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An Idiot Abroad 3


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Watching it too. First episode was hit and miss, I didn't like the addition of Warwick. The guys piercing their mouths were ridiculous by the way. Second episode was hilarious though, the Bollywood dancing was classic (and they are really in the movie) and the ending with the Siamese twins and Karl referring to Warwick being a special attraction.

Apparently there are only three episodes though :huh:

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I didn't know there were only three episodes.

I'm not keen on the addition of Warwick either, I think it would have been better to have sent Stephen Merchant with him. I hated Life's Too Short, though, so I was never going to like him in this.

But yeah, the Bollywood stuff is so funny. I've watched that episode three times, Karl's attempt at serious acting is hilarious during the scene where they are trying to question the politician. "It's always no comment!"

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Series 3 (Christmas special)

A three-part Christmas special will be shown from 30 November 2012 to 14 December 2012 on Sky1. It will feature Karl and Warwick Davis travelling around the Marco Polo route on a bike. It is the final series to be shown.

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