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Larz plays Super Nintendo games! AGAIN.

Monkey D. Lars

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Hello fellow EWBers! I have another topic but I haven't played in a long while and I still want to rank the games I play. It goes kinda the same way. I play a game and comment on it. To relive the glorious days of my favorite console: Super Nintendo. All the games still look great because they used sprites. The Super Nintendo also has a fantastic game libary. The best platformers, amazing RPGs, Side Scrolling Action games etc. I think a lot of EWBers have a great memory about this console. Or you were playing Sega. <_<

I will keep the first post updated with: Top 10 games played so far, game currently playing, finished games.

Currently Playing: Lufia 2

Games Finished: Donkey Kong Country

Top 10 Super Nintendo Games:

1. Donkey Kong Country

So, I will start of with Donkey Kong Country, yeah boy!


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What a tremendous fake cartridge.

Ooo you. Don't be jealous Ellis.

Donkey Kong Country

Part 1.


Behind the spoiler is one of the most memorable game tunes every made in my mind. I think everyone on this board has heard it. If not, enjoy. I remember all 3 Donkey Kong Country games on the Snes having some of the greatest 16-bit soundtracks. Now thinking about it, the music that plays on the pirate levels in Donkey Kong Country 2. Amazing. Well that will be spared for another time.


There isn't really a plot in this game, but as you can see in the above picture King K. Rool and the Kremlings have stolen all of Donkey Kong's banana's. Donkey Kong cannot let this happen so he decided to get them back together with his nephew Diddy Kong. So starts our big adventure in Donkey Kong Country!

The first world is easy, I flew through it. The second level looks awesome with the rain. After that you get your first cave level which isn't hard at all. Now I think about I think you get introduced to almost all kind of levels in the first world. From the normal platform stages (1-1), rope stages (2-1), cave stages (3-1), under water stages (4-1) and barrel shooting stages (5-1). Well that describes World 1. Which ends like this:


After that we wound up in World 2. A side of a mountain. The design of the levels is quite nice. It contains one of the most annoying stages from my childhood. Stage 2-2, the Minecart one. I messed up jumping over the barrel at the start so I could not skip the level. It took me 5 tries. After that I flew through it. Took the back exit in stage 4-2. Hate that stage. Now stage 1 and 2 in this world reminds me a lot of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The boss in this stage was way to easy took me less then half a minute. Stupid bird. GIVE ME BACK MY SECOND BANANA.

Onto world 3, the beautiful Forest stage. Back in the day the second stage annoyed the hell out of me. I am always in a hurry playing platformers. Going as fast as possible but in this stage I always have to remind myself to slow down. It's the one with where you are in the top of the trees and you have to shoot with barrels at certain points. Anyone remembers that annoying level? Got through it rather quick this time and finished 2 more stages. Then I went back to save the game and now I am at 28% and at Clam City.


Still every character is for grabs for my Crono Trigger playthrough.

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Donkey Kong Country

Part 2.

Back to where I left off. The last level and the boss of World 3 weren't that difficult so I rushed through them. The third boss was Queen B. a HUGE Zinger. (Those annoying bees.) After defeating her Donkey Kong got back his third huge BANANA.

After Vine Valley you end up in Gorilla Glacier and boy, this level looks beautiful. Especially those cave levels. Anyone remembers the one with the rope that slids you up and the rope that slids you down? I love that stage/level.

I forgot to make a lot of screenshots so I don't have a lot to show off. But let's continue, the first level just annoyed me. Not that it's so hard but I didn't have any patience. I tried to rush through the stage and well, that doesn't end well. After that one we got the slippery rope stage. Love that one, finished that one quick. Finished the third quickly as well. As well as the fourth stage (the one where you are getting chased by a Ocotpus). After that I saved the game. (Lucky for me!)

In the next stage was the first stage in which I met Squawk. He hold a light above your head as you have to make your way through a dark cave. I recommend playing with DK in this one. After I lost some deal of lives in the 6th stage I managed to beat it. Boss? Meh not even worth talking about.


See? Well now we are at Kremkroc Industries, Inc. My most hated world in my childhood memory. With only 1life left I should've saved after beating the boss but I didn't and well let's say. I game overed in the second stage.


Here it's showing the first one. Didn't expect to die. BUT I DID!!!! So anyhow. Have to replay a few stages first...

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Donkey Kong Country

Part 3.


Kremkroc Industries, that is were I left off. A FEW MONTHS AGO. Shame on me. But! I finally continued my journey through Donkey Kong Country!

I game overed last time so I had to play the last few stages of the snow world again. Kremkroc Industries was now at my mercy. I must say though that soundtrack is amazing. You can hear it in the video above. I could not find the song so I had to put in that video.

I got through the first stage and now I was at the stage that I game overed at last time:


Anybody remebered this one? So I finally completed it without any setbacks this time. Lost a few lives on the third stage but thanks to my super Donkey Kong skills I finished the third stage and saved quickly. After this level we got to a swimming stage, o god, I always to go to fast in these ones. After that I had dinner waiting for me. So this is were we are right now. We are getting there. Only one more world left.


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Donkey Kong Country

Part 4. The Finale!

This will be the final post about Donkey Kong Country. Why? Because I've finished it!!! And I must say it was a nice ride down memory lane.


The last world: Chimp Caverns. It has some great levels, the first one is a level where you ride a lift the whole stage and you to refuel it by jumping against Fuel Barrels. I got through it in one try. I used to suck at this game so bad when I was 6 years old. After that we got Manic Mincers a stage with those spinning spike wheels. Annoying as hell. Died a few times by miss-timing a jump. Up next was well, Misty Mine. A stage with mist and a lot of barrels with enemies spawning out of it.

I must say typing this while listening to the whole soundtrack of DKC 1 is great. After Misty Mine we got a stage called: Loopy Lights. Yes we need to jump against on/off barrels to turn on the lights. Been there, done that. The final stage is a personal favorite of mine: Platform Perils, reminds me of the name of a Mario Party Minigame. In this stage we got a Krusha who can only be destroyed by throwing a Barrel against it.


Mr. Necky Sr. didn't stand a chance against Donkey Kong. With every world completed came the battle again King K. Rool, the pictures will tell the story for me:






As you can see, it's all over. My first adventure on the Snes is done. 101%ing a all time classic. It was not as good as I remembered but still one hell of a game.

I have not decided which game I want to play next.

Tune in next time!

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Lufia 2

Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals. I have played this a lot when I was young but I never have finished the game. It was too hard for me back in the days :(.

So after finishing Donkey Kong Country, I thought well, let's try this one again. I remember some stuff from it, at least gameplay-wise. But not much from the story. I do know that there are 7 capsule monsters. Which I need to give a name. :pervert:


Well it's time to go and be a monster hunter!

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Lufia 2

I finally continued my journey in Lufia 2 and it's still a great game. It's your typical RPG with a overworld with monster battles to train. So leveling up is a important thing to do. Well you start out having to do a tutorial, (BOOOORING) and after that you will have dinner with Tia, who discovers that her fish she prepared has been eaten. You are going to find out what it is. It's your first short dungeon! Well, I breezed through it and faced:

My first boss battle. No problem for me it was. Destroyed him and got the key to continue. When I was about to walk away, a mysterious girl walked up to me to tell me I'm the chosen one. Not Jeff Jarret but me!!! I told her to seek out Jeff Jarret but I had to save the world. After you get to the second town you find out they have troubles with a Catfish causing Earthquakes. Well, I'm the hero so I took care of it:
After doing that I joined forced with Tia and met my first Capsule Monster, a Foomy. So I decided to train and get some money to buy 32 Battle Knives to feed my first Capsule Monster with. It resulted in this:
He got bigger! Now it's off to Azule Kingdom!
To be continued...
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