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  1. I have to say, I'm very happy you moved up to 16. Yours is my personal favorite Real World mod for TEW. A couple of minor changes that I would suggest: Tag Teams Rename Angerson and Gallows to Anderson and Gallows Set Bella Twins to Inactive Set Prime Time Players to Inactive Stables Edit Bullett Club: Add Adam Cole Adam Page Tanga Roa (Camacho) Remove Team B.A.D. The Cosmic Wasteland Team Bella
  2. It looks like WWE is off of Dish Network, but TNA is on. http://www.mydish.com/pay-per-view/sports-and-events/wrestling I would personally add the WWE Network into the game, and have WWE PPVs and NXT TakeOver on, and add it as a TV Station for NXT.
  3. KC Cassidy and Jasmine Areebi have signed Development deals with the WWE. (http://www.gerweck.net/2015/03/16/wwe-signs-another-independent-diva/) Jimmy Jacobs has signed with WWE as a member of the Creative Team, so I would personally put him in like Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury, as an Occasional Wrestler but defaulted as a Road Agent. (http://www.gerweck.net/2015/03/16/ring-of-honor-veteran-wrestler-leaving-soon-for-wwe-creative-job/) Homicide returned to TNA, Drew Galloway is signed to TNA,
  4. With Bill Demott stepping down, and Albert taking over as head trainer, I have always had the problem of Albert asking to be called up because he isn't a trainer. I've been going through, and I can't fingure out the way to change this, but maybe up his booking stats, and making him the booker of NXT? That would be my suggestion at least.
  5. Great work, very enjoyable. One minor thing. You have La Parka Jr. in twice. Once as La Parka Jr. and the other as Parka Jr. Keep up the good work.
  6. Thank you very much. They look great!
  7. I'm trying to start a diary for a fantasy promotion called Global Wrestling Federation ran by Paul and Stephanie. I would like assistance in a logo and banner. Something like this: You know, but good. *note: I'm not trashing anyone's work here. I'm just very out of practice, and this was made by me.* I'm also interested in a sig featuring Triple H and Stephanie, and TV Banners. One called Global, and the other Havok. Thanks in advance.
  8. Credit goes to TheWho87EWR/Photobucket I can't find anything on Blind Mike unless you mean Michael Spriggs (the blind amateur wrestler). Thank you Rocky. All three of these guys work in some promotion in Colorado, but their website is terrible, and has very few pictures. Thanks again.
  9. Does anyone have Rowdy Knight, Blind Mike, and Max Magius on Kyky? Thanks in advance.
  10. There was an editor I used a long long while back that allowed you to change a PPV date mid month, I dont remember what it was called, and I searched this forum looking for it, but no hits. Does anyone know what its called? Thanks in advance.
  11. matbar

    WIL Sig Request

    I would like a sig for a promotion called Wrestling Is Life with Red and Black as the colors featuring Ric Flair, Raven, and Rob Van Dam. Also, if possible I'd like a WIL TV sig with Flair and the TNT logo if possible Here is the WIL Logo from EWR for a basic look. Thank you in advance!
  12. matbar

    NFL 06/07 Talk

    I live just 5 miles from the club where Darrent was in the argument. I didnt hear that he died until earlier today, around noon. I give my heart out to his family.
  13. In my personal oppinion this deserves its own thread. Its a sad day in all of sports. As a Coloradan, and a HUGE Broncos Fan, I wish to send my heart out to Darrents family. May he rest in peace.
  14. I've got 4 words for ya...Bob Dylan Is God
  15. Haven't listened to Thou Shalt Suffer so I wouldn't know. Zyklon is very talented death metal and I'm actually surprised how well Ishahn suits the genre. Definitively a band worthy of praise and attention.
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