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  1. For the next update, Kylie Rae has retired from wrestling. And a coupla things: AJ Gray is 25, his brawl should probably be in the low 70s, and his finisher is a lariat, not a DDT.
  2. Also, is there something wrong with the link? I tried clicking on the regular October 2020 and it said there was nothing there.
  3. Something's up with HoPW, 'cause I try to download mods and it basically tells me to fuck off. Like, there's some kind of download issue where it tells me there's no source or something like that.
  4. For the April data, please set KC Navarro and Adrenaline to Blood relatives, as they are brother and sister.
  5. Is there a full file coming soon or just the lite one for now?
  6. No, it just seems to be me. But I can't figure out why.
  7. Okay, there has to be something wrong, because this keeps happening. I tried doing a WWE save (because I hate myself), but I keep getting penalized because AEW Dark does bad ratings, even though I'm not AEW. It's Uncharted Territory/ROH Wrestling all over again.
  8. So instead of just being mad that the people I like haven't been added yet, let me actually try to be helpful for a change.
  9. No, you're not understanding. My episode ratings were good, but then Comet would email me to tell me that Uncharted Territory's ratings were bad, as if it were my show. And despite getting good ratings for three weeks, after three weeks of Beyond Wrestling getting what would be bad ratings for Comet, ROH Wrestling got dropped. I've been playing EWR for like six years, I know how the fuck the game works, but this data is the first time that's happened.
  10. But the first time I booted up a save on the new data, it said that beyond was on PG Internet TV or whatever it's called. And yet my TV still got dropped because of a different promotions' ratings.
  11. I'm playing ROH and for some reason I'm getting emails from Comet about Uncharted Territory's ratings.
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