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WWE - where's the competition?

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Guest srfcdp

WWE - where's the competition?


Mr. McMahon arrives at the TNA Asylum just after they had gone off the air for the TNA PPV. McMahon goes to see Jerry Jarrett the TNA owner. After some looking Mr. McMahon finds Jerry's office at the Asylum and knocks on the door. Jerry opens the door and looks shell shocked. Regardless of the shock Jerry lets Vince in.

Jerry: "Mr. McMahon what can I do for you?"

Vince: "It's actually what I can do for you. You see Jerry as I understand it TNA are in a bit of debt at the moment aren't you? You see trying to compete with my company in the ratings is killing you isn't it?"

Jerry: "Yes you're right there Vince. We are being killed competing with you and the banks are closing in the debt's at the end of the week. I don't know what to do."

Vince: "Well I've got a business proposal for you. I think you'll find it more than generous."

Vince pulls out a pile of papers, the business proposal and hands it to Jerry. Jerry spends the next half-hour reading through it, even checking the fine print. After a while Jerry speaks up.

Jerry: "So basically this is a buy out? What's going to happen to my roster?"

Vince: "Well Jerry I'm a generous man - basically most of you're roster will join up with the WWE and we'll have another roster draft. This is what my writers propose for you're talent."

Jerry looks over the character development sheets and nods approvingly at many bits of it.

Jerry: "So this is basically the new roster split and gimmicks for my TNA stars."

Vince: "Basically yes - oh yeah and I forgot to mention you are going to be offered a job as well. I want you to be a senior member of the booking team, but not as head writer. What do you think of that?"

Jerry: "I think it's brilliant Vince. I've got a staff meeting tomorrow about the financial situation, with absolutely everyone. I'll ask them about the proposal and I'll phone you back tomorrow with my answer."

Vince: "OK then here's my number. I'll be waiting for your call."

Vince gets up and leaves the Asylum in his black limo. He phones up his wife and tells her that phase one of the take over is complete.

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Guest srfcdp

This is not based on EWR or TEW that's why it's here.

Last time I put it in the Diary Dome (on EWB3) I got warned for it - I ain't making that mistake again.

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Guest srfcdp

TNA Talent Meeting

The TNA talent make their way into a room and they all sit around various tables in groups. There is a stage at the front of the room with the TNA logo on the front of a wooden podium. The podium has a microphone on it. Everyone is noisy and then Jerry Jarrett makes his way into the room. It immediately becomes silent and people turn their chairs around so they can see their boss. Jerry slowly makes his way up to the podium dressed as smart as ever. He pauses before he speaks. Meanwhile there is talking on Jeff's table.

Russo: "Hey Jeff, do you know if you're dad's sorted something out?"

Jeff: "Vince I have no idea. He was as white as a sheet when he got home last night. It was as though he'd seen a ghost. Wait my dad's about to speak."

Jerry: "Thank you all for coming here today. Now is anybody missing?"

Don Callis: "Jonathan Figueroa phoned me to tell you he'd be late. He's stuck in traffic unfortunately."

Jerry: "You mean Amazing Red? How long will he be?"

Callis: "About five minutes."

Jerry: "Oh well we may as well wait for him.

A few minutes later Amazing Red arrives at the office, apoligises and takes a seat next to Roddy Piper.

Jerry: "Right now then everyone as I was saying before, thank you for coming today. I'm sure you all know why we're here." Everyone nods their head "Because we need to find a way of clearing our debts by the end of the week, or TNA is history. Any ideas?"

Raven: "What about asking the fans to contribute?"

Jerry: "Do you think they can cough up $60 million in a week?"

Raven: "Ah good point, no I don't think so. Anyone else got any ideas?"

Everyone shakes their head.

Jerry: "There is only one alternative then. I'll have to accept Vince McMahon's takeover bid else I will be in even more debt."

Muttering breaks out immediately in the TNA meeting.

AJ Styles: "Jerry, if you accept this takeover what'll happen to us?"

Jerry: "I'm glad you asked me that AJ, you see everyone who's in this room at the moment will be signed up by WWE and will automatically get a 10% pay rise on their current TNA deal. In fact the WWE writers have been busy preparing pushes and gimmicks for all you lot. If I can get you (points to a TNA assisstant) to give out the sheets to everyone then everyone can see what is planned for themselves."

For the next half an hour Jerry answers the TNA talent's questions as best as he could. Then he speaks up.

Jerry: "Right then is everyone satisfied with the deal?" (Everyone nods) "So then we'll all need to be at the Titan Towers in Greenwich tomorrow afternoon. We'll leave here for the Titan Towers at 7am. We'll use the private TNA plane - probably for the last time."

Everyone leaves the meeting in a happier mood. Jerry then calls Vince back to tell him that the talent will be over at the Titan Towers to sign the contract tomorrow afternoon and the deal can be finalised. Vince then calls up the WWE writers for an emergency meeting.

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Guest srfcdp

WWE Writers Meeting

A mahogany table sits in the middle of one of the WWE's boardrooms at the Titan Towers. Present at this meeting are Brian Gewirtz, Michael Hayes, Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Ed Koskey for RAW and Bruce Prichard, David Lagana, Dan Madigan, Paul Heyman, Stephanie McMahon and Dominick Pagliaro for Smackdown. Also seated are Phil Livingston (Chief Financial Officer), Ed Cohen (Senior Vice President of Event Booking), Tom Barreca (Senior Vice President, WWE Enterprises), Kevin Dunn (Executive Vice President of TV Production), Kurt Schneider (Executive Vice President of Marketing), Jim Ross (Executive Vice President of Business Strategies), Peter Clifford (Vice President of Affiliate Sales), Basil DeVito (Senior Advisor of Marketing), Ed Kaufman (General Counsel) Shane McMahon (Executive Vice President of Global Media) and Vince McMahon then makes his way in and sits at the head of the table along with his wife Linda.

Lagana: "So Vince are you going to tell us why we've been called into this emergency meeting?"

Vince: "Right well then as you know I wasn't here the other day. This is due to a how should I put it? Hmmm...I was on a business meeting, so how did things run without me?"

Shane: "Things ran as smooth as ever dad, but are you going to tell us about this business meeting you were at, or do we have to guess?"

Vince: "OK I'll tell you. The other day I was in Tennessee, more specifically I was at the TNA Asylum, trying to buy out TNA, and I'm pleased to say that last night Jerry Jarrett phoned me up to say that he'd accepted my proposal. This means that TNA is verbally dead!"

Stephanie: "So when are you going to offically sign the contract?"

Vince: "Jerry and the TNA roster are flying over right now, to sign their contracts. Now then this brings me to the next part of the meeting. We need a new roster split. Here's the roster. Each of you should split it up accordingly onto a new RAW and Smackdown. I'll be back in an hour. Each of you have a go and I'll judge the best one. Oh yeah I forgot to mention the winner will become the head writer will become head booker for three months."

For the next hour the writers, and other executives come up with their plans for the roster split. During this hour Jerry Jarrett and the TNA talent arrive at the Titan Towers. They are taken into an executive room and asked to wait as they'll sign their own contracts one by one. Jerry is taken upstairs to Vince's office. Vince asks Jerry and his attorney to sit down. They take Vince up on his offer and take a seat. They look around the office and see various pictures hanging on the walls. Vince gets his assistant to bring in the papers. A few minutes later Vince's very attractive 20 year old assistant hands Vince the papers. He then hands these papers to Jerry and his attorney. For nearly half an hour Jerry and his attorney talk the contract over before Jerry signs on the dotted line. Vince then tells Jerry that if he wants to he could go to the meeting as well. Jerry agrees and Vince asks if Jerry wants to participate in the little competition. Jerry agrees and does his version of the draft and hands it to Vince. Vince nods agreeingly at most of it and then tells Jerry that it's going to be hard to beat. They then leave for the boardroom.

Vince opens the door to the boardroom to see that they are discussing why they've done the draft the way they have. Jerry then follows Vince in and the room falls silent.

Vince: "As you lot know this is Jerry Jarrett the now former TNA owner. He's going to be joining the booking team. Now then lets have a look at he drafts you've done."

Gerwitz: "We've decided to help you out Vince. You see we feel that Stephanie's is best and it really is very even."

Vince: "Well then it looks like we have two contenders then. You see I asked Jerry if he wanted to do one and he did. Lets see what you lot think. Go ahead Jerry."

For the next ten minutes Jerry explains his roster split in some detail and then when he finished the room fell silent. Vince then spoke up

Vince: "Well then I can't vote and neither can the two competitors. Its time for you to vote for your favourite one. We'll do it by secret ballot. So go ahead and vote."

The people then vote for the best one. Vince counts up the final scores as Jerry and Stephanie look on in a nervous state of mind.

Vince: "And the final score is very close. It's 10-9 to JERRY. Congratulations Jerry Jarrett you are the new head booker of this company, at least for three months."

Applause breaks out immediately and Jerry is welcomed to the WWE. Not a bad change from owner of the second biggest company in America to head booker of the biggest in the world, is it?

Please note that Jerry's reign will start on draft night - in other words the second RAW in this diary

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Guest srfcdp

user posted image

Preview - 7th June 2004

You can't miss RAW this week. Mr. McMahon has promised a huge announcement for this Monday night. When Mr. McMahon has a huge announcement to deliver he never fails. What could this one be - will Eric Bischoff be fired?

Also announced for RAW is a rematch from last week Eugene vs. William Regal. Will Eugene gain his revenge on his former manager. One thing's for certainEugene will have the crowd behind him.

RAW will also see the return of the great one - The Rock. What will the Rock say when he arrives at the arena?

Also announced for this week a diva's tag team match. Gail Kim and Molly Holly vs. Victoria and Lita. The special sipulation here is that if Victoria submits then Gail Kim will become the Women's Champion, however if she gets pinned then she retains the title.

The main event will see Triple H take on Edge. What will happen in this match especially with HBK back off suspension and in the same arena?

All of this, as well as the fallout from a blockbuster Monday Night RAW last week at 9/8 PM CT Monday night on Spike TV.

source - wwe.com

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Guest srfcdp

user posted image

Results – 7th June 2004

Live from Memphis, Tennessee, and live on Spike TV

Commentators – Jim Ross and Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler

The RAW pyros explode and we are live from Memphis, Tennessee. The camera scans through the crowd and many people have signs for their home town hero – the King. There are also quite a few signs for Eugene and various other superstars as well.

Eugene vs. William Regal

Eugene makes his way out first and receives a fairly loud pop. He waves to the crowd on his way to the ring. Regal comes out next to new music and slowly makes his way to the ring. He climbs up the ring steps and wipes his feet on the apron as usual. They lock up and the bell sounds

Nice match here full of reversals of reversals. Eugene was in control of Regal, much like he was in the training, however Eugene’s short attention span caught up with him as he would take his eye off Regal. Regal would score a roll up, but only got a two count. Regal regained the advantage using his unique offence to soften Eugene. Regal then hit the Regal Bomb, which would have been it, but Regal took too much time getting the cover and only got a two count. Eugene ducked a Regal clothesline and hit a German Suplex with a bridge, but Regal kicked out at two. A bit more chain wrestling followed and Eugene took down Regal. Eugene then trapped his former tutor/manager in the Regal Stretch for the submission victory.

Winner via submission – Eugene Dinsmore

Time – 8:27

After the match Eugene was pretending to fly all around the ring and then he slid outside and celebrated with the fans at ringside. Regal slid outside and went face to face with Eugene. Regal then stuck out his hand to shake and Eugene accepted, but Regal took his hand away and flattened Eugene with a left hand. Regal continued the assault ramming Eugene back first into the barricade. With Eugene down Regal got a steel chair from ringside and hit Eugene with it multiple times in the back. Eugene started getting to his feet, but was met with a violent chair shot to the head. Eugene was busted wide open! Regal then picked Eugene up and slammed him head first into ring post. Regal then left ringside as paramedics attended to Eugene.

The camera pans to the parking lot where two limos pull up side by side. The white one opens to reveal The Rock. He looks around for a few seconds while the crowd chant his name, and then goes towards the locker rooms. The black limo opens but no one steps out. Instead Vince’s voice can be heard, as he tells the driver to go back to where they’ve come from as he’s forgotten something. Vince’s limo then drives back out of the parking lot and onto the street.

Commercial Break 1

The camera pans backstage to Bischoff’s Office door. William Regal approaches it and knocks on the door. Johnny Nitro answers it with a grin on his face and lets Regal in.

Inside the office Bischoff is sitting at his desk with a grin on his face. He shakes hands with Regal.

Bischoff: “Take a seat Mr. Regal”

Regal: “Thank you, at least you appreciate proper talent, unlike those fans.”

Bischoff: “Well at least you’ve taken care of business, now then how much do I owe you?”

Regal: “I believe it was 15 if he was stretchered out of the arena and only 10 if I injured him, so it’ll be $15,000 then Mr. Bischoff.”

Bischoff: “It’s worth it, here you go Mr. Regal. Check the money before you leave.”

Regal checks the money and then leaves the office. Nitro and Bischoff smile as the camera fades.

The camera pans to ringside and the Rock’s music hits the sound system. The Great One makes his way down to ringside as the fans give him the biggest pop of the night so far (not that it’s actually hard). He climbs up the steel steps and gets on the second rope doing his regular taunt to an ear-splitting pop. He gets in the ring as Lillian hands him the microphone. Rocky chants fill the arena before the crowd give him chance to speak. Oh yeah good to see that the Rock’s got rid of that dreadful goatee.

Rock: “Finally The Rock has come back to Memphis, and finally The Rock has come back to the WWE!”

The Rock pauses again as Rocky chants fill the Pyramid in Memphis.

Rock: “You know since Wrestlemania I’ve been out shooting another film and I do advise all of you to go and see it. Do you know why that is? Because it’ll be the last one I do for a while. That’s right the Rock is here to stay in the WWE now and the Rock is here to make an open challenge to anyone in the back for a match right here, right now.”

Johnny Nitro’s music hits the sound system and The Rock looks baffled. He grabs a microphone from Lillian and gets into the same ring as The Rock.

Rock: “Who in the blue hell are you junior?”

Nitro: “I’m Johnny ….”

Rock: “It doesn’t matter who you are. The Rock just wants to know one thing little Johnny – what makes you think you can even be in the same ring as The Rock?”

Nitro: “I’m here because my boss Mr. Bischoff sent me here to tell you that you will NOT be facing anyone tonight and you can’t have a match next week as Mr. McMahon has stated that no matches are to be made at least until his announcement has been made.”

Rock: “Hey Johnny I’ve got an idea why don’t get your head out of Bischoff’s arse and start thinking for yourself?”

With that The Rock dropped the microphone and levelled Nitro with a DDT. Nitro got up a bit groggy and was nailed with a picture perfect Rock Bottom as the crowd went wild. The Rock then threw his sunglasses into the crowd and hit the greatest move in sports entertainment today – The People’s Elbow. The Rock then went into the crowd as we go to the second commercial break.

Commercial Break 2

Back in Bischoff’s office Nitro is complaining about being assaulted by The Rock. Bischoff tells him to stop complaining as he can’t do anything about it.

Gail Kim and Molly Holly vs. Victoria and Lita

If Gail wins by submission then she wins the Women’s title

Victoria comes out first with the Women’s title around her waist, looking very nervous as she knows that she can’t submit to Gail Kim. Her partner Lita comes out next, but is attacked by Gail Kim and Molly Holly. It looks as if this has become a handicap match. However before the match can start Nidia’s music hits and it looks like Nidia is Victoria’s new partner.

Nidia starts things off with Molly Holly (who’s sporting a jet black wig, with a white chin strap today). Nidia gains the advantage as she scores a dropkick to the chin of Molly Holly. Molly is angered by this and jumps on top of Nidia, slamming her head onto the mat many times in a row. The ref reaches a count of three before Molly lets go. For the next few minutes Gail and Molly use quick tags to isolate Nidia from the Women’s champion. Nidia eventually scores with an enzuigiri to the back of Gail’s head and this allows Nidia to tag in Victoria. Victoria levels both opponents with a double clothesline, and then hits Gail with her Spider’s Web (modified Sidewalk Slam). Victoria pins Gail, but only gets a two count. Gail and Molly gain the advantage on the champ and Gail locks in the head scissors armbar submission. Victoria taps out at the same moment as Lita nails Molly with a violent chair shot. The ref calls for the bell in controversial circumstances.

The referee goes outside the ring and tells Lillian that he’s disqualifying Victoria and Nidia due to Lita’s interference. Nidia announces this and Gail Kim goes ape shit at the referee.

Winners via DQ – Molly Holly and Gail Kim

Time – 8:27

Matt Hardy vs. Scott Steiner

Today’s Matt Facts – ‘Matt always stays in top class motels’, and ‘Matt has more freaks than Scott Steiner.’ Anyway Matt comes out first and Lita remains in the ring. Matt gets quite a loud pop as well. The siren sounds signalling the entrance of the Big Bad Booty Daddy, Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner. He makes his way to the ring, flexing his biceps and just showing off the crowd. Matt hits a sliding dropkick that sends Steiner flying. They eventually get into the ring and the bell sounds.

Pretty much a squash match with Hardy getting little offence in. Matt does manage to punch Steiner a few times but that’s it. Steiner took control with a gorilla press slam using Matt as weights dropping him from about seven feet in the air. Steiner then hit his elbow drop, press up combo and Matt was in pain. He got back to his feet and was nailed with a huge clothesline. Steiner grabbed Matt by the throat and pulled Matt up. Steiner nailed his Complete Shot type move and got an easy pinfall.

Winner via pinfall – Scott Steiner

Time – 2:27

After the match Lita would help her fallen boyfriend to the back. They got backstage and Lita saw Kane coming, so they moved into a broom cupboard. Kane walked straight past and Lita nervously opened the door. They then got into a waiting car and left the arena.

Commercial Break 3

Backstage Chris Benoit is standing by with Todd Grisham

Todd: “Benoit, how do you feel knowing that tonight your tag team partner is facing Triple H, the man you beat at Wrestlemania, and yet you haven’t got anyone?”

Benoit: “You know what Todd I couldn’t care less, because I have proved it time after time. Triple H is not worthy of challenging me. I am for real, and no one can take the World Heavyweight Championship from me!”

Todd: “OK then what do you think about Eric Bischoff’s decision to keep you off the card tonight?”

Benoit: “You know what Todd, I feel that I deserve a night off being the champion, I mean when Triple H was the champion he wrestled what twice a month? And one of those was the PPV itself.”

Todd: “OK then Chris, final question. Do you have any idea what Mr. McMahon’s big announcement is?”

Benoit: “No Todd, I do not have any idea what Mr. McMahon has in store. What I will say though is everyone in the back is very nervous about this announcement as usually when Vince has an announcement it usually means the door for one of us. All I will say is I hope that Bischoff’s gone out of the door.”

Shelton Benjamin vs. Batista

Batista comes out first accompanied by Ric Flair. They receive quite a bit of heat when they enter. Shelton Benjamin comes out next and receives a moderately loud pop.

Batista uses his power in the early going to take control. He punishes Benjamin with clotheslines and other power moves. Benjamin battles back and nails Batista with some clotheslines of his own. For the next few minutes Batista and Benjamin trade moves in the centre of the ring. Shelton gains the advantage but Flair jumps onto the ring apron, distracting the ref. Batista scores with a low blow and then finishes of Shelton with a Sitdown Powerbomb.

Winner via pinfall – Batista

Time – 9:41

Commercial Break 4

Intercontinental Title Match

Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels

HBK makes his way out to a great response from the crowd. The fireworks are better than ever during HBK’s entrance and are made even better by the fact that he’s back from suspension. Orton follows and is not accompanied by anyone to ringside.

Slow start with a few rest holds. Michaels gains the advantage and is on fire. He clotheslines Orton out of the ring and goes for a cross body from the top rope to the floor. Orton moves and Michaels dives onto the hard floor, actually past the mats. Orton uses this and takes advantage ramming Michaels back first into the ring apron. Orton brings HBK inside the ring and nails the 3.0 Backbreaker. However he doesn’t go for the cover and waits for Michaels to get to his feet. Michaels rises and goes for the RKO but it’s blocked. Michaels goes for the Sweet Chin Music, however he fails to do this as Orton catches the foot and manages to nail the RKO this time. Orton retains the belt.

Winner via pinfall and STILL Intercontinental Champion – Randy Orton

Time – 12:26

Commercial Break 5

Triple H vs. Edge

Triple H makes his way out first accompanied by Ric Flair and they are met by a chorus of boo’s. Edge makes his way out next, minus Chris Benoit. He slides into the ring and spits at Flair. They lock up and the match starts.

Triple H starts things off aggressively against Edge, gaining an early advantage with a series of stiff clotheslines. This does not deter Edge who fights back with a series of punches, and then he levels Triple H with a clothesline of his own. The Game goes to the outside to ‘shake off the cobwebs’, but Edge follows him to the outside. They brawl around the outside of the ring for a while before the ref starts counting them out. They get back into the ring as the ref gets to 8.Edge regains the advantage and runs into the ropes, but is tripped by Ric Flair. The ref sees this and sends Flair to the back. Triple H becomes irate at this decision and is about to hit the ref. however, he turns and is nailed by a spear by Edge. Pinfall 1…2..kickout. Edge gets up and goes to nail another spear but is met by a running high knee by The Game. Edge battles back and nails a second spear. However, before Edge can get the cover Flair runs back to the ring and distracts the referee. Edge sees this and takes his eye of The Game. Flair tries to get into the ring. Triple H gets back to his feet as Shawn Michaels slides in from the crowd. The crowd cheer as they believe that HBK’s going to get his revenge on The Game. He sizes up Triple H, but turns around and nails Edge with the Sweet Chin Music as the stunned crowd boo HBK. Michaels slides out of the ring and Flair gets down off the apron. Triple H covers Edge for the three count.

Winner via pinfall – Triple H

Time – 12:45

After the match Flair goes to the back, as 3H and HBK stay in the ring. Michaels gets a microphone from Lillian as ‘You sold out’ chants fill the Pyramid.

HBK: “That’s right I sold out. You know the reason I did what I did was because of Triple H. You see we were talking the other day about the good old days and it made us realise how much we missed teaming up; so D-Generation X are back and we’re better than ever!”

HHH: “Now if you’re not down with that then we got two words for ya – !!!SUCK IT!!!

They leave the ring as the crowd are in shock and we head to our final commercial break

Commercial Break 6

The camera is back in the arena and ‘No Chance’ hits the sound system. The boss, Vincent Kennedy McMahon makes his way out to a medium pop. He climbs in the ring and has a huge smile on his face. He must be happy because he never came stomping out like he usually does. Another way of describing his usual walk is as if he has a cucumber stuck up his arse! Anyway he takes the microphone and clears his throat.

Vince: “Now I promised all of you a blockbuster announcement, but I was wrong, you see I have two blockbuster announcements to make.”

“The first one regards our competition – as in TNA. You see Jerry Jarrett is in a lot of debt and he needs to find a solution by the end of the week. And Vincent Kennedy McMahon found a solution for Jerry and for TNA. You see I did something that I haven’t done since 2001. I bought out TNA the other day.” Vince pauses for a moment before continuing. “That’s right I, Vincent Kennedy McMahon have bought out TNA. So stars such as AJ Styles, Sting, Jeff Jarrett, Christopher Daniels and the Sandman will be appearing here next week on RAW, in fact everyone who was in TNA will be here next week.” Vince pauses again as there is a huge pop from the crowd.

“Now that brings me onto the second part of my announcement. Next week on RAW every single WWE contracted superstar will be on the show. This is due to the fact that because of the influx of TNA talent it will be necessary to do a complete WWE redraft. Basically next week the general managers will each make ten picks from a barrel, and then everyone else will be drafted after next weeks show. They will be posted on the WWE website as soon as it’s done, and then next week on Smackdown there will be interpromotional matches to settle feuds and what not. The following week on RAW will see the start of the new WWE draft and regardless of whether or not the GM’s stay on their own show I will announce new GM’s.”

Vince leaves the ring with everyone astonished at what they’ve just heard. The copyright appears on screen and RAW goes off the air.

Top 5 Pops

1) Vince announcing TNA buyout.

2) The Rock

3) Eugene beating Regal

4) The ref’s DQ decision at the end of the diva’s tag match

5) Shawn Michaels returning

Biggest Heat

1) HBK aligning with Triple H

2) Regal going after the reward for injuring his nephew Eugene

3) HHH

4) Regal’s post match beatdown on Eugene

5) Johnny Nitro interrupting The Rock

So there you go for a blockbuster RAW, I packed an awful lot in – what do you think. Post your comments please.

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Guest srfcdp

Cheers - just to let you guys know this is now going to be a split diary. I'll be handling RAW and Mr.ECW (over at .400) will be handling SD. I'll post SD up here once he's sent it to me.

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Guest srfcdp

user posted image

Preview - 10th June 2004

The last of the old...

You can't miss Smackdown this week. How the the Smackdown talent react to Mr. McMahon's announcement on RAW? Will tag teams be able to co-exist knowing that they may be drafted apart?

On the action front this week - the Big Show returns to action following his suspension. This week he takes on Orlando Jordan knowing full well that Mr. Angle will not be in a good mood.

Last week Matt Cappotelli debuted on Smackdown as he challenged the Cruiserweight Champion to a match for the title. Chavo Classic interfered leaving his son with an easy victory, spoiling Matt's debut in the process. Cappotelli will try to gain revenge this week as he teams with Rey Mysterio to take on The Chavos.

In other action there will be two title matches. First off the Basham Brothers get a Tag Team Title Match against the unlikely champions - the flamboyant Rico and Charlie Haas. Can the Basham's knock off the champions? The other title match is a US title match - John Cena takes on 'The Dudley'. How can Cena prepare for a title match without knowing which one he's facing and will he be able to battle against the odds, with the other Dudley in his partner's corner?

All of this, as well as the fallout from a blockbuster Monday Night RAW on on SmackDown! at 8/7 PM CT on UPN.

source - wwe.com

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Guest srfcdp

Just to let you guys know, I'm currently writing SD after a slight delay.

If anyone's interested in doing a split diary as the new Smackdown PM me.

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Guest srfcdp

user posted image

Results - Thursday 10th June 2004 live from Nashville, Tennessee and on UPN

Announcers - Michael Cole and Tazz

The video of Mr. McMahon's announcement from RAW is shown, then the pyros explode and we're live from Nashville, Tennessee.

Rey Mysterio and Matt Cappotelli vs. Chavo Gurerrero and Chavo Classic

Rey makes his way down to the ring first to a great pop from the Nashville crowd. His partner Matt Cappotelli then makes his way down and highlights of last week's cruiserweight title match is shown. Matt made his debut and challenged Chavo Jr. to a CW title match. Chavo accepted and Cappotelli had the match won, however, Chavo Classic interfered and nailed Matt with a cowboy boot leaving his son with an easy victory. Matt seemed irate at this and made it known when The Chavo's came out. Cappotelli ran down the ramp and nailed both Chavos with a double clothesline. He then ran back to the ring with both Classic and Jr. chasing only for them to be taken out again with a diving cross body from the top rope all the way to the floor. Matt and Rey get The Chavos inside the ring and the bell rings. This match officially starts.

Cappotelli starts things of with Classic, and Cappotelli gains the advantage with a set of three armdrags. Chavo Classic gets back up and runs at Matt again (will he ever learn?) This time Cappotelli turns the armdrag into a nice armbar submission. Chavo Jr. tried to get involved but was dropkicked out of the ring by Mysterio. Cappotelli tagged out to Mysterio and he continued the focus on Classic’s elbow/ shoulder. Mysterio went to hit a bronco buster to Classic in Jr’s corner, but Jr. tagged in and nailed Mysterio with a clothesline. Chavo Jr. completely dominated Mysterio and Cappotelli. Chavo Jr. hit Cappotelli with a brainbuster and went for the pin, but Mysterio broke it up. This caused Classic to come in. Mysterio ducked a Classic clothesline and hit a dropkick to the back. Classic was set up in the 6-1-9 position, but instead Mysterio nailed Classic with a springboard leg drop from the inside to the outside. Classic landed head first outside and was obviously knocked out. However while this was taking place Chavo hit Cappotelli with the face-first Gory Bomb and sneaked in a win.

Winners via pinfall – Chavo Gurerrero and Chavo Classic

Time – 8:25

The cameras pan backstage to an open area with a monitor. Various superstars are there having just watched the tag team match. Suddenly Luther Rains appears wheeling the GM Mr. Angle into this area.

Kidman: “Did you know anything about RAW before it aired?”

Angle: “No I did not. In a way though I’m glad we’re going to be having a new draft, because that means I’ll be able to get rid of you lot.”

Cena: “Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo Angle! I’m the Red, White and Blue Champ. You’re just the Olympic Chump!” Cena does the ‘You can’t see me’ taunt, which angers Angle. “Seriously Kurt, you remember the saying don’t run before you can walk. Looks like you won’t be walking very far.”

Angle: “Well John, I’m just about to change things. You see tonight it should be you versus ‘The Dudley’ for the US title. However, I’ve decided to change it to John Cena versus The Dudley…Boyz. Oh it’s true John tonight you’re going to be competing in a handicap match.”

Luther Rains wheels Kurt around a corner then stops.

Luther: “Boss, what happens if I get drafted to RAW and you stay on Smackdown?”

Kurt: “Don’t you worry about it Luther. If that does happen, I’ll bring you back in a swap deal. Now come on lets go. I need to get back to my office.”

Commercial Break 1

Big Show vs. Orlando Jordan

Orlando Jordan comes out first as a video showing Big Show chokeslaming Kurt Angle off the balcony is shown. The Big Show then comes out to the familiar music. He climbs over the top rope and the match starts.

Big Show starts off with a stiff clothesline, and grabs OJ by the throat. He then continues to choke out OJ and lets go on a count of four. He then grabs OJ by the arm pits and throws him to the other side of the ring. With OJ down, Big Show goes to the outside and grabs two steel chairs. He hides one by the apron and throws the other one into the ring, narrowly avoiding the referee. The ref then gets the chair and actually carries it round to the ring announcer on the other side of the ring. While he’s doing this Big Show brings the other one into the ring and places it onto the floor. He then grabs OJ by the throat and hits him with a chokeslam. Big Show throws the chair out of the ring just in time and covers OJ. The ref counts to three and we have a winner.

Winner via pinfall – Big Show

Time – 2:16

Smackdown head referee Nick Patrick comes out and shows the footage of Big Show’s chokeslaming OJ onto the steel chair. After a bit of discussion the match referee tells Tony Chimel that he’s reversing the decision and awarding the match to OJ.

Winner via DQ (refereeing reversal) – Orlando Jordan

After hearing this The Big Show comes back into the ring with the steel chair and hits both referees and Orlando Jordan with steel chair shots. He then proceeds to trap OJ’s ankle in the steel chair then jumps on it, crushing OJ’s ankle in the process. Big Show then leaves the ring as EMT’s arrive on the scene, stretchering OJ to the back.

The camera pans backstage as the long horned limo pulls up. John Bradshaw Layfield steps out and shouts at the driver for being late. He then starts making his way backstage and runs into the same people that hassled Kurt Angle earlier. They start booing JBL who tries to ignore them. However, the boos are so loud that JBL turns round. However, he turns round and stands on the Undertaker’s foot who was standing behind him. JBL tries to apologise to Undertaker, but Paul Bearer arrives and announces that JBL vs. Undertaker is after the tag title match.

The camera pans back to the Medical Room where OJ is still strapped to the stretcher. He’s in there as the ambulance hasn’t yet arrived. Big Show barges in, with the steel chair still in his hand. The EMT’s and other officials run out of the room scared for their own safety. Big Show then slams the door shut with the camera on the outside. OJ’s shouts and screams can be heard, but nothing can be seen. After a few minute Big Show comes out with blood on his hands, the camera goes inside the Medical Room where OJ is now also a bloody mess.

Commercial Break 2

WWE Tag Team Championship

Charlie Haas and Rico vs. The Basham Brothers

First out are the tag champs to Rico’s music. Rico and Miss Jackie go up the ramp and do their regular flamboyant thing. Then Haas tries to go up the ramp and freezes again. He hesitates and finally gets up the ramp. He does the ‘this belt is mine and you’re not having it’ taunt then makes his way to the ring. Miss Jackie holds the ropes for Haas and he gets into the ring. For once Haas actually enjoys himself. The Basham Brothers come out next and they immediately start the attack on the champions.

Haas starts off with Danny. It starts off with Danny nailing Haas with right hands. On the forth or fifth one however Haas ducks and nails Danny with a clothesline. He then grabs hold of an armbar submission. Doug runs in and breaks it up. Haas then gets the better of a couple of chain wrestling moves and follows it up with a hip toss. Haas then tags in the ever flamboyant Rico. Danny just stares at Rico in horror before scrambling to force a tag from Doug. He does and Doug looks even more terrified than Danny was. Doug tries to bearhug Rico, but gets kissed instead. Rico then starts dancing around the ring, ducking a clothesline and grabbing hold of Doug’s backside. Doug is revolted by this and cowers on the ropes. Rico gains the advantage from then on and hits the step over face kick even with the arm between Rico’s legs followed by the hip wiggle. Rico tags in Haas and Haas continues the advantage. Danny eventually comes back in with Doug in no shape to continue (probably traumatised by the whole Rico ordeal). Danny goes to attack Rico, but gets given a big wet kiss. Haas then drop toehold’s Danny and follows it with the Haas of Pain submission.

Winners via submission and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions – Rico and Charlie Haas

Time – 9:21

A video is shown to hype the Undertaker, which gets a good response from the crowd.

Undertaker vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

JBL comes out in his limo. He gets a lot of heat when he taunts the crowd. The gong sounds and the crowd erupts as the lights go out. The Undertaker follows Paul Bearer to the ring and does his creepy eye thing as the lights come back on. He stares at JBL who practically shits himself.

The Deadman runs at JBL and nails him with a stiff clothesline. He picks JBL up and hits a hard Irish Whip into the corner. JBL falls to the floor in agony. Once again Taker picks up JBL and this time wrenches the arm. He goes to the top rope and nails the Old School. JBL gets back to his feet and Undertaker hits the modified version of the Complete Shot. Taker then does the taunt for the Tombstone Piledriver and nails it.

Winner via pinfall – The Undertaker

Time – 1:26

Commercial Break 3

We arrive back from the break with a video hyping Eddie Guerrero’s career thus far, from his debut with the Radicalz, to winning the WWE Championship at No Way Out. The camera then pans to Eddie Guerrero’s locker room with Josh Matthews standing by waiting for an interview. The door opens and Eddie comes out to a thunderous ovation from the live audience.

Eddie: “Orale ese. How you doin homes?”

Josh: “I’m very well Eddie, and may I say that you are a lot happier for the first time since JBL put his hands on your mother.”

Eddie: “That’s right homes, the reason I’m so happy is because I might be able to get that boil off my arse come Monday night.”

Josh: “Which ‘boil’ are we talking about Eddie, John Bradshaw Layfield, or Mr. Angle?”

Eddie: “I’m talking about both of them, you know what I’m saying Josh?”

Josh: “Yeah I know what you’re talking about Eddie. One final question though. This next week you have the chance to face anyone. Who would you like to face?”

Eddie: “Well actually Josh Mr. McMahon phoned me up earlier and asked who I wanted to face this next week on RAW, and I think I’ve found a suitable opponent.”

Josh: “Are you going to tell us who it is then Eddie?”

Eddie: “I decided that I’m going to face a man I have tremendous respect for ese. You see it came to me because last night me and my opponent were having a good night out on the town. You see Josh on RAW I’ll be facing a long time friend of mine – AJ Styles!”

Josh “Wow, AJ Styles versus Eddie Guerrero live on RAW next week. That’ll certainly be a match not to miss.”

Eddie: “Viva Mexico, Viva la Raza homes.”

Backstage Mr. Angle is seen watching this interview on a television monitor. He shakes his head and starts talking to Luther Rains.

Kurt: “Can you believe that guy Luther? Him and Torrie Wilson ended my career. I’m an Olympic Gold Medallist for God’s sake. I don’t deserve to be in this wheelchair….”

Kurt stops as he can hear someone behind him coughing. Luther turns Kurt around to reveal Mr. McMahon was the one making the noises.

Vince: “You know what Kurt, your nothing but a liar. You’ve lied to these fans, you’ve lied to Luther, and you’ve even lied to me. I’m the chairman of the board and you lied to me.”

Kurt: “I’m afraid I don’t really follow you Mr. McMahon.”

Vince: “Oh you don’t do you Kurt. You see you had a check up yesterday didn’t you? And do you know what I did Kurt? I asked the doctors to send me a letter to say how you’re getting on. They sent me this letter, and I quote:

Dear Mr. McMahon,

I am pleased to tell you that your employee Kurt Angle has made a complete recovery from his broken leg. I have cleared him to wrestle again, as his leg is stronger than ever before. However, I do have to inform you that he has insisted that I put another cast on his leg, so he can milk the attention. He threatened that he’d break my ankle if I didn’t do it. Blah blah blah

Dr. Jim Andrews

So Kurt what do you say about that?”

Kurt doesn’t even have time to respond as Luther Rains tips his wheelchair over and proceeds to continue attacking Kurt. Mr. McMahon forces him to break it up and take the rest of the night off. Just as Mr. McMahon is about to leave he runs into John Cena who’s warming up for his handicap match.

Vince: “Hey John, I just thought I’d tell you that if you can find a tag team partner then your handicap match will be a tag team match.”

John Cena then runs round a corner trying to find a tag team partner.

Commercial Break 4

John Cena and ??? vs. The Dudley Boyz

The Dudleyz come out first to a chorus of boos, which noticeably increase when Paul Heyman steps out. Then John Cena comes out and stands by the rampway awaiting his partner. Then the WWE Champion’s music hits and Eddie comes out in a pink open top lowrider to a thunderous ovation from the crowd. They both slide into the ring ready to start.

The Dudley Boyz take an early advantage, isolating Cena from his partner. However Cena soon starts fighting back with right hands to both Dudleyz. He then goes for a double clothesline on The Dudleyz, but they nail him with a double clothesline. Eddie climbs to the top and nails those damn Dudleyz with a double Cross Body. Carnage ensues as all four participants end up on the outside of the ring. The referee does the wise thing and follows them around. They end up backstage with both Dudleyz separating. Cena follows D-Von and Eddie follows Bubba. For the next couple of minutes the camera follows one pair, and then cuts to the other. Nothing pretty happens here, just a couple of punches here and there. The two pairs eventually find their way into the crowd at exact opposite ends. They get back to ringside with the referee following one pair. The match gets back into the ring with the makeshift team of Eddie and Cena still dominating the match. Cena tags Eddie in and he takes D-Von down with a couple of clotheslines. He then elbows Bubba who’s still in the corner. Eddie then locks D-Von in the triple verticals, but turns the third one into a brainbuster. Cena runs in and clotheslines an interfering Bubba back to the outside. Eddie goes up top and nails a picture perfect Frog Splash onto his fallen victim, however Bubba breaks up the three count. The Dudleyz set up for a 3-D, but instead Eddie rolls over to his corner and tags Cena back in. Cena’s on fire and once again takes control of the match. He nails D-Von with a DDT and then waits. He hits the Throwback. Once again Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle and then pumps up his shoes. However while he’s doing this Heyman does what he does best, distracts the referee. With the ref’s back turned Bubba runs in and hits Cena with the US title belt. D-Von gets a cover as the ref turns around. 1…2, but Cena kicks out at the last second. Heyman jumps onto the apron again, but it backfires as the referee sends Paul Heyman back to the locker rooms. With The Dudleyz gameplan thrown out of the window, they take drastic action and each brings a steel chair into the ring. While the ref tries to wrestle the chairs away from The Dudleyz, Eddie grabs his WWE Championship belt. While the ref takes the chairs to the outside, Eddie nails The Dudley Boyz with title belt shots. Cena covers D-Von as Eddie kicks Bubba outside for the win.

Winners via pinfall – John Cena and Eddie Guerrero

Time – 9:37

Backstage Kurt Angle runs into The Big Show.

Kurt: “I let you back in here, because I thought that your attitude had improved. Obviously I was wrong. You’re still a loose cannon; and so on RAW you’ll face another loose cannon – Abyss!” The crowd goes wild at this.

Big Show stares at Angle, obviously ready to snap. Angle sees this and leaves the scene.

A video is played to hype next week’s RAW from the Charles Koch Arena in Wichita, Kansas. The video shows the original draft, and the recent draft lottery. Then there’s a screen showing the rules for the draft.

Commercial Break 5

Backstage Vince walks into The Undertaker. Vince mentions about Taker being undefeated at Wrestlemania, and then mentions that at WMXX Undertaker defeated his brother Kane. Vince then says that next week live on RAW Undertaker will go one-on-one with Kane in a Wrestlemania rematch, inside a 15 foot high steel cage.

Rob Van Dam vs. Rene Dupree

The self proclaimed French Phenom makes his way to the ring, accompanied by the French Flag, and also his pet poodle Fi Fi (which changes colour each week). This week she’s jet black. RVD makes his way out next to a quite good pop. The crowd erupts as ‘Word Life’ hits the titantron. The United States Champ makes his way to the ring and joins Michael Cole and Tazz on commentary.

This distracts Dupree who takes his eye off Van Dam. Van Dam scores with a spinning wheel kick to the back of the head. This sends the French Phenom through the ropes to the outside. He gets back up and ends up in a staredown with Cena. Dupree then realises that the referee has started to count him out. He jumps up to the apron and leaps over the top rope. Van Dam and Dupree exchange moves in the middle of the ring. Dupree gains the advantage and tries to get the Michinoku Driver type move in, however RVD floats over and lands behind Dupree. RVD then grabs Dupree by the neck and unexpectedly goes for a modified neck submission. Dupree manages to power out of the move and nails Van Dam with a forearm to the face. Van Dam then runs in, but gets powerslammed instead. The French Phenom then hits the French Tickler knee drop to Van Dam. Van Dam gets up, and gets hot shotted into the ropes. Dupree goes up top, but misses with the elbow drop as Van Dam rolls out of the way. RVD comes back with his unique offence, including the high kicks to the shoulder followed by a high spin kick to the face. Van Dam is on fire. He runs into the ropes and hits the Rolling Thunder onto his fallen victim. Van Dam waits by the ropes and jumps up for the springboard single leg dropkick. However he hits the referee as Dupree moves out of the way. Dupree goes to the outside and grabs the French Flag. He comes back into the ring with the flag and cracks it onto the back of Van Dam. Dupree then nails Van Dam with the Michinoku Driver type move. John Cena then runs in with a steel chair and cracks it over Dupree’s head. He then helps Van Dam to his feet. Cena places Dupree in the corner as Van Dam ascends the other turnbuckle. Cena holds the chair next to Dupree’s face and RVD comes off the top with a Van Terminator. Cena and Van Dam then celebrate up the ramp as the last Smackdown of the old draft goes off the air.

No Contest ruled after 14:27

Top five pops

1) Eddie Guerrero

2) The Undertaker

3) John Cena

4) Rob Van Dam

5) Charlie Haas and Rico

Top five heat

1) Kurt Angle

2) John Bradshaw Layfield

3) Rene Dupree

4) The Dudley Boyz

5) Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Thank you for reading Smackdown. This week’s Heat and Velocity results will be done quickly as they have no bearing on the storyline. The RAW draft will be up sometime next week, as I have an exam on Friday, so I’ll be spending the rest of the week revising for it.

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Guest srfcdp

Please note that this week the Velocity and Heat results will be done quick as they do not have any bearing on RAW next week. I apologise for there not being any previews for Velocity and Heat this week. BTW does anyone know how to centre the picture underneath?

user posted image

Velocity Results – 12th June 2004

Commentators – Josh Matthews and Bill DeMott

The F.B.I. (Nunzio & Johnny Stamboli) vs. Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty

The F.B.I. took the early advantage, exchanging quick tags and preventing Scotty from getting to his corner. Scotty soon gets the hot tag to the big Kish who takes control. Back and forth action, however The Bull and Nunzio win it after Nunzio hit Scotty with a low blow, and rolled him up holding the tights AND putting his feet on the ropes for extra leverage!

Winners via pinfall – The F.B.I.

Time – 7:38

After the match Rikishi hits both members of the F.B.I. with Savat Kicks. They both fall into opposite corners and Rikishi gives both men a stink face. Rikishi and Scotty then dance for the crowd.

Video highlights of the Orlando Jordan vs. Big Show match/ feud is shown on the Titantron. Josh Matthews then fills us in on OJ’s condition. Josh says that unfortunately Orlando Jordan will be out for about a month although Josh does not mention what the specific injury is!

The main event for tonight is announced. It’ll be Paul London vs. Shannon Moore.

The entire Undertaker vs. JBL match is then shown. The entrances take longer than the match. The commentators then hype the Wrestlemania rematch scheduled for RAW, Kane vs. Undertaker inside a 15 foot high steel cage!

Kyo Dai (Akio and Sakoda) and Mark Jindrak vs. Billy Gunn, Hardcore Holly and Spike Dudley

The heels start off strong and isolate Spike for a couple of minutes. Spike manages to hit Sakoda with a dropkick, and get the tag to Billy Gunn. Gunn is on fire and hits anyone that’s moving. (Well on their side at least) In the end all six men end up brawling in the ring and out of it and the ref loses control. Hardcore Holly picks up the win for his team following the Alabama Slam on Mark Jindrak.

Winners via pinfall – Hardcore Holly, Billy Gunn and Mark Jindrak

Time – 9:26

Two videos are then shown. The first one was the John Cena and Eddie Guerrero vs. The Dudleyz match, followed by the main event match, RVD vs. Rene Dupree.

Paul London w/Billy Kidman vs. Shannon Moore

London and Moore shake hands to begin with. They then start exchanging moves in the middle of the ring, pulling off practically impossible moves. They both end up standing facing each other after this happens, much to the delight of the fans. London eventually takes control and hits all types of cruiserweight moves on Moore. Moore tries to gain an advantage but instead gets nailed with a DDT. This sets up London perfectly for a London Calling, which he hits to perfection for the win.

Winner via pinfall – Paul London

Time – 12:36

After the match Kidman slides in to celebrate with London. However they both stop and congratulate Shannon Moore as well. They show their respect to Moore as the fans show their respect for the sportsmanship shown by London and Kidman. All three cruiserweight then leave up the ramp as Velocity goes off the air.

user posted image

Sunday Night Heat Results – 13th June 2004

Commentators – Jonathon Coachman and Todd Grisham

A video of the Rock’s return is briefly shown before the first match. This is quickly followed by a video of the Women’s tag team match.

Hurricane and Rosey vs. La Resistance (Rob Conway and Sylvan Grenier)

The heels dominate the match, and even get a 2 count on the S.H.I.T. after the Bonsior Spinebuster type move. Rosey gets the hot tag to the Hurricane who takes control of the match. In the end the Superheroes win the match following their Samoan Drop, Neckbreaker combo move on Grenier.

Winners via pinfall – Rosey and The Hurricane

Time – 6:36

A video of the Regal assault was shown, including the segment in Bischoff’s office. This is followed by an announcement of the main event – Rhyno vs. Test

Steven Richards vs. Garrison Cade

Once again Coach leaves commentary to be with ‘his boy’. Mark Lloyd does the commentary with Todd for the match. A rather even match follows with Richards hitting two suplexes in a row, and Cade doing exactly the same to Stevie. Richards went to hit the Stevie T, but was distracted by Coach. Richards hit Coach with the Stevie Kick, but lost the match due to a roll up from Cade.

Winner via pinfall – Garrison Cade

Time – 6:39

A video of the Orton vs. HBK match is shown. This is followed by the Edge vs. Triple H main event match. This recap included the Michaels attack of Edge.

Rhyno vs. Test

This is exactly what you’d expect for Heat – watered down. The crowd was all over Test, who took the early control. Rhyno avoided a Pumphandle Slam attempt and hit a spinebuster. Rhyno gained the control and soon had Test reeling. However, as Rhyno was running in for the Gore, Test connected with a Big Boot to the top of the head of the approaching Man Beast. Test picked up the win.

Winner via pinfall – Test

Time – 8:04

Mr. McMahon’s announcement is shown to finish the show. Once again the rules are shown. The commentators discuss this as the show goes off the air.

Thank you for reading Velocity and Heat. Of course this won’t be the normal format, as I won’t be writing Velocity anymore.

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