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Before I get into anything, WWE:TNA was formed after Wrestlemania X9. WWE bought out NWA:TNA just days before the huge event, and then they made it public the following day. A lot of WWE superstars were released due to the new talent that WWE had just gained. The TNA superstars weren't all kept though, and some of them got their pink slips as well. Now we join the story almost a year later (about two months short of being a year old company)

The Date: Sunday, January 25, 2004

The Event: Royal Rumble

A long video recapping the events that happened between Armaggedon and now is played. The focus is mostly on the on going battle between Raw and Smackdown, that will see another encounter here tonight in the Royal Rumble match. The Chris Jericho/Billy Gunn and John Cena/Vince McMahon matches also get a good amount of time in the video. The rest of the matches gets mentioned. ONce the video ends, pyro explosions and fireworks go off around the stage and over the ring. The announcers, Josh Mathews and Mike Tenay welcome us to the Royal Rumble. As they talk about the matches taking place here tonight, some unfamiliar music plays and then the OVW Project graphic flashes on the screen.

As the OVW Project graphic disappears from the screen, we see somebody coming out from the entry way. The fans let out a loud ovation as we see that it's none other than Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. Steamboat shakes hands with some of the fans as he walks down to the ring. The live crowd seems to be surprised to see him in a WWE:TNA ring, but they still cheer like crazy. A crew member goes onto the apron and hands Mr. Steamboat a mic. The fans calm down a bit and The Dragon begins to speak.

Steamboat: Ladies and gentlemen, you don't know how good I feel to be out here tonight. Tonight is a special night for one lucky superstar! But that's not all, you see I wouldn't be out here for just that. Oh no, I have more news. Here tonight will mark the beginning of a whole new era in sports entertainment. Here tonight will mark the beginning of a whole new World Wrestling Entertainment: Total Nonstop Action! Forget everything you know about WWE:TNA, because tonight starts the evolution of this very company. But I will get to that a little later. Right now I would like to bring out the superstars that have made it this far to earn a spot in the new WWE:TNA. So without any more delays, please welcome Mike Mizanin, Julio Dinero, EZ Money, Taylor Matheny, Midajah, Simply Luscious, Brent Albright, and Rene Dupree!

The eight hopefull superstars come out to the stage. Steamboat applauds them and then waves them over to come down to the ring. One by one, the superstars walk to the ring and enter. Once all eight are in the ring, Steamboat goes by and shakes all their hands and wishes them luck.

Steamboat: Alright, the time has come to let the world know just who "the one" is! First, we will knock off four of you guys to make room for the final four. So as I call your names, please take a step back. The four superstars that are eliminated here tonight are: Midajah, Taylor Matheny, Mike Mizanin, and Brent Albright.

The four superstars look disappointed, but they take their step back and clap for the four remaining superstars.

Steamboat: Don't get disappointed if you didn't make the final four. You are miles ahead of most of the people down in OVW, so you are just a step away from making it to the main rosters. Keep working hard and soon we will see you on TV again. Now, it's down to you four. You all have shown the fans, as well as management, that you have just what it takes to be on TV at this very time. If you didn't have that x factor, then you wouldn't be here tonight. Each one of you has something special to offer the product. And I am proud to be out here to make the announcement of the OVW Project winner. So without further adieu, the first ever OVW Project winner is........Rene Dupree!

Dupree looks surprised and the shock quickly turns to excitement. The rest of the superstars clap and cheer on the winner. Steamboat hands Dupree a trophy and then the two pose for a cameraman to snap a picture of the very moment. Dupree and Steamboat shake hands and then Dupree shakes hands and hugs with the rest of the superstars. The wrestlers all exit the ring and make their way to the back. Ricky Steamboat continues to clap as the OVW stars go through the curtain. Steamboat turns back around and looks to be getting ready to speak again.

Steamboat: Now that we have gotten this out of the way, it is time for the huge announcement. When I came out here, I said that tonight would be the beginning of the evolution of World Wrestling Entertainment:Total Nonstop Action! The company gave me a call two weeks ago and asked me to come in for a meeting. They put an offer in front of me to make a return to ring for Wrestlemania, but I declined. Then they came up with a different offer for me to come in as a member of management. Discussion went back and forth and finally I signed on the dotted line. But then just seven days later I was called in again and told that I would now be taking a huge bump up the chain of command and I became the new Vice President of Talent Relations. As you know there were a few signings made just a few days ago, William Regal, Brian Lawler, and Johnny Stamboli. That was my first move on the first day on the job. After that, I looked at the rosters and thought that some huge changes needed to be made. So I made a list of things that needed to change and went to the board of directors and presented my ideas. They looked them over and with the exception of one of my changes, they approved. So ladies and gentlemen, brace yourself for my announcement, because tomorrow night on Raw there will be a complete roster shake up!

There is a mixed reaction of cheering and surprised chatter. Steamboat pauses to let the announcement sink in, before he goes into further detail. After the crowd settles down a bit, Steamboat goes back to the announcement.

Steamboat: Now before you get the idea that we will just move five or six guys from one show to the other, that's not what we consider a "shake up". The shake up will begin at the very bottom of the company and go all the way to the top. Be it managers, interviewers, announcers, wrestlers, etc. People could lose their jobs overnight, or they could get the promotion they've been waiting for. Everybody from Smackdown and the company itself will be at Raw tomorrow night to await their fate. The shake up is just the beginning of the evolution, as I have made it a point to end this Raw vs Smackdown feud because it's nonsense. The feud is between WWE:TNA and WWE:TNA. One of the propositions I placed in front of the board of directors was to end this "brand" war. The plan was to completely seperate the two rosters to the point where it is mandatory to not mention or acknowledge the other side. Nobody from the other show can appear on the others show, and if they do then huge reprecussions will be handed out. So the idea of mine was accepted and as of this coming Thursday night you all will see the return of the NWA! World Wrestling Entertainment:Total Nonstop Action is the parent corporation that will have two seperate promotions running under it's corporate umbrella. The NWA promotion will run Smackdown on Thursday nights, while the company that will run Raw on Monday nights is WWE. Now there will be a real sense of competition, because WWE and NWA will be run as seperate companies. With this comes a huge change to the PPV system that we run, as we will now be running two pay-per-views a month, eight months of out of the year. We will also be running four pay-per-views a year that will be co-production pay-per-views featuring both WWE and NWA promotions. And to go with that announcement, here tonight I will be announcing the two pay-per-views that will take place next month. WWE will be presenting No Way Out, while the NWA promotion will be presenting Uncensored. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your time and look forward to tomorrow night's shake up. To the talent, I just want to say good luck and get a good night sleep, because tomorrow will be a long, nerve wrecking, and stressful day.

Steamboat hands the mic back to the crew guy and leaves the ring to a loud ovation. As he's walking to the back, we cut to a video showing the events leading up to the first match of the night. Once the video comes to a conclusion, the Yakuza Dragons maker their way down to the ring. After an extended entrance from the Dragons, Rey Mysterio and Tough Enough made their way down to the ring.


- Ultimo Dragon, Jimmy Yang, Ryan Sakoda d. Rey Mysterio, John Hennigan, & Matt Capotelli after John turns on Rey and Matt.

- Victoria d. Nikita Fink to regain the Women's title.

- Evolution (Matt Morgan & Kevin Fertig) d. Los Guerreros to capture the Smackdown Tag Team Titles.

- Shannon Moore d. Shawn Michaels after Lance Cade attacks HBK behind the refs back.

- Jamie Noble d. Batista, Jeff Jarrett, & Charlie Haas in a 4-Way match to capture the United States title after William Regal nailed Haas with the brass nucks.

- Randy Orton d. Chris Benoit to become the #1 contender to the Smackdown Heavyweight title.

Chris Jericho d. Billy Gunn via help from Steve Austin and John Hennigan to capture the Raw World title.

John Cena d. Vince McMahon in a Street Fight.

Royal Rumble Match (the closing moments)

#28: Goldberg

Goldberg comes out and walks through the pyro. Goldberg rushes into the ring and slams Siaki down with modified chokeslam. Richards comes over, but gets shoved away violently into the corner. Goldberg spots Triple H and Christian going at it in the opposite side of the ring and goes over to the corner and sets up for the Spear. Goldberg waits on with a smile on his face as Triple H knocks Christian down with a straight right hand. Triple H begins to turn and Goldberg pops up to his feet and begins his sprint. As he is inches away from Triple H, Goldberg takes a shot to the face from Richards' Stevie Kick. The unexpected blow sends Goldberg staggering over to the ropes and then Triple H comes over and clotheslines him over the top. Goldberg comes crashing down to the floor. He gets up to his feet and doesn't look too happy about being eliminated. All the referees at ringside have to come over and get in front of Goldberg in order for him to not get in the ring. They usher him up the aisle as the timer runs down and out comes the next entrant.....

#29: Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle comes out and throws his arms up, drawing three blasts of pyro to go off. As the smoke clears and Kurt looks ahead, he sees and feels an incoming Spear from an angry Goldberg. The referees scream out to Goldberg for him to go to the back. They check on Kurt, while back in the ring Christian clotheslines Styles over. Styles holds on to the top rope and dangles for a bit, with one foot touching the floor. It looked as if his other foot had touched the floor as well, but there is no referee at ringside to make a call if he had. Styles flips back up and hooks Christian's head with his feet and flips him out of the ring. Christian gets up is about to get back in the ring, but a referee comes running down and tells him he saw him go over the top and hit the floor. Styles flips back into the ring, but only to be knocked down by a flying back elbow from Siaki. Back in the aisle, the referees help Kurt up and he slowly makes his way to the ring. Kurt stops near the steps and shakes off the pain and rushes into the ring. Kurt is met by a stiff kick to the chest by Jeff as he comes in. Jeff begins to repeatedly smash his elbow into Kurt's lower back. Jeff sets up for a suplex, but Kurt counters it into an Angle Slam over the top rope that sends Jeff down to the floor. The timer begins to count down for the last time and when it reaches zero, the horn goes off and out comes the last entrant.....

#30: Sean O'Haire

Sean O'Haire steps out and looks to be as intense as ever. He rushes down to the ring and leaps up to the apron. As he is about to step in, Richards has Kurt up in a vertical suplex and is walking back towards the rope. O'Haire grabs the top rope and pushes it down, which causes Richards to fall back with Kurt. The two hit the floor and are now eliminated. We are down to the last five men: AJ Styles, Sean O'Haire, Shelton Benjamin, Sonny Siaki, and Triple H. Styles slumps down in a corner, while Shelton and Siaki go at it on one side of the ring and on the other Triple H and O'Haire battle it out. Siaki dominates Shelton and slams him down with a scoop slam. O'Haire counters a Pedigree attempt with the Cruel Intentions. O'Haire goes over and attacks Siaki from behind. Shelton gets up to his feet and watches on as O'Haire lifts Siaki up to his shoulders. Styles comes over and attempts to clothesline Shelton, but he ducks it. Styles stops right in front of O'Haire and then turns around and kicks at Shelton. Shelton catches Styles foot. O'Haire drives Siaki down with the Cruel Intentions, which is then followed by Styles landing on top of him after Shelton pushed Styles' foot up, forcing him to moonsault backwards. Triple H comes over and spins O'Haire around. The two trade punches and O'Haire rocks H to the ropes. Triple H shakes off the effects of the punches and calls out to O'Haire to "bring it". Out of nowhere, Ultimo Dragon leaps up to the apron and kicks Triple H in the back of the head. O'Haire then hits a shuffle side kick, which sends H over the top rope. Shelton and Styles then pick up Siaki and flip him over the top rope. Now we are down to the last three superstars. O'Haire charges at both Styles and Shelton and clotheslines them over the top rope. Both men hold on to the top rope and hang for a bit. The fans gasp as both men almost fall out, but they flip themselves back in. O'Haire turns to see this and grabs Styles and lifts him up to his shoulders. Shelton kicks O'Haire, but gets his foot caught. Styles uses the opportunity to get off his shoulders. O'Haire swings Shelton's foot away and then ducks the Dragon Whip attempt, which ends up hitting Styles. O'Haire waits for Shelton to get up and then shoves him to the ropes and Shelton flips over but lands on the apron. Shelton gets to his feet and O'Haire comes over and throws a few punces. Shelton blocks all of them and after blocking the last one, he hooks O'haire's arm and hip tosses him over the top rope. O'Haire lets out a loud yell and then gets up. O'Haire pulls Shelton off the apron as he tries to get in and then shoves him into the protective rail. O'Haire picks Shelton up and lifts him up to his shoulders. O'Haire then slams Shelton onto the protective rail with the Cruel Intentions. O'Haire then picks up Shelton and tosses him into the ring. Styles and Shelton both lay in the ring down and out. The crowd begins to stomp and cheer for both men to get up to their feet. The first one that starts moving is Styles. He crawls over to Shelton and places an arm over him. I guess the Dragon Whip shot made him forget this is the rumble and not a regular match. Styles rolls over and grabs on to the ropes and uses them to get to his feet. Styles looks down at Shelton, who looks to be completely out and then scales up to the top rope. Styles extends his arms out and then leaps off with the Spiral Tap, but Shelton moves out of the way. The fans begin to chant for Shelton, but there is also a Styles chant. Both men get up slowly and then Shelton uses every last bit of energy that he has and powerslams Styles. Shelton gets up and drags Styles over to the ropes. Shelton picks Styles up by the waist and tries to dump the lifeless body over. Styles gets a sudden burst of energy and elbows Shelton. Styles turns around and hooks his arms around the top rope and body scissors Shelton. Styles flips back and takes Shelton with him. As they are flipping, Styles releases the leg scissors and Shelton falls to the floor. Styles holds on to the ropes and lands on his knees on the apron. The referee rings for the bell cause we have a winner.


AJ Styles


(O:80%, C:80%, M:80%)

AJ Styles crawls into the ring and a referee slides in to raise his arm up in the air. Everybody in the arena is standing on their feet cheering for Styles. Shelton Benjamin slides back into the ring and Styles stands up. The two stare down for a while and then Shelton extends his hand out. Styles looks around and then extends his hand and they shake. Shelton and Styles embrace in the ring and then Shelton raises the arm of the 2004 Royal Rumble winner. The announcers close off the show by asking questions like, "What will happen tomorrow night on Raw, now that we've been told that a complete shake up will happen?", "Which promotion will AJ Styles go to, to challenge the champion?", & "Will we find out why John Hennigan helped out Steve Austin and Chris Jericho?". The WWE:TNA copyright logo appears and then we fade to black.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Date: Monday, January 26, 2004

The Event: Monday Night Raw

Dark Matches

Ryan Sakoda d. Spanky

Rene Dupree d. EZ Money

Dustin Rhodes d. Jimmy Yang

It Begins Here!

Segment 1 - (O:80%)

Segment 2 - (O:85%)

As Raw comes on the air, we see a shot of the face of Vince McMahon, which is bandaged up from the beating he took at the Royal Rumble. The camera pans back and reveals Paul Heyman, Eric Bischoff, Jerry Jarrett, Stephanie McMahon, Steve Austin, Shane McMahon, Ricky Steamboat, Vince Russo, & the rest of the board of directors. A woman comes in and hands a handful of papers to McMahon. He looks through them for a few seconds and then sets them on the table and tells them to take a look at them for a while. McMahon then starts the meeting.

McMahon: Ok, you all know why you are in here. Tonight we will be shaking up the entire company and we will start by working on the rosters and who will be in charge of them. As you all know, Stephanie and Steve were both in charge of Raw and Smackdown for the past few months. As of right now, you are both removed from those positions. Now, the reason you were all called in to this meeting is because you all have, at one point or another, been in the position of running a company. Both Bischoff and Heyman have experience with running a company, as they were my main competition a few years ago. Stephanie, Austin, and Shane have all taken a part in running Raw and Smackdown at one point, although Shane did a lot of his part off screen. Last but not least, Jerry Jarrett, the man that started up NWA:TNA and then sold it to us. One of you will be chosen to run the WWE promotion and another one will be chosen to control the NWA promotion. As you look at those papers in front of you, you will see the way we will shake up the rosters later tonight, as well as who is the General Manager of each promotion.

The staff sitting around the table all look at the papers before them. After all of them go through the papges one by one, they all set them on the table and look up. McMahon looks at them and asks if they are all done. After they all nod to say yes, McMahon goes back to speaking.

McMahon: As you all read, you know exactly how we are doing things here tonight and those that are the new General Managers, please keep it to yourselves until I make the public announcement later on in the show. We have a lot of time to get this done tonight and I made sure we would by getting Spike TV to allow us to broadcast tonight's show commercial free. So those of you that are General Managers, you will have all the time you need to announce who will be on your rosters. So after I conclude this meeting, the two General Managers will be called to my office and you will begin to pick your superstars. If you both want the same star, I will have final say on where he goes, but you can always work out a deal before bringing me in to the argument. This is pretty much all I have for you right now, if you have any questions, this is the time to ask.

As McMahon asks, he looks around the room and spots Paul Heyman raising his arm up.

McMahon: Yes Mr. Heyman, you have a question?

Heyman: Mr. McMahon, in the event that a General Manager is a current manager, does his current client or clients automatically go over to the same promotion or not?

Austin: Yes, I would like to know that as well, because I've worked too hard to put together a group of guys for me to manage and don't want to lose them through this shake up.

McMahon: Well, Paul and Steve, I'm afraid that the answer is no. The General Managers will select superstars and if you're lucky, guys that you manage will remain on the same promotion as yourselves. There is one way that it's possible for your guys to stay on the same promotion though. See, if the general managers agree to it, an entire stable can be sent to a specific promotion, but an even trade has to be made. Anybody else had a question or anything to say?

Shane: Listen dad, the only thing I want to say is lets get this over with. Lets just get out of here and allow the general managers to begin shaking up the rosters.

Shane gets up from his chair and walks out. Soon, the rest follow suit and get up and exit the board of directors office. Vince then excuses himself and walks out as well. As we switch to a camera shot of Paul Heyman walking backstage towards the locker rooms and enters a door. The camera follows in and we see him go up to Madusa and Mark Jindrak, who is a little busy looking at himself in a mirror.

Heyman: Bad news, Mr. McMahon just informed me that there is a possibility that my plans may be ruined. As of right now, you are the first member of my Dangerous Alliance. Madusa, being the Dangerous Alliance's director of security, must remain at my side. The three of us are together no matter what, but my plans may have to be altered depending of just who ends up with us on the promotion we end up in.

Jindrak: Listen Paul, don't sweat it. As long as you have me, your plans will never be ruined. And that's simply magnificent!

Jindrak turns around and continues to look at himself in the mirror. We fade out on a shot of Heyman looking worried. Back in the arena, we see The Maximos making their way down to the ring. The crowd give them a great reaction. The crowd quickly begin to boo, as the music of the Maximos opponents hits. Out from the back come Doug and Danny Basham, the Basham Brothers.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Maximos vs Basham Brothers

(O:84%, C:70%, M:98%)

Not a long match at all, but it was good for what it was worth. After some back and forth action, both teams come into the ring and begin to brawl. Doug gets tossed to the outside and Jose and Joel go on the attack against Danny. Joel sends Danny to the corner and Jose comes over and splashes him. As Danny staggers out, Joel tries to suplex him, but it is blocked. Jose comes over and they power him over with a double suplex. The crowd goes wild, as Joel and Jose call out for the Spanish Fly. The two take Danny to the top rope and set up to flip. As they are about to go through with the move, Doug comes in and pulls Joel off and powerbombs him hard to the mat. Jose turns and dives at Doug, but gets clobbered with a hard clothesline. Doug pulls Joel up and throws him over the top rope and then turns to Jose. Doug pulls Jose up and drives him hard to the mat with the Rydeen Bomb. The ref drops down and counts as Doug makes the cover, 1......2......3!

Winners: Basham Brothers

The Basham Brothers celebrate their victory, but the celebration is cut short as "No Chance" plays. Vince McMahon comes out, followed by a few crew guys who set up two podiums. McMahon calls out for some mics to be placed on the podiums and then he walks up to one of them.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Shaking Things Up


McMahon tries to talk into the mic, but the feed is nothing but static. McMahon calls out to the stage crew to fix the mic. After a while of messing around with the wires, the mic is fixed and McMahon begins talking.

McMahon: No form of static will prevent this night from going on as planned. So without any other delays, let me introduce the new General Managers of the WWE and NWA promotions, Shane McMahon and Eric Bischoff!

Shane and Bischoff come out and shake hands with Vince. After Vince walks off to the back, Shane and Bischoff walk up to their podiums. A woman comes out and hands both men a clipboard and then walks off to the back. Both men review whatever is on the clipboard and then Shane is the first to speak.

Shane: The first person to be placed in the WWE roster is none other than one half of one of the best tag teams in WWE:TNA, Doug Basham!

Bischoff: Good choice there Shane-O, but the NWA's first pick is none other than probably one of the better big men in this business, Batista!

Shane: The next choice by WWE is Michael Shane!

Bischoff: The NWA's next choice is Matt Morgan!

Shane: Next up for WWE, John Hennigan!

Bischoff: NWA would like to welcome to it's roster, Scott Steiner!

Shane: WWE's next choice is Ultimo Dragon!

Bischoff: NWA now picks Sonny Siaki!

Shane: WWE now selects a former WCW tag team champion, Chuck Palumbo!

Bischoff: The next selection for the NWA is the first African American man to be NWA champion, Ron Killings!

Shane: What would the WWE be without the former WWE champion, Billy Gunn!

Bischoff: So sorry to do this, but the NWA is breaking up a tag team by selecting, Danny Basham!

Shane: To break away from the single name announcement, WWE now selects Heath Cameron & Test!

Bischoff: Since Shane wants to go by tag teams on this one, NWA selects Jose & Joel Maximo!

Shane: The next selection by WWE is Lance Cade!

Bischoff: WWE picked a blue chipper, so the NWA will do the same by selecting Christopher Nowinski!

Shane: WWE is proud to announce the selection of one of the newest WWE:TNA employees, Brian Lawler!

Bischoff: This next selection is a big one, as it will mean the shifting of an entire division. NWA selects Paul London!

Shane: WWE's next selection is former WWE champion Matt Hardy Version 1!

Bischoff: The next selection from the NWA is the number one contender for the CruiserX title, Chase Stevens!

Shane: WWE now selects a ring veteran and another of the newest employees of WWE:TNA, William Regal!

Bischoff: NWA is proud to announce the selection of the OVW Project winner, Rene Dupree!

Shane: This next selection will surely prove to be great for entertainment reasons, WWE picks Shawn Michaels!

Bischoff: They don't get any bigger than HBK, but NWA is proud to have Low Ki & Amazing Red join us!

Shane: WWE is proud to announce the selection of yet another ring vet, Jeff Jarrett!

Bischoff: Bringing his family name to NWA is Chavo Guerrero!

Shane: Up next, WWE is proud to announce the selection of the latest signee to WWE:TNA, Donovan Morgan!

Bischoff: Since Shane wants to start announcing the new superstars that will be appearing on our shows now, NWA is proud to announce the next selection, Rico Constantino!

Shane: The next pick for WWE is coming over to join his Yakuza Dragon team mate Ultimo Dragon, Ryan Sakoda!

Bischoff: The next selection for NWA made his name known in ECW, now he will try to do the same all over again. We are proud to have Al Snow join us!

Shane: The next selection for WWE is the man that came so close to winning the Royal Rumble, Shelton Benjamin!

Bischoff: I've known the next superstars since our days in WCW. Coming into th NWA he now boasts about being magnificent. NWA welcomes Mark Jindrak!

Shane: It's a bird!... it's a plane!....No, it's WWE's next pick, Shane Helms!

Bischoff: Can't say I'm a fan of this next person, but I had no choice but to bring him in after selecting Mark Jindrak. The next selection for NWA is Paul Heyman!

Shane: The next selection for WWE is quite possibly the future of this business, Frankie Kazarian!

Bischoff: The next picks for NWA are former WWE tag team champions, and look forward to being NWA tag champions, Johnny Kashmere & Trent Acid!

Shane: Just like Chavo is taking his family name to NWA, the next pick is bringing his family name to WWE, Dustin Rhodes

Bischoff: NWA is proud to announce the addition to the CruiserX division, Matt Capotelli!

Shane: The next pick for WWE is "Livin' Large", Val Venis!

Bischoff: NWA selects another great addition to the CruiserX division, Josh Prohibition!

Shane: The next selection for WWE made his debut at the Royal Rumble and now he'll make his Raw debut next week. WWE selects A-Train!

Bischoff: This next man is one half of one of the most dominant tag team ever in WWE:TNA. NWA is proud to select Sylvester Terkay!

Shane: WWE's next selection is one of the most recognized names from ECW and we are proud to have him in WWE, Tommy Dreamer!

Bischoff: Since ECW is being brought up a lot here tonight, NWA decided to pick a former ECW world champion and we selected Steve Corino!

Shane: Well, staying with the ECW vibe, the next pick for WWE is also a former ECW world champion and one of the few men to ever take RVD to the limit, Jerry Lynn!

Bischoff: The next selection for NWA is a former member of the Jung Dragons in WCW, Kaz Hayashi!

Shane: The next selection for WWE is a superstar that is known the world over, Vampiro!

Bischoff: The NWA would like to welcome the last person in WWE:TNA history to hold the X title, Steven Richards!

Shane: The final pick in the first round for WWE will be a former multiple time tag team and Intercontinental champion, Christian!

Bischoff: The last selection for the NWA is the other half of the most dominant tag team in WWE:TNA history, Tom Howard!

Shane: Now that we have the first half of the rosters down, it's time to announce the interviewers and announcers for both promotions. WWE selected Michael Cole, Josh Mathews, & The Coach!

Bischoff: With that said, NWA now has selected Mike Tenay, Joey Styles, & Rue DeBona!

The crowd cheers wildly as the two new General Managers shake hands at the middle of the stage and then walk off to the back. On the titantron we see a list of the men so far in the WWE and MWA rosters. As the names flash one last time, the music of Christopher Nowinski plays and the fans come back to their feet.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Christopher Nowinski vs Kevin Fertig

(O:88%, C:84%, M:92%)

As Nowinski slaps hands with the fans, Fertig comes rushing down the aisle and blasts him with a vicious clothesline to the back of the neck. Fertig jerks Nowinski up and drives him shoulder first into the guard rail. The fans boo the Evolution member heavily, but he could careless. Fertig grabs Nowinski and drags him to ringside. The referee calls for the bell and the match begins, but Fertig continues the assault on the outside. Fertig pulls Nowinski up and wraps his arms around his waist. As it looks like he is attempting to give him a bear hug, Fertig runs forward and slams Nowinksi back first into the ring post. fertig tosses Nowinski into the ring and goes up the ring steps slowly. The fans let Fertig hear it, as he is pretty much taunting the fans by taking his time getting into the ring. Nowinski pulls everything he has to hit a last ditch blow, but Fertig swats him away. Fertig stomps away on the injured ribs of Nowinski. Fertig follows up with a few elbow drops to the injured area again. As Fertig goes to lift Nowinski up, the lights go out and then a blue spotlight shines on Fertig. Fertig looks around the ring and towards the outside, but sees nobody. As he looks around, the titantron lights up and we see nothing bu flames. A face begins to show up in the flames. Once the face completely appears, we see that it's James Mitchell. Fertig looks towards the titantron with a confused look on his face. As he tries to go to the ropes, Nowinski rolls him up. The referee drops down and begins to count, 1.......2.......KICK OUT! Fertig rolls back to his knees and pops up to his feet. Fertig jerks Nowinski up and delivers a hard kick to the rib area. As Nowinski screams out in pain, Fertig grabs him by the throat and lifts him up. Fertig screams out in anger and drives Nowinski down with the Choke Bomb! Fertig covers Nowinski and gets the uncontested three count.

Winner: Kevin Fertig

Fertig gets to his feet and looks up at the titantron. Mitchell is still on it, laughing out loud. Morgan, Orton, Maven, and Flair come out to the ring and congratulate Fertig on his win. The crowd boo Evolution as they celebrate in the ring. Fertig can't seem to take his eyes off the titantron though, and we then fade to the backstage area.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Play The Game


As the camera man makes his way around the backstage area, we spot Triple H walking out of catering. As he walks down the halls, he turns a corner and stops suddenly. As the camera man pans around, we see Ultimo Dragon, Jimmy Yang, Ryan Sakoda, Tajiri, Kendo Kashin, and Kaz Hayashi standing in H's way. Triple H looks at all six men and then clenches his fist and prepares in case of an attack. Dragon motions to his crew to stand down and then he approaches H.

HHH: Well I see you've grown a sack since last night Dragon! This time at least you are letting me see you before you attack, is that it?

Dragon stares at H with a serious look on his face, but it suddenly turns into a cocky expression. Dragon cracks a smile, which angers Triple H.

HHH: What the hell are you smiling at little man! You better hope I don't end up in the WWE roster, because I'll be looking for you if I do!

Dragon: (in Japanese) Oh I hope you end up in the WWE. And when you do, it'll be game over.......for good!

Dragon walks past Triple H and waves his guys to follow him. Triple H turns around and watches the Yakuza Dragons walking away from him. Triple H turns around and walks in the opposite direction. As he goes off into the distance, we cut to the arena, where Steve Austin is leading Rob Conway down to the ring. The fans let it known just how much they dislike Austin and Conway. As Austin and Conway scream out to the fans in the ring, the music of the former United States champion, Charlie Haas, plays. The crowd goes wild as Haas sprints down to the ring and pulls Austin out.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Charlie Haas vs Rob Conway

(O:83%, C:84%, M:82%)

Haas sends Austin directly into the ring post and slides in. Conway tries to attack Haas as he's coming in, but can't do it in time. Haas taks it to Conway and knocks him through the ropes. Conway lands right next to Austin and the try to help each other up. Haas slides back outside and grabs Austin and Conway. The crowd screams for it, so Haas drives Austin and Conway's heads together. The referee tells Haas to take the action back into the ring, so Haas shoves Conway into the ring. Haas slides in and the match officially begins. Haas got the early advantage, but after a long period of stalling from Conway, Haas loses that advantage. Conway applied some submission holds on Haas, in an attempt to ground him. Haas came back and hit a desperation German Suplex, but didn't have enough to cover in time. When he did cover, he only got a two count. The fans begin to get behind Haas, as both men try to get to their feet. Both men are up and go after each other. Haas gets the better end of it and sends Conway to the ropes. Haas hit Conway with a dropkick and then gets up to his feet. Conway got back up, but Haas doubled him over with a boot to the gut and kicked him in the back of the head with a running kick. Haas covered, but only got a two count. Haas went up to the top rope and went for a diving splash, but Conway moved out of the way. Conway kicked Haas in the face and then sent him into the ropes. As he's going to the ropes, Haas leaps onto the middle rope and springs off backwards with back elbow on Conway. Haas gets to his feet and waits for Conway to get to his feet. As Conway is trying to get up, Haas is waiting on him. Steve Austin circles around ringside and sneaks closer to where Haas is standing. Haas walks around the ring and tries to get Conway with the German suplex, but Austin pulls his foot from the outside. Haas staggers a bit, but turns towards Austin and tries to pull him up to the apron. As Haas is doing this, Conway comes over and rolls him up. The referee begins to count, as Conway pulls on Haas' tights, 1......2......3!

Winner: Rob Conway

Austin and Conway make their way to the back rather quickly, leaving Haas in the ring looking angry. The titantron comes on and a video hyping up Smackdown plays. The tag line for the video gives the next Smackdown show a feel of a rebirth for the show as a whole.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Live for the Moment" by Monster Magnet plays and out comes the former WWE champion, Matt Hardy. As Matt is walking down to the ring, he gets a mixed reaction from the live crowd. Matt doesn't play to the crowd, just simply climbs up the steps and goes into the ring. A little strange that he isn't as energetic as usual, but it's a change for him I guess. Paul London's music hits and he comes out to a loud reaction from the fans. London walks down to the ring holding his CruiserX title up in the air. As London enters the ring and hands his belt to the referee, Matt charges at London and the bell rings.

Matt Hardy vs Paul London

(O:85%, C:86%, M:85%)

Matt attempted to attack London, but was caught and locked into a standing crossface. Matt began reaching out for the ropes, but couldn't get to them. He was about to tap, but he backed up into a corner and London released the hold. As Matt began walking forward, London leaped at him and put him in a sleeper hold. Matt began fading and went down to a knee. After a while longer, Matt was sitting on the mat. London finally let go of the hold and signaled that the end is near. London climbs the ropes and looks around at the fans. As he is up there, "O Fortuna" plays. London looks toward the entry way to see who comes out. Nobody comes out and then the titantron lights up and a symbol appears. The symbol spins around a few times and then it goes up in flames. Matt gets to his feet and falls back into the ropes, causing London to come crashing hard into the mat. Matt picks a hurt London up to his feet and nails a Side Effect. Matt picks him up and does it again. He picks him up again, but this time nails a Twist of Fate. Matt covers Benoit and the referee drops down to count, 1.........2.......NO! London kicks out! Matt Hardy enraged picks London up and drags him towards the corner and grabs him and takes him to the top rope. Matt yells out and leaps off the top rope with London, hitting a top rope version of the Side Effect! Matt covers again and the referee counts, 1........2.......NO! London managed to get a shoulder up. Matt picks London up again and sends him to the ropes. As he's coming back, Matt attempts to hit London with another Side Effect, but London grabs Matt's arm and attempts to apply Fujiwara armbar. Matt grabs the ropes and counters the armbar into a pin attempt, but London kicks out. Matt lifts London up one more time and hits a Twist of Fate and covers, 1........2........3!

Winner: Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy gets his arm raised by the referee and he celebrates his victory. Matt climbs a corner and poses for the fans. As he leaps out of the ring, the WWE:TNA Rewind video plays and it shows footage of John Hennigan walking out on his team at the Royal Rumble. As it comes to an end, the lights dim and crew members rush on the stage setting up the pyro rigs.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

It's Blazing In Here


A huge pyro explosion goes off and then a video plays on the titantron, of John Hennigan. He comes out to new music and then on the video we see Johnny Blaze mentioned. John comes out and he's sporting a black jacket with flams on his sleeves. He turns and walks backwards, showing off the "JB" flaming logo on the back of the jacket. John is looking extremely cocky the whole time he's walking down to the ring. A crew member hands John a mic, but then gets shoved out of the ring by John.

John: OOOOOOOOH MAN, I'm Blazing!! That's right folks, the John you know is dead! You see, this is the real me. The John you've been watching the last couple months is what WWE:TNA wanted me to be. They wanted me to be this goodie-goodie tag team wrestler. They stuck me with Matt, who has been ridding my coat tail since Tough Enough three. When we both won, they sent us to OVW and even there, I was stuck teaming with that reject. I was the fire burning in the engine of our team. Matt was nothing but dead weight that I had to carry. As you saw last night, Matt is nothing without me and that's why he and Rey lost. But that was the last you will see of John Hennigan as WWE:TNA wanted you to see. From this day forward you all shall refer to me as Johnny Blaze! And along with Steve Aust.....

"Basic Thuganomics" by John Cena plays, as the NWA Heavyweight champion steps out from the backstage area. Cena is wearing a retro NWA t-shirt and also a retro NWA cap. The fans go wild as he throws up the double horns. Cena is taped up heavily, as he also suffered major damage in his street fight against Vince McMahon. Cena pulls a mic out of his back pocket.

Cena: Yo, yo, yo, yo! John Cena's in the hou.....

John: WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!! How dare you come out here and take up the Blaze's time! I should...

Cena: Yo, chill out bro, you're about to bust a vein.

Next time you breath though, you'll be meeting this padlock and chain!

So kick back, relax, and enjoy yourself while you still can.

I'm making my way down to the ring, so don't turn into a star-struck fan!

Now, looking at my watch, you have just about run out of time.

So as soon as I get in there and drop you, these fans will finish my rhyme!

Cena drops the mic and slides into the ring. Blaze tries to exit the ring, but gets caught. Cena delivers some heavy right hands and then slams him down to the mat. Cena hits the ropes and then comes over and drops a fist to the face of Blaze. Cena pulls Blaze up and nails him with the F-U. Austin and Jericho come running down to the ring. Austin leaps up to the apron, but Cena knocks him down with a hard punch. Jericho slides in and he and Cena go toe to toe. Austin gets to his feet and pulls Blaze out. Conway comes down to the ring and takes Blaze to the back. A referee comes running down to the ring and slides in. The ref calls for the bell and the match is under way.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Chris Jericho vs John Cena

(O:90%, C:92%, M:87%)

Jericho and Cena had the people on their feet with every move they pulled off. Cena got a few near falls on Jericho, but Austin kept distracting him. Jericho came back and took Cena down. Jericho nailed an Enziguri on Cena out of nowhere. Chris Jericho bumped into the referee and took the opportunity to go out and get his title. Jericho nailed Cena with the title and then hit the Breakdown. When Jericho drops the title, Billy Gunn comes in and picks it up. Jericho runs to the ropes and leaps off for the Lionsault and nails it dead on. As Jericho gets up, Gunn nails him with the title. Gunn pulls Jericho up to his feet and lifts him onto his arms and swings him into the Gunn Slinger. The referee comes to and sees the cover by Cena. 1.........2........NO! Austin pulls the referee out of the ring before he can count the three and slides in and kicks Gunn in an attempt to hit the Stunner. Gunn shoves Austin into the ropes and clotheslines him down. Rob Conway and Johnny Blaze come down to the ring and attack Cena and Gunn. The referee has no other option but to call for the bell.

Winner: No Contest

The entire locker room empties and a huge brawl begins in the middle of the ring. Superstars go at each other left and right. Security tries to stop it from continuing, but they have no luck. The superstars battle on as the copyright logo comes on and we fade out to a hype video for both WWE No Way Out and NWA Uncensored.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

user posted image

Full rosters and champions will be posted tomorrow, then followed by the first event of the new WWE:TNA era. Post your feedback if you feel like doing so.

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Call me weird dude...but this diary looks familiar. By chance, did you post it in EWB3? Aside from that, I dont see how WWE would get TNA in real life. But hey this is your world(your diary) so I think this idea sounds a bit good...since I believe I kinda read this before.

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gfx...that i remember :D though sometimes if the gfx was better than anything(booking,how many hair A-Train has on his back in this diary....but it turns out you fired him)....then atleast I have a good fallback...the gfx :)

Johnny Blaze vs Cena looks like a feud underway. So its gonna be interesting. One is like a cocky vanilla jobber/blue chipper the other guy, is just like vanilla ice. But more r-18 than PG 7

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user posted image


AJ Styles


Billy Gunn

Brian Lawler

Charlie Haas

Chris Benoit

Chris Jericho


Chuck Palumbo

Donovan Morgan

Doug Basham

Dustin Rhodes


Frankie Kazarian

Gail Kim

Glenn Gilberti

Hardcore Holly

Heath Cameron


Jamie Noble

Jeff Jarrett

Jerry Lynn

Jimmy Yang

Johnny Blaze

Johnny Jeter

Johnny Stamboli

Kevin Fertig

Lance Cade

Lance Storm


Little Guido

Lizzy Borden

Matt Hardy Version 1


Michael Shane

Minister Mitchell

Molly Holly


Nikita Fink

Randy Orton

Rey Mysterio

Ric Flair

Rob Conway

Ryan Sakoda


Sexretary Tiffany

Shane Douglas

Shane Helms

Shane McMahon

Shannon Moore

Shawn Michaels

Shelton Benjamin

Simply Luscious

Steve Austin



Tommy Dreamer

Torrie Wilson

Tracy Brooks

Triple H

Trish Stratus

Ultimo Dragon

Val Venis



William Regal

user posted image

WWE Champion

Chris Jericho

Top 5 Contenders

1. AJ Styles

2. Christian

3. Randy Orton

4. Edge

5. Shelton Benjamin

user posted image

United States Champion

Jamie Noble

Top 5 Contenders

1. Charlie Haas

2. Jeff Jarrett

3. Val Venis

4. William Regal

5. Jerry Lynn

user posted image

Women's Champion


Top 5 Contenders

1. Trish Stratus

2. Nikita Fink

3. Molly Holly

4. Nidia

5. Lita

user posted image

WWE Tag Team Champions


user posted image


Al Snow

B.G. James


Big Show

Billy Kidman

Brock Lesnar

Chase Stevens

Chavo Guerrero

Chris Harris

Christopher Daniels

Christopher Nowinski


Danny Basham

Danny Doring

Dawn Marie

Eddie Guerrero

Eric Bischoff

Jeff Hardy

Joel Maximo

John Cena

Johnny Kashmere

Jose Maximo

Josh Prohibition


Kaz Hayashi

Kendo Kashin


Kurt Angle

Low Ki


Mark Jindrak

Matt Capotelli

Matt Cross

Matt Morgan


Paul Heyman

Paul London


Rene Dupree


Rico Constantino

Rob Van Dam

Ron "The Truth" Killings

Scott Steiner

Sean O'Haire

Sonny Siaki


Steve Corino

Steven Richards

Sylvester Terkay


The Amazing Red

Tom Howards

Trent Acid

user posted image

NWA Heavyweight Champion

John Cena

Top 5 Contenders

1. Eddie Guerrero

2. Kane

3. Kurt Angle

4. Brock Lesnar

5. Sean O'Haire

user posted image

Intercontinental Champion


user posted image

CruiserX Champion

Paul London

Top 5 Contenders

1. Chase Stevens

2. Low Ki

3. Josh Prohibition

4. The Amazing Red

5. Jeff Hardy

user posted image

NWA Tag Team Champions


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After the huge company wide shake-up that went down on Monday Night Raw, Smackdown now prepares to head into the new era.......the Bischoff/NWA era to be exact! Named as the new General Manager of the NWA promotion, Eric Bischoff has gone on record saying that this new beginning will be unlike any ever seen. Bischoff has made a couple of huge matches, that promise to shake the foundation of Smackdown to it's very core. Tune in to watch the beginning of the new era in Smackdown and sports entertainment, Thursday night live!


Backseat Boys vs Youthanazia

Chase Stevens vs Low Ki vs Tajiri vs Spanky

Eddie Guerrero vs Kane vs Kurt Angle

John Cena vs Brock Lesnar

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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Dark Matches

Simply Luscious d. Molly Holly

Kendo Kashin d. Jose Maximo

Matt Morgan d. Scorpio Sky

Smackdown comes on the air and we are treated to a completely new video intro for Smackdown. The song in the video playing is "Duality" by Slipknot. As clips of some of the newer faces on Smackdown are show, as well as those that stayed on, we fade into the arena. A huge explosion of pyro goes off over the new stage area. As the pyro explosions begin to end, Mike Tenay and Joey Styles welcome us to the first NWA Smackdown show. They give us a rundown of the superstars that were selected by Eric Bischoff to the NWA roster, but are cut off as we go to a shot of Brock Lesnar walking into the arena.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A New Start

Segment 1 - O:80%

Segment 2 - O:74%

Brock walks down the backstage area and walks up to a crew member. He asks him something and is then pointed into the direction he should head to. As the camera follows Brock, we see him stop, as Batista steps out of a door and then two stand face to face. Brock motions for Batista to move, but Batista just cracks a condescending smile.

Batista: So Brock, here we are. Together yet again on the same roster. Over on Raw were were with Steve Austin and we had some success. I was just inches away from winning the US title, you were on your way to win the Royal Rumble. But what happened Brock? I'll tell you, I was for a lack of a better term, screwed! You and the world saw that Nidia held on to my leg and thus I was counted out. But the night went on. Jericho picked up the WWE title and Johnny Blaze joined the cause. Then came the biggest letdown of the night, when you were eliminated by Tajiri in the rumble match. Tajiri of all people Brock!

Brock: Do you think I don't remember that Dave! I remember just how it all happened, and yes I am ashamed to admit that Tajiri eliminated me. But here tonight I get the chance to wipe the slate clean. Tonight I write all the wrongs right. Now that we are in the NWA, I get a fresh start and I will become the NWA Heavyweight champion here later tonight.

Batista: Well that's still yet to be seen Brock.

Batista turns around and walks away from Lesnar. With Batista disappearing into the distance, Lesnar walks around the corner and enters the locker rooms. The camera follows Brock into the room and as he puts his bag down, we hear noises from the other side of the room. The camera turns and we see Danny Basham and Chris Harris brawling. As officials try to seperate the two, Brock comes over and shoves them away. Brock grabs Harris and tosses him into the lockers. Basham stands there and laughs, but his expression changes when Brock turns to him. Basham tries to run, but gets caught by Brock. Officials yell at him to stop, but he picks up Basham and F5's him on the locker room floor. Brock gets up and walks out of the room, leaving the officials to check on Basham and Harris. We fade out to a commercial break from here.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Backseat Boys vs Youthanazia

O:85% C:70% M:100%

As we return from commercial break, this match is already under way. Acid and Cross trade hold after hold until Cross outsmarts Acid. Acid tags out to Kashmere, but he too gets outsmarted by Cross. Kashmere tries to trick Cross into chasing him on the outside of the ring, but no luck. Kashmere is forced to get back in the ring and go at it with Cross. Cross slams Kashmere down hard with a side back body drop. As Cross continues to assault Kashmere, a blonde woman wearing a baseball cap comes walking down through the crowd and takes a seat in the front row. Acid pulls Cross off his feet and then pulls him out of the ring. Acid picks Cross up and wraps his arm around Cross' neck and drops him down with a sleeper drop. The referee jumps out of the ring and tells Acid to get back on the apron. As the referee has his back turned, the woman in the crowd stands up and tosses something into the ring to Kashmere. Prohibition gets in the ring and beats Kashmere to the object and picks it up. We see that it's a pair of brass knucks. Prohibition puts them on and waits for Kashmere to get to his feet. Prohibition swings as hard as he can and drops Kashmere. Prohibition takes the knucks off and slides them into his pocket. Cross slides into the ring and goes for the cover. The blonde woman jumps the protective rail and jumps up to the apron. The referee calls for security and tries to talk her off the apron. She tells the ref that Prohibition used brass knucks to knock out Kashmere. The ref goes over and checks Prohibition pockets and finds the knucks. The ref quickly calls for the bell. Prohibition tries to explain to the ref that the woman had tossed them into the ring.

Winners: Backseat Boys

Acid pulls Kashmere out of the ring and then stops security from taking the woman away. The woman takes off the baseball cap and we see a clear shot of her face. It's Lana Kinnear, who hasn't been seen on WWE:TNA tv in a while. She looks at Prohibition and Cross and the ring and laughs at them. Backseat Boys and Lana walk up the ramp and through the curtain. We cut to a short video package recapping the events from Raw. After the video, we return toa shot of the crowd.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Another Bunny Joins the Ranks


The crowd goes wild when "Legs" by Kid Rock blasts around the arena. Stacy Keibler comes out to the ring and the guys are going nuts for her 42'' inch long legs and she slowly enters the ring. Once in the ring, we see that there is something proped up in the ring, but it is covered up by a black sheet. Stacy gets a mic handed by one of the crew guys and the crowd quiets down.

Stacy: As everybody knows, WWE:TNA is seen all over the world. Because of this many superstars are exposed to just about everybody and it leads to movie roles being offered or other projects being put on the table for them. In the past it has happened to The Rock, Hulk Hogan, and Roddy Piper. The women aren't left out of this either. The difference is that women get offers to do magazine covers and the likes. Sable and Chyna got offers to do Playboy. Just recently, Torrie Wilson got the same type of offer. Well, I'm out here to announce that in the upcoming March issure of Playboy, yet another WWE:TNA diva will be gracing the cover. I don't want to keep the suspence going, so I will remove this sheet and show you guys the cover of the March issue of Playboy.

Stacy grabs one end of the black sheet and she slowly pulls it off, revealing the cover....

user posted image

The fans go wild as they see Stacy on the cover. Stacy gets a huge smile on her face when she hears the crowd reaction. Stacy chants can be heard all around the arena. Stacy brings the mic up to speak again.

Stacy: Thank you, thank you very much. Now......

Stacy is interrupted by the music of Madusa. The crowd begins to boo heavily, as Madusa walks out. Madusa doesn't look to be happy about the announcement Stacy just made. As multiple "Madusa Sucks" chants begin, Madusa pulls a mic out of her jacket and speaks.

Madusa: So you're on the cover of Playboy Stacy, big whoop! I've been in this business winning titles and beating women all over the globe. Where's my recognition?! When is Playboy going to call me to do a photo shoot?! I've worked too hard and too long in this business, only to watch all you no talent hacks get everything handed just because of your looks. Now, I would go down there and beat the beauty out of you, but it would be too easy since you aren't even a wrestler.

Stacy in the ring begins to call Madusa into the ring. This simply brings a smile to the face of Madusa.

Madusa: Stacy, Stacy, Stacy! Calm down, you really don't want me to go down there. You need to remember that anything that you know in that ring, I taught you. Does the WCW Power Plant ring a bell Miss Hancock! But I'll tell you something, if it's a fight you're looking for, then a fight you will get!

As Madusa says that, Stacy gets blasted from behind by a chair shot. As the camera pans around, we see Dawn Marie holding the chair. Dawn lays in another two chair shots to the back of Stacy, followed by some trash talking. Madusa looks on with a smile and then simply turns around and walks through the curtain. Dawn Marie stands over Stacy, holding the chair up in the air as we fade out to a commercial break.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Low Ki vs Chase Stevens vs Tajiri vs Spanky

O:79% C:72% M:87%

As we return, Spanky is making his way down the ramp. Low Ki and Tajiri are already in the ring. Spanky leaps into the ring and now the music of the last person in the match hits. Instead of Chase Stevens coming out, Tom Howard and Sylvester Terkay come walking down the ramp with a purpose. The two get in the ring and completely assault all three men. Terkay and Howard leave bodies laying in the ring and then go to ringside and trash the announcers table. The two men leave through the crowd and then not surprisingly, Chase Stevens comes out with a huge cocky grin on his face. Stevens takes his time entering the ring and then simply places his foot on the chest of Low Ki and the referee calls for the bell and then drops down to make the three count.

Winner: Chase Stevens

Stevens picks up one of the cheapest victories in Smackdown history, but this no solidifies him as the number one contender for the CruiserX title. We fade out to a video hyping the return to Smackdown of Jeff Hardy, but more importantly to the CruiserX division.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Magnificent Announcement


Paul Heyman's music hits as we return from the video. Heymand and Jindrak comes walking down to the ring. Jindrak is wearing a black and gold robe, with the word "Magnificent" on the upper back area of the robe.

Heyman: Ladies and gentlemen, what Mark Jindrak would like right now, is for all you fat, out of shape, repulsive rednecks, to keep the noise down while he takes his robe off and show the ladies what a magnificent man is supposed to look like.

Jindrak removes his robe to the delight of the women in the crowd, but this draws heavy booing from the men. Jindrak asks Heyman for the mic and gets it.

Jindrak: I look real good and feel even better, I make a burlap sack look like a cashmere sweater. But enough about how I look, because tonight I am taking a huge step towards making a big name for myself. Tonight I am calling out the winner of the heavyweight title match to face me next week! Actually let me rephrase that, I'm calling out the person that walks out as champion to come to this ring next week and lose the title to me!

Jindrak laughs as the crowd begins to lay into him with negative chants. As Jindrak is about to talk again, "I'm Back" hits and Eric Bischoff comes out to the stage. Jindrak and Heyman in the ring don't seem too pleased with the appearance of the General Manager. Bischoff paces around the stage for a few seconds and then brings his mic up to speak.

Bischoff: That's very interesting there Mark. It really is, but you need to remember who is in charge around here. I make the matches here, not you!

Heyman: Bischoff, you may have the power to make matches, but we have the power to make your life a ......

Bischoff: Heyman, shut your mouth and let me speak on my show!

The crowd goes wild as Bischoff, for a moment, manages to shut Paul Heyman up.

Bischoff: Mark, you want to make an impact in the NWA? Well I have the perfect way for you to make that impact you speak about. You see with the NWA and WWE becoming completely seperate promotions now, the NWA is left without a secondary title. So what I have done is I have resurrected the Intercontinental title. That very title will be on the line at Uncensored, where the two men that make it to the finals of the Intercontinental title tournament will fight to claim it. Now it will be an eight man tournament, with seven of the men already picked and placed within the tournament. Mark, I think you'll be pleased to know that you are one of the eight men that will be in the tournament. The rest will be announced in a small video package in a few moments. Now if you please, get out of the ring because the first match of the tournament will happen next!

Jindrak and Heyman leave the ring looking somewhat pleased with what Bischoff said. We go into a video package talking about the IC title tournament. We see that Big Show, Danny Basham, Steven Richards, Raven, Rhyno, Mark Jindrak, and Sonny Siaki will be a part of it. We also find out that there is an 8th spot open for a superstar that will be filled soon.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Raven vs Rhyno

O:80% C:81% M:80%

We returned from the video package and Rhyno is making his way down to the ring where Raven is already waiting for him.. The match was a complete brawl from the start. The odd thing about the match is that the referee has allowed Raven to bring some weapons into the ring. Rhyno grabs a chair before sliding into the ring. Raven and Rhyno battle with chairs in their hands. Raven manages to force Rhyno to drop the chair and then goes to attack him, but Rhyno surprises him with a shoulder block to the ribs. Raven tries to get up, but Rhyno stomps away on Raven's ribs. Raven tries to use the ropes to get up, but gets caught a hard knee shot to the ribs. Rhyno doesn't make the cover, but instead he grabs a chair and sets it up in the middle of the ring. Rhyno jumps out of the ring and grabs another chair. He gets back in and sets the chair next to the other one. Rhyno picks Raven up and shoots him to the ropes. As Raven is coming back, Rhyno charges, but Raven sidesteps. Rhyno stops and turns, but only to get kicked in the gut and then takes a quick Raven Effect onto a chair. Raven makes the quick cover, 1...... 2......3!

Winner: Raven

Raven rolls out of the ring holding on to his ribs. It looks like Raven might have seriously hurt his ribs. The ref checks on him, but Raven pushes him aside and just walks up the ramp as we cut to a commercial break.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Project Is Over


Upon returning from break, we see Raven walking in the back. He is holding his ribs, due to the severe attacks Rhyno delivered to the area. As Raven is about to get to the locker rooms, Rene Dupree comes walking by. Dupree stares at Raven with a disgusted look on his face and walks around him.

Dupree: Is this what the NWA thinks talent is? Raven, you are just exactly the kind of person that embodies every trait of a common American. You are lazy, out of shape, and ......

Raven: Wait a second! Didn't you just win some popularity contest to get here?

Dupree gets visibly angry at the comment from Raven.

Dupree: No, I worked my way through OVW to get here.......

Raven doesn't waste another second listening to Dupree and lays in with lefts and rights. Raven gets Dupree staggering, but as he is about to strike him again, Raven clutches at his hurt ribs, allowing Dupree a chance to strike back. Dupree kicks Raven in the gut and then punches the rib area. Raven screams out in pain, which brings a sadistic smile to the face of Dupree. Raven tries to fight back, but Dupree continues to attack the injured ribs. Dupree lifts Raven up and delivers a vicious rib breaker. Having done enough damage, Dupree leaves the injured Raven on the floor and walks away. We cut to a shot of the stage area, where Kane is making his entrance for his number one contenders triple threat match.

[Rene Dupree +2 Overness]

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Eddie Guerrero vs Kane vs Kurt Angle

O:90% C:91% M:88%

After all three men make their entrances, the match begins with all three men feeling each other out, but Kane gets the better of Eddie and Kurt. Eddie and Kurt both go at Kane and they manage to get him down on his bakc, which causes Kane to roll out of the ring in anger. As he's walking up the ramp, Kurt comes from behind and takes him back to the ring. The two go toe to toe again, but this time Kane manages to get the upper hand. The ref questions Kane about using illegal tactics, but in true heel style, Kane denies any wrong doing. Kane goes to pin Kurt, but only gets a two count after Eddie breaks up the cover. He tries again, but it's the same outcome with Eddie kicking him off Kurt. Kane picks Kurt up and shoots him to the ropes. As Kurt comes back, Kane goes for a clothesline, but misses and Kurt goes behind and nails him with a german suplex. Kane sits up and gets to his feet and Kurt again hits a great German suplex. The fans begin to get behind the Olympic champion. Kurt gets up and tags Eddie in. Eddie and Kurt lift Kane up and double suplex him hard into the mat. Guerrero goes for the pin, but Kurt quickly pulls him off. Eddie gets up and shoves Kurt back. Kurt returns the shove and the two go face to face. The two looks as if they are going to back off, but then at the same time they take a swing and nail each other in the face. They begin to at it with lefts and rights. This allows Kane a chance to take a breather. Eddie gets the better out of the exchange and works Kurt into a corner. Eddie runs to the ropes and leaps onto the middle rope and springs off onto Kurt and hits a tornado ddt. Kurt gets up and charges at Eddie, but Eddie leaps up and Kurt goes into the corner. Eddie taunts Kurt and draws him out of the corner. As the two exchange blows in the middle of the ring, Kane gets up and nails Eddie with a boot to the face. The impact makes Eddie bump into the referee, knocking him out of the ring. As this is happening, Matt Morgan comes running down to the ring. Kurt ducks a punch attempt from Kane and goes behind and hits an Angle Slam. Morgan clotheslines Kurt and the grabs Eddie and tosses him over the top rope. Morgan follows Eddie and begins a beatdown on the outside. Eddie mounts a comeback and begins to rock the big man. Rob Van Dam comes running down to ringside and taps Morgan's shoulder, causing him to turn. As he does, RVD goes for a spinning kick, but Morgan moves out of the way and Eddie takes the shot right in the face. RVD looks at Eddie with a surprised look on his face, but it quickly changes as Morgan drives his foot into RVD's face. Morgan picks RVD up and hits a huge chokeslam. Morgan lifts Eddie up and slams him into the ring post. Morgan, having done the damage, goes back to the backstage area. In the ring, Kurt rolls out of the ring and helps the ref up and rolls him into the ring. Kurt slides into the ring and bends down to check on the ref. Kane stands up at this time and walks up to Kurt and nails him with a low blow kick. Kurt turns around in pain and Kane lifts him up onto his shoulder. Kane passes his thumb across his throat and then spikes Kurt down with the Tombstone! Kane covers Kurt and shakes the ref so he can make the count, 1..........2..........3!

Winner: Kane

Kane stands up and has a evil smile on his face, as he has just earned himself a Heavyweight title shot against John Cena or whoever the champion is at Uncensored. Kane stands over Kurt and does his four post pyro blast before flipping out of the ring. As Kane walks up the ramp and then raises his arms in the air, we get a shot of both RVD and Eddie Guerrero laying at ringside. We fade out to a commercial break.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Kid Gets His Shot


As we are coming back from commercial break, we see Billy Kidman walking backstage. He passes by a couple of superstars and then turns a corner. As he continues walking, we see Bischoff walk out of his office. Kidman rushes towards Bischoff and stops him before he can leave.

Kidman: Eric, I have something to talk to you about.

Bischoff: Go ahead Billy, shoot.

Kidman: Well it's about the open spot you talked about in the Intercontinental title tournament. I was hoping that I could get a chance to earn that very spot?

Bischoff takes a moment to think it over and then looks at Kidman with a smile on his face.

Bischoff: Billy, I'll tell you what, next week you will go out to the ring and you will face Scott Steiner. The winner of that match will earn that last spot in the tournament. How's does that sound?

Kidman: Sounds like a tough challenge, but I am sure I will come out on top.

Bischoff: Great! But there is some bad news though. You see, I arranged the brackets just a few moments ago in my office. The person in the open spot of the tournament is facing Big Show in the first round. I just hope you're ready for that challenge if you manage to make it past Steiner.

Bischoff walks away, leaving a somewhat worried Kidman pondering just what to do. We cut to a shot of John Cena walking out of his locker room, with the NWA Heavyweight title around his waist. The scene changes to an air shot of the arena, followed by the music of the challenger coming on. Brock makes his way down to the ring, looking focused on the task at hand. "Basic Thuganomics" hits, bringing the fans to their feet, as John Cena walks out flashing the word life signal. Cena walks down the ramp talking smack in the direction of Lesnar, going as far as motioning to Brock that he can't see him. Cena slides in the ring and gets blindsided by the furious challenger. The referee quickly calls for the opening bell.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

John Cena vs Brock Lesnar [NWA Heavyweight Championship]

O:82% C:85% M:76%

The crowd gets behind Cena from the start, as Brock uses the surprise tactic on the champ. Cena kicks Brock in the knees and then lays in some hard punches, but Brock brushes them off and shoves Cena half way across the ring. Cena collects himself and rushes towards Brock again. Brock leaps up off his knees and blasts Cena with a huge clothesline. Brock stomps away on Cena repeatedly. The crowd boos Brock heavily, bringing a huge smile to his face. Brock lifts Cena up by the throat and the tosses him up into the air and locks on a bear hug. Cena screams out in pain, while the referee checks on him. Cena remains in the hold for a good minute and a half, yet still doesn't want to quit. Brock tightens his grip and lifts Cena off his feet. Brock then turns the bearhug into a spine buster. Brock covers, 1.....2.....KICK OUT! Cena manages to get his shoulders off the mat. Brock picks Cena off the mat and tosses him to the outside. The fans begin to boo loudly, as we see Batista walking down the ramp. Brock distracts the referee, allowing Batista to sucker punch Cena. Batista picks Cena up and tosses him into the ring. Brock once again covers, but before the three count, he picks Cena up by the hair. Batista laughs and tells Brock to hurt Cena some more. Brock tosses Cena into a corner and then taunts him a bit. Brock backs up and then charges for a splash, but Cena moves out of the way. Out of desperation, Cena springboards off the ropes and nails Brock with a flying clothesline. Both men are down and the referee begins the count. Before the six count, Brock gets up to a knee, breaking the count. The fans then begin to cheer as Cena pops up to his feet and waves his hand in front of his face. Brock gets up and sees Cena, so he tries to go after him, but Cena ducks a clothesline. Brock turns right into a kick to the gut. Cena hits the ropes and comes over and hits the Throwback. Cena gets up and motions to the crowd before hitting the ropes. Cena comes back and nails Brock with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena brings the crowd to their feet as he throws the double horns up in the air. Brock gets up to his feet and walks right into the hands of Cena. Cena lifts Brock up for the F-U, but Brock falls off the shoulders and hits the mat back first. Brock quickly gets up and spins Cena around. Cena tries to fight it, but Brock lifts him up into position for the F5. Brock spins Cena off, but he lands on his feet. At this time, Batista slides into the ring and then blasts Cena from behind with a hard clothesline right in front of the referee. Brock's eyes nearly pop out of his head as he sees this. The ref without even a second thought calls for the bell.

Winner: John Cena via DQ

Batista screams out to Cena while he's on the ground. Brock comes over and screams at Batista, asking him just why he just cost him the title. Batista throws his arms up as to say "I don't know". Brock puts his hands over his face while he tries to figure out just why this just happened. As Brock is gonna speak to Batista again, he gets knocked down by a clothesline out of nowhere from Batista. The live crowd looks on in shock, as Batista is assaulting Brock Lesnar. Batista goes to the outside and picks up a chair. He then slides in and begins to whack Brock over the back with the chair. Batista stops after some dents are seen on the chair. Batista sees Cena getting up and blasts him over the head with the chair, which then breaks apart upon impact with Cena's head. Batista picks Brock up and sets him up for some more pain. Batista muscles Brock up and drives him down to the mat with a huge Demon Bomb! Batista stands over Brock and screams out at him. Batista continues to scream out to Brock that he "was nothing and will forever be nothing". The show goes off the air, as we see Batista standing over Brock with his hands up in the air.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Overall Rating: 81%

TV Rating: 6.44

People in Attendance: 10,047

Ticket Sales: $401,880

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The time is here! The WWE-Shane McMahon era is upon Raw! After Smackdown's first show under control of Eric Bischof, things can't possibly get any more shocking....or can can they?! Well Shane McMahon is the type of person that likes to shake things up, so throw any expectations out the window and sit back for the wild and shocking ride. Shane McMahon has only booked one major match for Raw, but look for some great action, live this Monday night!


Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio

Charlie Haas vs A-Train

Donovan Morgan vs Ultimo Dragon

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News and Rumors

By: Johnny Utah

Dwayne Johnson worked his second LPW show this weekend, where he took on another former WWE:TNA superstar Booker T. Reports from fans that attended the show are telling us that LPW may soon begin to run a storyline between Booker and Johnson, where the winner of the feud would leave LPW. This looks very close to being a confirmed fact, as we have heard from backstage sources that Booker T has given notice to LPW management that he may be taking a leave soon.

In an extremely related story to tha first Booker rumor, there is talk within WWE:TNA of signing Booker T back into the company. Some people are saying that an offer has already been placed on the table and with the news of Booker taking a leave from LPW (where he is not under a written contract), it looks like Booker may be thinking about taking the deal.

Now that WWE:TNA has set up the two promotions, WWE & NWA, the plan is to build new stars while still keeping the established stars happy. The company must have learned their lesson from the last time, when The Rock left due to frustration over how he was being used.

Speaking of the seperate promotions, it looks like real soon we could see an actual ratings battle, with some sort of bonus to the winning side. A source told us that one of the bonuses would be first choice on any new talent signed. If this turns out to be true, we could see things really heat up in the coming weeks.

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Monday, February 2, 2004 Results

Dark Matches

Tommy Dreamer d. Chuck Palumbo

Michael Shane d. EZ Money

Dustin Rhodes & Jeff Jarrett d. Jamie Noble & Jerry Lynn

Lance Cade vs Brian Lawler

(O:70%, C:68%, M:72%)

Raw comes on the air and we see both Lawler and Cade already in the ring. The bell rings and Cade quickly goes on the attack. Lawler tries to fight him off, but the big man powers him into a corner. Cade nails Lawler with a few shoulders to the gut and then attempts to clothesline him, but takes a boot to the face. Lawler climbs up to the second rope and dives at Cade with a double ax handle, but gets countered by a big clothesline. Cade picks Lawler up and slams him down with a quick powerbomb. Shannon Moore, who is in the outside, cheers on in approval. Cade screams out to Shannon that it's time to end the match. Cade picks Lawler up and finishes him off with a huge running clothesline. Lawler flips due to the impact and lands hard on the mat. Cade pins Lawler with a cocky cover, 1.....2.....3!

Winner: Lance Cade

Shannon Moore slides into the ring and begins to scream at Lawler. Moore tells Cade to pick Lawler up and then holds him. Moore prepares to strike Lawler, but as this is about to happen, the crowd errupts. Cade tosses Lawler aside and tells Moore to turn around. Moore turns to see Shawn Michaels coming down to the ring in a hurry. HBK slides in and quickly goes on the attack. Moore gets taken down by a hard right hand. Cade tries to grab HBK, but ends up taking a back elbow. HBK shoots Cade to the ropes and then back body drops him. Moore tries to sneak up on HBK, but gets floored by Sweet Chin Music. HBK prepares for another superkick on Cade, but gets distracted as "Glass Shatters" hits. HBK turns to the entry way and sees Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, Rob Conway, and Johnny Blaze come out to the stage area

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Championship Highlight Reel


The four stare down at HBK in the ring. Austin pulls out a mic and hands it over to Chris Jericho.

Y2J: Well if it isn't the "Has Been Kid"! You know, I almost didn't recognize you since you weren't on your back being pinned by Shannon. But unlike you, I was a winner last Sunday night when I became the WWE champion! Now, I see you're down in that ring and you look like you're in the mood for a fight. So I think it's time that we go down there and remove you from the ring, in order for the WWE champion to speak to his fans.

Jericho gets cut off by the music of the General Manager, Shane McMahon. Shane comes out to the stage and stands on the opposite side of the stage, keeping as much distance between himself and the four superstars.

Shane: Shawn, I think it'd be best for you to leave the ring right now. I know you want to fight, but your fight is with Moore and Cade, and they're long gone. Jericho did come to me for some time to speak about his title win and I wouldn't want you to get attacked by these for men. So what I propose to you Shawn is this, you leave the ring and head through the crowd. You find the nearest exit and you leave the arena and go home. Cool off for a week and then return next week prepared to fight. And I do mean be prepared for a fight, because next week it will be Shannon Moore and Lance Cade taking on Shawn Michaels and Sting! Oh, and by the way, it will be a San Antonio Street Fight!!

A smile comes to the face of Shawn Michaels, right before he leaps out of the ring and then jumps the security rail. As Michaels is making his way through the crowd, Austin and company head down the ramp and into the ring. Austin gets another mic, but before he can speak Shane cuts him off.

Shane: Austin, this time was granted so Jericho could make his first speech as WWE champion, not for you to go on a rant about nothing.

Austin: Who the hell do you think you are?

Shane: I'm the general manager of the WWE! And Austin, you need to watch what you do and say because I am not above suspending you! The same goes for any of your guys there. So keep your mouth shut or face my wrath Austin!

An angry Austin, tosses the mic out of the ring towards the stage. Before Austin can exit the ring and go after Shane, Conway and Blaze grab him and pull him back. Jericho steps to the ropes and speaks to Shane.

Y2J: You know Shane, tonight is suppose to be all about ME! I am the damn WWE champion, but you're out here taking up all my air time!

Shane: I'm sorry Jericho, I didn't know that this was Monday Night Jericho.

Y2J: Yeah, you're damn right it's Monday Night Jeri......

Shane: Spare me the agony of having to hear one more word come out of your mouth! The only reason you are even holding that title is because my father made it clear that no champion was being stripped of their titles. If it wasn't for that reason, I would have vacated the WWE title and you would not have gotten a chance to even get within five feet of it! So tonight in that very ring, you will be defending that very world title against a very deserving individual. This man came within inches of winning the Royal Rumble! He is none other than Shelton Benjamin!!

The fans go wild at the sound of the announcement, which is followed by the appearance of Shelton on stage. He comes out hyped up and looking ready for action, but Shane tells him to chill and stay on the stage. Jericho in the ring waves his finger in the air, while screaming out "no". Jericho, after a while of the fans getting to him through anti-Jericho chants, brings the mic up to speak.

Y2J: Sorry to burst your bubble Shelton, but no matter how big of a pop you get from these idiots, you are not getting a title shot. As a matter of fact, I don't have to wrestle a singles match if I don't want to until next week. You see, after I won at the Royal Rumble, Steve right here worked a clause into my contract that allows me to take one week off after any singles match since winning the title. Since I wrestled last week against John Cena, I am taking my week off now, so I don't have to do a damn thing until next week.

Shane: Clever, very clever Jericho...........oh yeah, there's one thing that I forgot to tell you. You see, I had noticed that clause but it's iron clad, so I can't do a thing about it. So this announcement was meant to test your bravery, and the outcome was just like I expected. The one thing that I can do here Jericho is get around the clause, because it clearly states that you can take a week off from any singles match of your choice. So with that said, here TONIGHT, it will be Chris Jericho and Rob Conway taking on Shelton Benjamin and a partner of his choice!

Jericho tosses his mic down to the mat and begins to kick the bottom ropes. Austin goes over and tries to calm him down. After a couple of seconds, it appears that Austin has indeed calmed him down because Jericho flashes a cocky smirk. Shelton removes his shirt and prepares to head down the ramp, but Shane stops him from doing so. As Shane McMahon and Steve Austin lock eyes and stare each other down, we cut to the first commercial break of the night.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -


- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Donovan Morgan vs Ultimo Dragon

(O:75%, C:75%, M:76%)

We come back from the commercial break and see Ultimo Dragon making his entrance. Donovan Morgan, who is making his WWE:TNA debut, is already in the ring waiting for Dragon. As Dragon enters, the referee calls for the bell and we are under way. Dragon and Morgan walk around a bit before locking up. Dragon tries to put a headlock on Donovan, but it gets countered and Dragon goes flying across the ring thakns to a belly to belly overhead suplex. Dragon rolls out of the ring and complains to the referee about Morgan using "illegal" moves. The ref tells him to get in the ring or else he'll be counted out. Dragon turns to the stage area and signals for someone to come out. Morgan reaches out of the ring and pulls Dragon up into the ring. The camera cuts tot he entry way and we see Sakoda and Yang coming out. Before they can even make it to the ramp, Triple H comes out and bashes Sakoda in the back with the sledgehammer. Yang turns and takes a shot to the stomach. H drops the hammer and hits Yang with the pedigree. H walks down to the ring, drawing a hug ovation from the crowd. Dragon in the ring counters another belly to belly suplex by hitting Morgan with a few knees to the ribs. Morgan releases Dragon and then takes a few kicks to the legs. Dragon turns to run to the ropes, but see H standing on the outside. Dragon begins to tell the ref to do something about H, but the ref says that he is not doing anything by just standing outside. Out of nowhere, Morgan wraps his arms around Dragon's waist and nails him with a release German suplex. Morgan quickly covers Dragon and hooks both legs, 1......2......3!

Winner: Donovan Morgan

Morgan stands up, but quickly leaves the ring, as Triple H slides in. Dragon slowly gets to his feet and adjusts his mask. As he looks up and sees Triple H standing before him, as wide eyed look comes to his face. Dragon begins to beg off, but Triple H swings with a right. The blow connects and it rocks Dragon back into the corner. Triple H comes over and drives a few knees to the stomach of Dragon. H then lays in with some more right hands. H backs off and waits for Dragon to stagger out of the corner. Dragon slowly staggers forward and takes a kick to the mid section, bringing the crowd to their fee, as they know what's coming. H hooks Dragon's arms and prepares for the pedigree, but before he can hit it, he taks a shot to the back of the head from Jamie Noble's United States title. Noble begins to stomp away on The Game, while Dragon slides out of the ringa dn high tails it up the ramp. Noble viciously assaults H with hard stomps and kicks. Noble picks H up and shoots him to the ropes. As H bounces back, Noble nails him with the US title right in the face. H hits the mat hard and we see that he has been busted open from both the forehead and the back of the head. Noble leaps out of the ring and grabs a bottle of water from a fan at ringside. Noble slides back into the ring and takes a big sip of water. Noble throws his arms in the air, holding up his US title, and mimics Triple H's water spitting.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Some Bad Blood


We cut to the back and see Christian walking into the arena. Christian doesn't look to be in such a good mood while walking in. As he's walking, Christian keeps talking to himself.

Christian: I can't believe that I didn't win the Rumble match! I mean come on, I was the most likely to win it anyway! If it wasn't for AJ, I would be heading to Wrestlemania to face Jericho!

Christian continued to talk to himself all the way to the locker room. As he opens the door and enters, he runs into AJ Styles. The two are face to face and then Christian drops his bags.

Styles: What's wrong Christian?

Christian: What's wrong? WHAT'S WRONG?! I'll tell you what's wrong, phenomenal one! Last Sunday night I was destined to win the Royal Rumble, but you snatched that away from me! You had to come from behind and eliminate me that way! Well that doesn't stand too good with me. So what I'm going to do AJ is go to Shane McMahon's office to get me a match! At No Way Out I want you, and I want the Wrestlemania shot to be on the line as well!

Christian storms into the locker room, bumping AJ away with his shoulder. Styles looks on with a confused look on his face. Styles then just shakes his head and leaves the locker room. We fade out to another commercial break.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -


- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Maven vs Little Guido

(O:80%, C:76%, M:85%)

As we are returning from break, we see Maven making his entrance. Ric Flair and Torrie Wilson are walking to the ring with him. After they enter the ring and work the crowd for a bit, he music of the "Sicilian Shooter" plays. Little Guido comes out to a huge pop from the crowd, as he is making his return from an injury that happened in his world title match against Kurt Angle some months back. Guido slides into the ring and quickly Maven tries to attack him. Maven misses every attempted punch on Guido. Maven tries to clothesline Guido, but misses again. Guido prepares to attack Maven while the opening is there, but Torrie pulls on his leg. This causes Guido to turn and try to grab Torrie, but gets blindsided from behind by Maven. Guido goes throat first into the middle rope and then Maven follows up by driving his knee into the back of Guido's neck. The referee begins the five count, but Maven releases the move at three. Maven pulls Guido out of the ropes and makes a cover, but only gets a two count. Maven motions to Flair to do something, so Flair leaps up to the apron. As the referee turns his attention to Flair, Torrie pulls out what looks to be a pipe from her boot and then slides into the ring. Maven pulls Guido up and holds him up for Torrie. The crowd boos in unison as Torrie takes the swing, but the booing turns to cheers as Guido moves out of the way. Maven takes the shot right to the side of the face and then drops like a sack of bricks. Guido takes the pipe away from Torrie and hides it behind his back. Guido pulls the ref and tells him to get Torrie out of the ring. As the ref goes to force Torrie out, Guido tosses the pipe up to Flair. As Flair looks up to catch the pipe, Guido clocks him with a forearm shot to the face. Guido goes over and covers the knocked out Maven, making the referee turn and drop to count, 1.....2.....3!

Winner: Little Guido

Guido rolls out of the ring and celebrates his victory while going up the ramp. Before any more celebration can take place, Michael Shane & Frankie Kazarian come out and attack him from behind. The two attack Guido while he's laying on the stage. Flair and Torrie help Maven up the ramp while this is happening. As Flair, Torrie, and Maven get to the top of the stage, Flair goes over and joins in on the attack. Flair tells Kazarian and Shane to pick Guido up and to drag him to the back.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

In Need of Help


The camera man follows the group as they are dragging Guido through the backstage area. They make it to the parking area and Flair opens up the truck of a limo that is waiting there. As they are about to toss Guido in, Johnny Stamboli & Chuck Palumbo come in to the area and begin to brawl with Flair, Kazarian, Shane, and Maven. The two men use their power advantage to muscle Kazarian and Shane down. Flair begs off, but gets to mercy from either. Maven tries to run away, but ends up taking a Mafia Kick from Palumbo. Stamboli and Palumbo pulls Guido out of the truck and walk off, having left half of Evolution and Shane & Kazarian laying. We cut back to the arena where A-Train finishes making his entrance. This is then followed by the entrance of Charlie Haas. The former United States champion comes to to a huge ovation from the live crowd.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Charlie Haas vs A-Train

(O:80%, C:79%, M:80%)

In what seemed like a rather short, but effective match, Charlie Haas dominated from the start. A-Train tried to take control, but Haas wrestled A-Train down to the mat and worked over the legs of the huge man. A-Train tried standing up, but Haas had done too much damage to the legs, so he stayed down on the mat. Haas wasted no time and locked on the Haas of Pain, to which A-Train quickly tapped out. Haas released the hold and quickly the referee called for help from the back. The trainer ran down to ringside and he checked on A-Train's leg. The trainer then called for some EMT's to come down to the ring.

Winners: Charlie Haas

While the trainer and EMT's stayed in the far left corner of the ring, working on getting the big man out of the ring, Haas remained in the ring calling out for William Regal to come down to the ring and fight him. Regal didn't come out, which angered Haas and this lead to him leaving the ring and heading to the back. We fade out to a commercial break with a shot of A-Train being placed on a stretcher.

[A-Train suffered an injury to his leg]

- - - - - - - - - - - - -


- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Devilish Warning


As we come back from commercial break, the titantron comes on and we see the back of someone's head. The person has blonde hair and is blocking the whole camera view, but then takes a step to his right, revealing Minister Mitchell with a evil smirk on his face. The blonde haired person, who is wearing a robe, lifts the hood up over his head and walks off into the background, never revealing his face. Mitchell begins walking towards the lefts side of the room, forcing the camera man to follow him. Mitchell walks up to an altar and lights up some black candles.

Mitchell: Because of this company shake-up, I was forced to make drastic changes to my plans. The source of all evil has instructed me to speed up the plans, so I have to scrap everything and begin fresh. The first soldier to join the cause has gone through the metamorphosis and is ready for the blessing from the source himself. There are six more that will be tapped by the source, thus bringing forth the Apocalyptic Seven. Be warned, that when they arrive, there will be no way out!

Mitchell blows the candles out, bringing complete darkness to the room. An unfamiliar logo flashes on the screen for about a second and then disappears. Before anything else can happen, Rey Mysterio's music hits and Rey shoots out from the stage. Mysterio walks down to the ring for his match against Randy Orton. Mysterio poses on all for corners of the ring, which draws a big reaction from the crowd. As Mysterio continues to pose in the ring, "Evolution" by Motörhead plays and out comes the "Legend Killer".

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio

(O:84%, C:85%, M:82%)

Mysterio rushes across the ring and knocks Orton off the apron with an elbow shot to the back. Mysterio quickly gets out of the ring and rams Orton back first into the ring. Mysterio then rolls Orton into the ring and goes for a quick cover, but Orton quickly powers out of the move. Orton gets to his feet and Mysterio hits him with a dropkick to the knees. Orton falls to his knees. Mysterio backs up to the ropes and hits another dropkick. Orton rolls out of the ring trying to catch his breath, but Mysterio quickly follows him out of the ring. Mysterio grabs Orton and tries to ram into the ring post, but Orton puts his foot up and blocks the attempt. Orton then grabs Mysterio and tosses him head first into the post. Orton rolls into the ring and breaks the ten count being made by the referee. Orton rolls back out of the ring and lands a few kicks to Mysterio as he starts to get to his feet. Orton then grabs Mysterio by the head and rolls him into the ring. Orton covers Mysterio and places his feet on the top rope, but Mysterio kicks out. Orton gets to his feet and pulls Mysterio up by the mask and whips him into the turnbuckle. Orton grabs Mysterio staggering out of the corner and drops him to the ground with a modified neckbreaker. Orton covers Mysterio again, but he kicks out. Orton gets to his feet and shoves Mysterio into the corner and then backs up halfway across the ring. Orton charges in, going for a clothesline, but Mysterio ducks under and dropkicks Orton in the back of the legs. Orton drops into the ropes, which is right in position for the 619. Mysterio runs and nails the 619 perfectly and then goes for a cover and gets a two count. Mysteriogoes out to the apron and waits for Orton to get up to his feet. As Orton stands up, Mysterio leaps up to the top rope and leaps towards him. Orton catches him and before Mysterio can flip to finish the move, Orton tosses him forward. Mysterio lands on his feet, but Orton with lightning quickness hits the RKO Orton gets to his feet and grabs Mysterio and pulls him up to his feet and hits the RKO once again and covers, 1..........2..........3!

Winner: Randy Orton

Orton climbs up a corner and raises his arms in the air. The crowd really lays into him as he steps over Mysterio and raises his arms in the middle of the ring. We fade out to a commercial break as Orton continues to walk around in the ring.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -


- - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Legend Killer Speaks


As we return from commercial break, Randy Orton is still in the ring and is still talking trash to the fans at ringside. Orton goes over and asks for a mic, which he does indeed receives. As Orton walks towards the middle of the ring, he decides to stomp on Mysterio a few times before speaking.

Orton: Once again I have proven that I am not just a self proclaimed, over hyped product created by the company. I've stayed true to my legend killer name by beating legends to within an inch of their lives. I've beaten The Rock, Triple H, Eddie Guerrero, and Chris Benoit just to name a few. Here tonight I have just added another to the list, by defeating little Rey here. Now I know that there are some so called "legends" on the Raw roster that I haven't defeated yet, but in due time they will all fall at the hands of Randy Orton. You see, I come from a great line of Orton's. At the present moment I am the only person in this business to have ever defeated so many legends, in such a short period of time. Now because of this, I will take the opportunity to make an open challenge at No Way Out to any legend who thinks they have what it takes to beat me, Randy Orton, the Legend Killer! So.......**STATIC**....like I said........**STATIC**......because there is no legend, alive or dead, that could ever beat me!

The lights go out as Orton stops talking. The crowd goes wild and they begin cheering as a gong sounds. A purple light shines down onto the ring, where we see Orton with a scared look on his face. Orton quickly brings the mic up to speak.

Orton: No, no, no wait, wait a damn minute! The open challenge was to any Raw legend! I said Raw legend! So this doesn't even include you Taker!

The purple light fades and the lights come back on. There's a sign of relief on the face of Orton as everything comes back to normal. Before Orton can say anything else, "Here Comes the Money" plays and Shane McMahon comes out. Shane walks down to the ring and gets in. Shane goes over and gets in Orton's face. Shane snatches the mic away from Orton and speaks.

Shane: Randy, you are in no position to be making any open challenges on my show!

Orton begins screaming at Shane, asking for more of an explanation. Orton goes over to the ropes and asks for another mic.

Shane: You want to know why you're not in position to make any challenges or book our own matches?

Orton: Yeah, I think I deserve that much!

Shane: Like I told Austin, I'm telling you, I'M THE GENERAL MANAGER!! And so you get that through your self loving, self promoting head, at No Way Out it will be the Legend Killer Challenge. In one corner will be the self proclaimed legend killer, Randy Orton. In the other will be his opponent, the legendary Undertaker!

Orton turns and kicks the bottom rope, but then suddently turns and nails Shane with the RKO. Orton looks extremely pissed off while standing over the fallen general manager.

Orton: Ok, at No Way Out I will finally put The Undertaker out to rest in peace forever. But here tonight I add yet another name to my list, as I have just struck a McMahon down!

Orton leaps out of the ring and leaps the guard rail, as Shelton Benjamin coems running down to the ring. Shelton checks on Shane, meanwhile Orton sprints to the nearest exit. Fit Finlay and Dean Malenko come down to the ring to help the general manager as well. As they are getting Shane out of the ring, "Break Down the Walls" hits and out come Chris Jericho and Rob Conway. The two men run down the ramp and slide into the ring. They begin to assault Shelton.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Chris Jericho & Rob Conway vs Shelton Benjamin & ????

(O:86%, C:87%, M:85%)

Conway and Jericho beat down on Shelton for a good while until finally a referee comes out to begin the match. Jericho goes to his corner and Conway continues to attack Shelton. Conway attempts to suplex Shelton, but he floats over and lands behind Conway. Shelton tries to take Conway down by first wrapping his arms around his waist. Conway elbows Shelton and then quickly spins around and nails Shelton with a hard DDT. Conway slaps Shelton in the ack of the head a few times, which brings an angry expression to Shelton's face. Conway goes over and tags Jericho and then they try to pick Shelton up for a suplex, but Shelton elbows both men in the face. Shelton strikes anybody that is moving. Shelton kicks Jericho, but his foot is caught. Jericho shoves Shelton's foot away, but Shelton spins around and nails the Dragon Whip. Conway comes over and grabs Shelton, but gets his arms swiped away. Shelton grabs Conway and hits the Shell Shocka. The crowd is going wild as Shelton is basically cleaning house. Shelton picks Jericho up and the two lock up and Jericho takes Shelton down. Shelton struggles to get up, but gets locked in the Walls of Jericho. After a few seconds of being in the hold, Shelton looks like he is about to tap, but the lights dim and smoke begins to shoot out from the entry way. Jericho's attention goes to the entry way, causing him to release the hold. All of a sudden, "You Think You Know Me" plays and Jericho can't believe it. Jericho screams towards the entry way, but as the camera turns we see Edge slide into the ring from the opposite side. Jericho doesn't know Edge is in the ring and he turns around. Jericho is caught by a surprise spear from Edge. Edge pops up and draws a huge reaction from the fans. Edge gets attacked from behind by Conway. The referee tries to restore order, but has no luck. Conway slides out of the ring and tries to bring a chair into the ring. The referee comes over and prevents him from doing so. As the referee has his back turned, Shane Douglas comes running down the ramp and then slides into the ring. Douglas goes to attack Edge, but he ducks. Jericho gets hit by an elbow shot from Douglas. Edge comes over and spins Douglas, only to get kicked in the gut and be taken down by the Franchiser! Shelton gets up and grabs Douglas, tossing him over head with the Exploder Suplex. Conway drops the chair and charges after Shelton. As Conway is about to strike, Shelton again hits an Exploder Suplex. Shelton covers Conway, 1......2......3!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin & Edge

Shelton rolls out of the ring, pulling Edge along with him. As the two go up the ramp, Douglas looks on from the mat, the same being said about the world champion. With a shot of Shelton with his arms up in the air, the show goes off the air.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Overall Rating: 85%

TV Rating: 5.49

People in Attendance: 10,005

Ticket Sales: $400,120

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

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With the announcement of the Intercontinental championship tournament, this match for the final spot was made. Billy Kidman must face the biggest challenge of his young career. Although this may seem like a match destined to be won by Scott Steiner, Billy Kidman has been known to be somewhat of a giant killer in his own right. Kidman holds a one on one victory over the legendary Hulk Hogan. Can Kidman bring down yet another titan down to his knees? or will Scott Steiner advance to the Intercontinental championship tournament?


Billy Kidman vs Scott Steiner

[6 Team Gauntlet for the Gold]

Kaz Hayashi & Kendo Kashin vs Los Maximos vs Howard & Terkay vs Low Ki & Tajiri vs Backseat Boys vs 3 Live Kru

[iC Title Tournament - 1st Round]

Mark Jindrak vs Sonny Siaki

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