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    Sonic The Hedgehog

    Strange post to follow with this - but my wife and I took our son to see this earlier and he loved it. For anyone claiming that they shouldn’t have given into fan backlash and redesigned Sonic, well you’re wrong.
  2. I put way too many hours into Sim City for Playstation
  3. iDOL


    The way they cropped that Guardians logo on the score bar graphic is driving me mad.
  4. iDOL


    I was pretty impressed with what I saw. Presentation wise it looks slick. Loved the touchdown graphics, simplified score ticket and the neat little +6 animations that added to the ticker on each score
  5. iDOL


    It’s the better approach.
  6. My son is super into Pokémon so he, my wife and I all have been learning how to play the trading card game. It always seemed too daunting to me, but we are getting the hang of it and it is super fun. Definitely shouldn’t have waited so long to play.
  7. Been getting some use out of the Wii again as my son likes the motion controls and is obsessed with Wii bowling. I started messing around with a Super Mario Galaxy 2 after he went to bed, and damn - what a fun game. Wouldn’t mind seeing both Galaxies remastered for the Switch.
  8. Are you asking about Yoshi’s Crafted World? My 4 year old absolutely lived it and when we beat it he went from celebrating to crying when he realized it was over 😂
  9. iDOL


    I completed Shield tonight after getting it on Christmas. First time I’ve finished a game in the series. Now I’m going to try and complete the Pokédex. If anyone would like to trade or battle you can add me: friend code: SW-2917-8034-6117
  10. Walmart, at least in my area always has the Nintendo 1st party games $10 cheaper than every other supplier
  11. I absolutely HATED Mario Maker. It’s the only game I’ve regretted purchasing
  12. That’s strange, I play on handheld on my regular Switch all the time
  13. His brother irritates me more so far
  14. My son has completed his first game just shy of 4 years old
  15. Gamestop is having a hell of a deal on the Physical Starlink pilots and ship accessories on their website. I just picked up all of them plus a ergonomic grip for $40
  16. I watched Pam Anderson's Barb Wire for the first time today as my parents would never let me rent it on VHS at the video store when it came out and I'd long forgotten to find it again (They didn't let me rent Tank Girl either, but I conned my Grandfather into renting it for me). The movie is BAD. The acting is BAD. I think I loved it?
  17. Yoshi's Crafted World and Luigi's Mansion 3 have been a blast
  18. Ring Fit Adventure worth the price?
  19. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is all kinds of fun!
  20. The Dead Don’t Die.... two thumbs down... I wish I had more thumbs
  21. iDOL

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    Don't get the people complaining that they caved in to fan pressure to change that ridiculous looking original design. This just went from "No thanks," to taking my family to see it in theaters because I grew up with Sonic and my kid loves it as well.
  22. Also known as the “DAD! SPIT ME OUT!”
  23. I was expecting the maker community to want to be focused on making levels in the spirit of the actual Mario games. It’s completely the opposite. Instead you get a bunch of crap levels that involve head scratchingly hard precise jumps, an over reliance on switches and enemies falling on your head as you come out of warp tubes. Also, I have the red and purple versions of this Nyko Core Wireless Controller. They’re a good, cheap alternative to the expensive pro controller and my son prefers using them over the joycons. Nyko Wireless Core Controller - Bluetooth Pro Controller Alternative with Turbo and Android/PC Compatibility for Switch https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DNRFLPP/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_C6kVDbVHRDJQG
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