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World Wrestling Federation 1991

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The focus of this diary is the World Wrestling Federation in 1991 after Wrestlemania VII, the format of results and everything else will be done in a newsletter type manner, without further adieu, here is my diary.

Wrestlemania VII Results

Sunday March-24-1991

Venue: Sports Arena in Los Angeles California

Dark Match

Koko B. Ware d The Brooklyn Brawler

PPV Matches

-The Rockers d Haku & The Barbarian

-Texas Tornado d Dino Bravo

-British Bulldog d The Warlord

-The Nasty Boys d The Hart Foundation for the WWF Tag Team Titles

-Jake Roberts d Rick Martel

-The Undertaker d Jimmy Snuka

-The Ultimate Warrior d Randy Savage

-Koji Kitao & Genichiro Tenryu d Demolition

-Big Bossman d Mr. Perfect

-Earthquake d Greg Valentine

-The Legion of Doom d Power & Glory

-Virgil d Ted DiBiase

-The Mountie d Tito Santana

-Hulk Hogan d Sgt. Slaughter for the WWF World Title


Hi, my name is Deion Porter, I' am a 20 year old student at the University of Virginia majoring in Print Journalism. I' am also a huge wrestling fan, growing up in Virginia I grew up in NWA country. My favorite superstar of the NWA was always Ricky Steamboat, because he was so fluient and smooth in the ring. Having many relatives who lived in the northeast U.S, I often went to WWF events during my visits to the northeast. Now all of my friends growing up always loved the WWF faces like Hogan, The Warrior and so and so, on the other hand always liked the heels in the WWF with Ted DiBiase and

Ravishing Rick Rude my favorites, I also liked guys like Randy Savage, Mr. Perfect and Rick Martel. There were some faces in the WWF that I liked such as The Hart Foundation, especially Bret and Tito Santana. Throughout my time in college I have been the head sports writer for the campus newspaper. From time to time I have wrote an article about wrestling, like the time I wrote about Starrcade 1988 which was held in Norfolk, Virginia. One night after a Virginia Cavalier basketball game some of my journalism buddies who also were wrestling fans and myself were in one of the student lounges shooting pool when we got to talking.

Me-"What 'yall think about the Royal Rumble?"

Andrew Powell-It was weak, the Rockers-Orient Express match wasn't bad but everything else sucked, espeically The Warrior losing to Slaughter."

Isaac Ward-"At least Hogan won the Rumble, hopefully he can take the title off Slaughter."

Maurice Porter (Deion's twin brother)-"At least my boys, Shawn and Marty won. DP I know you happy seeing your boy Savage cost the Warrior the title."

Me-"Of course, it was great when he hit The Warrior in the head with that septor, as Bobby Heenan would say, Savage waffled The Warrior."

The conversation continued like this for a few games until Andy came up with an idea, a weekly newsletter talking about the wrestling world mainly the WWF the could be given to students on campus and people in the city of Charlottesville, VA (Where UVA is located) who are wrestling fans. After some more talking we decided that are first newsletter would be given out after Wrestlemania VII. The name of the newsletter, the CWR which stands for Cavalier Wrestling Report.

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The Men Of The World Wrestling Federation

by Deion Porter & Maurice Porter

The World Wrestling Federation is comprised of many different individuals ranging from muscle men like Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, The British Bulldog and The Warlord to name a few, smaller guys who rely on quickness and speed like Bret Hart, The Rockers Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannety, and The Orient Express Kato and Tanaka, and one giant, the 8th Wonder of The World, Andre the Giant. Every wrestler plays a different part whether it be a headliner or a bum who always loses, and I will detail all of the various types of wrestlers.

The headliners are the wrestlers who usually main event the shows, the two headliners in the WWF are The Immortal Hulk Hogan who is idolized all over the world who believe in his say your prayers and eat your vitamins routine. The other headliner is The Ultimate Warrior who paints his face and runs wild in the ring. Both of them are good guys. The only bad guy that can be somewhat seen as a headliner is Sgt. Slaughter who is an American turncoat that symphasizes with Iraq that has gone against both Hogan and The Warrior.

The second group of wrestlers are the ones who are right below that headliner status. The wrestler in the WWF that fits into that field is Mr. Perfect. Perfect is a bad guy who is very cocky, he truly belives that he is a perfect man.

The next group of wrestlers are the middle of the road guys. They usually fight in the middle of the card, they usually beat the lower guys and lose to the guys higher up on the card. I will start off with the good guys. Animal and Hawk are powerful men that wear face paint and spikes on their shoulders as they form The Legion of Doom. The Big Bossman is the police officer of the WWF, that keeps bad guys in line. The Hart Foundation are the team of Bret "The Hitman" Hart and Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart. Bret is one of the best wrestlers in thw WWF while Neidhart is the power man of the team. The British Bulldog is a power house from England. Jake "The Snake" Roberts is a mysterious man that is famous for bringing his snake Damien to every match and the DDT which is his finishing move. Hacksaw Jim Duggan is a big man who loves two things, the U.S.A and his 2x4 that has been used on many men. "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka is from the Fiji Islands and is know worldwide for his Superfly Splash. The Texas Tornado is Texan who is loved by the fans. Virgil is a man that has turned over a new leaf in past months, he went from being the bodyguard for Ted DiBiase to defeating him at Wrestlemania VII.

The bad guys in this field will start off with Demolition, Smash and Crush are like a bad version of The Legion of Doom. Dino Bravo is a very, very powerful man who beats opponents with brute strength. Earthquake a man who weighs a lot and when he comes down on his opponent it is a 6 on the richter scale. Rick "The Model" Martel is a great athlete who lets everyone know how great he looks. "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase is a great wrestler who is a rich snob. The Warlord is another huge man who uses brute strength to win matches. The Undertaker is one scary individual, he's emotionless, he looks like he hasn't slept in a week, and he feels no pain.

The next group of wrestlers are the guys near the bottom who are above the jobbers. The good guys in this field include the fun loving tag team of Luke and Butch, The Bushwhackers who like to lick people. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine is a veteran who hammers on his opponents. Jim Powers is a guy trying to find a nitch in the WWF. Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannety are two guys who the girls love and are the most exciting tag team in the WWF, and they form The Rockers. Tito Santana is a fan favorite who has done a lot in his long run in the WWF but seems to have be fading off in recent years. Hillbilly Jim is a country hillbilly.

The Nasty Boys, Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags are a pair of slobs. Kato and Tanaka are two men from Japan who are very quick and are known as The Orient Express. Power and Glory is the team of Hercules and Paul Roma, Herc is the muscle and Roma is the speed of the team. Haku and The Barbarian are two brutes who team up with each other. The Mountie is a law officer from Canadian that likes to serve his brand of justice by shocking people with a cattle prod. Earthquake and Typhoon are The Natural Distasters and are the biggest team in the WWF by far.

The openers are guys usually in the first or maybe second match of the card. Koko B. Ware is a god guy who is known as "The Birdman" and can always be seen with his bird Frankie. Samba Simba is a good guy who is tribe man from Africa. Shane Douglas is a good guy and a young talent in the WWF.

The jobbers are the last group of wrestlers, they are the ones who always lose and always get beat up. Barry Hardy, Bob Bradley, Brooklyn Brawler, Chris Stanley, Chris Walker, Iron Mike Sharpe, Italian Stallion, Reno Riggins, and Kevin Krueger are always on the losing end of things.

Not everyone in the WWF is a wrestler, Rowdy Piper a crazy Scotsman and "Macho Man" Randy Savage who's probably as crazy as Piper are two good guys who do commentary work on T.V. Andre The Giant a man who is 7'4 500 pounds shows up from time to time to help out the other good guys. Jack Tunney is the President of The WWF, who makes the tough decisions. Bobby "The Brain" Heenan known as The Weasel who is a commentator on T.V.

Speaking of Heenan, the WWF has plenty of people who manage wrestlers. Every manager is a bad guy or girl, depending on who it is. Jimmy Hart, Mr. Fuji, Brother Love, General Adnan, Sensational Sherri, and The Dr. Of Style Slick round out the managers in the WWF.

Champions of The WWF

by Isaac Ward

The WWF has three championship belts and one unofficial WWF belt, the WWF World Title, The Intercontinental Title, The WWF Tag Team Titles and The Million Dollar Title. The WWF World Champion is Hulk Hogan who won the belt for a third time at Wrestlemania from Sgt. Slaughter. The WWF Intercontinental Champion is Mr. Perfect who won the title in November from The Texas Tornado making this his second title reign. The Nasty Boys shocked the world by winning the WWF Tag Team Titles from The Hart Foundation at Wrestlemania VII. The unofficial title in the WWF is the Million Dollar Title held and created by Ted DiBiase.

Weekend Recap

by Andrew Powell

The headlines of the week were Bobby Heenan retiring from managing. Heenan said he wants to spend all his time being the best "broadcast journalist" in the world. The Legion of Doom made it known to everyone that The Nasty Boys are on their target list. Sgt. Slaughter intends to introduce a new member to his reigme and Jack Tunney promised a surprise to the fans on today's edition of Prime Time Wrestling.

Prime Time Wrestling Preview

by Maurice Porter

Jack Tunney promised a suprise and that will be found out tonight. Sgt. Slaughter may introduce his newest ally. WWF Champion Hulk Hogan will be on the show. The feature contests include The Undertaker against Greg Valentine, Demolition against The Rockers, and The British Bulldog vs The Mountie.

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Prime Time Wrestling For 4/1/91 Recap

by Maurice Porter

The show kicked off with Reno Riggins in the ring, Tito Santana is his opponent tonight and got a nice reception as he made his way to the ring. Santana made quick work of Riggins as he hit the Flying Jalapeno to pick up the victory.

As the show came back from commercial clips from Superstars of The Legion of Doom setting their sights on The Nasty Boys are shown.

That was a prelude to the next match which featured L.O.D as they were opposed by Iron Mike Sharpe and The Brooklyn Brawler. Sharpe and The Brawler weren't much opposition as L.O.D ran roughshot through the pair winning the match with the Doomsday Device.

After the commercial break Paul Roma was led to the ring by Slick, the music of the Hart Foundation hit and Bret Hart came to the ring. Hart and Roma were both without their respective partners, a decent match that went back and forth ended when Hart made Roma submit to a move that Gorilla Moonson called The Sharpshooter.

After another commercial break the music of Sgt. Slaughter hit as General Adnen Iraqi flag and all led the former World Champion to the ring. The duo got into the ring and Slaughter picked up a microphone. Slaughter introduced Colonel Mustafa, Mustafa got into the ring and declared the trio The Triangle of Terror.

The next match pitted the veteran Greg Valentine against the deadman himself, The Undertaker with Brother Love. Valentine hit The Undertaker with some hard shots but they didn't even seem to phase him, after taking what Valentine could dish out Taker went on the offensive and picked up the victory after the Tombstone Piledriver.

After the break cameras were in the office of WWF President Jack Tunney. Tunney made his major annoucement and it was a big one, he announced the return of Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat to the WWF. Steamboat appeared to sign a contract and Tunney said Steamboat would be in action next week on Prime Time Wrestling.

The next match pitted Demolition against every teenage girls favorite team, The Rockers. The match was a solid contest that went back and forth as Demolition used it's strength while The Rockers used a variety of quick double team manuvers that have earned them the reputation as tag team specialists. The end came when Crush accidently hit Smash leaving him at the mercy of The Rockers who finished him off with the Double Flying Fist Drop.

Mean Gene Okerlund was back in the locker room with The Mountie and Jimmy Hart. The pair briefly spoke about The Mountie's upcoming match-up with The British Bulldog. The pair did spend a lot of time taking about The Big Bossman saying The Mountie was the real law and order of the WWF.

The match between The Bulldog and Mountie was the last of the night, Hart made The Bulldog knew he was at ringside as he interfered on a few occassions giving The Mountie advantages throughout the match, however help from The Mouth of The South wasn't enough as The Bulldog picked up the victory with the Running Powerslam.

The show ended with Hulk Hogan coming out to the ring, of course when Hogan came out the roof went off the arena. Hogan spent the next few minutes taking about possible contenders for his title and so on, when all of a sudden a masked man came out from the crowd, into the ring and waffled Hogan with a chair to the back of Hogan. The man hit Hogan a few more times with the chair leaving Hogan on the ground in pain. The main took off his mask to reveal himself to be Ravishing Rick Rude. Rude picked Hogan up and hit the Rude Awakeningon Hogan as Prime Time Wrestling went off the air.

Thoughts On The Show

by Deion Porter

The show overall was a good show. Seeing the return of Rude and the debut of Steamboat were surprising and great. Rude and Steamboat have always been favorites of mine and to see them back is great, especially seeing Rude beatdown Hogan. It was also nice to see Bret Hart in singles action, even though The Hart Foundation are great I would love to see more of Bret in singles action. Bulldog-Mountie, Hart-Roma, Demolition-Rockers, Taker-Valentine were all solid matches and surprise debuts made the show into a good one.

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I read this earlier and liked it, I like easy to read results and you make them pretty good. anyways I The Rockers winning even though I hate Marty Jannetty with a passion. I also think that Undertaker already had Paul Bearer with him around WMVII. Liking this so far and looking forward to reading more shows. Rude/Hogan should be good but I'd love to see Hogan/Warrior part II happen sometime in the future since the WWF could have made alot of money with that match. Keep up the good work man :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the feedback and you are right, Taker did have Paul Bearer, I just watched Wrestlemania VII and he did have Bearer and I have corrected that.


Wrestling Challenge Recap

by Isaac Ward

The show kicked off with Reno Riggins in the ring awaiting his opponent, out from the back came Jake Roberts with Damien in a sack. Roberts got into the ring and was very very agressive, even breaking a few rules. The end of the match came when Roberts hit the DDT to pick up the victory.

The next part of the show was Jim Neidhart in the back to do an interview with Sean Mooney, he acknowledged that the Hart Foundation were indeed going their seperate ways but he wished Bret all of the best in the future. He went on to bring out his new partner, Owen Hart who is the younger borther of Bret. He said this is the formation of The New Foundation.

The New Foundation immediatly had a match and the looked very sharp against the team of Brooklyn Brawler and Bob Bradley. The Anvil used his power while Owen displayed some impressive aerial moves. The end of the match came when the Anvil hit Bradley with a Powerslam to pick up the victory.

Up next was Dino Bravo against Samba Simba. To start off what kind of character is Samba Simba but that's for another time. Both men exchanged some power moves with Bravo picking up the victory in the end with the Side Suplex

Slick led the mighty Hercules to the ring chain and all around Herc's neck. His opponent was Hacksaw Jim Duggan 2x4 with him. The match could of been more interesting if both men used their weapons but they didn't, the match was mainly a punch affair with Duggan hitting the Old Glory Knee Drop to pick up the victory.

Bret Hart was backstage with Sean Mooney, Hart said same things The Anvil said earlier about the Hart Foundation situation. Hart went on to say he hopes his singles career can be as good as his tag career and down the road he would love to face Mr. Perfect one-on-one.

The next contest pitted the Texas Tornado against Sgt. Slaughter with General Adnan and Colonel Mustufa in his corner. Dispite the disadvantage the Tornado held his own and was on the verge of winning unitl Rick Martel came out to ringside and distracted the Tornado, why he did this, no one knows but it allowed Slaughter to Roll-Up the Tornado for the victory.

The main event for the night was The Ultimate Warrior vs The Barbarian. Both men spent the match exchanging power shots back and forth, The Warrior picked up the victory after a Gorilla Press.

Other News From Other Wrestling Companies by Andy Powell

WCW which is known as World Championship Wrestling is seen to be behind the WWF in terms of wrestling popurlarity. With this is mind they signed some workers who could help them compete against the WWF. USWA- the United States Wrestling Association had Jerry "The King" Lawler and Eddie Gilbert signed by WCW. WCW also signed former WWF superstar The Dynamite Kid, and the last of their signings was Black Tiger, a man who is very well known in Japan. All four of these men made their debuts on the WCW Saturday Night show.

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Good show, Glad you're going to be using Rick Martel and hopefully you won't be jobbing him out to Texas Tornado. I have to wonder how'll you'll be using Slaughter now since he had his big blowoff with Hogan at WMVII and wasn't the war over already? Anyways good show looking forward to more.

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Not to give away too much but Martel won't be jobbed, if he loses it will be in a manner that makes him and the Tornado look good. Slaughter won't be jobbed and in trying to keep some realness I'm not got just put Slaughter out to the curve, in real life even though the war was over that angle with Slaughter ran to Summerslam 91.


Superstars Recap

by Andy Powell

Superstars started off with The Warlord being led by Slick taking on Barry Hardy. The Warlord displayed some impressive power as he threw Hardy around like a rag-doll picking up the victory with the Full-Nelson. much to the joy of the Slickster.

Sean Mooney caught up with WWF Intercontinental Champion Mr. Perfect in the locker room and asked his for his thoughts about Bret Hart's statements on Wrestling Challenge. Perfect responded by saying Hart hasn't beat anyone and Hart needs to work his way up the ladder before even thinking about getting in the ring with Mr. Perfect.

Jimmy Hart led the WWF Tag Team Champions The Nasty Boys out to the ring, their opponents for the match were The Italian Stallion and Chris Walker. The champs made short work of the pair picking up the victory with the Pit Stop. Afterwards Hart yelled in the mega phone L.O.D doesn't want a part of The Nasty Boys.

Ted DiBiase was shown at his spring resisdence, he talked about Virgil for a few minutes saying he brought him up and he will take him back down even quicker, DiBiase gave his famous laugh as Superstars went to commerical break.

Speaking of Virgil his match was next as he went one-on-one with Barry Hardy. Virgil showed off some good athletisim as picked up the victory via the Million Dollar Dream.

Young Shane Douglas was in the ring as he awaited WWF Intercontinental Champion Mr. Perfect for their upcoming match. Douglas made a decen showing of himself getting some offense off but in the end it was enough as Pefrect won the match with the Perfect-Plex.

Backstage Sean Mooney was with the Big Bossman. Bossman called The Mountie a fraud and embarsement to the real officers of the law and when he gets his hands on The Mountie, he will serve some hard time.

The main event for the night pitted The Bossman against the always dangerous Haku. The match was solid as the two big men brawled it out with each other with the Bossman picking up the victory after a Boss Man Slam.

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Guest Prototype

Pretty good so far. I like the quick results, but I hope its a little more detailed when angles begin to play out. Hogan/Rude should be a good, interesting feud. Interested to see where you take Slaughter, Warrior, and Jake Roberts. Personally, I hope the Snake becomes a big time player.

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Good show, Don't know about having Hart/Perfect just yet because like Perfect said

"Hart hasn't beat anyone and Hart needs to work his way up the ladder before even thinking about getting in the ring with Mr. Perfect."

Hart needs more build up to challenge for the IC title in my view since back then it actually meant something unlike now.

Anyways good to see Big Bossman picking up a win, If Mountie/Bossman does happen it should be good....

keep it up man :D

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Thanks for all the feedback.


Prime Time Wrestling For 4/8/1991 Recap

by Deion Porter

PTW kicked out with the Texas Tornado in action, his opponent was the Brooklyn Brawler. Tornado was a little cautious in the sense he was looking out to see if Rick Martel would try another sneak attack, Martel didn't and the Tornado focused on the match putting the Brawler away with The Claw.

After the victory the Tornado as for a microphone and Howard Finkel gave him his. Tornado got on the mic and told Martel, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

The next match pitted Shane Douglas against The Undertaker led to the ring by Paul Bearer. Douglas tried and tried but everytime he hit Taker it didn't phase the dead man, it just seemed to annoy him. Taker decided enough was enough and finished Douglas off with the Tombstone Piledriver to pick up another victory.

Bret Hart was up next and his opponent was Kevin Krueger. Bret is trying working his way up the singles ladder to hopefully face Mr. Perfect. A note to Bret, your one of my favorites but you gotta face some tougher guys to move up the ladder. The match itself showed off Hart's wrestling ability and his precise execution as he finished off Krueger with the Sharpshooter.

Mr. Fuji led his Orient Express team to the ring, their opponents for the night wass The Legion of Doom. This was the best match of the night as the Express used their speed and martial arts skill to give L.O.D a good run for their money. Knowing a loss could hurt then in their quest to get a Tag Title shot, L.O.D took it to another level and in the end overpowered The Express picking up the victory after the Doomsday Device

Back in the locker room Gene Okerlund was with Jimmy Hart and The Nasty Boys who were watching the previous match. Hart said L.O.D didn't impress him of the Nasty Boys and it would take a lot more then that performance to get a Tag Title shot.

Paul Roma was in the ring with Slick, when Ricky Steamboat made his way to the ring. This would be Steamboat's first match in the WWF in a number of years and he looked good. Roma got some offense in focusing on the back of Steamboat but The Dragon showed his greatness fighting through the pain and picking up the victory after hitting the Flying Cross Body from the top rope.

PTW showed some footage that was recorded over the weekend. Vince McMahon was at the home of Hulk Hogan to interview him about the attack from Ravishing Rick Rude. Hogan said he was a little sour especially his ribs due to the chair shots, but that wouldn't stop him from coming back to even the score with Rude. He goes on to say Rude doesn't know what he's gotten himself into because with all the Hulkamanicas behind him, Rude will find out how powerful of a force that Hulkamania truly is.

Speaking of Rick Rude, he had the next match. Before the match started Rude took the mic as he usually does and said his bit, but when he was finished he said if Hogan was such a man he would of been here to face me. As for the match Rude went one-on-one with Jim Powers and made short work of him picking up the victory after the Rude Awakening.

The next contest was between Tito Santana and a man who Mr. Fuji brought over from Japan, the announcers said his name was Muta and he had a major league track record throughout the world. The match itself was a good match, Santana can go with the best and Muta displayed some impressive moves.

The main event for this installment of PTW pitted two powerhouses against each other, The Ultimate Warrior and Haku. The Warrior picked up the victory via the Gorilla Press. While celebrating his victory Jake "The Snake" Roberts came into the ring and out of nowhere, he hit DDT on the Warrior. The fans were booing even harder after Roberts hit another DDT.

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Not a bad start, as the shows are pretty realistic for the time, with lots o' jobbers and promos. I'd try to write out the promos, but it might look a bit odd in a newsletter format.

--Just make sure not to double-book people, as poor Barry Hardy got his ass handed to him by Warlord AND Virgil on Superstars. Sure, the matches that we saw on TV back in the day may have been from different live events, but we didn't see the same guy twice.

--Liking the idea of Rude v. Hogan.

--Bummer about Dynamite going to WCW.

--Hoping for one World title run for DiBiase.

--Finally, it seems the Tito-Muta match was good, which is to be expected...but who won? I'm assuming Muta, but you never did specify.

Once again, a fine start. Keep it up, and don't be afraid to get a little more detailed.

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Wrestling Challenge For 4/13/1991 Recap

by Andy Powell

WC kicked off with Jamie Magnum and Todd Becker in the ring, their opponents for the evening were the biggest team by far in the WWF, the Natural Disasters lead to the ring by Jimmy Hart. Earthquake and Typhoon did as they wanted and picked up the victory after Earthquake hit the Aftershock.

Sean Mooney was in the locker room with Virgil, Virgil spoke about Ted DiBiase, saying Wrestlemania wasn't a fluke and due to the advice his new friend Rowdy Piper was giving him he is more then ready to beat DiBiase again.

Virgil came out of the locker room to face Tom Bennett. Virgil showed off some boxing like manuvers that the announcers said Piper taught Virgil and won the match with the Million Dollar Dream.

Jimmy Hart led another client out to the ring in the form of Canadian strong man Dino Bravo, Bravo would go one-on-one with Tito Santana. Bravo jumped Santana and gained the advantage for most of the match, however Bravo got a bit cocky and Santana took advantage as hit the Flying Jalapeno out of nowhere to pick up the victory.

Koko. B Ware along with Frankie made their way to the ring, Koko's opponent for the night was Muta led to the ring by Mr. Fuji. Koko did get some offense in but it wasn't enough as Muta's combination of speed and impact moves proved to be too much for The Birdman as Muta picked up the victory via the Moonsault.

Sgt. Slaughter and Colonel Mustafa were backstage with Sean Mooney for an interview. The duo said that The Triangle of Terror would launch a raid of terror on the WWF. Slaughter went on to exercise his rematch clause for the WWF Title. The match will be Hulk Hogan vs Sgt. Slaughter for the WWF Title at Saturday Night Main Event on April, 28, 1991.

Luke and Butch licked their way to the ring to face the team of Slaughter and Mustafa. Slaughter and Mustafa came to the ring with General Adnan waving the Iraqi flag as he usually does. The Bushwackers proved to be no pushovers confusing Slaughter and Mustafa with their distinctive style. Slaughter and Mustafa got it together and picked up the victory when Slaughter forced Butch to submit to the Camel Clutch.

The main event for the night placed "The Model" Rick Martel one-on-one against Shawn Michaels. Michaels was flying solo tonight due to the fact that Marty Jannety was under the weather. Michaels looked very good as he took a lot of the first to Martel. Michaels demonstrated some great moves and nearly pulled off the upset on numerous occasions. In the end Martel used his expierence to his advantage to pick up the victory as he pinned Michaels using the ropes as leverage.

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Superstars Recap For 4/14/1991

by Isaac Ward

Saba Simba, no comment about him started off the show against The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase who was led to the ring by Sensational Sherri. DiBiase put on a wrestling clinic but Simba used his power to make things interesting, however the momentum didn't last as DiBiase locked on the Million Dollar Dream showing Virgil how it's supposed to be done to pick up the victory.

Comments by Jimmy Hart along with The WWF Tag Team Champions The Nasty Boys were shown. Hart offered the Legion of Doom something, the offer was if they could beat The Natural Disasters at The Saturday Night Main Event that they wuold get a title shot against The Nasty Boys. He went of to say, the titles will be on the line at the Main Event as The Nasties would defend the belts against The Rockers.

In the next match The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith made short work of Bob Bradley in a match that highlighted his power atributes. Davey won the match with the Running Powerslam.

Jimmy Snuka made his first appearance in the ring since Wrestlemania VII and looked sharp against Frankie DeFalco. The Superfly made short work of DeFalco finshing him off with the Superfly Splash to pick up the victory.

The Dr. Of Style Slick led his guys Power & Glory into a match with the New Foundation, Owen Hart and Jim The Anvil Neidhart. P&G being the more expierenced team controlled a lot of match dispite flurries of power from Neidhart and speed from Hart. In the end those flurries happened more often as the Foundation put it all together picking up the victory following the Hart Attack.

Back in the bowels of the arena Lord Alfred Hayes had the unenvyable task of interview The Undertaker who was with Paul Bearer. Bearer did the talking, most of it focusing on Taker's upcoming match against Hillbilly Jim.

Hillbilly Jim is a big man, he is a powerful man and when he hits someone they feel it. Well, except for The Undertaker. Jim hit Taker with some good shots and though a few seemed to have a slight effect the dead man just fought them off picking up Jim and Tombstone Piledrivering Jim into the mat covering him for the victory.

The main event for the night was The Model Rick Marte and The Mountie with Jimmy Hart going against Tito Santana and the Texas Tornado. Santana and Martel have more love lost as the showed that brawling with other for a good portion of the match. The end of the match came with the referee trying to break up Santana and The Mountie on the outside of the ring, Martel picked up the cattle prod and stuck it into the ribs of the Tornado. Martel would cover the Tornado for the victory. After the match The Mountie was set to shock Santana when the Big Bossman came to the ring and cleared house with the nightstick.

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