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Animation Domination High Def (ADHD)


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"I'm no videologist" and "IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAACE!" had me rolling. If they're redoing the Dr. Doo Doo story, then I hope the Moon Warriors show up as well.

It looks surprisingly good. Looking forward to Fox canceling it for another Seth McFarlane cartoon.

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I enjoyed nobody wanting to hear Gray Diamond's backstory. And Axe Cop crashing Flute Cop's place at midnight. The other show that wasn't Axe Cop was pretty dumb.

Still holding out hope for "We'll continue later. PSYDROZON is outside!" down the road.

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Oh my God, that was the best 10 minutes of my life. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

Holy, shit, that cast. I couldn't believe that Nick Offerman is Axe Cop! That's the best casting ever! Giancarlo Esposito is Army Chihuahua?! Ken Marino is Flute Cop?! Megan Mullally and Patton Oswalt are gonna' be in it?!

But OMG, the Dino Stamatopoulus show sucked so badly. Was really disappointed in that.

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