riggs when Saturn forced Riggs to tap out after the application of Rings of Saturn

Disco Inferno,Alex Wright and Ernest Miller were involved in a comedy segment regarding the formation of their stable The Boogie Knights. They were attacked by Rick Martel and a returning Tom Zenk

Ultimo Dragon def. Prince Iaueka with an Asai Moonsault

Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko has a backstage brawl

Chris Jericho interview with Jericho complaining about being “left out” at Starrcade and about the upcoming Main Event against Rey Mysterio Jr.

Goldberg squashed Fit Finley with the spear-jackhammer combo, after the match Barry Darsow attacked Goldberg.

Highlights of the “Washington Screwjob” are shown.

Chris Jericho def. Rey Mysterio Jr. by the liontamer submission after hitting Mysterio with a steel char,

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Guest UmpireAJS

On updating, I will not be able to do continous updates, but once in say 10 days I will do big updates with almost a month of results in. I have finished simulating 3 Nitros and have writed 2 of it. I have also finished writing up Souled Out,but not have simulated it. So Except the results upto 25th of Jan up within the next 6-7 days. I will only give results for B-Shows, that is Thunder and Saturday Night.I have hopes to make Thunnder a secondary "A" Show,but that's another time. Thanks

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I like the backstory a lot, especially due to the fact that Hogan got screwed aftert all the people he's screwed. It's also ironic that Bret Hart would be involved in a screw job. Hopefully you will do what WCW didn't do in real life and that's use The Hitman properly, will be looking forward to the next update.

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Guest UmpireAJS

WCW Monday Nitro Preview

After a Controversial Starrcade, which saw Hollywood Hogan getting screwed by WCW, we are into the new years first Monday Nitro.

BRET HART and LARRY ZYBYSKO played a large part in this screwjob,which resulting in Hogan losing the title and ultimately resulting in Hogan walking out of WCW.What will be the nWo have to say to them.

GOLDBERG's winning streak continues,but last Saturday Night we saw him being brutally assaulted backstage by BARRY DARSOW and FIT FINLAY.Check out Nitro tonight to see the repercussions.

CHRIS BENOIT is not a happy man after he was screwed by RAVEN at Starrcade. The war between THE FLOCK and THE FOUR HORSEMEN continues as a result,what will happen tonight?

nWo has gained a shot at the World Tag Titles as a result of their victory in the 6-man tag at Starrcade,who will the order select to go up against the champion THE STEINER BROTHERS.

Even though DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE defeated CURT HENNING to capture the U.S. Title,their rivalry is still not over.What twists will it take tonight?

And,the #1 CONTENDER FOR THE WCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE will be decided tonight,when ROWDY RODDY PIPER goes up against "MACHO MAN" RANDY SAVAGE,who will face the World Heavyweight Champion STING at nWo Souled Out.

Confirmed Matches:

· Juventud Guerrera vs Psyhcosis vs Rey Mysterio for the #1 Contendership of the Cruiserweight Title

· Saturn vs Benoit-Starrcade Rematch

· Buff Bagwell,Konnan and Curt Henning [nWo] vs DDP and The Steiner Brothers

· #1 Contenders Match for the World Heavyweight Title: Randy Savage vs Rowdy Roddy Piper

All this and more will be LIVE ON TNT 8/7 CT from Macon Coliseum,Macon ,GA so don't miss it.

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Guest UmpireAJS

Thanks to everyone replying,my computer got stuck up-so I am a little behind schedule,everything upto Souled Out is ready though-but the next update may take sometime,upto or more than 2 weeks.Sorry for the delay.Other portions of the update,coming soon.

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Guest UmpireAJS

WCW Monday Nitro [01-05-1998]

LIVE ON TNT from Macon Coliseum, Macon, GA

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan

nWo ain’t happy about Bret and Larry

After the usual pyros, we cut straight to the music of the nWo, and they came out led out by Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.They were followed by Randy Savage, Buff Bagwell, Konnan, Curt Henning and finally Eric Bischoff.

Eric grabs the mic and starts talking

Eric Bischoff: Ladies and gentleman,what you just saw minutes ago on the jumbotron was a disgraceful conduct by WCW in attempt to demoralize and to disband nWo and I must admit that they did a pretty good job.They cost Hollywood Hogan not only the title,but screwed him upto such a point that he HAD to walk out of WCW to save his name. And WCW,you call the nWo disgusting,down and dirty.It was a conspiracy from the very beginning and each and every one of the WCW superstars were in it,each and every one of the referees were involved it and each and every one of you fans were involved in it.

[The Crowd chants WCW]

Eric Bischoff: But you failed to succeed completely, because you see the nWo is still up and going, and we are going to make WCW pay for what they did to us,and believe me each and every one of you who was involved in this conspiracy are going to face dire consequences at the hands of the nWo,but the people who we can blame the most for this catastrophe are none other than Bret Hart and Larry Zybysko.

[The crowd cheers at the mention of those two names, Bischoff hands over the mike to Nash]

Nash: Bret, when you signed a contract with WCW,we invited you to join the nWo in which you didn’t give a reply-that’s fine Bret because we know joining the nWo is a hard thing to do,since when you are in the nWo you are in it for life-but Bret, the way you treated us at Starrcade- man, I have to say this-accept our invitation or not Bret, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME to the nWo. And when you mess with one of our members, YOU MESS WITH THE ORDER and Bret I can guarantee you this,that I myself will beat the hell out of you at the first opportunity I get and Bret believe me,I will take revenge and REVENGE WILL BE JUST TOO............ SWEET!

[The crowd boos,Nash hands over the mike to Hall]

Hall: Hey yo!

[The crowd gives back an Hey yo! To Scott Hall]

Hall: Now, normally I would take a survey,but you see chicos-i’m a little bit upset over what Dubya C Dubya did to us at Starrcade. Now I tell you this, the nWo is gonna hit back on WCW amigos! And Bret Hart, Chico, I know you are all upset what the boys from the north did to you, but hey! You don’t let out your frustrations out by screwing the nWo man! ‘cause you are gonna pay chico- Bret, take it from The Bad Guy, who was also screwed by the boys from North, but see where he is now-and we gave you the opportunity Bret,an opportunity to join us-but the way you messed with us,it’s a long shot before you can get into our good books.And, now a personal message to the new Dubya C Dubya Chumpion-Sting. Enjoy your little title reign chico since at Superbrawl I’m gonna come and get your belt which BELONGS to the nWo-if you stay champion until Souled Out ‘course. But Stinger, if you do-keep the belt warm for me until Superbrawl.

[Hall gives the mike to Randy Savage]

Savage: Ooh yeah! Tonight the Macho Man gets what he has been deserving for a long long time brotha! An opportunity to get a World Title shot, and Piper I’m going to beat your sorry little Kilted skirt back upto the Scottish Highlands and then OOH YEAH! At Souled out I’m gonna go up the top rope and drop the big elbow on the clown Sting and will get the belt to where it truly belongs, OOH YEAH!

[savage gives the mike to Buff Bagwell]

Buff: Yo, the nWo has earned a shot at the World Tag Titles at Starrcade.So, Einsteiners you better be prepared for Souled out,when me and Konnan will beat up your sorry little assses right where it belongs, to the doghouse.

[Konnan nods and agrees then Bagwell gives the mike to Henning]

Henning: DDP,at Starrcade you beat me for the US Title, but Dallas, needless to say that win was not fair and square, and DDP the issue between us is far from over and I’ll be coming to haunt you wherever you go with the title Dallas,so stay damn prepared.

[Henning gives the mike back to Bischoff]

Bischoff: So we start off the new year,may be down in size but high in confidence, and like 1997, 1998 is gonna be the year of the nWo no matter what the punks from WCW may try, and Bret Hart, Zybysko you two are going to learn what happens when you mess with the order. Bret Hart tonight you are going to have your first match at WCW, against... alright Bret you will come down to my office and I’m gonna tell you who are you going to face-but be prepared because the beating you will take Bret at the hands of that person,it may be fatal.

[bischoff drops the mike, and the nWo music plays as they leave the ring in cue]


Heenan: That was strong stuff Tony.

Tony: Indeed it was Bobby, the nWo may be down but they are certainly not out and they are trying to recover and WCW may be having some serious problems in this year.

Heenan: Well Bret and Zybysko are the two persons who looks to be in all sorts of trouble, the nWo clearly mentioned that they are not welcome in the nWo premises.

Tony: Fans we will take a break, but what an explosive start we had on the very first edition of Nitro in 1998, the nWo is up and running. We will be back..

[Pepsi reminds you that nWo Souled Out will be live from Xcel Energy Centre in St. Paul, Minnesota on January 25th, 1998]

Tony: We are back folks and its time to decide the #1 Contender for the Cruiserweight title, we all know that Eddie Guerrero defeated Dean Malenko at Starrcade for the title but it seems that Dean is not happy with Eddie, as we see in the jumbotron, how Eddie was attacked on the jumbotron. [Clips from Saturday night are seen]

Heenan: Yeah! But Malenko ain’t gonna get a title shot since the #1 contender match involves 3 individuals, Mysterio, Psychosis and Juvi Guerrera but no Malenko

Tony: That is right,so one of those three will face Guerrero for the Cruiserweight title at Souled Out. Also remember that at Saturday night we saw issues with Mysterio and Jericho transpire so Mysterio has to wrestle with Jericho back in his mind.

Heenan: And here comes Mysterio, let’s get this thing started

#1 Contender for the Cruiserweight Title- Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Psychosis vs Juventud Guerrera

Great Cruiserweight action to start off Monday Nitro. Rey Mysterio almost gets a pin very early on Juvi but Psychosis breaks it up.Psychosis seems have the early advantage as he clobbers both Rey and Juvi with some get hurricanranas. Rey takes the advantage in the second half after nailing Psychosis with a drop-kick. Rey then went for the Frankensteiner but Juvi intervened in the middle.Juvi and Rey had a great fight in between them and a double knockdown landed the Cruiserweight match to a stand still. Psychosis went upto the top rope and executed the Sky Twister press on Mysterio,but Mysterio kicked out.Juvi recovered and the battle was between him and Psychosis with several near falls involving them.However out of no where it was Mysterio who hit a Frankensteiner on Juvi and head scissors on Psychosis causing both of them to go out cold. Mysterio was sure to grab a win until Chris Jericho intervened and attacked Mysterio. Dean Malenko followed the suit and also came to the action, it was a battle between this five cruiserweights and the referee had to call for the belt to decide a no contest.But this five cruiserweights took little heed and continued to brawl on,meanwhile the champion Eddie Guerrero also joined in the in-ring mayhem.The referees and lost total control over the situation as Ultimo Dragon and Chavo Guerrero Jr. ran in.With almost the entire Cruiserweight division brawling,Nitro went to a Commercial break.

WINNER: No Contest due to excessive interference.


We are back from the break and the cameras lead us to the parking lot,where a Sports car pulls up and out comes [to massive pops] Bret “The Hitman” Hart.Some guy informs Bret that Eric Bischoff wants him in his office, Bret gives a grin and then asks the guy to show him Eric’s office.Bret and the guy goes up the corridor the Eric Bischoff’s office as some random wrestlers exchange pleasantries with Bret.Bret comes to Eric’s office and knocks the door and then goes in,

[bret goes in and surveys the office,with a little smile on his face-Eric Bischoff is seen sitting extremely agitated.Alongside him The Outsiders are standing.]

Bret: You wanted to see me Eric?

Eric: Yes,I did Bret-please take a seat.

Bret: Cut the crap, Eric- what’s that you want

[The Outsiders take a step forward towards Bret,Eric notions them to stop]

Eric: Woho! Woho! Hold it Bret where’s the fire? You know,after screwing the nWo 8 days ago I don’t think you are in any position to behave this arrogantly with ME, The President of WCW.

Bret: So –

Eric: And believe me Bret, that the nWo will get back on you for this but for now I want to inform you that you will be making your in-ring debut in WCW tonight.

Bret: That’s good news Eric, who am I gonna face?

Eric: Let’s see there is a tons of guys who wants to get their hands on you, that includes the nWo and specifically these guys [points to Hall and Nash], The Outsiders.

[The Outsiders flex their muscles,Bret gives a grin]

Eric: And since this your first match Bret, I’ll let you chose your opponent- so you can have either Nash or Hall, whom do you want?

[bret pauses to think]

Hall: What’s the matter “Hatman”? Are ya bailing out? Is the “Bad Guy’ or “Big Sexy” to tough for ya!

Bret: As a matter of fact Eric, I will choose my opponent tonight- I am choosing this loudmouth Hall so I can kick his ass and show that Bret Hart is not scared of the nWo.

[Hall does his “I’m scared” finger taunt]

Eric: Very well, Bret-You have your match- tonight it’s gonna be Bret Hart vs Scott Hall- good luck Bret,you’re gonna need it.

[bret gives another grin and leaves for the door,but Nash notions him to stop]

Nash: Hey, Bret! I just want to say to ya, that after the bad guy rips you off into pieces tonight, I’m the next in line to finish the job and sent your sorry ass packing to where you came from.

[bret grins]

Bret: I’ll be seeing you around too Big Kev.

[bret Hart leaves the office.]


Tony and Bobby discuss how could Bret Hart be so cold towards the nWo after what he did to them.

Clips from Saturn vs Benoit match at Starrcade are shown with Saturn picking up the victory after some outside interference from Raven. THE REMATCH between Saturn and Benoit is NEXT.

Saturn vs Benoit – Starrcade Rematch

They lock up to start with and for the next few moments, Saturn and Benoit exchange body slams and shots to the midsection with neither gaining clear advantage.However, after a clothesline from Benoit,he seemed to have a clear advantage as he delivered several hard and stiff shots to Saturn,as well as two Germans. Saturn however countered a body drop and instead kicked Benoit and delivered a neckbreaker to gain momentum. Saturn was the first to attempt and pinfall but Benoit got his shoulder off. Saturn however maintained the advantage, but Benoit either reversed Saturn’s roll-ups or just kicked out. Saturn became frustrated and he taunted the crowd, who booed him-thus making Saturn more angry, Benoit took the chance and hit Saturn with a flurry of offenses, including two big Vertical Suplexes. A desperate snapmare attempt from Saturn was countered by a Benoit take down and he put on the Crippler Crossface afterwards, when it looked like Saturn was going to tap, Raven came running into the ring with a steel chair and ignoring the referee hit Benoit straight into the face. This rendered to an immediate disqualification for Saturn. But Raven was least bothered, he continued to punish Benoit with the chair until the music of the Four Horsemen hit the ring, with a huge pop from the crowd and here came... IT WAS ARN ANDERSON, ARN ANDERSON was back, Anderson came running down the ring with a chair on his own and entered the ring targeting for Raven. The Flock meanwhile bailed out of the ring. While nursing Benoit,Anderson cursed the Flock while The Flock just stood outside the ring without any sort of reaction.

WINNER: Chris Benoit by DQ through Raven’s interference


Tony and Bobby discuss the possible impact of the return of Arn Anderson to The Flock as we head to Commercial Break, however we are told we have an interview with The Steiner Brothers next.

Steiner Brothers interview

“Mean” Gene Okerlund is in the ring for the interview, but wait a minute- here comes Goldberg, He looks real angry and Mean Gene looks a bit scared- Goldberg just snatches the mike away from Gene, he waits for the “Goldberg” chants to subside and he starts talking-

Goldberg: Barry Darsow and Fit Finley. At Saturday Night and then earlier tonight I kicked both of your asses real good- but you still want to mess with me. So come on out so I can make both of your sorry asses, NEXT for the last time

[The crowd cheers at this]

[However Goldberg gets no answer,the crowd boos, Goldberg is about leave and then the Jumbotron shows a new footage, It’s Barry Darsow and Fit Finley]

Darsow: Goldberg you are so damn proud that you beaten one of us one at a time, but the fact is throughout your little streak you have done that.

Finley: But you want to show us Bill how tough you are, how much of a man you are? Then accept our challenge. See if you can take out both of us ,at the same time at nWo Souled Out?

[Goldberg smiles,the crowd goes ever ecstatic]

Goldberg: You’re on!

[The crowd starts another Goldberg chant as Goldberg leaves the ring. Just as he completes his exits- the music of The Steiner Brothers start up and they make their way to the ring with pops from the crowd, Scott Steiner comes and grabs a mic.Mean Gene starts the interview]

Gene: Stei-

[but before Gene could continue,the music of nWo interrupts him and out comes Eric Bischoff along with Buff Bagwell,Konnan and Curt Henning-who all has smirks to their face, The Steiners looks surprised.]

Eric: Hey,hey,hey! You can stop right their Mean Gene, because this interview is not going to be conducted now.

[The crowd boos,Mean Gene looks confused and Scott Steiner yells at Bischoff]

Eric; Woa Woah, hold your horses Scott Steiner because you have a match right now.

[steiner is in all kinds of confusion]

Steiner: It was suppo-

Eric:Well I don’t know when it was supposed to be,Scott but I am the WCW President dammit and I am telling you that you are going to have the match right now-so Mean Gene get out of my ring,call for a damn referee and DiBiase tell your clients to get prepared because it’s going to be The Steiner Brothers and DDP vs Curt Henning, Buff Bagwell and Konnan right NOW!

[The crowd cheers,but Tony mentions DDP hasn’t arrived yet.]

Gene:But Eric,DDP-

Eric:I Don’t Care where DDP is here or not,this match is going to take place right now and I don’t care whether it will take place with or without DDP it will take place right now.

[Eric drops the mic as nWo surrounds The Steiner Brothers who are looking confused but at the same time are flexing up.]


Buff Bagwell, Konnan and Curt Henning [nWo] vs The Steiner Brothers

No sign on DDP so this will start as a handicap match. Konnan and Scott Steiner start it out. Scott Steiner with some hard punches on Konnan,who replies them back with a shitty as ever elbow. Scott Steiner Konnan’s attempt of some kind of Bodydrop was reversed by Steiner into a overhead suplex. Scott Steiner goes for the cover but Konnan kicks out at 2.Scott tags to Rick. But before Rick Steiner can work around Konnan, Konnan pushes Steiner away and tags into Curt Henning-Rick Steiner is no match for Curt Henning as he pounds on Steiner with big chops, body-drops and ending the mayhem with Three Vertical Suplexes. Henning gets on the Henningplex but Rick reverses it into a bridge but Henning gets up and takes down Rick with a reverse suplex. Henning tags into Bagwell and soon Rick Steiner is isolated and is worked around by the Three Men. Rick however out of desperation hits a back-breaker on Konnan tries to tag in Scott,but Henning’s got the referee distracted- while Bagwell attacks Rick Steiner-Ted DiBiase protests but the referee instead decides to send off DiBiase! When the ref. Is back he finds Bagwell who confirms that a tag has been made much to the displeasure of the crowd. Bagwell hits the Kobyashi DDT and goes for the cover, 1...2... BANG! DDP’S Music hits the ring and out comes DDP! DDP rushes down to take out Bagwell and then knocks Henning and Konnan of the apron. DDP continues to punish Bagwell but he isn’t the legal man,so the referee sends him back to the apron. But Rick Steiner gets the momentum as he facebusters Bagwell to the mat and makes a tag to DDP. DDP comes in and Bagwell tags in Henning. Henning gets on offense but DDP soon capitalizes on a tired Henning and hits him for 10-count punches to knock Henning out. DDP goes for the Diamond Cutter but Buff Bagwell pulls away Henning. DDP tags in Scott Steiner. Scott Steiner charges on Buff Bagwell, taking Bagwell down. Bagwell and Steiner trade punches but then finally Bagwell is make a tag to Konnan and Steiner makes a tag to DDP. DDP hits two neckbreakers on Konnan who is then forced to tag Henning. Henning goes in for the Henning-plex straight away but DDP counters.After few shots to Henning, DDP blocks another Henningplex and hits The Diamond Cutter to get the 3-count!

WINNER:DDP and The Steiner Brothers by pinfall.


DDP celebrates with the crowd showing off his U.S. Title after The Steiners leave, but Henning,Konnan and Bagwell sneaks up behind DDP to ambush DDP 3 on 1.Henning finishes the job by whacking DDP to the face with the U.S. Title.Satisfied, Henning orders Bagwell and Konnan to stop while he picks up the mike.

Henning: You thought it was over,huh Dallas! You thought one lucky shot made you greater than me.Is that what you thought? Well think again Dallas,you are not safe until you hold what is mine. You are not safe until you are the US Champion. Because that title belongs to me Dallas-and I’m Curt Henning Dallas and NO BODY takes my property, Dallas, NO BODY.

With an arrogant smile, Henning drops the mike and taunts to the crowd as Monday Nitro goes to Commercials. 75

When we return we see Booker T backstage near the locker-room of Stevie Ray,pacing around impatiently.There is a TV Screen nearby.

Booker T:Stevie,Stevie,come on brother! I need to talk to ya!

[The same guy who addressed Hart earlier passes by]

Boooker T:Hey! Have you seen Stevie Ray.

Guy:I’m afraid he hasn’t arrived yet tonight sir.

Booker:That’s strange,where can he be?

[The guy goes by and Booker T waits around for a while,suddenly his eyes get caught at the TV Screen, the face of evil James Vanderburg is on the screen.]

Vanderburg [with his sinister smile]: Oh Booker T! You want to find out where is Stevie Ray? I’ll tell you where to find him. Just follow the passage and turn right, and OH! Booker, Bring your TV Title with you.

[booker looks confused but he takes the TV Title and heads in the said direction, he turns right and WHAM! Mortis and Wrath jumps on Booker T. They ambush Booker T and throws T to the steel shutters. Booker T is busted open and unconscious. Mortis takes the TV Title. James Vanderburg comes out from a door behind,with a sinister smile.]

Vanderburg: Hey Booker T! I just wanted to tell you that, we are watching out for you. And Mortis here [points to Mortis,who looks pure evil] wants your little Title.

[While Booker T is still out,the three march out of the area as the camera takes us back to the Announce table.]

Tony: That was a sneak attack Bobby,no doubt about it-Vanderburg and his Ghosts and Ghouls simply ambushed Booker T.

Bobby:You’ve gotta give it to them Tony,it was a smart plan-it will really bring Book’s morale down and you heard Vanderburg-Mortis wants Booker’s TV Title. This was just a perfect trap for Booker T.

Tony:Fans the in-ring debut of Bret Hart is in a FEW MOMENTS against nWo member Outsider Scott Hall,but in case you have just joined us- let’s recap the events once again at Starrcade 97.

[The same video which aired before the start of Nitro airs again.]

66 The Video was not a segment.

Bret Hart vs Scott Hall

Hall comes out first followed by Hart. Hall mocks Hart and Hart smashes Hall’s face wih an elbow. Hall covers up from further assault and they trade right hands to begin. Hall eventually gets stronger and hits and big powerslam on Hart to the mat.Hall goes for the cover but Bret kicks out. Hall then applies pressure to Hart’s arm but Hart soon snaps Hall down to the mat but before he can cover well,Hall slides Hart out of the ring.Hall slowly gets up and crashes down on Hart outside. Hall now pounders on Hart outside the ring and tries to throw Hart to the steel steps but Hart reverses that and instead Hall gets thrown. Hart takes Hall and sends him into the ring before going in the ring himself. Hart starts to work on Halls legs as he applies pressure to them.He however can’t apply a Sharpshooter as Hall powers out of it. Hall now lifts Bret and SLAMS him down to the mat.Hall in control as he continues to punish Bret Hart. But as he stops for a moment to taunt the crowd Bret gets his momentum with a crashing flip on Hall. Hall kicks out but Bret still is in control as he performs a superb Overhead suplex to take Hall down. Bret now puts Hall into a sharpshooter, and Hall is in trouble but Kevin Nash comes to the ringside. He and Hart share angry words and Hart turns back straight into a roll up but he reverses it into another roll-up and gets the 3-Count.Cheap ending to a good match,even though it was short. After the match, Kevin Nash came in and destroyed Hart with a jackknife powerbomb,he then checked on Hall-who recovered and Nash got the mic.

Nash: Welcome to WCW, Bret. I told you at the very beginning to join us to unveil your full potential, but you’ve chose the wrong side Hart, and now THE OUTSIDERS and the nWo is going to make you pay.

[Nash drops the mike quite arrogantly as he and Hall head back to the lockeroom, We go to Commercials as shots of Hart’s motionless body are shown]

WINNER: Bret Hart by pinfall


We are back from the break and Tony and Bobby mentions that even though Sting isn’t here, Mike Tenay has sat down with him last Saturday Night to get Sting’s thought on his World Heavyweight Title Victory at Starrcade, among other things.

Sting’s Sit Down Interview with Mike Tenay, taped from WCW Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

[sting and Mike Tenay are already sitting on opposite stools]

Mike Tenay:Fans we are here at WCW Studios in Atlanta,Georgia and with us we have none other than the New World Heavyweight Champion Sting.Sting,thanks for being with us here.

[sting nods]

Mike Tenay: Sting, your victory at Starrcade. It is no doubt that after all this years of hard work, it has to be said that you deserved another reign with the World Heavyweight Title, but your mode victory-doesn’t that taint your image or tarnish that of the Heavyweight Title?

[sting opens his mouth to speak,and the fans erupt.]

Sting: Well Mike,All I can say is this-I have every respect for Hulk Hogan has a great in-ring competitor and entertainer,but as a person-well all I have to say is,he is just a *****

[The people cheer on that comment.]

Sting: And at Washington,what was done had to be done. You see Hogan had manipulated WCW in such a way that every wrestler,every official became a slave of Hogan. If Hogan wished anybody to lie down,so he can make the cover to become the champion time and again-he could have done it.If he wanted a referee to make a lightning fast count just to make him look good,he would do it.In any other words,Mike-he knew no limits,no barriers that he couldn’t cross to protect his position and to make him look good at the cost of the others-in a greater sense,at the cost of WCW.Starrcade 97 was just a turning point Mike-if Hogan wasn’t stopped then-He would be unstoppable,and he would’ve raged on in WCW,creating Havoc and Mayhem everywhere-and believe me Mike,it would’ve brought the downfall of the WCW. So,I think in the interest of a greater section of people,in the interest of WCW,Hogan had to be stopped.

[sting pauses]

Tenay: But,Hogan is said to be one of the most understanding persons in the business-I mean if WCW could’ve approached him,sure he would have-

[sting grabs the mike away from Tenay,and drops his]

Sting:That’s all bull**** Tenay. Hogan was never understanding with any-one, to anyone. You ask around and see how many people’s career have come to a screeching halt,just because Hogan wanted himself to look good at the cost of others-Orondroff,Steamboat,Savage,Flair,Vader, Warrior, Bret Hart- I can go on naming a hundreds of others Mike and you say he was understanding. Yeah,when he first came to WCW,we thought that about him too. And it is not like he was not given a chance. Larry and the boys approached Hogan and said – “Hulk, please, pretty please just for once in your life make sure that the match has a clean finish.” And he throwed all of us out. He even took his friends with him-who did no faults here, so you see they had to suffer because Hogan was so obstinate. Hogan suffered because he was so obstinate. Let’s face it Hulk, you were not the best star around in WCW,you were not the best entertainer-Hall, Nash, Savage, Flair, Henning, Dallas, Raven, Benoit, Bagwell, Jericho, Booker T they all deserved more than they did Hulk,but they couldn’t because of YOU HOGAN! YOU SUCKED THE ENTIRE LIFES OUT OF THEM SO YOU CAN WALK AROUND LIKE A POMPOUS JACKASS AND MAKE YOURSELF LOOK GOOD! So as far as screwing you goes Hulk, I’ve got to say-WCW has got no regrets Hulk. And unlike McMahon who didn’t take responsibilities of screwing Bret Hart,I for all WCW can say this Hogan- YEAH! WE SCREWED YOU AND IF WE HAD ANOTHER CHANCE WE WOULD DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN!

[Monster POPS for Sting]

Tenay: Speaking of screwjobs, the nWo aren’t happy with what you,Bret and Larry did to Hogan. And they’ve sworn to take revenge-what is your viewpoint on that?

Sting: Oh,yeah them. Well the’ve got to realize that Hogan was simply a dead weight for them. They’ve got to realize that trying to take over WCW isn’t going to do them anything good. They should move on with their lives,rather than trying to scare us. Guys, WCW is too smart for that as you saw at Starrcade. It does not matter whether you’ve got the WCW President aligned with you or not-you are not aligned with the fans and the fans here decide the fate of the stars,just like they cheered when we screwed Hogan-not some guy in a suit having a shiny office with the title of president.It’s not like any of the nWo members are untalented,they’ve just got to focus on their own lives rather than sticking to some pathetic agenda like this.That’s all I’ve got to say about them.

Mike Tenay:Just another question Sting, The Main Event for WCW Nitro will be a #1 Contendership for Your World Heavyweight Championship between nWo member Macho Man Randy Savage and Rowdy Roddy Piper. The winner will face you at Souled Out,later this month.Your thoughts on that.

Sting: It really doesn’t matter whom or when or where I defend my title against-because since I’m officially the Number One Wrestler of the company,it’s my job-so It doesn’t really matters if I defend the title next week against Nash or at Souled Out against Piper or Savage. But I feel that both men are great athletes and legends in the business,so it will be hard to figure out a winner between them.

Mike Tenay: Any personal preference?

Sting: Not really.

Mike Tenay: Thank you Sting for giving us the time and for letting us and the millions of WCW fans worldwide know your thoughts at the moment.

Sting: The pleasure was mine Mike. Thank you.

[They shake hands as the Jumbotron darkens and we go to Commercial Break]


Main Event: #1 Contendership of The World Heavyweight Title

Winner faces Sting at Souled Out.

Macho Man comes out at first and he has got some words of wisdom for Sting.


[The crowd shows the least interest they can.]

Macho Man:Now I was in the back hearing that clown Sting whining about how Hogan had to be screwed and how he was the champion and how nWo taking over wCw was bull****, but Sting, isn’t give a damned crap to what you say brotha! OOOH YEAH!

[The crowd is dead.]

Macho Man: Ye got to shut up your big mouth you big clown,because after I squash Rowdy Roddy Piper, I’m going to destroy you at Souled Out and the Heavyweight title will be back where it belongs to the waist of the Macho Man and at the nWo, brotha! OOOH YEAH!

[The crowd now starts “boring” chant]

Macho Man: And know what Sting-

[bagpipers interrupt whatever Macho Man was trying to say with a HUGE Pop from the crowd as Rowdy Roddy Piper came running down.He and Savage came face to face and after his music died down,Piper snapped the mike away from Savage.]

Piper: Shut the hell up Savage [Huge POP], There ain’t nobody in Macon,Georgia [CHEER] who wants to hear your clueless ramblings, you punk [Piper chants begin,Piper spits on Savage-Savage is insulted and he looks angry.]

Piper: So Why don’t you show me without the help of your black boys at the back that what are you capable of to the Hot rod,’cause Randy-

[savage slashes the mike away from Piper and starts to beat down Piper,the referee tries to separate the two,as Piper hits back- the bell rings and the match officially starts.]

Basic senior citizen stuff between Piper and Macho Man. Piper gives a few kicks to get the momentum in his favour. Macho Man however comes back after a few shots to the back of Rowdy Roddy Piper.Macho Man with a huge bodydrop on Piper,makes the cover but Piper kicks out. Macho Man picks up Piper and put Piper into a headlock. Piper fights back and ultimately floors Savage with a takedown. Rowdy Roddy Piper is now ecstatic as he attempts a Sleeperhold, but Macho Man is too close too the ropes so Piper is forced to break the hold. Savage is down between the ropes as Piper runs and attempts a baseball slide and succeeds. Macho Man is out and Piper goes out too.Piper tries to whip Macho Man to the steel post but Macho Man reverses and Piper is now to the post. Macho Man gets back into the ring, and goes for the top rope and attempts the Flying Elbow Drop but Piper moves out and Savage goes crashing to the steel steps. Savage is now busted open. Piper spits on Savage and kicks Savage around. Piper sends Savage into the ring and then get’s into the ring himself. Piper puts on another Sleeperhold on Macho Man. This time Macho Man looks exhausted, and is about to tap out until nWo referee Nick Patrick comes running in and shoves off Mickey Jay. Patrick tells Piper to break the sleeperhold. Piper is extremely frustrated as he argues with Patrick. Macho Man meanwhile sneaks out and gets a pair of brass knucks from under the ring. Piper turns around and get’s whacked with the brass-knucks. Patrick tries to make a lightning fast count and Piper kicks out. Meanwhile,Mickey Jay recovers and he and Patrick tries to brawl. Savage takes Patrick’s side but Piper meanwhile gets up and drop-kicks Savage. Piper now goes outside the ring, looks under the ring cover and brings out a coconut! The crowd cheers as Piper sneaks up behind Savage, Jay and Patrick still brawling. Savage gets up and Piper is about to smash the coconut, but Savage ducks and low blows Piper. Savage now get’s the coconut and smashes it on the head of Piper. Meanwhile Patrick manages to throw out Mickey Jay. Savage makes the cover and Patrick makes a lightning fast count. Savage is going to face Sting at Souled Out.

WINNER: Randy Savage by pinfall after using an International object (coconut).


Randy Savage and Nick Patrick celebrate as the crowd boos the nWo. Piper recovers and tries to attack Savage and Savage and Piper brawl. The Outsiders now come out and it’s a three on one on Piper.Bret Hart makes his way to the ring but he still can’t reason with The Outsiders and Savage. DDP now runs in for WCW to make things even, we have a HUGE BRAWL going out until Curt Henning,Buff Bagwell and Konnan runs in to ABSOLUTELY destroy WCW. But then The Steiner Brothers run in and makes thing difficult for the nWo again. It’s mayhem everywhere. Savage and Hart are now brawling in the entrance ramp and Savage gets a low-blow on Hart,Savage attempts a Face Buster on Hart but suddenly the cameras focus up to the rafters. IT’S STING! STING IS HERE WITH A BASEBALL BAT! Sting swings down the rafters and kicks Savage right to the face. Sting then runs in to the ring and starts attacking anybody in sight with his baseball bat. While All Hell has broken lose inside the ring. The first Nitro in 1998 fades to black.


RAW: 5.68

NITRO: 5.50

1998 Wars: RAW 1 Nitro 0

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Guest UmpireAJS

WCW Thunder and Saturday Night Reports

Airing on 01-07-98 and 01-10-98 resp.

Both taped on 01-06-98 from The Hangar in Pensacola,FL

WCW Thunder

1. Eric Bischoff adresses the Cruiserweight Title Situation saying that at nWo Souled Out there was going to be a 8-Man Elimination match to decide the Cruiserweight Champion. On one team there was going to be Eddie Guerrero, Ultimo Dragon, Psychosis and Chris Jericho while the other team is going to consist of Dean Malenko, Rey Mysterio Jr., Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Juventud Guerrera. So if two members of the same team remain, they will have to battle among themselves. 94

2. Rey Mysterio and Juventud Guerrera def. Ultimo Dragon and Pyschosis when Rey Mysterio pinned Ultimo Dragon after a Hurricanrana. Post-match all the competing cruiserweights in the 8-Man match got involved. 66

3. Arn Anderson and Chris Benoit cuts a promo against Raven,stating that The Flock is going to pay for their meddlesomeness with Benoit. Anderson also states that even IF he HAS to come back from retirement to take care of the Flock,he will do so. 77

4. Goldberg def. Eric Watts in a standard 2-Minute squash with the Spear-Jackhammer combo. Barry Darsow and Fit Finley made an attempt to attack Goldberg but failed and instead got clobbered by Goldberg. 56

5. Harlem Heat cuts a promo against Ghosts and Ghouls,especially Booker T disses Mortis for attacking him,and says that if he wants his TV Title,he better come and get it. We are also informed of our Main Event tonight featuring Booker T vs Wrath in a Non-Title match. 89

6. Disco Inferno def. Kidman by DQ as a result of the interference of The Can-Am Connection, Alex Wright and Ernest Miller made the save. 71

7. We get a pre-taped promo of Randy Savage insulting Sting, this thing will probably air again on Nitro. 85

8. Main Event: Booker T def. Wrath via a Scissors Kick, afterwards Mortis comes out with a steel chair and DESTROYS Harlem Heat.Show ends with Ghosts and Ghouls celebrating with James Vanderburg 64

Overall Rating: 74 Nielsen Rating: 1.97

WCW Saturday Night

1. Sick Boy def. Bobby Eaton after hitting The Cure perfectly. 56

2. Chris Jericho is in for an interview and our Main Event is going to be Chris Jericho vs Dean Malenko, so Jericho has something to say about that and Malenko. 81

3. Hugh Morrus,Louie Spicolli and Eric Watts def. Norman Smiley/Lenny Lane and Glacier when Spicolli pinned Glacier after hiitng the Spicolli driver. 59

4. Monday Nitro Recap with the nWo Interview and Bret Hart/Eric Bischoff/Outsiders segment as well as the Bret Hart vs Scott Hall encounter 82

5. Goldberg def. Rick Martel in a slightly longer match thanks to Disco Inferno interference. 67

6. Highlights from the Main Event from Monday Nitro 78

7. A Davey Boy Smith promo airs saying he’s coming next week. 66

8. Chris Jericho def. Dean Malenko by hitting The Lionsault after an Eddie Guerero interference, save made later by Rey Mysterio 76

Overall Rating: 71 Nielsen Rating: 2.10

Edited by UmpireAJS
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Guest UmpireAJS

420Wrestling.com Weekly WCW News

For 4-10th January 1998

· Yuji Nagata has been released by WCW,as effective from January 7,1998. Nagata refused to a pay-cut or being sent to The Power Plant to get some training,so the WCW Mangement had no choice.

· Curt Henning and Randy Savage has been contracted by the NWA. Both have their WCW contracts running out by the end of this year’s July,no word yet on their contract renewals.

· WCW meanwhile is trying to strike a deal with Owen Hart. Hart is however, is in a long term contract with WWF, leading upto October 1999- But as we get, Hart is not happy in the WWF, while all his friends, i.e. Bret Hart,Jim Neidhart and Davey Boy Smith are in WCW. WCW has to pay a huge sum of money to WWF, if they break Hart out of their contract,since he is one of the major draws for WWF.

· WCW is considering to making Thunder an “A” show starting from next year.

· Hulk Hogan and The Giant recently attended The Bubba Love Sponge Radio show where they spoke very lowly against WCW. WCW Management however is said to be least bothered.

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Guest UmpireAJS

WCW Monday Nitro Preview

With less than two weeks to Souled Out,the battle between WCW and nWo hots up as Nitro comes to you LIVE from The Gaylord Entertainment Centre in Nashville,TN

In the Main Event tonight it will be THE OUTSIDERS taking on BRET HART AND STING! It is quite clear The Outsiders and the nWo are no friends with either Bret or Sting,but can they actually defeat the mighty alliance.

The #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight title RANDY SAVAGE goes one on one against one half of the World Tag Team Champions SCOTT STEINER. Will Sting, Rick Steiner, Buff Bagwell or Konnan get involved?

The rivalry between The Four Horsemen and The Flock continues as tonight we will see CHRIS BENOIT AND DEAN MALENKO teaming up with SCOTTY RIGGS to take on The Flock members RAVEN,SATURN AND KIDMAN. Chris Benoit is not happy with the Flock but Dean Malenko has got Seven other contenders for the Cruiserweight title back in his mind. Can they focus?

HARLEM HEAT and James Vanderburg’s GHOSTS AND GHOULS will square off tonight to decide who will get their hands first on the tag team gold first after Souled Out. Will Harlem Heat succeed on their quest to become the Tag Champions for the 8th time or will Vanderburg’s minions overpower them?

Taking a chair-shot and a title belt to the head from CURT HENNING, DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE is not a happy man. But can he leave Henning from his mind and defeat nWo member KONNAN or will Henning get involved.

Plus, DAVEY BOY SMITH is coming to WCW and he has promised us a huge update tonight on his debut to WCW, what will it be?

Confirmed Matches

· Harlem Heat vs Ghosts and Ghouls for the #1 contender of the World Tag Team Titles

· Diamond Dallas Page vs Konnan:Non Title Match

· Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko and Scotty Riggs vs The Flock [Raven,Saturn and Kidman]

· Randy Savage vs Scott Steiner

· MAIN EVENT:The Outsiders vs Bret Hart and Sting

All this and more will be LIVE ON TNT 8/7 CT from The Gaylord Entertainment Centre in Nashville,TN so don't miss it.

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Guest UmpireAJS

WCW Monday Nitro [01-12-98]

LIVE from Gaylord Entertainment Centre, Nashville, TN

Your hosts are Tony and Bobby

nWo is in the house!

The music of the nWo hits the ring as all the seven members of the nWo comes out led by Eric Bischoff. All the members do their usual stuff before and after entering the ring. All of them have huge smirks in their faces,as Eric Bischoff asks for a mike.

Bischoff: Last Monday night we showed that the nWo was far from out,that the nWo was up and running at it’s peak form.WCW may have got some so called“big wins” last week but we showed that WE were the boss, after every match-nWo left standing,nWo reigned supreme. We have a nWo #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title,for the United States Title and for the World Tag Team Titles-and believe me-at Souled out-our own PPV,nWo will show that they can accomplish in the toughest of the times,that’s why they are the best.

[bischoff gives the mike to Nash]

Nash: Hey Bret Hart! Hope you had a good debut last week. You really made it big after beating Scotty,but hey Hart-how are you feeling after the BIG IMPACT! I gave you after the match huh! That’s what you get for messing with the nWo, The Outsiders and Hart that IS EXACTLY what you get for messing with the Big Sexy- and after what you did to us at Starrcade,I would have to say- last week...REVENGE WAS......JUST TOOOOOO SWEEEEEEEET!

[The crowd boos as Nash gives the mike to Hall]

Hall: Hey yo!

[The crowd gives back the Hey yo to Hall]

Hall:It’s survey time!

[The crowd cheers]

Hall:How many of you has come to see the nWo?

[Crowd boos for nWo,some of them cheers for Hall.]

Hall:And how many of you has come to see the wCw?

[The crowd cheers for wCw]

Hall:One more for the good guys,but now let’s get down to business. Last week you beat me Bret Hart, you beat me 1-2-3, but Bret-it was a fluke and the Bad Guy doesn’t like guys who get over him by little chances like that,so guess what Bret,The Outsiders are going to give you a little match tonight to set the records straight. Tonight,in the Main Event it’s going to be The Outsiders vs Bret Hart and our beloved Dubya C Dubya Chump Sting [The crowd cheers on the Main Event],now I see Randy has something to say about Sting,but I’ve got another thing for you Bret [Eric motions Hall to give him the mike],oh! Okay ,let’s here it from the Prez. Himself [Gives the mike to Eric]

Eric: And Bret Hart,even if you lose to The Outsiders we won’t be through with you yet Bret. Because you are going to have to face them One More Time.So at Souled Out,it’s going to be The Outsiders and an unknown opponent whom I will name next week versus Bret Hart, that scumbag Larry Zybysko and your boy Bret,who’s going to make his BIG announcement tonight- that’s right the third man in your team “WCW” is going to be Davey Boy Smith! [The crowd cheers at the mention of Davey Boy’s name] in a Six-Man Elimination Match, so while Nash teaches you some respect Bret and Scott Hall tames our champion Sting-you better be gearing up for Souled Out.

[Eric tries to give the mike to Savage,but Nash has whispered something to Eric’s ears]

Eric: That’s a fantastic idea Kevin. Yes as Kevin suggested Bret,why don’t we raise the stakes for the match! Let’s say that the survivor gets a single wish granted [The fans are confused about this]-How about that!

[Nash takes the mike from Bischoff]

Nash: Let me clarify for you that one,say in the match Me and Hall survive-so we individually can demand any single thing and get it,say Hall wants a match against Bret Hart at Superbrawl he gets it and I want Sting to strip his Heavyweight title-he will have do it-because it’s WHAT WE WISHED FOR! Now don’t you wish you had that power Bret,I know you can wish the end of the nWo,but hey! You will have to beat us before you get what you wish!

[The crowd cheers at the mention of the end of the nWo,Nash now hands the mike to Savage.]

Savage:The time is short,so the Macho Man will keep it short,last night I defeated that stupid clown Piper and at Souled Out I’m going to defeat you Sting and take back what rightfully belongs to the nWo I’m gonna kick your sorry ass BROTHA! OOH YEAH!

[savage gives the mike to Henning]

Henning: As you heard from Bischoff, Dallas that I’m the #1 Contender for the United States Title. I proved to you last night why I was simply better than you. I crushed you with what SHOULD BE MINE and you fell down like a baby-is that what WCW means by a fighting U.S. Champion Dallas [The crowd boos,Tony mentions that DDP actually pinned Henning]? If that is so,then I say this-at Souled Out that title is MINE-and the writing is more than on the wall Dallas, you know why,because I am Curt Henning,and NOBODY messes with Curt Henning,NOBODY!

[Henning gives the mike to Bagwell]

Bagwell:So Einsteiners,you are mighty proud that you defeated us last night eh! Well I’m gonna tell you this,if you guys are really smart then one of you WILL join us at Souled Out,and the other will suffer-so I tell you this,you can forfeit the title,let the deserving team take it and well will make you honorary members of the nWo. [The crowd boos heavily] Now how is that, eh!

[Konnan now takes the mike]

Konnan:Holla le! Arizabba la razza! Hey Scott Steiner,before you decide whether or not to join us, I’m gonna tell you this Steiner. You want to match moves with the best in the nWo. Let’s see how you do against The Macho Man, HOLLA LE! And DDP,before Henning flattens you I will deliver the Tequila Sunrise to make you feel that you shouldn’t have messed with the order in the first place,Holla Le!

[Konnan drops the mike as the nWo music hits again as all the members leave in cue, however as Eric Bischoff is about to leave the entrance ramp, the jumbotron lights up showing Davey Boy Smith,the crowd cheers on that-but Bischoff does not notice until Davey Boy speaks up.]

Davey Boy:Hey Bischoff!

[The crowd cheers as Bischoff is bewildered,he looks everywhere to find the source,until he realizes it has been coming from the Jumbotron-Davey Boy smirks as Bischoff looks up and jumps back on seeing him,looking scared.]

Davey Boy:I just wanna tell you and The Outsiders and whoever that mystery guy is that Bret Hart,Larry Zybysko and Davey Boy are in your little match at Souled Out.

[Eric tries to get a mike,but Davey Boy interrupts]

Davey Boy:Shut up.I also wanted to tell you that I’m coming to WCW and I’m coming tonight. So you can tell your boys to be prepared-because when they step into the ring with the British Bulldog,the strongest wrestler in WCW,I’ll TAKE A BITE OUT OF THEM! [The crowd cheers as Davey Boy smirks again,the feed disappears-Eric Bischoff is in complete shocks,as we head to Commercials.]


Pepsi advertises the nWo Souled Out card which currently looks like:-

· Eddie Guerrero ©,Chris Jericho,Ultimo Dragon and Psychosis vs Juventud Guerrera, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Rey Mysterio and Dean Malenko : Eight Man Elimination For WCW Cruiserweight Title

· Goldberg vs Barry Darsow and Fit Finley

· Buff Bagwell and Konnan vs The Steiner Brothers ©: World Tag Team Titles

· Diamond Dallas Page © vs Curt Henning: United States Title

· Sting © vs Randy Savage: World Heavyweight Title

· Bret Hart,Davey Boy Smith and Larry Zbysko vs The Outsiders and ???: Wish-granting Six Man Elimination Tag Team Match

#1 Contendership match for the World Tag Team Titles: Harlem Heat vs Ghosts and Ghouls w/James Vanderburg

We are back with match already in progress as Stevie Ray makes a tag to Booker T,Booker T pulls up a recovering Mortis but Mortis pushes Booker T away to the ropes. Booker bounces back and tries to executes a Harlem Flip but Mortis picks Booker T and clobbers him to the mat. Mortis covers Booker T,but Booker kicks out at 2 count. Mortis now goes for a sleeperhold. Booker T is fighting the hold and manages to touch the ropes. Mortis tags in Wrath,Wrath gets in and delivers a HUGE powerbomb on Booker T.Wrath makes the cover but Booker T kicks out. James Vanderburg argues with the referee while Mortis and Wrath double team Booker. Stevie Ray comes in but gets irish whipped by Mortis. Order is restored as Wrath continues to pressure Booker T. Wrath after some shots to the midsection signals for The Meltdown. Booker T however kicks Wrath and Wrath is disbalanced and throws down Booker T-he however can’t maintain control and Booker T grabs Wrath for a package and 1..2.. Wrath reverses but Booker T kicks out.Wrath gets up and tries to set up Booker T for another Meltdown but Booker T sees that early and dropkicks Wrath. Booker T is down,Wrath is down-They make desperate tags to their partners,and Stevie Ray is on fire,he blocks some Mortis offense and clobbers Mortis down with a Punch.Vanderburg is up the apron again,and he argues with the referee while tossing a lead pipe in the middle of the ring. Stevie Ray tries to bring the referee back but Mortis delivers a low blow to Stevie Ray and hits Ray with the pipe and throws it outside. Mortis delivers the Flatliner, Booker T comes into the ring but can’t prevent the 3-count. Harlem Heat is absolutely furious.

WINNER:Ghosts and Ghouls by pinfall when Mortis pinned Stevie Ray after the use of an International object [Lead Pipe]


We go backstage where Arn Anderson is with Dean Malenko,Scotty Riggs and Chris Benoit.

Arn: This is the night guys,to prove that The Horsemen aren’t done yet. The guys from The Flock think that using some lame objects to win and calling themselves a lone brotherhood of something gives them the right to mess with The Horsemen. Well tonight IS the night where we prove them wrong.Chris,you prove Raven and Saturn that no-body messes with the Crippler. [benoit nods],Dean you can prove to the whole world that YOU are the best Cruiserweight out there [Dean nods] and Scotty,you prove to The Flock that how wrong they were when they decided to dump you.Tonight we prove that the nWo are not the only ones who are on their way up,WE are to.

[The Horsemen and Scotty Riggs exchange complements and handshakes as we go to commercials.]

DURING THE BREAK:Harlem Heat bursts into Bischoff’s office and demands that he does something about Ghosts and Ghouls using International Object to win. Bischoff says that he will address the situation at Thunder.

Chris Benoit,Dean Malenko and Scotty Riggs w/Arn Anderson vs Raven,Saturn and Kidman w/Lodi

Benoit and Kidman start. Benoit counters Kidman’s headscissors attempt and takes Kidman down. Benoit on offense,Benoit delivers three suplexes to Kidman.Benoit goes for the cover, Kidman gets the shoulder off.Benoit tags to Riggs,Riggs and Kidman lock up but Riggs throws Kidman to the mat.Riggs kicks Kidman on the mat.Riggs goes up to the top rope but Kidman rolls out of the way of a missile drop-kick.Tag to Raven,Raven takes down Riggs.Raven now on offense-Raven with a powerbomb on Riggs,Raven covers but Riggs kicks out.Raven now on offense.Raven delivers several bodydrops,facebusters and powerslams on Riggs,but Riggs manages to kick out.Raven tags in Saturn.Saturn goes straight for the rings but Riggs throws off Saturn and makes a desperate tag to Malenko.Malenko and Saturn grapple,Malenko goes for a suplex,Saturn reverses and throws down Malenko.Saturn with a boot to Malenko’s ribs. Saturn works on Malenko’s ribs,Saturn goes for the DVD but Malenko reverses that and Delivers a superb body Scissors on Saturn.Both men are down,Malenko recovers first and then puts on a leglock. Saturn is now in pain, Malenko pushes Saturn away from Raven. Lodi comes in diverts the referee,Kidman comes in a breaks the hold.Arn Anderson takes down Lodi. Malenko now brawls with Kidman.Referee counts Malenko outside,Malenko returns at 7 only to get floored by Saturn.Saturn tags in Raven.Raven now works on Malenko.Raven hits an Evenflow DDT but Malenko counters a roll-up and reverses,Raven counters and reverses,Malenko counters again but Raven pulls of Malenko.Raven now tags in Kidman,while Malenko goes for Benoit. Kidman tries to knock Benoit off balance by attempting a Hurricanrana,but Benoit catches Kidman mid air and slams him down. Cover by Benoit,kick-out by Kidman. Benoit blocks a Head Scissors attempt but instead Frankensteiners Kidman. Benoit goes to the top rope.Saturn comes in and moves Kidman out of the way,but gets nailed instead by the headbutt. Raven tries to intervene but Scotty Riggs takes the trash-can from outside and whacks Raven,who ends up winding down on Lodi’s body. Malenko baseball slides Saturn out of the ring. Benoit meanwhile locks in the crossface. Kidman taps out.

WINNER:Chris Benoit,Dean Malenko and Scotty Riggs when Benoit forced Kidman to submit.


The Randy Savage Interview from Thunder airs.

[Macho Man is in the WCW studio,no announcers in place,so this is a solo interview.]

Savage: What’s up everyone, OOOH YEAH! Macho Man is in the house,Macho Man is the new number contender of the World Heavyweight Title OOOH YEAH! Piper I showed you brotha why exactly you never was a Championship material,you think that coconut was enough to keep The Macho Man down? The Macho Man always finds a way OOOOH YEAH! And The Macho Man became victorious because he knew exactly how to deal with meddlesome morons like you brotha! OOOH YEAH! Now Sting, you had big nerves by saying big words against the nWo brotha! But listen to this OOH YEAH! The Macho Man is not afraid of you,hell Buff Bagwell isn’t afraid of you,Henning isn’t afraid of you,Konnan isn’t afraid of you and you can bet The Outsiders aren’t scared one bit of you! OOOH YEAH! The nWo thinks you are a joke and that’s what you are brotha! One lucky moment and you stole what was rightfully ours,and at Souled Out It’ll be MINE! I’ll make you pay,I’ll make you suffer and I’ll make you wish that you never screwed with the nWo OOOH YEAH! Macho Man Randy Savage, don’t make a big mistake and pick the man,because you’re hell gonna pay OOOH YEAH!

[Macho Man drops the mike down.We go to Commercials]


Randy Savage vs Scott Steiner

Savage and Steiner lock-up, Savage tries to put one over Steiner but Steiner presses down Savage.Steiner continues to attack Savage but Savage does not sell them much. Steiner tries go for a Gargoyleplex but Macho man counters that and slams down Scott Steiner.Weak kicks by Macho Man to Scott Steiner. Macho Man now puts Steiner into a headlock. Steiner in trouble, Steiner tries to reach for the ropes but The Macho Man pulls him back,Steiner finally reaches the ropes and Macho Man breaks the hold.Macho Man pulls Steiner back to the centre and continues to kick and punch Steiner,but Steiner catches Macho Man off-guard and slams him down by holding his boot.Steiner makes a slow roll-up but Macho Man kicks out at 2, Scott Steiner now gets up and gets on offense.Scott Steiner drills Macho Man with a powerslam. Steiner picks up Savage and another bodyslam. Steiner is now in total control as he delivers continuous shots to the Macho Man and delivers a powerful neckbreaker. Scott Steiner now signals for The Steiner Recliner but Buff Bagwell runs in to distract Scott Steiner. Scott Steiner and Bagwell argue for a while until the referee orders Bagwell to leave,but he just won’t so Steiner floors Bagwell down with a bulldog.This has given the Macho Man enough time to recover as he nails an unsuspecting Steiner with a Face-buster.Macho Man is now in total control as he clobbers Scott Steiner. Scott Steiner manages to get a few blows but Savage no sells them and delivers a powerful back breaker.Macho Man goes up to the top rope and delivers the Flying Elbow Drop to get the 3-count.

WINNER:Randy Savage by pinfall.

Macho Man celebrates as Rick Steiner and Ted DiBiase comes in to check on Scott Steiner. The announcers discuss what impact may this have on the World Tag Team Titles match as out of nowhere Eric Bischoff comes out.

Eric Bischoff:You see Steiner Brothers,this is exactly what happens when you cross the nWo’s path.You get destroyed.But unlike many other losers in the WCW,you guys go down by fighting-which means you guys have some talent.But if you are against the nWo,all of your talent is going to go down the drain. So I am making an offer once again,TO BOTH OF YOU GUYS. After the departure of the great Hollywood Hogan,the nWo is in hiring-and we are looking for one member, one member who can make the difference between us and WCW,one member who can deliver that final,fatal blow to WCW.I believe that you have it in you Rick,I believe you have it in you Scott.But since this is WCW,this is the survival of the fittest.So by Souled Out,I hope one of you will make the right decision and join us and the other I am afraid will have to end up in the drain.So think wisely,and I hope you don’t regret the decisions you make.

[bischoff drops the mike and leaves with an arrogant smirk,The Steiners are in shock and are looking suspiciously at each other.We go to Commercials]


We come back from the commercials and see The Steiners arguing backstage.

DiBiase:Have you gone crazy Rick,what do you mean you are CONSIDERING THERE OFFER, you are going to betray your own flesh and blood just to be rich and famous? We are fighting a war and just because YOU THINK you will end up in the losing side you want to change sides? What the hell is wrong with you Rick?

Rick: As much you can ask that Ted,everybody knows who is the famous Steiner here. When we go to autograph session,it’s The Big Poppa Pump they go after,when we go to radio stations-it’s Scott Steiner the girls wanna talk to.This is NOT getting me anywhere Ted,and perhaps if I join the order they will give me an opportunity to shine,without being held down-

[scott grabs Rick by the throat,he is absolutely fuming]

Scott:If you got any problems with me Rick,you tell me face to face and we will sort it out-but YOU CAN NOT go to the nWo,YOU CAN NOT BETRAY your own brother just because of THAT. You think you will be a big star in nWo,Bischoff is doing all this shit just to demoralize team WCW.They HATE us Rick,Hall,Nash,Bagwell,Henning,Konnan they DESPIE us-and you going to their side is going to change NONE OF THAT! YOU WILL NOT GAIN FROM THEM BUT WCW,WCW WILL LOSE A LOT. So if you still think you will join the order,then I can tell you this,SCREW YOU RICK STEINER.

[The Steiners come face to face as DiBiase comes between the brothers to separate them]

Back in the ring,DDP’s music hits the ring as the crowd cheers,but when we look to the ramp we see IT’S A DDP MIDGET who is actually coming out,and he is wearing a nWo T-Shirt and has a fake US Title. The crowd is thoroughly disgusted by this and they boo the midget.The midget does all DDP’s antiques as he gets into the ring. The midget asks for a mike.

The Midget:Hey it’s me DDP

[The crowd boos]

The Midget:Can’t you feel the bang,the US Champion is here.

[The crowd boos again,nWo sucks chant starts]

Midget:Please boo me,I deserve to be booed,You see I stole the US title from Curt Henning at Starrcade-I’m so sorry Henning,so I’ve decided that I will give you back what you want right here tonight!

[The crowd boos again,some Henning sucks chant starts]

Midget:But please don’t hurt me Curt,you see I’ve not fully recovered yet when you beat my like I was a brat last week.I promise I won’t be playing games with you any more,I will lay down and you can pin me.And Konnan,thanks for giving me the nWo T-Shirt.I’ve tried so hard but I’ve not been successful enough to join the nWo.Thank you Konnan for taking me into the nWo.I will lay down so you can pin me too.Wouldn’t it be a nice start for me in the nWo.

[The crowd is now starting a**hole chants]

[At this point,Curt Henning and Konnan comes out,the crowd now starts to throw trash in the ring.]

Curt Henning:Hey,hey take it is easy DDP,the nWo isn’t as bad you think.It’s really nice to finally have a guy who finally has the realization that WCW is not going to do him anything good.And you know what,won’t we Konnan.

[Konnan nods,the a**hole chants get louder]

Curt Henning:So before we have our title match I would personally like to welcome you to the nWo.Let’s shake hands shall we.

[The Midget and Curt Henning shakes hand,but Curt Henning delvers a low-blow and The Midget is down.Henning hits the midget with the fake U.S. Title and covers him,Konnan makes the count,1...2...]


Here comes the REAL DDP! As the arena erupt. DDP comes running to the ring as Konnan and Curt Henning bail out of the ring.The midget tries to sneak away but DDP catches him and DESTROYS the midget with a Diamond Cutter.DDP aks for a mike.

DDP: Pretty funny Henning. But you’ve got to do better than that to impress me.Because whatever you try to suggest,those people know that come Souled Out,DDP will kick your a** and retain the US Title [DDP holds up the real US Title with huge cheers] and he will do the same to Konnan tonight.I will make you feel the bang in such a way that it will make you feel that you and this sucker Midget hadn’t come to mess with my affairs at all.Now if you have the guts, Konnan come in the ring and let DDP kick your useless piece of a** real good.

[it’s DDP vs Konnan next as we go to the commercial break.]


Non-Title Match

Diamond Dallas Page © vs Konnan

We come back from the break with the match in progress as Konnan is in control.Konnan kicks DDP into the midsection but is unable to floor DDP.Konann goes for a crossbody but DDP rolls out and Konnan goes flying out.DDP impacts on Konnan by a springboard.DDP and Konnan are now fighting outside.DDP throws Konnan to the steel steps and clobbers on Konnan like a man possessed.Konnan tries to cover up but fails,the crowd is really mad for DDP.DDP pushes Konnan back to the ring.DDP is now in full offense,as he hits Konnan with nearly everything in his Arsenal.DDP flattens Konnan with his pancake.DDP covers but surprisingly Konnan kicks out.DDP covers again but Konnan kicks out.DDP is now frustrated.He picks up but before he can do anything Konnan punches DDP.Konnan punches DDP back and forth and Konnan is now hulking up,before he can make it big DDP also punches Konnan,we now have a trade of punches as Konnan gets the offense and powerbombs DDP.Konnan now plays for the crowd and goes to the top-rope to attempt a splash but DDP moves out of the way.Curt Henning returns to join the action ringside.Konnan and DDP are both down.DDP recovers earlier than Konnan but he can’t do anything since Henning his holding his leg down,referee tells Henning to go away but DDP makes Henning eat boot as he knocks down Henning. Konnan is now slightly recovering and DDP turns back and Konnan attempts a neckbreaker but DDP blocks it and dishes out The Diamond Cutter instead. DDP is absolutely ecstatic as he plays for the crowd,Konnan tries to get up again and gets nailed with a Second Diamond Cutter.Curt Henning meanwhile recovers. Referee makes the count, 1..2... and Henning pulls the referee away,thus earning Konnan a Immediate DQ. Henning and DDP brawl in the ring and DDP gets the upperhand and sets up Henning for a Diamond Cutter but Konnan low blows DDP.DDP is down,Konnan and Henning ambush DDP.

Winner:Diamond Dallas Page by DQ as a result of Curt Henning’s assault on referee.

After satisfied with the beaten-down bloodied DDP,Henning gets the mike.

Henning: You’ve messed with the nWo one too many time,DDP but now you must pay.See you at Souled Out,Dallas.

[Henning drops the mike and spits on DDP before leaving,announcers mention that we will have a Bret Hart and Sting in-ring interview next up after the Commercial Break.]

We come back and we have Bret Hart,Sting and Mike Tenay all three standing in the ring.

Interview with Bret Hart and Sting

Interviewer:Mike Tenay

Tenay:Thanks for joining us here Bret Hart and Sting.The main event of tonight’s WCW Monday Nitro will feature you guys against The Outsiders,any thoughts on that.

Bret: Well Mike,I’ve learnt a lot from my short time here in WCW,I learnt that if you mess with the nWo,you pay the price.But the nWo doesn’t know that Bret Hart is not a man to be screwed with.You see guys,I’ve been screwed a lot of times,but guess what The Hitman always came back and had the last laugh,now you guys think that you are on top just because I took a goddamn Jackknife,but tonight I will show you that Bret Hart didn’t come to WCW to fool around with the nWo,he came to do some serious business-and beating the crap out of the nWo is the first thing in the hit list of the Hitman.

Tenay:Anything about tonight’s Main Event Sting?

[The fans cheer massively as Sting takes the mike,he speaks very slowly.]

Sting:The Outsiders will be going down tonight,and at Souled Out so will the nWo.

[The fans cheer on Sting speaking.]

Tenay:Now,Bret we’ve all heard about the Huge Six Man Elimination match at Souled Out. Your thoughts on that?

Bret:Well when you take on guys like Hall and Nash,you can’t ask for better partners than Davey Boy or Larry.Both are seasoned veterans in the ring as well as technical wrestlers and they are too smart to fall into one of the so called nWo traps,and when you have The Excellence of The Execution,The Best there is ,The Best there was and The Best there will be to lead the pack- I don’t think you need to be a rocket scientist to predict that Hall and Nash’s little reign over wCw is coming to a crash landing at Souled Out.

Tenay: Bret,there IS a mystery third person-

Bret: Do you think there is anyone in the world of professional wrestling more dangerous and cunning than Hall and Nash.Yes there was Hulk Hogan,but me,Larry and Stinger personally made sure that he won’t be poking his nose into other people’s businesses-so I don’t care WHO that guy is-if The Hitman can take care of Hall and Nash,the third guy won’t be a problem.

Tenay: Speaking of Mystery, Davey Boy said that he would have a big announcement tonight. Any idea on that?

Bret: Well me and Davey spoke early today,and he said that he will come down tonight to make his announcement,you saw him sending a message to the nWo via the Jumbotron but he specifically mentioned that he will come in person,the night is not over yet and Davey is a man of his words,I think he is stuck in traffic, so-

[One of the production crews whispers something to Mike Tenay]

Tenay: Sorry for interrupting you Bret but we have just been informed by the Backstage staff that Davey Boys’ Limo has arrived on the Parking lot! We will take you LIVE backstage.

[We go backstage with the JumboTron, and the camera searches for a while and finds Davey Boy’s limo,The driver exits the car and opens the door of the limo and Out comes Davey Boy Smith! The fans applaud for Davey Boy,as he smiles to some of the backstage staff and heads to the locker-room.]

Tenay: Well there you have it folks,the thoughts of Bret Hart and Sting on our Main Event, and also the big news for the moment is Davey Boy has arrived. We are trying to get his thoughts as soon as possible,before he makes his announcement in person.We will back with the Main Event right after this.


[Commercial Break]

Main Event

Bret Hart and Sting vs The Outsiders

We are back and the match has already started,the announcers mentioned that Davey Boy stated that he will make his huge announcement right after our Main Event.Sting is working on Scott Hall.Sting with some decent hits to Hall.Sting goes for a backbreaker,Hall throws off Sting and hits a bulldog.Hall covers but Sting kicks out.Hall mocks to the crowd before tagging in Nash. Nash picks up and delivers a sidewalk slam to Sting.Nash kicks Sting repeatedly before picking him up and delivering another powerslam.Nash goes for the cover but Sting gets his shoulder off. Nash is not satisfied with referee Charles Robinson as he argues with him.Meanwhile Hall tries to sneak in but Bret Hart knocks Hall of the apron and we have Hart and Hall brawling outside the ring.Nick Patrick runs in and informs Robinson that he has been asked by the President of wCw to retire from the match,Robinson goes back as Nash picks up Sting and tries to work on him but Sting recovers and punches Nash.Sting now hits two kicks to Nash’s face,Nash covers up. Sting is now on offense as he nails Nash with a back-body drop.Meanwhile Hall and Hart are back up. Sting with a legdrop,Sting tries to slap in the Deathlock but Nash pushes off Sting.Sting is down, Nash now gets up and throws Sting into the buckle, and then attempts the DEADLY footchoke. Hall meanwhile slams some punches to the head of Sting.Sting is now isolated as The Outsiders double team at their will.Sting is in serious trouble as Nash makes a legal tag to Hall. Hall crashes Sting to the mat and locks Sting into a headlock. Sting escapes after grabbing the ropes, Hall now taunts Bret Hart who immediately grabs Hall’s head down and we have another Hall and Hart starts another brawl outside the ring.Hart takes control and smashes Hall’s head into the steel steps,then beckons for a tag with Sting-Patrick is meanwhile showing least interest in counting out Hall.Sting gets to Hart and here comes Hart and here comes Kevin Nash,and it appears that Nash is legal,although the legal man Hall is knocked out.Hart takes charge before Nash can bust some big moves on Hart.Hart with a huge suplex on Nash.Nash is down and Hart tries to lock in the Sharpshooter. Nash powers out and shrugs of Hart as Hart goes flying to a turnbuckle corner. Scott Hall is meanwhile back up and he punches Hall from outside.But Sting now goes after Hall and chases him all over the ringside.Nash meanwhile tries to mimic a Stinger splash on Hart, but Nash is too slow and Hart moves out of the way and Nash bangs to the turnbuckle. Hart climbs over Nash and starts the Ten Count Punch and finishes the sequence. Meanwhile Scott Hall has gone over the railing as Sting comes back. Hall is watching the wrestling from a safe distance. Hart tags in Sting,as Sting hits Nash with the Stinger splash. Hall now comes back to the ringside and looks like he has got a pair of brass knucks with him. Hall reaches up to the apron. Sting facebusters Nash.Sting covers 1..2... Hall breaks the count. Bret Hart, Sting and Scott Hall get into a big argument,as Nash quickly rolls out to ringside. Referee Nick Patrick orders Bret Hart to go back to the apron and Hall and Sting to grapple. Sting looks utterly confused as he asks referee about a tag. Sting argues with the referee as Bret Hart finds Nash lying down outside. Total confusion reigns in the ring as Randy Savage and Buff Bagwell makes their way to the ringside. Bret Hart tried to reason with them,but Bagwell and Savage began to double team Bret Hart, Sting tried to push aside Patrick and go down to help Bret but Hall struck Sting hard in his balls with the brass-knucks. Sting is in pain as Hall delivers The Outsiders Edge. Patrick makes a lightning fast count for the victory. Nash is meanwhile back-up and he orders Savage and Bagwell to hold Bret Hart for him. Nash gets a chair and busts open Bret Hart with a huge WHACK! A Four on two ensues on Sting and Bret Hart.

WINNER: The Outsiders as Scott Hall pinned Sting after using an International object (brass knucks)


With the nWo still beating the crap out of Sting and Bret Hart, some unknown music hits and OUT COMES Davey Boy and Larry Zybysko! Both are holding steel chairs as they whack Savage and Bagwell to start with to take them out of action.Then they brawl with The Outsiders. While Hall tried to apply the brass-knucks to Zybsyko again, Bret Hart recovered and snap-kicked Hall to his face. WCW was now in control as Sting to recovered and took control of Kevin slamming him down with a steel chair.WCW cleared the house and out came Curt Henning and Konnan to WALK straight into steel chair shots by Hart and Davey Boy. Sting locked Savage into the deathlock. Zybysko was pounding on Bagwell, Davey Boy was kicking down Hall and Hart was desperately punching Nash. The crowd was screaming at the top of their voices as Davey Boy took the mike.

Davey Boy: Tonight is the beginning of the end of the nWo. Guys,this is a beating which is nothing and I DO MEAN NOTHING in compared to what kind of beating you guys you are going to take at Souled Out. Davey Boy’s here in WCW and he along with Bret Hart,Larry Zybysko,Sting and countless other WCW superstars will kick your ass.

[Davey Boy drops the mike as Team WCW and the crowd celebrate,shots of beaten down nWo members are shown,Hall is down clutching is head-Nash is looking in disbelief,Savage and Bagwell are both down.Henning and Konnan are winding up after the chair shots and Nick Patrick is motionless.Bret Hart celebrates eventhough he is all bloody,his Bloody face gleaming with jubilation is the last shot we see before Nitro goes off the air.]




WWF RAW: 5.69

1998 Wars RAW 2 NITRO 0

P.S. I Hate the show bug.

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Guest UmpireAJS

WCW Thunder and Saturday Night Reports

Airing on 01-14-98 and 01-17-98 resp.

Both Taped on 01-13-98 from Skyhawk Arena in Martin,TN


1. Eric Bischoff makes Ghosts and Ghouls vs Harlem Heat rematch at Souled Out for the #1 contendership of the World Tag Team Titles 87

2. Goldberg squashed La Parka with the usual 65

3. The Flock attacks Dean Malenko backstage and sends a message to Chris Benoit. 69

4. The Dancing Fools [Ernest Miller,Disco Inferno and Alex Wright] over Eric Watts and The Can-Am Connection [Rick Martel and Tom Zenk] as Miller pinned Zenk after a Feliner. 64

5. Highlights from the Monday Nitro Main Event 88

6. Chris Jericho def. Juventud Guerrera after Guerrera tapped out to the Lion Tamer. Ultimo Dragon got involved in the match but Rey Mysterio equaled him. 79

7. Eric Bischoff visits backstage to find Scott Steiner and Offers Steiner a spot at the nWo! Steiner brushes of Eric Bischoff but seems to be worried.


8. Chris Benoit def. WCW Cruiserweight Champion Eddie Guerrero in a Non-Title match by DQ after Raven and Saturn interfered. Arn Anderson saves Benoit from the beating and offers himself as Benoit’s Partner and challenges Saturn and Raven at Souled Out,which The Flock accepts. 83

Overall Rating 78 Nielsen Rating 2.01


1. Highlights from The Main Event on Monday Nitro is shown. 92

2. Goldberg squashed Prince Iaueka with the usual 62

3. Marty Jannety shares his thoughts about the upcoming match with Kidman 61

4. Marty Jannetty pinned Kidman after a Rocker Dropper 59

5. Saturn destroys Norman Smiley backstage. 59

6. Saturn def. Norman Smiley by pinfall after a small package 68

7. David Flair and Eric Watts gets into each others faces, arguing about whose dad is the greatest,they end up challenging each other for a match at Nitro [i guess a dark match] 55

8. Psychosis def. Chavo Guerrero by pinfall after hitting The Sky Twister Press from the top rope. 69

Overall Rating 66 Nielsen Rating 2.01

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Guest UmpireAJS

420Wrestling.com Weekly WCW News

From January 11-17th

· Booker T is said to be very unhappy at the decision of the management to feud with Mortis. He feels that in order for him to climb up higher in the card, he should have feuded with someone like Raven,which would get him over-but now he has to get Mortis over. The Management on the other hand feels that Booker T is not ready to shoot for the top yet.

· Chris Benoit,Raven and Scott Steiner are all seen by the Management as next entrants in the US Title level. Word is that,a match involving this three and DDP has already been planned in the near future.

· Management is very pleased by the work of Eddie Guerrero and Chris Jericho. They now feel that they are too good for the Cruiserweight Division and are now ready for being elevated to the TV title level.Expect Guerrero to drop the title very soon.

· Arn Anderson’s supposed return to the ring is only said to be temporary as the management just wants to use this in order to apease Ric Flair who is in heavy legal battles with WCW.

· Louie Spicolli has injured his eye in a Dark Match,he will be out for around 2 months.

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Guest UmpireAJS

WCW Monday Nitro Preview

With only 6 days from nWo Souled Out, WCW Nitro comes to you LIVE From The Market Square Arena in Indianapolis,IN.

Tonight’s Main Event is going to be a massive Six-Man Tag Team Match featuring RANDY SAVAGE AND THE OUTSIDERS against BRET HART,DAVEY BOY SMITH AND STING. With All Six of them being involved in major matches at Souled Out, both the teams will want the momentum on their favour as they head out tonight. This will also be Davey Boy’s first WCW match after making a Shock Debut Last Week.

Speaking of shocks, ERIC BISCHOFF has promised that tonight he will name the third man who will join The Outsiders at Souled Out against Bret Hart,Davey Boy and Larry Zybysko. Tune in Nitro to found out Eric Bischoff’s shocking revelation.

The United States Champion DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE got destroyed by nWo last week. He will be seeking out for revenge as he takes on nWo member BUFF BAGWELL.

The Tag Team Champions THE STEINER BROTHERS are somewhat in a dillema. With a spot in the nWo offered to both the brothers and with their recent misunderstandings-can they focus against GHOSTS AND GHOULS in a Non-Title Match.The Ghosts and Ghouls will also have to watch their backs for HARLEM HEAT whom they will meet this Sunday for the #1 Contendership of the World Tag Team Titles.

Cruiserweight Champion EDDIE GUERRERO and Flock member RAVEN will unite tonight as they take on The Horsemen Combination of CHRIS BENOIT and DEAN MALENKO.

Speaking of the Cruiserweights- after their altercations at Thunder, ULTIMO DRAGON and REY MYSTERIO will battle one-on-one, the first thing tonight as they look forward take some advantage on their favour before the Big Eight Man Elimination match at Souled Out.

Confirmed Matches

· Ultimo Dragon vs Rey Mysterio

· Eddie Guerrero and Raven vs Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko

· Non Title Match: The Steiner Brothers vs Ghosts and Ghouls

· Non Title Match: Diamond Dallas Page vs Buff Bagwell

· Six Man Tag Main Event: Randy Savage and The Outsiders [nWo] vs Bret Hart, Davey Boy Smith and Sting [wCw]

All this and more will be LIVE ON TNT 8/7 CT from Market Square Arena in Indianapolis,IN. so don't miss it.

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The backstory was very original, though I don't think Bret, who knows what it's like to be screwed first hand, would screw someone else. The card for Souled Out looks good and so does that of Nitro. Maybe a flock member would be better to tag with Raven, but who am I to complain about Eddie being in a match?

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