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So I can play it in Australia just by simply not downloading it from the play store.

Its quite fun.  I think I played about 6HRS total last night. It is definitely going to be a game with a lot of grinding if you're looking to collect all characters etc.

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It helps to have FB friends who are playing too. Helps when you get unlucky in the final round of a battle.

Getting close to maxing out my team. I'm running Anna "Rachnid" Eisner (F) / Benjamin Sterling (F) / Sarah "The Machine" Hamilton (F).

As a lightweight, Anna attacks a ton per round, Ben breaks everyone apart, and then Sarah pierces the rest, while reducing the countdown of her allies. As I'm typing this out, I think I'll move Sarah into the lead spot so she can begin the countdown for Anna and Ben right away. Hah.

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I only have facebook to sign into games. What friends I have on there are only so they can know each other exist xD
I'm a long way of maxing out my team. Currently using a 3-Star Jobber, 3-Star Pro, and a 3-Star Superstar.

I have other superstars but I need to grind to get them to a level where I can use them.

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On 10/11/2017 at 17:40, Apsham said:

I downloaded it and played through the tutorial. Holy shit is it fun.

Just wait until you start getting more characters, and work to level them up. It's really rewarding.

If I get lucky with a drop, I'll have my first 4-star character today.

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