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Top 10 War films...?

Guest Angry Baboon

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Guest Angry Baboon

What do you think?

1: Bridge over the River Kwai

2: The Great Escape

3: Sands of Iwo Jima

4: Stalag 17

5: Life is Beautiful

6: The Pianist

7: Schlinders List

8: Ran

9: To end all wars

10: Lawrence of Arabia

Your opinions?

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I dunno about a top 10 but definately up there for me are Platoon, Hamburger Hill, The Great Escape, Full Metal Jacket and Saving Private Ryan are the ones that come to mind, I am sure I am forgetting a load of my favourites

EDIT: Yeah, I did... The Beast of War and Red Dawn. Silly meeee

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Guest Ringmaster

1. Apocalypse Now

2. Braveheart

3. Life is Beautiful

4. Stalag 17

5. Schindler's List

6. The Great Escape

7. Dr. Strangelove

8. Full Metal Jacket

9. Glory

10. Bridge Over The River Kwai

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Guest Angry Baboon

Squancho my man...As much as I love you, and want to have your babies for including "Ran" which is a lush film....I think Apocalypse Now and Zulu should be in the top ten. Al though having said that, your ten does rock my SOCKS!

Indeed. Has Akira Kurosawa EVER made a bad film?

Which reminds me, I have to go and buy Seven Samurai on DVD tomorrow ^_^

And Tora Tora Tora

And Rashomon

I think Akira is taking revenge from the grave, His tempting films are making me broke :(

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i cant put it in an order but heres some of mine

- Saving Private Ryan

- Platoon

- Enemy at the Gates

- Black Hawk Down

- We Were Soldiers

Theres alot more, but i have an awful memory at remembering things like this.

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Guest bruins72

1. Platoon

2. Saving Private Ryan

3. Full Metal Jacket

4. We Were Soldiers

5. The Great Escape

6. The Dirty Dozen

7. Kelly's Heroes

8. Black Hawk Down

9. Hamburger Hill

10. The Big Red One

I'd also like to give an honorable mention to Band of Brothers. This would have been close to the top of my list but it was a mini-series and not a movie.

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Hah hah Squanch...I tell ya, it's gettign harder and harder to resist buying ALL the Japanese films in the fantastic HMV World Cinema section.

I tell ya though mate, I can't find Seven Samurai ANYWHERE for under 18 quid so if you can, enlighten me!

The cheapest I can find for is seventeen (2 disc special) and the mrs is politely telling me to wait til it's cheaper...But it'll be ages til it's cheaper...

Still, Zatoichi will be out in July which will make me tres happy!

Kagemusha is £6...So buying that.

Oh and Akira apparantly remade Macbeth into a film called "Throne Of Blood" which is required.

And on the vaguer subject of films I read in Empire about this amazing Spanish film about some guy who sets out to find the luckiest people (fictional) but putting them through tests such as tying their hands together behind their backs, blindfolding them and making them run through a forest. Those who get to the end without smashing into trees he keeps to help find out about luck. Sounds very amusing.

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