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Godzilla fans are going to be happy or pissed!


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I don't know if any of you know about Godzilla Final Wars, but its the latest Godzilla movie in the works, meant to celebrate Godzilla's 50th anniversary, and will be coming out in Japan in December. Unfortunately, Toho has said that it will be the last Godzilla movie for 5 to 10 years.

It features a modern-looking Godzilla taking on several of the monsters from the 60's and 70's movies (and unfortunately has Minya in it) and a new monster called Monster X.....AND GINO from the Tri-Star movie! Its basically a new version of Destroy All Monsters, because the aliens from that movie are involved. Monster X looks kind of like a rip-off of the Aliens (as in Alien, Aliens, etc), with red eyes.

Without giving any details away about how it shows up, there IS going to be a Ghidorah in it, but NOT King Ghidorah. The new one is going to be called Kaiser Ghidorah and apparently may have 4 legs. (There are no pictures of this monster yet)

Apparently, GINO is just going to be referred to as Zilla, and I assume it'll be getting it ass kicked very quickly....if Godzilla can hit it while its running away from him, that is.

There are no pics of GINO from GFW out, but its apparently going to be the only completely CGI monster in the movie and will look pretty much the same as it did before.

Oh, and Gigan now has a double-bladed chainsaw in place of one of his scythe hands.

If anyone is interested, there's a trailer out that shows some of the monsters, but the picture quality sucks and its too dark. It supposedly shows GINO getting slammed by Godzilla's tail (or vice-versa) at the end, but I couldn't make it out. (Its NOT the trailer at the official site, which pretty much just shows the logo for the movie while featuring Godzilla roaring and some voiceovers in English)

I think http://www.tokyomonsters.com has a link to the trailer either on the website or their message board.

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