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Why? Because he is a million times better then Mr. 'OH MY GOD I have no personality or natural charisma' Seaman.

If he doesn'y go too OTT like he can, he could be a good captain.

They should just cancel the show now though. Its gone on too long, and hasn't been funny for ages.

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Actually I found this weeks show absolutely hilarious. Wright is at least better than David Seamen, and the way at the end he just said "Oh shit" was absolutely amazng.

Johnathon Ross is the only redeeming thing about the show now, it's a shadow of it's former self. But Tuffnell/Wright is a better combination than Tuffnell/Seamen, stupid that they got rid of Lineker/Gower in the first place though.

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Guest Crow's Nest1927

Well it's nice to know that I'm not the only person that feels the need to smash my TV everytime Ian Wright is on there. He was just so irritating this evening with his "You can't say that about Paula Radcliffe" Why not? He seems to be against free speech when he doesn't like it yet his outspoken tirade against Urs Meier in the World cup was fine. But of course Urs Meier isn't "British" so he can say what he likes about him.........

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I actually managed to stand him tonight, Paula Radcliffe rubbish aside, probably because he wasn't presenting the thing. Ian Wright couldn't present... a cat, but as a captain he was fairly reasonable. Certainly more so than Phil 'the twat' Tufnell, the hard man of cricket. And what the fuck was Ian 'Liverpool Supporter' Beale doing on there? Knowsit!

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Phil Tufnell is the problem with the whole programme. He has one very weak gimmick and all his 'jokes' revolve around him being drunk or stoned. Well har-de-har-har.

Seaman was awful, Ian Wright is meh.

Jonathan Ross is the only person keeping the whole thing going.

The Gower/Lineker thing worked so well cos you wouldn't expect them to be in that programme. Lineker's good boy pro sportsman gimmick worked well, as did Gower's high-breeding sports toff, especially when Ross got hold of it.

So yeah, it's all gone wrong.

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