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Real Racing 3


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Anyone else have/tried this game? It's a free mobile racing game produced by EA, available on mobile phones and tablets, and it's probably the best mobile racing game available today. Superb graphics, great controls, a nice selection of cars and real-life track, and an appropriate amount and selection of game modes. Basically you run a course, usually against drone-ghosts of other players' performances in the same event (called "time-shifted multiplayer), with the ultimate goal of achieving first place (obviously), but second and third gain you the coveted trophies your after in most events. The only knocks against it seem to be the fact that repairs are so damn frequent and a bit expensive, while servicing your car comes too quickly and takes such a long time for cars that actually cost a grand amount of money (the best cars go for a few million, I have yet to hold more than a few hundred thousand in my bank before purchasing upgrades or new cars in general. This actually turned me off from the game after thinking about the fact that it wouldn't even be worth working towards a really nice car because servicing it takes so long (sometimes hours for "rework your engine"), but it's been such a solid game to pass the time with when I want to relax my brain a little, and has been my most played game on my iPhone compared to all the others I've played/purchased (which is a ton).

The game also utilizes the game center in iPhones (and probably the equivalent in Droid's), where you accept friend requests from others and can race against their times in specific events they have competed in as well (this also earns you extra money you make after every race).

I would suggest everyone tries it out, since it is free to play. It kind of sucks at first, but once you have three or more cars, there's always something to do while one or two of your other cars are repairing or upgrading. I'm definitely looking for friends to request and compete against for the extra money and so we can trash-talk each other on this forum (HEY YOUR GHOST CAR SUCKS).

Here's my current list of cars:

- Nissan Silvia (S15); fully upgraded, first car I purchased (out of the two you can choose lol), but still kicks some f'n ass.

- Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec (R34); fully upgraded, kind of sucks but the second car I bought to unlock the second tier of events/cars.

- BMW M3 GTS; halfway upgraded, this thing tears ass for sure, with a fully upgraded drive train for some solid acceleration.

- Dodge Challenger R/T; my least used car, just bought it so I could do better in specific events my Silvia couldn't win (they are in the same tier of events/cars). Kind of a waste of money but whatever.

- McLaren MP4-12C; it took me awhile to get this beast, but by the time I had leveled up so many times, I realized I had just enough Gold to buy it and actually play with some serious speed and power. This thing is friggin' sick and I can't wait to upgrade the hell out of it so I'm really whooping ass.

Here's a video of that McLaren in action so you can get a feel for the power a lot of these cars have and so you can see the gameplay and quality of graphics.

So, have I generated any interest? ^ ^

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I've heard it's a fun game, but because it's "freemium", you need to spend real money to even compete with people, which immediately takes any fun out of it for me. The impression I got is that people would've preferred to buy the game itself than get it for free and have to pay as they go, so to speak.

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