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Madden Lethal Lottery League (360)


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More leagues, more fun! Given that I'm currently only using Madden for Online Leagues, I figure I should make another one. This one however will be a bit wackier, since we're doing a blind fantasy draft to determine rosters. So, if you're interested in joining, post here and pick a team. You're stuck with what you get, besides what you trade for and sign in free agency.

We use 8 minute quarters and accelerated clock in the other league, I'm alright with those, but am open to changing it if people feel that takes too long.

League Name: Lethal Lottery League

Password: ewb

Don't touch your draft board

AFC East

Buffalo Bills- Disturbed (Quicksilver i79)

Miami Dolphins

New England Patriots

New York Jets

AFC West

Denver Broncos- Pepsi Twist (Not yet on live)

Kansas City Chiefs- Ultramantis (TwitchingSix)

Oakland Raiders- Maxx (Awesomebot 5000)

San Diego Chargers

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens

Cincinnati Bengals

Cleveland Browns- Tyler (xxMANBEARPIG 00)

Pittsburgh Steelers

AFC South

Houston Texans

Indianapolis Colts

Jacksonville Jaguars

Tennessee Titans

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys

New York Giants

Philadelphia Eagles - davidmarrio (Marriott UK)

Washington Redskins

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals- Dragsy (DragsyTwoSeven)

San Francisco 49ers

Seattle Seahawks- Eddie Ruckus (Eddie Ruckus)

St. Louis Rams- DYSI? (sarcasmDEAD)

NFC North

Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions- SDM, (makesyouaweapon)

Green Bay Packers

Minnesota Vikings- Meacon (meacon)

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons

Carolina Panthers- mystikz (intothemyst)

New Orleans Saints

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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I'm taking the Raiders.

Meacon, what's your gamertag again?

8 minutes with accelerated clock usually turns into about a 40 minute game for me against CPU. It can be a bit longer against human players. I'm fine with dropping it down to 7 minutes, that should shave off 5-10 minutes of game time.

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