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Torchlight II


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I have set up a EWB game I am unsure if they disappear when the person logs out, but if not the room is EWB and the password is BWE. It's set to allow 6 players and at all levels. I'm also more than happy to recreate a different build to work through the game in co-op or whatever.

So ummm discuss away I guess.

Oh also obviously the issues with the server not allowing you to connect your account seem to have been resolved finally, either that or I got lucky.

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It's lovely. Well single player is the same but much more full on. To tell the truth I've sort of been limiting how much I play it as I want to co-op as much as possible. The issues with the server was a right cock up which is a shame. But it looks like they have sorted it out.

But so far they seem to have improved on Torchlight in every way, except I can't find a person who takes runes out of equipment and I want my rune back :(

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Watched some videos of this last night, looks like everything I want out of a hack and slash game. Probably getting it this weekend, it any fun single player? I have no friends.

Play with us. We aren't nasty.

But yes the single player is fun. Very fun. It is definitely balanced more towards co-op, but it is still excellent.

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Surprised by the lack of conversation on this game. I personally skipped Diablo 3 just due to the bad press and terrible always-online factor, but Torchlight 2 has sucked up nearly 48 hours of played time, and I'm half way through act II on my second run through the game.

That being said; the Engineer is awesome, but I've thought about starting a character for online play with various people (Most of my time so far has been soloing). What would some of you guys think would work? My interest in the Embermage is pretty high, but on the opposite side, I'm a bit skeptical of the use an Outlander serves.

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I'm an outlander, they would potentially serve a big use. My main thing is casting a healing ring that anything standing in gets pretty much all their life back and costs fuck all mana. I can also cast close to two at a time (there is some overlap where I'm not sure you could actually maintain 2 at once without a gap). So in effect you could be protecting your entire party whilst raping the enemy from mid-long range. You also get poisoned daggers which can kill a large number of enemies 7-9 in a matter of seconds and has a decent spread. I'm sort of sad I am using an Outlander for my solo play through as I am thinking they would be perfect for multi since they work well at range and potentially up close with a shotgun.

Having said that it's the only class I have played as so hopefully the others are even more amazing for when I get around to them.

Also we need to organise a time to all actually play this together.

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I want to start another play through on multi, someone should play with me :@

I just loaded this back up, the update reset an area I had cleared out :( It's not too bad as I get to re-loot, but it is annoying as I clear out the map first and then do the quests so was looking forward to progressing the story. At least everything else seems to be the same. Only concern is it's the bit where you need to get all the crystals laying about and open up a dungeon thingo, all of the crystals have re-set so think I will need to do the dungeon again. This is slightly more annoying as it was the last thing I did before going away.

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