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  1. What FIFA should do is have the Omega World Cup... like Hamster's old Cube diary... wherein the bottom 16 or 24 ranked nations in the world play to find the best of the worst. Stagger it so these teams play on World Cup off days to keep the football spirits lively. Worst of the Best was awarded to Germany in 2018.
  2. Detroit is still in Michigan. 😉
  3. Why do the Warriors get NBA Jam cheat codes for the third quarter?
  4. I really wish it had been Washington / Vancouver in the finals. Both franchises with storied histories of breaking their fans' hearts. It would have been a series that never ended with a winner.
  5. Not necessarily. Houston has been very good on their home court. All four teams have played exceptionally.
  6. Wait JJ Abrams is directing episode IX? That is terrible news. I wonder which previous episode he will recreate shot for shot.
  7. SDM is a shallow yet callous despot.
  8. I actually don't mind her as a comic actor but she only has one way to act which is utterly over the top. She doesn't have the acting ability to be on Games of Thrones but a death cameo would be hilarious.
  9. Yes... agreed. On the condition Drogon roasts her, Nymeria rips out her throat, the Mountain decapitates her, Littlefinger poisons her and Tyrion uses a crossbow... before she can utter a sound.
  10. Baraaaaaaatheon... Baraaaaaaatheon...
  11. Beeker00Zero

    The Flash

    I know this isn't the case. But I want Savitar to be caucasian, ginger Wally West. Slap some other WW name to his initials, William Westerling just to make all the comicbook fans' heads simultaneous implode and explode.
  12. The Knicks fuckin' rule! Ha ha ha ! http://www.sportsnet.ca/basketball/nba/raptors-continue-prove-theyre-anti-knicks/
  13. Beeker00Zero

    The Flash

    You mean Big Bads? King Shark is ridiculous one-off chaotic fun.
  14. I agree that Tai torpedoed any chance he had of winning with his performance at Tribal. He went from odds on favourite to he'll make it through next week thanks to his idol, but he will be lucky to get any votes from the jury now. I disagree about Cydney, she plays very selfishly and doesn't compromise. I think she might find it hard to win votes due to the fact she turned her back on Brawn (not that I blame her) and then Tai. She does what she wants, and how she likes. She isn't overly endearing to the rest of the group. Aubry's game is the best right now. She might not agree with anyone but she finds ways to work with them, and gauge the group mood and goes with it. If she had been 100% behind Tai, she wouldn't have heeded Cydney's desire to oust Jason. (Which was poor game play as he was beardy-gruff goat I'd have taken to the end.) I only know Joe and Michelle exist because somehow they keep popping up now and again, despite doing nothing on the show.

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