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Lip Sync Battle on Spike


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I've been meaning to start this thread for a while but I just now got around to getting on my Laptop to do it. This is the only thing on TV I've been watching besides RAW while my normal TV shows are on break and I just love it.  I decided to try and put in order some of my favorite performances from it. They're all 2nd rounds so they have the dancers, costumes and props. You can see all of songs from the episodes on their youtube channel.

1.Terry Crews

2.Terrence Howard



Anna Kendrick,Julianne Hough,Queen Latifah,Stephen Merchant and Marlon Wayan were considered but I couldn't justify them over those top three. Maybe Julianne Hough would replace Common on a different day.


There have been a couple people I was really kinda disappointed with. I was looking forward to Victoria Justice but her 2nd performance was kinda lazy. She didn't even change clothes for it. Chrissy and the backup dancers put more into it. It easily could have been her first song without the extras. Jimmy Fallon was another. He did one of my absolute favorite songs but the whole thing was plain till the very end when the choir came out.

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I liked it when it was on Jimmy Fallon's show. I don't really get it as a standalone thing, especially the second attempt where it seems to be a dance routine rather than miming. Plus it has that Jimmy Fallon feeling where everyone spends half the time fake laughing and feigning excitement. As someone who unashamedly loves trashy tv, this is beyond that into something where in 5 years someone will explain the premise and someone will say 'wtf how was that a tv show?'  

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Love the show. Have seen every episode, and can't wait for the next season.

My top 5 performances have to be Terry Crews, Julianne Hough, Terrence Howard, Dwayne Johnson and Common. The absolute worst 3 performances were Victoria Justice, Nick Young and Mike Tyson. 

And I've only disagreed with the winner once. You might be surprised which matchup, though....

As much as I dislike Justin Bieber, he got robbed. His performance as Ozzy blew away both of Deon Sanders' performances.


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I liked Tyson because it was just funny to see him in that outfit dancing even though the lip syncing was horrible. I still think he should have done 'Mama said knock you out" as his second instead though.

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Can't agree with Hathaway's performance, because I fucking hate that song. The radio station Heidi and I listened to when we went to pick up her son from school last school year played it and about 3 other songs to death..... (Lana Del Ray's "Summertime Sadness", One Direction's "Story Of My Life", and Zedd + Hayley Williams' "Stay The Night" being the other 3....and "Stay The Night" is the only one I could even stand.)

Unfortunately, I'm stuck listening to that station again this year, because Heidi gets sick of classic rock real fast and the other station I liked decided to quit being a hard rock station and switched to country (and we only had about 10 country stations here already....WTFF?! 



*edit* Not a typo, btw. WTFF = What The Fucking Fuck?


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Something I noticed. Whenever the actual artist gets in on an act they're horrible at lip syncing their own song. Mary j Blige ang Meghan Trainor are the ones that come to mind.

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