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Your 5 favourite movie moments.

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Here are mine, in no particular order...

1. The Shining - Jack Nicholson Busting through the door and screaming out "Here's Johnny!"

2. Reservoir Dogs - Mr. Blonde cutting the policeman's ear off to 'Stuck in the Middle'

3. Pulp Fiction - Samuel L Jackson's speech about 'Laying down his vengeance'

4. Terminator 2- The Motorbike/Lorry chase

5. Rocky IV - Rocky finnally defeating Ivan Drago and jumping into the air at the end

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Monty Python and the Holy Grail - The cave of Caerbanog

Kill Bill - The entire goddamn movie (vol 1 + 2)

Monty Python and the Meaniing Of Life - Mr. Creosote

Airplane - "When the sh!t hits the fan"

Airplane - "Guess I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue"

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  • Admin

American Psycho The closing scene, starting from the ATM and the cat

The Usual Suspects Kujan's realisation whilst looking at the noticeboard as Kint leaves

Unbreakable David Dunn shaking Elijah Price's hand, and discovering his secret

The Life Of Brian



"Good, first turn on the left".



"Good, first turn on the left".


"Erm, no actually. They said I'd done nothing wrong and I could go."

"Oh, really. Well, well done then. Off you go"

"Nah, I was only kidding. Crucifixion"

Equilibrium Preston storming Father's stronghold

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Zoolander : "I was....bulemic." "You can read minds?!"

Sleepy Hollow : When the Hessian Horseman breaks into the house, kills the parents, and stalks the little boy under the floor. Creepy stuff.

The Matrix : Neo getting up after being shot by Agent Smith.

Training Day : Showdown at the end between Ethan Hawke and Denzel Washington.

The Empire Strikes Back : The big revelation at the end.

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Guest TheTokenWhiteGuy

I can't think of five specificly but one that would be on is the killer rabbit scene in monty python and the quest for the holy grail.

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In order of preference:

5. Your stereotypical "badass" moment from Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat. Before the big fight between them, Goro crushes Cage's sunglasses in one of his hands. Cage responds by cracking him in the nuts and running like hell. When Goro finally locates him, though, Cage gives a classic line before knocking Goro off a cliff: "Those were $500 sunglasses, asshole."

4. The classic line from Mony Python's Life Of Brian: "How shall we f*** off, oh Lord?" The timing in this is incredibly hilarious.

3. From Interview With The Vampire, the scene where Armand is encountered by Louis & Claudia. Banderas' presence alone makes you feel like Armand is capable of both carnage and compassion.

2. The closing moments in the original Night Of The Living Dead, where Ben runs from the zombies and takes his last refuge in the basement. Everyone else in the house is dead, and there's not much in the basement to board the door with. Ben does what he can, but eventually retreats to a chair in the basement. He takes a seat, turns on the radio, and begins to smoke. As the light goes out and the zombies break through the door little by little, you see Ben start to laugh as he hears over the radio how the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta (Georgia, U.S.A.) has no information on how the people are rising from the dead. Chilling.

1. Randall's "Fuck you. Fuck you, pal." speech to Dante at the end of Clerks. It's done so well that it just slaps you across the face and makes you realize just how important a job really is.

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1. Taxi Driver - Travis Bickle stands in the mirror and utters the famous "You Talkin to Me? You Talkin to Me?" line.

2. Deer Hunter - Yet another Deniro selection. John Cazalle, a hunting buddy wants to borrow a pair of hunting boots from Deniro. Deniro refuses and eventually comes to the line "You see this? This is this, it aint nothing else". The line makes no sense, but it's classic anyway.

3. Romper Stomper - The end when Davey stabs Hando in the back of the neck, a knife Hando helped Davey buy. Sweet irony.

4. Trainspotting - I get a kick out of the interview Spud gives after he is hopped up on speed. This is the part where he is speaking quickly, and trying to fuck up his chance at getting the job.

5. A Clockwork Orange - I like when Alex slams his cane into Dim's stomach/lap, after Dim disrespects a woman singing Bheetoven. It shows a bit of class on Alex's part.

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Guest Hit Man 3120

Miracle: When the US beats the Soviets

Oceans Eleven: When they pull off the heist and Andy Garcia figures out he's been had

Rocky: The look on Apollo Creed's face when Rocky gets back up after being knocked down in the 15th

The Shawshank Redemption: When its revealed that Tim Robbins escaped during the night and the events of how he screwed the Warden

The Godfather: When the producer wakes up and finds the horses head

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SCARFACE: "Say hello to my leetle frien'..." A classic scene, totally crazy and pumped up. A beautiful action scene.

APOCALYPSE NOW: The Ride Of The Valkyries helicopter assault on the Vietnam village. Pure cinematic gold.

APOCALYPE NOW: Kurt's death. From Willard rising out of the swampy water as the music hits and goes and assassinated Kurtz. An incredible finish to an incredible film.

ALIEN: Chestbursting scene on the table. Yes yes yes yes yes. Defining moment in horror films.

ZATOICHI: The beach duel against the ronin. The ronin "sees" the battle in his mind first before the fight itself...Lush.

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