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NCAA Football 13


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There are apparently some rosters out over at pastapadre.com that are just the names and nothing else is edited. I think the usernames to download them are gamingtailgate for PS3 and PastaPadre for 360 but if I'm wrong they are listed on his website.

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So, I download (but never started) the 60 min. trial version that PS+ members get. Never touched the pre-order on the store, but when the full version hit the store, it showed I had already downloaded it and allowed me to download the full version without charge.

Granted, I've yet to fire up this newly-downloaded version, but surely the PS Store did not just glitch and give me a copy of NCAA Football '13, of all things...did it?

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I sure hope that it did, not only would that be awesome for you but one more for our online dynasty. HTTK, do you just want to wait around on people to say they are in then you just start it up when you get back? You ran I last year if I remember correctly and things seemed to go pretty smooth.

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