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Music Wars 2

Herr Matzat

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Dos anyone remember Music Wars Rebirth? I think a bunch of people here played it back in the day. You basicly managed a record label in a very TEW like Gamedesign. It was lots of fun exept for a few missing features and untill you played many ingame years and it became slower and slower untill it finaly just stoped.

Well, the guy that coded it has been working on a new game for years (at least i think it´s years, this new game was supposed to be released a year ago) and it seems like it might be ready to get released sometime soonish.

They have been selling early access to the beta for a while, and right now on the forums the coder is talking that he is close to the first release candidate build.

Check out the Forum and all the Info about the different builds.


I´ll buy this when it´s don.

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