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Miss Universe loses skirt at Westfield appearance

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Dressing down

From Sydney Confidential

September 03, 2004

JENNIFER Hawkins, Australia's own down-to-earth beauty queen, handled one of the worst "wardrobe malfunctions" ever seen with great poise last night.

Brief moment ... Jennifer Hawkins reveals more than she bargined for. 

In a shocking scene, the bottom section of a stunning blue-and-gold gown Hawkins was modelling for a packed crowd fell down around her ankles.

Despite having been on the Miss Universe world circuit for just two months, Hawkins handled the disastrous moment perfectly.

When she realised she was exposed from the waist down, she didn't panic or try to fix it, she simply turned on her stilettos and cruised off stage.

Hawkins scored a 10 out of 10 for courage under fire, with those in the crowd saying she simply laughed the incident off and just 15 minutes later she was still smiling as she exited.

The bottom section of her stunning dress, which was split at the waist, caught on her stiletto while Hawkins was on stage for a promotional event at Westfield Miranda as part of her whirlwind Australian tour.

A man in the crowd said she appeared to trip as she turned away from the crowd.

"She came and said a few words and she went to walk off and seemed to trip on her dress," the man said last night.

"The dress fell about her knees, she giggled and then rushed off."

Another witness in the crowd said Hawkins was still smiling as she left the centre, just before 8pm.

"She looked happy, she was still smiling and waving as she left with her minders," he said.

Hawkins returns to Newcastle today for a civic reception.

It is the first time the beauty queen has been to her hometown since she was crowned on June 1.

The busy timetable has left little time for the former Newcastle Knights cheergirl to see her boyfriend Jake Wall.

Hawko and Wall, a builder-turned-model, were photographed together for the first time since her return to Australia at a welcome home party on Wednesday night.

"She has to do a lot of official stuff," Wall told Confidential at the party.

"There's a lot of media attention, but we do get to spend a bit of time together.

The Daily Telegraph

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1.) That whole thing looked incredibly staged

2.) Her bum is meh

1. What the hell does it matter

2. stop being so goddamn picky >_<

I'd hit it <_<

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