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FTC to investigate, potentially regulate, lootboxes


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Feel like this is a big enough story for it's own topic.

To me it's amazing it's taken this long, with games that are obviously marketed to children offering lootboxes in exchange for money, this passed the line from a little sleezy but whatever (ultimate team, CS GO skins) to wait how the fuck is this okay (lootboxes in Fortnite). 

With the way the whole industry is moving away from make a game/sell a game in favor of "providing an ongoing service" model aka microtransactions out the ass, this could potentially have a radical effect on the industry as a whole and only for the better imo.

So we shall see.

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7 hours ago, Mick said:

Let's just see how much money EA throws at them <_< . 

EA will give them a box, tell them there could be up to a billion dollars in it. They dismiss the case, open the box, and it's $2.

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I started watching this and actually had to stop because I was so pissed off.

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