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  1. Rage

    Happy Songs...

    Two ridiculously happy and cheery songs, always put a smile on my face: 'Generator' by The Holloways - 'She's so Lovely' by Scouting for Girls - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X95ycVOPcP8
  2. Rage

    Best Albums of 2007

    The Maccabees - Colour it In My favourite album of the year, and one of the best debut albums of the 21st century in my view! Can't stop listening to it, not a bad song on it. Honourable mentions to Shotter's Nation and Cross by Justice. I'm a huge Bloc Party fan but was very disappointed by A Weekend in the City - poor.
  3. Rage

    Anti-Religion Music

    Cradle of Filth had a t-shirt with 'Jesus is a cunt' printed on it so maybe they might be a little anti-religious?
  4. Stupid question, but why is there only 2 matches in the Champions League tonight?
  5. Rage

    iPod Shuffle Game

    I Get Along and While My Guitar Gently Weeps are two of my favourite songs ever, I know a couple of the others, good stuff - 8/10. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) - Arcade Fire Sing For Absolution - Muse Would? - Alice In Chains Last Summer in New York - The Saw Doctors One Tree Hill - U2 Turn Into- Yeah Yeah Yeah's Queen of The Slipstream - Van Morrison. Message In A Bottle - The Police Which Side Are You On - Dropkick Murphys She's Hearing Voices - Bloc Party
  6. Try from 'Clare To Here' by Ralph McTell. Lovin' it at the moment.
  7. Forever Young by Bob Dylan makes me weep.
  8. Is it only me that sees that the Libertines were clearly the greatest band of the 00's?
  9. Enter Shikari - Take to the Skies Didn't think I'd get into them at all when I heard them first, but since Scuzz and other such channels constantly play their videos, I have become very fond of them. Their album is good stuff. InMe - Overgrown Eden Bought this in 2002 when I was more of a metalhead. Found it the other day and totally forgot how good it was. An absolute gem. I hadn't heard of them since then and listened to their 2nd album. Pity, it's shit.
  10. The climax bit of So Here We Are by Bloc Party on a very dark night in September in a dirty field in the asshole of Ireland.
  11. Ireland beating England in the World Cup would nearly be on a par with Spurs winning the Champions League for me.
  12. Cork City's Alan Bennett about to join up with former teammates Kevin Doyle and Shane Long at Reading. All of our Eircom Legaue talent is being stolen for the benefit of British football. Boohoo.
  13. SERGEI REBROV, 11m from Dynamo Kiev to Spurs. Absolutley shocking.
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