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All-Star Wrestling Entertainment

Guest greenoz

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This Is It.

AWE as officially begun.

Thank you to all the people out there who signed-up, you will all now be unleashed into the All-Star Wrestling Entertainment world...

Here is the final roster:

(Faces are in Blue, Heels in Red and Tweeners in Green)


Ryan Leeson

Main Event:

Chris James

Mark Sprinkle

James Steele

Upper Midcard:



Doug Richards

Kyle Owens

Matt Thomas

Chris Johnson

Heavy D

Johnny DeMonic

Justex Citing

Kristos Janik

The Lion

Noah Hartt


Shawn Murphy

Sibtain Moledina

Zac Rhoden

Dennis Harris

The Wanderer


Alan Cunningham

Daniel Smith

Kid Romero

The Icon

Johnny Invincible

Matt Nitro

Mr. Enigma

The Outsider


Troy Johnson

Nick Talent

Shawn Hemsley


Jason Prince

Keith Karnage

Leonard Lloyd III

The Story

What happens when you put 37 strangers into arena after arena packed with obsessed wrestling fans? No, this isn't a twisted version of Big Brother. This is All-Star Wrestling Entertainment. 37 of the greatest wrestlers, managers and athletes on Earth will be dukeing it out for one year to prove to the world that they are the best at what they do! Alliances will be formed, Friendship's will be broken and Rivals will be made.

You guys have sent in your details, your stats, your finishers. Most of you have sent your backgrounds and your dreams. Some of you have even chosen your titantron themes. Is this enough to be the Undisputed AWE World Heavyweight Champion? Is this enough to accomplish the ultimate dream?

Who will be the Champ one year from now?

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Guest JustexCiting

I cant wait! I hop e their will be more upper midcard wrestlers pushed to main even status because usually the heels outnumber the faces or the amount is even! with just one face hes prolly gonna be gettin his patudy whooped every event. if you have to change me face and you can put my in he main event status

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Your gonna have to seriously wow me with a show, because I pretty much hated the backstory =/

Also, why are newbies flipping out over a diary that was just made and had a very small and sucky backstory?

I'll be reading, just because its a good concept. I hope you write it well

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Guest NYJetFan86

Your gonna have to seriously wow me with a show, because I pretty much hated the backstory =/

Also, why are newbies flipping out over a diary that was just made and had a very small and sucky backstory?

I'll be reading, just because its a good concept. I hope you write it well

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Give me a break guys, i do have to begin at the beginning of a month don't i? This whole thing is gonna be based on real time!!

The Championship belts are as followed:

AWE World Heavyweight Championship

AWE Intercontinental Championship

AWE Tag Team Championship

AWE Cruiserweight Championship

And I'm sure there will be at least one more title introduced eventually.

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Oz, you're a good mate and all, but squash all the bullshit posts into one post. It annoys people alot when their diary gets bumped off the page because you've written "The show will be up tomorrow".

And PLEASE change the names of the belts, just to be original. Have...umm...AWE-some Heavyweight title or some shit. I hope to god you wow me(and everone else) with you're show and don't copy and paste it.

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WhipLash Preview

AWE will kick off it's first ever WhipLash show with a 30 Man Battle Royal Match(Royal Rumble Style) for the vacant AWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Every active wrestler on the AWE roster will draw a number out of a hat to see when they will enter and participate the battle royal match. But, there is also a catch. There will be two number one spots and two number thirty spots placed into the hat and the two people who draw out the same numbers will face of on the debut show of WhipLash and compete for their spots in the 30 Man Battle Royal.

Hardcore legends, Amateur wrestling professionals, Technical wizards. 30 of the greatest wrestlers all competing in one huge match for the World Championship!!

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Guest greenoz

AWE WhipLash

Date: 07-10-2004

Location: Melbourne, Australia

A spectacular pyro display goes off leaving every single fan speechless.

Gomez: Wow, what a way to begin the debut show of WhipLash, Nick?

Diamond: You said it Johnny.

Gomez: A very special hello to all you wrestling fans out there that have tuned in tonight to welcome the AWE’s first televised live event. I’m Johnny Gomez along side my old friend Nick Diamond.

Diamond: Hello to all you viewers out there. And what a show we have tonight for all the AWE fans out there hey Johnny?

Gomez: That’s right Nick, tonight we have front row seats to a very special 30 Man battle royal match up!! 30 of the world’s greatest wrestlers will be giving their all. And if that’s not enough, they will all be fighting to become the very first AWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Diamond: History will surely be made tonight Johnny. We also have two very important matches that could change the lives of four superstars. Tonight it will be Doug Richards v Kristos Janik for the number 30 spot in the battle royal.

Gomez: I’ve witnessed both these men wrestle Nick, and I tell you we are too lucky to witness this firsthand.

Diamond: We sure are Johnny, but our first match of the night will feature two of the AWE’s finest wrestlers battling it out to be put in the number 1 spot of our Championship battle royal. I’m speaking of none other than Shawn Murphy and Chris James.

Gomez: Whoa, what a night this is going to be. I’m getting goosebumps already.

The music of Fatboy Slim’s “Weapon Of Choice” hits the arena.

Diamond: And there’s no better way to start the show off then an appearance by the C.E.O. of All-Star Wrestling Entertainment, Ryan Leeson, in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia.

Ryan makes his way to the ring, microphone in hand and the AWE World Heavyweight Championship belt round his shoulder.

Ryan: Ladies and gentlemen!

Ryan shouts this into the microphone making the crowd scream with excitement.

Ryan: Tonight you are witnessing the birth of the world’s finest wrestling promotion ever!

The crowd just erupts.

Ryan: And tonight each and every one of you will witness one of the greatest matches ever to be imagined. I’m speaking of none other than the AWE World Heavyweight Championship 30 Man Battle Royal Match!

Gomez: Wow, this crowd is going nuts!

Ryan: I promise to all of you that tonight’s debut of WhipLash will be just like the rest of the WhipLash shows and keep you on the edge of your seat the entire night.

And I will personally make…

The music of Puddle Of Mudd’s “Nothing Left To Lose” hits the titantron leaving a very angry audience for interrupting the Ryan’s speech.

Diamond: Who’s that?

Gomez: That’s James Steele, Nick. Yet another one the great superstars exclusive to WhipLash.

James Steele enters the ring, smirking like he just stole somebodies lunch money.

Gomez: Boy does Ryan look pissed.

Steele: Welcome guys, to the debut show of James Steele!

The crowd boos.

Ryan: What the hell are doing here? Don't you have a battle royal to get ready for?

Steele: Yeah, but my people want to see me NOW!

Steele tries to hype up the crowd, but is just followed by boos and a couple of half eaten hotdogs.

Steele: What? Do you idiots even know who I am? I’m James f**king Steele!

Ryan looks appalled

Ryan: Hey! Listen up Jimmy, you come out here, interrupting my welcoming speech and run your mouth to my audience, and you try to get and get a pop from it? What is wrong with you? I mean do even want to make it to the battle royal? I gave you that spot, I can easily take it away!

Steele immediately realises he has done wrong, but still looks pissed off at the crowd. And still gets unwanted heat. A couple more hotdogs and drinks are thrown. This pisses him off more.

Steele: Don’t throw your scum at me you stupid bunch of convicts!

Ryan: Hey! That’s enough Steele! Do you have any idea of where I come from?

Gomez: Uh-oh, just five minutes in and he is already crossing a very ticked off boss.

Steele doesn’t know what to say.

Ryan: That’s right Jimmy, I suggest you just turn around and walk away.

Steele looks angry. He picks up a couple of the hotdogs, throws them back to the crowd and goes back to the locker room.

Diamond: Whoa, Mr. Leeson is not happy.

Ryan: Anyway, where was I? That’s right. Sit back and enjoy yourselves people. And enjoy the entertainment that I have created just for your viewing pleasures.

With no more to be said, Ryan walks off, back to his office backstage.

Diamond: Poor James Steele, boy is he going to have a tough time from now on?

Gomez: Haha, he sure is Nick. But by the way he acted out here, he sure does deserve everything that is going to come his way.

Diamond: He sure does. But now viewers, stay tuned in because our first match is up next!

---Commercial Break---

AWE World Heavyweight Championship Battle Royal No.1 Spot Singles Match

Chris James v Shawn Murphy

Chris James enters first, an Australian who gets a huge pop from his home country and he looks so pumped and ready for this match. Shawn Murphy enters and the match is very quickly underway as they begin AWE’s first match ever. Both men lock up, showing equal strengths, they go into lock up for at least a minute, pushing each other around the ring and into the turnbuckles until Murphy trips CJT to the mat. Murphy pulls a couple of cocky poses towards CJT and the crowd, no doubt producing heat. CJT is back on his feet and we have ourselves another lock up. This time very easily, Murphy is thrown down to the mat. Murphy gets straight back up and into our third lock up. CJT gets Murphy into a headlock and Murphy irish whips him into the ropes and performs a very harsh looking clothesline.

Both men throw each other around the ring, delivering very flawless moves. Shawn Murphy repeatedly gets the upper hand and a lot of cocky pins come afterwards.

CJT reverses a suplex and irish whips Murphy into the turnbuckle. CJT delivers a couple of right hands and pulls Murphy to the top of the turnbuckle, he delivers a couple more rights and then delivers a very neat looking neck breaker. CJT goes for his first pin, but Murphy kicks out at 2.

CJT is up and pulls Murphy up by the hair, CJT signals for the Head Start. The crowd are up off their chairs, ready to see the conclusion of the match, but Murphy is ready and reverses. Murphy kicks CJT in the midsection and shoves CJT’s head into down between his legs. Looks like he is going for a power bomb. No, Murphy crosses CJT’s arms across his chest and thrusts him up onto his shoulder. Murphy slams CJT down onto his neck and sticks his knee into his back. Oh my god! He just pulled off a Cross-arm Thunder Firebomb, or the Smashing Shull, as he likes to call it. The pin is right there. The Ref gets into position. 1… 2… Kick out! Wow. What strength to kick out of that! And Murphy isn’t too happy with it, so he threatens the ref. He goes back over to CJT and signals for another Screaming Skull. CJT looks almost dead, that move looked really deadly. He has his head trapped back between his legs again Murphy thrusts him back onto his shoulder. This match is over. Wait, CJT moves and before you know it, CJT has just DDT’ed Murphy from a rather high level, causing Murphy to bounce onto his back. CJT is first to his feet and slowly climbs the turnbuckle. The crowd are up on their feet once more as CJT makes his way to the top. He looks like he could fall at any second, because CJT looks beaten up badly. Murphy signals for his A-Grader and pulls it off with ease. What a move, he’s got the pin. 1… 2… 3. The match is over and both men have been physically destroyed.

Winner- Chris James

Diamond: Wow, what a match.

Gomez: And what a match to kick off WhipLash.

Diamond: Chris James better hope he heals quite fast, because now he enters the Battle Royal Match first. What are the odds of him taking away the Championship Johnny?

Gomez: I don’t know Nick, but CJT is really feeling the pain.

---Commercial Break---

Diamond: We come back to you live with The Roach interviewing Kristos Janik.

Roach: Thanks Nick, I’m out the front of Kristos Janik’s locker room now, awaiting to ask him a few questions.

Kristos’s door opens and Kristos comes face to face with The Roach.

Kristos: Who the hell are you?

Roach: I’m… I’m The Roach, I’ve been told to come down here and interview you.

Kristos: The Roach? What sort of name is that?

The Roach looks really threatened.

Kristos: No wait, you don’t have to answer such a stupid question. I mean, your here to interview me aren’t you. Plus, I know why they call you The Roach, I mean look at you, you’re a cockroach, look at yourself, you look like a cockroach, you got those squinty little eyes and everything. What the hell are you here for? What do you want? You want to interview me? Then go ahead, ask me a bunch of your crappy questions.

Roach: Uh, ok. Ummm… How do you feel about your match coming up next against Doug Richards?

Kristos: How do I feel? How does Kristos Janik Feel? What are you, retarded? C’mon. I get to be guy number thirty. Number thirty! Do you know what the means? No you probably don’t Cockroach, I’m the luckiest son of a bitch in this arena. I’m luckier than you, I’m luckier than that James Steele, I’m luckier than the ticket guys, I’m luckier than that poor bastard that has to clean up after all these Australian Jack asses. I’m luck…

Kristos can hear the crowd’s boos from his locker room.

Kristos: That’s right, you people suck! You fools think I even want to be in this crappy country? Yeah, that’s right. Boo your asses off, you really think I care?

Roach: Uh… But what about Doug Richards?

Kristos: Doug Who?

Roach: The man you’re supposed to be…

Kristos: Yeah I know who your talking about. You really think I’m worried about a guy named Doug? That’s idiot’s name is almost as bad as yours. And after tonight, their aint going to be no more Doug Richards, because after tonight I’m gonna beat Doug Richards so badly he’s never going to want to show his face around here again!

And with that, Kristos shoved his way past Roach, heading for the ring for his match up next against Doug Richards.

We are shown in the office of Mr. Leeson as he writing something. Who knows what he’s doing. James Steele storms in without knocking, Ryan looks up.

Ryan: What do you want now James?

Steele: Boss, I just wanted to come in say sorry about before. I had no idea that you came from this hole. I bet you wish you weren’t hey?

Ryan: No actually James, I love this place. Did you come here for a reason or what?

Ryan is starting to really get really annoyed by Steele again.

Steele: Uh, yeah, actually… I was just wondering if I could have a match before the battle royal tonight.

Ryan raised his eyebrows.

Steele: You know, just a quick warm up match.

Ryan: Just a quick warm up match? Wow James what a great idea. Then tonight it will be you against Melbourne’s own hardcore legend, The Wanderer.

Yeah, the Australian crowd knew who he was. They were going crazy.

Ryan: And the match will be a No DQ match.

Steele felt a bit threatened and backed away slowly.

Steele: Yeah, cool.

---Commercial Break---

AWE World Heavyweight Championship Battle Royal No.30 Spot Singles Match

Kristos Janik v Doug Richards

Doug Richards is the first to enter the ring, now he is small bloke but he has got the muscles. Probably like a mixture between Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar. And he looked like he was out to kill Kristos Janik. Doug Richards looked like he hurts people for a living. Kristos Janik came out shortly after, looking very smug.

Both men were in the ring and exchanging manly words, I’m sure I heard one of them say the other one had dog breath or something. Something really mean along them lines anyway.

They both started firing right hands at each other almost simultaneously. Devious get the upper hand early and throws a couple of irish whips and fast-paced suplexs in. Kristos reverses a suplex and tries hard to fight back, but Devious just proves to be too much for him. Devious goes to irish whip Kristos into the turnbuckle, but Kristos reverses, throwing Devious into the corner following a harsh looking splash. Devious falls face first to the mat and Kristos decides to take advantage.

Kristos puts Devious into arm bar, but he immediately grabs the bottom rope with his free arm. Kristos decides to ignore the ref and holds the arm bar in place for just a couple more seconds. Kristos is up and taunts to the crowd, delivering heat. And before you know it, Devious has crawled behind him, grabbed his tights and thrown hi into a roll-up. 1… 2… And a very desperate kick out. Kristos immediately crawls underneath the bottom rope to the outside, and begins to walk back up the ramp. The crowd is booing and Devious is angry because he doesn’t want to win the match this way and is telling Kristos to his ass back in the ring. The ref is almost up to 6, when Kristos decides that the Championship is more important.

As soon as he gets back into the ring, Devious is on him like a Jewish doctor on a foreskin. Kristos decides he wants no more and he back outside the ring. Devious is quickly after him and we have our first brawl outside the ring.

Kristos attacks and throws Devious into the “steel” barricade. Yeah that’s right. According to the announcers, it’s steel. Devious is down on the outside and Kristos delivers a couple of stomps to the kidneys. The referees counts are up to 6, Kristos rolls into the ring and then rolls back out of the ring, and is immediately searching under the ring for some weapons. It was only a matter of time until someone found them. I mean, why the hell is there tables, chairs and ladders under a wrestling ring anyways?

Kristos finds two steel chairs and pulls them out, dropping them on the ground because Devious is back up! Kristos goes back to hit him, but Devious counters and is throwing some more right hands.

Devious throws Kristos back into the ring where they can finally start wrestling again. Devious irish whips Kristos into the ropes, followed by three german suplexs. Kristos is down and Devious locks in a well-executed boston crab. Kristos is screaming in pain and after about 40 seconds in the move he eventually grabs hold of the ropes. Devious lets the hold go and delivers a couple of stomps. He pulls Kristos up and goes to suplex him. He has him in the air for what seems like forever and then slams Kristos back down to the mat.

Devious is controlling this match with great ease. Devious stalks Kristos as he makes his way back to his feet, Devious signals for his finishing submission move, The Elevated Texas Cloverleaf. Kristos is back to his feet, and has walked straight into Devious’ finisher. Kristos is about to tap out, but when the referee gets closer Kristos pulls the ref by the shirt. Why? I have no idea? The Ref struggles to get away, but when he does he stupidly turns around and fixes himself up, allowing Kristos to score with the low blow. Devious is down, holding what once could’ve been Father’s Day. Kristos is back to his feet but has no idea where he is. He goes back to the outside of the ring, picks up one of his chairs and throws it across the ring. The Ref goes to pick it up straight away yelling at Kristos, Referee Idiot once again turns his back passing the chair down to some guy to take it away and before you can say ‘Chairshot’ Devious is struggling to get back to his feet and Kristos has grabbed the other chair, slides back into the ring and delivers a sweet chair to the head.

Kristos falls on top of Devious, the ref comes back into action and administrates the three count. 1… 2… 3. The match is over and Kristos doesn’t want to hang around to celebrate. He’s out of here. But doesn’t Devious look very unhappy?

Winner- Kristos Janik

---Commercial Break---

Gomez: We come back from our commercial break after Kristos Janik has just cheap shotted his way into the No. 30 spot in our upcoming battle royal.

Diamond: Yeah, but you’ve got to admit Johnny, he did put up one hell of a fight.

Gomez: What are you talking about, he cheated right in front of your eyes.

Diamond: Yeah I know. It’s not the outcome that matters Johnny, it’s how good you wrestle.

Gomez: Are you out of your mind? The guy barely wrestled.

Diamond: What ever Johnny. That doesn’t matter, because right now we have The Roach backstage with the man with the number one entry to the battle royal match, Chris James.

As we go backstage we very vaguely hear Gomez call Diamond a moron.

Roach: Thanks a lot guys, and that’s right, here with me now I have Chris James. James how do you feel about your physical ability at the moment? I mean surely your not going into the battle royal 100%.

CJT: You’re right Roach. That match against Shawn Murphy really did take a lot out of me, he is a great wrestler and he put up quite the fight. And as for the battle royal? I really don’t know how well I’m going to compete in it, fighting 29 other men but all I know is that I’m the one coming out of it with the championship.

Roach: Wow, so you seem pretty confident, do you have any plans or strategies?

CJT: Well no not really. My plan is just to go in there, open a can of whoop-ass on any guy that gets in my way and come out the first AWE World Heavyweight Champion and mark out my place in history.

Roach: Thanks for time Chris and good luck in your match later.

CJT: Thanks mate. And as for you John Howard? Would you please phone Rove?

Chris James walks off leaving a puzzled look on The Roach’s face.

Diamond: CJT hey? You think he could win it?

Gomez: I don’t know Nick. The odds are truly against him.

Diamond: But what the man in our next match Johnny? James Steele? We’ll see how he pulls off against the Wanderer.

Gomez: We will see Nick. And that match is just about underway.

No DQ Match

James Steele v The Wanderer

James Steele comes out first getting a huge chorus of boos. The Wanderer second, and you can seriously tell who the crowd loves more because hometown of The Wanderer is really sharing the love. The Wanderer comes out wearing is characteristic hand-me-down army surplus jacket covering a rigid flannelette shirt and a pair of tattered jeans, and his signature army bag hung over his right shoulder.

The Wanderer places his bag next to the steps, slides into the ring and raises his arms in the air for a pumped audience. He immediately removes he’s jacket. The match has begun.

Both men lock up and Steele is easily the stronger man, for The Wanderer is only a lightweight. Steele throws Wanderer to the ground and yells to the crowd “Not so tough”

The Wanderer without delay responds to Steele’s attempts to taunt the fans and attacks with a fair bit of fists. Steele blocks and whips Wanderer in to the ropes, as Wanderer comes back Steele goes for a clothesline, but Wanderer ducks and continues to the other side. As Wanderer comes back again, Steele successfully conjures a very brutal looking clothesline.

The Wanderer seems to not have felt a thing and is instantaneously up on his feet. Steele stares in disbelief and throws a couple of right hands, but The Wanderer is one tough cookie and refuses to go down. Wanderer counters and throws some punches of his own. The Wanderer starts working on the legs of Steele to try to get him down, he eventually does followed be some stomps.

James Steele struggles to get back up and The Wanderer is just attacking with fists and stomps, but when Steele does get free, he nails Wanderer in the gut and power bombs Wanderer hard to the mat. The ref gets into position. 1… 2… Kick out! Any lightweight would’ve been out cold at this point.

Steele looks annoyed and he rolls to the outside and searches under the apron for something to use against The Wanderer. But the Wanderer is back on his feet, Wanderer runs back to the rope behind him, getting some leeway and sprints towards Steele and attempts a crossbody from the ring down to Steele over the top rope… And he nails it. Steele is down, The Wanderer is down. Wanderer makes his way back to his feet and rolls back into the ring. Steele is back up and follows Wanderer into the ring.

It’s a pretty even match up from now, both competitors get their ups and their downs. James Steele performs some more harsh clotheslines and body slams and such. Whilst, The Wanderer nails a lot more high spot manoeuvres.

Steele clotheslines Wanderer back to the outside and shortly follows. Steele starts cleaning all the junk off the announcer’s table as he plans to put The Wanderer through it. He goes back to attack The Wanderer, but the counter is there followed by a dropkick. The Wanderer drags Steele over to the announcer’s table and throws him on top, he picks up the bellman’s chair as hits Steele square in the head to Steele’s head to keep him into place. The Wanderer signals for the elbow drop to the audience and climbs to the top rope. He is going for it. He’s at the top and he jumps, and boy is he flying. But James Steele moves in time, sending The Wanderer straight through the table. Both men are down once more as a “holy shit” chant starts.

Steele is up first and makes his way into the ring, collapsing in the middle of it. Wanderer is up shortly after Steele and makes his way to his bag. The crowd knew what this meant and were up off their chairs. Wanderer searches through his bag and eventually finds what he was looking for. He raises it above his head, showing his toy to the crowd. With the lead pipe in his hand he makes way into the ring as James Steele is also getting to his feet. The Wanderer is stalking Steele as he groggily turns around. Steele eventually does and scores with a kick to the gonads. The Wanderer is hurt and Steele goes for his finisher move, the X-3. Steele has Wanderer in the Northern Lights Suplex position but looks into the crowd and smirks his signature smirk. He flips him around on his shoulders and delivers the X-3. That’s it, the match is over. 1… 2… 3. Steele takes the victory of a very brutal match.

Winner- James Steele

Diamond: My table, my beautiful table. One day in and our table is already destroyed. What a way to go Wanderer. Thank you, thank you very much.

Gomez: What an absolutely deadly match up Nick! I’m speechless.

Diamond: Yeah me too… I’m glad the imbecile lost. Have a look what he did.

Gomez: Wow, Haha, what a great warm up match for James Steele huh Nick?

Diamond: Wha? Are you blind Johnny? Look what that idiot done to our table. Do you not even care?

Gomez: It doesn’t matter Nick. Our 30 Man Battle Royal Match for the AWE World Heavyweight Championship is up next. And to ensure your viewing pleasures are excelled, our boss Ryan Leeson has ensured that the next commercial break will be the last. We come back to you live after the break for a match that can go well over an hour.

We leave to a break, as Nick Diamond looks furious.

---Commercial Break---

Gomez: We are back and we have Doug Richards backstage wanting to say a few words.

A very upset Doug Richards is on camera with no interviewer.

Devious: Was it worth it Kristos? Was it worth showing to the world that you are the weaker man? I was screwed! Kristos, you think you can win that way and screw me out of a title shot, then my friend, you have another thing coming. I really hope we have another match soon so I can give to what’s coming for you. You’re a cheat, and if you really think you can fight me that way again, then two can that game you coward. Next time I set foot in that ring with you again, I’ll be playing your games! Kristos Janik, next time you won’t be so lucky. So Kristos? Was it worth it?

Doug Richard walks off and he is very, very angry man.

Gomez: Wow, Doug Richards is not a happy chappie and I guess he wouldn’t be. But anyways, here we go. This is it. The moment we’ve all been waiting for!

Diamond: That’s right Johnny, it’s time for the 30 Man Battle Royal Match and the AWE World Heavyweight Championship is on the line for the first time.

Gomez: It’s anyone’s game Nick. So let the games begin!

AWE World Heavyweight Championship 30 Man Battle Royal Match

Chris James walks out first of course, looking a bit banged up from his match earlier, and he stood in the ring awaiting his first opponent. And it’s none other than Mark Sprinkle, Sprinkle could prove to be CJT’s greatest rival. He had the equal power, the equal wrestling ability and the equal amount of fans. And the fans were excited to see him. Sprinkle stood in the ring in front of CJT as we have our first stare down. They both knew that they were equals, they’re both knew that they were the best in the business, but they both want to be the greatest.

Both men continue to stare each other down. No one wants to back down. But there we have it. Both men are firing punches, and what strong punches. Punch after punch after punch. They move towards the turnbuckle and they both lock up. Both continually wanting to be the stronger man, they lock up for what seems like a fair bit, grappling each other around the ring. They both let go, and stare each other down again, neither man looking aggravated.

The punches started once again, and neither man looked hurt at all, even considering CJT had already been in a match.

The Countdown is approaching the two-minute mark and the two guys are in another lock. The buzzer goes off and another superstar comes out. Chris Johnson runs down to the ring but stops suddenly because he doesn’t want to get caught in that small battle. Now Chris Johnson is a smart guy, very smart when it comes to strategy but he is not a guy that can deal with losing. While both, Sprinkle and CJT were punching, locking and attacking each other, CJ was just waiting for his time to pounce on them.

Sprinkle and CJT were surprisingly both not going down. A lot of punches were thrown, but it’s like they’re not hurting. CJ’s surprised too, he doesn’t know what to do, he doesn’t want to fight them at all. But it’s now or never and CJ jumps in. CJT and Sprinkle quit it and look down at CJ instantly and boy now does CJ want to get out of there? Both men start taking shots at CJ and before you know it, both men are teaming up on CJ.

The giant buzzer goes again and this time Johnny DeMonic is the one to run out. DeMonic decides to team with CJ against the two faces and attacks Sprinkle from behind, but Sprinkle doesn’t go down, but just turns around and nails DeMonic to the mat with just one punch. Sprinkle goes to work on DeMonic and CJT takes charge of CJ.

Very similar moves are dished out by Sprinkle and CJT, they both have very similar wrestling styles. Both the faces were sealing out a lot of punishment to both DeMonic and CJ, the clotheslines and the drops continued for a further two minutes until the buzzer went off again and Ravenjuice ran down the ramp and into the ring. Now Ravenjuice looks like he just stepped out of a Marilyn Manson film clip, a very gothic looking guy. Raven juice is a heel so don’t you know it, he goes straight to the aide of CJ and starts fighting Chris James. With both of them fighting him they were eventually able to bring him to the ground and start on Mark Sprinkle. But you see, Sprinkle was in better condition then CJT, so when they pounced he bit back.

Sprinkle was able to hold all three off until CJT got back up, and when he did Sprinkle and CJT proved to be quite the team, knocking all three men down. CJT and Sprinkle both started working on DeMonic and with ease, tossed him over the tope rope, making our first elimination. Well there goes Johnny DeMonic’s dream of ever being champ. But you never know, he’s day might come some other time.

Both heels are up once more and are still proving to be extremely weaker than the faces, Sprinkle and CJT. But Sprinkle is really showing his power domination in this match. This time Sprinkle goes to work on CJ and CJT goes to work on Ravenjuice. CJT throws a lot of really deadly looking clotheslines into the mix leaving a hurt Ravenjuice down on the mat. But not for long because CJT has just picked Ravenjuice and he has also been thrown over the top rope becoming eliminated.

In the meanwhile Sprinkle has CJ in a strong headlock, but CJ is able to push Sprinkle away. Sprinkle bounces of the ropes and catches CJ by surprise and on Sprinkle’s way through he whipped CJ over the top ropes and onto the mat. Elimination.

But as soon as Sprinkle turns around he was found once again found face to face with Chris James. Both men stare each other down AGAIN!!! And more right hands are thrown. CJT has Sprinkle where he wants him and irish whips him into the ropes. CJT runs the other way and both men are charging right at each other. Double clothesline! Both men go down hard, but are both up to the feet instantly, and more punches are connected.

The buzzer goes off again and Sibtain Moledina runs down the ramp and is instantly fighting both the legendary faces of AWE. Sibtain is gets beaten up quite badly as CJT and Sprinkle are delivering their favourite moves to him in turn. But they are eventually not getting along once again and start punching once more. This time they both bring each other to the ground using chokeholds and such. They both roll under the bottom rope and out of the ring but still continue to grapple one another. Sprinkle gets the upper hand and throws CJT into the barricade. Sibtain is still layed out in the ring as this is happening. CJT scores with another right hand to the side of the head and throws Sprinkle over the barricade. How is this legal? Oh that’s right, they hadn’t gone over the tope ropes. CJT and Sprinkle are still brawling and making there way through the crowd. Where are they going? They have now gone out of sight. Do they not care about the championship?

The buzzer sounds and Kyle Owens makes his way to the ring. Owens looks down at the already beaten Sibtain Moledina and just shrugs to the audience getting quite the pop. He reaches down to drag Sibtain to the ropes but Sibtain has scored with a low blow. What a fake, pretending to be out cold? Owens goes down fast after that cheapshot. And Sibtain is up and putting the boots into Owens. And what huge heat this guy is getting. Sibtain looks up at the Australian crowd and sticks up his fingers, what disrespect Sibtain is showing. Owens is starting to rise to his feet and Sibtain is just staring and taunting Owens to the face. Sibtain shows Owens his prized middle fingers and STUNNER!! Wow, didn’t think I’d see that again since Steve Austin left the WWE. And what a well-executed Stunner that was.

Sibtain makes his way to the top of the turnbuckle facing the crowd and sticks up his fingers once more for the live audience to see them. Well if this guy wanted heat, he is sure getting it. And what time wasting this is, he is having the time of his life and has completely forgotten about Owens who had already gotten to his feet and is ready for Sibtain to turn around. And Sibtain does, Owens delivers a sweet kick to the family jewels and tosses Sibtain over the ropes. Sibtain is going nuts, he sure isn’t happy. He starts kicking things and crowd chant their favourite song “Na na na na na na, hey hey hey, good-bye” Sibtain is pissed, he starts making his way up the ramp and the buzzer goes once more. Matt Nitro Sprints down the aisle but is soon found a horrendous spear by Sibtain. Sibtain is gone with the damage done, and walks backstage. With Kyle Owens in the ring and Matt Nitro wingspread on the ramp there just seems like there is no competition at all at the moment. But wait, Matt Nitro proves to be a tough cookie and has made his way to his feet, holding his the back of his head, because that really looked like it would have hurt. Matt Nitro makes his way back into the ring and Owens gives Nitro time to pull himself together. Bad move, Nitro attacks Owens Straight away, like Owens had caused the attack. Nitro wasn’t happy and he was dealing the punishment out on Owens.

The buzzer sounds around the arena as 2 another two minutes had gone and Noah Hartt runs out to the ring to seemingly help out Kyle Owens, but no, Noah turns around and starts to dish out the works on Owens as well. Both Nitro and Noah are taking it in turns to lay it into Owens. Owens is down and hurt. What what’s this? It’s like Owens is on a power surge or something as just get straight back up. Noah and Nitro back away and Owens goes nuts, firing shots at both his opponents. Owens kicks Noah in the gut, Owens hits his finisher, KO Driver!! That’s gotta hurt, Nitro is in trouble, Owens grabs Nitro by the back of the head and Nitro is eliminated. What power Owens is showing.

Buzzer. sDr runs into the ring, Owens is unstoppable. Owens has sDr exactly where he wants him. KO Driver!! But Owens isn’t finished and hits the Texas Cloverleaf on sDr. sDr is screaming in such pain but Owens shows no signs of stopping, until Noah kicks him in the back of his head offcourse. Owens gets up and stars Noah down, Noah feels threatened and backs away, but catches Owens off target and hits a couple of right hands to the side of the head and eventually get him back down to the ground and adds in a few stomps. Noah lifts Owens back up to his feet and here it is, Hartt Stopper!! Owens is down and out.

Buzzer again, and Blaze slides into the ring and goes toe to toe with Noah to defend Owens. But Hartt is still putting up quite the fight and punches back. Both men exchange right hands all over the ring until sDr gets back up and hits Blaze from behind. Blaze goes down and Noah and sDr are laying into him hard.

Owens makes his way back to his feet but is soon back on the ground by both sDr and Noah. They both picked him back up and attempted to throw him over the top rope but Owens wants his title and id holding on for his life. It aint over for him yet, Blaze is back up on his feet and hits both heels from behind and attempts to put sDr over the top rope, but he is also holding on. No one wants to leave the ring.

Buzz. The Outsider is running down the aisle and into the ring and Noah immediately reacts on him, but Outsider gives him the look to say he’s on Noah’s side. Noah approves and all three men go to work on Owens and Blaze. But wait, Owen’s goes on his power trip once more sending all three men to the mat. Owens and Blaze now fight back with ease. Owens literally throws sDr up into the air shoves him down hard onto his knee. He picks him back up, and tosses him over the top rope. Another elimination. Owens goes crazy on The Outsider and Noah, Blaze steps back not wanting to get into this.

Buzz, and another superstar enters the arena. And when I say superstar I mean superstar. Heavy D races down ramp, now here is a guy that knows how to empty the ring. Heavy D goes one on one with Owens, Owens on his surge fights back with Heavy D, showing no signs of slowing down. Blaze hits Heavy D from behind, But Heavy D aint taking that crap and throws a punch at Blaze and sends him to the outside. Elimination. Heavy D is pumped, he eventually gets Owens down to the ground and The Outsider gets up, poor bastard, wrong place at the wrong time. Heavy D hits his finisher, Rising Storm! The Outsider is sent to the outside. Another elimination. While that was happening, Noah and Owens were up and exchanging blows once more. Not on my time, thought Heavy D and clotheslines then both to the outside. A double elimination. Heavy D has swept the ring clean.

Owens and Noah aren’t finished with each other though and continue to fight outside the ring. They brawl all the way up the ramp and finish up backstage. Talking about brawling backstage, where the hell are Chris James and Mark Sprinkle.

Saying this, Sprinkle and CJT appear on camera, they both appear to be the parking lot. How on earth did they get there? Both men seem to be taking quite the punishment from each other. CJT looks as if he’s got the control right now as he fires shots into Sprinkle.

Sprinkles’ down and CJT searches around for a weapon to use. And he has found one. CJT snatches a fire extinguisher for the closest wall and turns a couple of knobs so its useable, but this gives enough time for Sprinkle to get back up and clock CJT over the head with a… What is that? A side mirror of a car, some dude is gonna be pissed when he realises it’s his. Both men are down and the buzzer sounds.

Zac Rhoden rushes down to the ring to a pumped up Heavy D and both men go at it. Heavy D doesn’t slow down and immediately puts Zac Rhoden into retreat. Rhoden rolls out of the ring and looks up at Heavy D and thinks about a way to bring him down. He spends too much time down there, and an impatient Heavy D follows, chasing Rhoden around the ring. Rhoden jumps back into the ring and runs into the opposite ropes. Heavy D follows but runs right into a jumping lariat. Heavy D’s back up, but is found in another lariat. Zac Rhoden climbs the nearest turnbuckle and waits for Heavy D to rise to his feet, he does so and Rhoden scores with a crossbody. Rhoden is doing remarkably well against the 15-year veteran.

The buzzer sounds once more and The Icon races down to the ring just as Heavy D reverses an irish whip form Rhoden and hits a devastating clothesline. Icon hits Heavy D form behind and he hits him hard. Heavy D goes down, The Icon and Zac Rhoden work together on Heavy D and eventually gets him over the top rope.

Icon and Rhoden are left in the ring staring at each other. Both men seem to not want to fight each other, they fought as a team against Heavy D quite well, are we witnessing the birth of our first tag team? I think so. Rhoden and Icon shake hands, forming an alliance. The buzzer goes and Matt Thomas is found in tag team attack form the efforts of Icon and Rhoden. Matt Thomas doesn’t get a single punch in as the tag team destroy him.

Another buzz, and Shawn Helmsley runs into the ring and also into an attack by Rhoden and Icon. Matt Thomas raises to his feet fights back to the tag team, he scores with a couple of shots but the team show to be indestructible against both competitors.

Buzzer. Nick Talent is in the ring and fights the efforts of Rhoden and Icon, and surprisingly gets Icon down. Thomas is back up and gets an uninspected Rhoden down. Talent and Thomas immediately go at it in the corner, firing away punches. Rhoden and Icon are back up and both throw cheapshots to the laid out Helmsley. Helmsley is thrown out of the ring. The heel team attack Talent and Thomas as they continue to brawl each other and knock them both down. Thomas is thrown out of the ring by the tag team as no one can take them out. What a team we have here. They both begin to team up on Talent but Talent refuses to be thrown from the ring, as he holds on to the ropes for his dear life.

Buzz. Dennis Harris rushes into the ring and helps out a badly beaten Talent, but is soon found also to be no match for Rhoden and Icon. As Talent is down and hurt, Dennis tries all his efforts into taking the team down. And he does, both men are down, Dennis climbs the turnbuckle, facing the crowd, as he appears to be going for a moonsault, but Rhoden is up and ready. He pushes Dennis from behind, sending him down onto the barricade. Another “holy shit” chant sounds as Dennis is down and hurt. Talent’s strength brings him up to his feet and he starts brawling Rhoden once more. The Icon is down, and no help to Rhoden. Talent gets the upper hand and knocks and Rhoden to the mat. The crowd is going nuts for Talent as he climbs the turnbuckle. Icon gets back to his feet, Talent stalks him from the top of the corner and when the opportunity strikes, Talent leaps and scores with a magnificent Dragon Rana. What a move, but he gives Rhoden too much time to recover and is soon attacking Talent once more. Icon somehow gets back to his feet, but he is still feeling the pain.

Buzz. Daniel Smith races down to the ring, but the tag team is ready. No, Smith is pumped and sends Rhoden to the mat, no match for Icon though. Icon takes control. Irish whip and a double clothesline, all four men are down. The crowd slow claps and the four men gradually make their way to their feet. Daniel Smith and Nick Talent one side, Zac Rhoden and The Icon on the other. Looks like we got ourselves a tag team showdown right here in the battle royal. Both teams attack, and both teams performing awesome tag moves together. Talent gets knocked down, the heel tag take control of Smith and Smith is thrown from the ring. Elimination. And we have ourselves another handicap position. But no, Talent defends himself, Rhoden goes down, and Icon is found without defence. Talent eliminates Icon and just two men are remaining. Rhoden and Talent fire away, both sending harsh right hands, but Talent gets the upper hand and YES!! Talent eliminates Rhoden. Talent defeats the efforts of the heelish tag team of The Icon and Zac Rhoden.

Talent collapses to the mat, showing to be truly exhausted. But not for long as the buzzer sounds and the lights go out.

What is this? There is complete darkness, no light visible. Eerie music sounds, and the ramp and the titantron dimly light up. A very big man with a dark green mask slowly walks out, accompanied by a manager. The green masked man wears a large trench coat and looks completely intimidating. Mr. Enigma that’s it, Enigma and his manager Leonard Lloyd III make their way to the ring. Now there is a huge story behind Enigma, but I’m not going to get into that yet.

All lights go back on and Enigma enters the ring. Talent is threatened but doesn’t let it show. Talent immediately runs at Enigma, but Enigma just delivers a powerful choke slam to Talent out of nowhere. Enigma removes his coat and goes to work on Talent. Talent is no match as Enigma is completely destroying him in the ring. Talent is soon to be just another man eliminated from the ring.

We are shown backstage again as Sprinkle is obliterating CJT in a hallway. Sprinkle throws CJT into the wall and stomps on him a couple of times. CJT scores with a low blow and the tables have turned, CJT starts firing right hands into the head of Sprinkle. Sprinkle goes down and SHAWN MURPHY comes out of nowhere and attacks Chris Johnson from behind, CJT also goes down and Murphy is taking all his frustration out on him. Murphy has CJT back up, Hard Times!! Right onto the hard floor of the hallway. Murphy has laid out CJT on the floor and Sprinkle is somehow back up on his feet and is found face to face with Murphy. Sprinkle is glaring down Murphy and Murphy is taken aback because Murphy thought he had done Sprinkle a favour, but the glare is soon turned into a smirk and Sprinkle starts laughing, Murphy joins in, but Sprinkle glares again, Murphy stops and is confused. Sprinkle attacks Murphy out of surprise and knocks Murphy to the ground, Sprinkle has picked up a chair out of nowhere. Chair shot to the head of Murphy and Murphy is out.

Back in the ring, Mr. Enigma stands patiently waiting for his next victim.

Buzz, and Kid Romero Slides into the ring. Kid Romero is looking up at Enigma. Enigma has so much height on K-Rom but K-Rom does not look intimidated. Both men fire off punches but only two punches in and Enigma gets the upper hand and absolutely throws and destroys K-Rom around the ring. K-Rom doesn’t get a shot in and is badly hurt.

Buzz, Alan Cunningham is next to make his way down to the ring is instantly found defending himself against Enigma. Alan goes down and K-Rom gets up and hits Enigma from behind. Enigma goes down on one knee but turns around and clotheslines K-Rom to the mat. Enigma is a monster. Enigma looks down at Leonard Lloyd III and signals for his finisher. Enigma goes down to pick K-Rom up but Alan scores with a dropkick to the masked face of Enigma. K-Rom is up and he teams up with Alan to try and rid of Enigma. But their luck draws thin and Enigma fights back, eliminating them both with two horrific clotheslines.

Buzz, Bradox sprints down to the ring and instantly trading blows with Mr. Enigma. Enigma has met his match, as Bradox doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Enigma seems to have the height advantage but is struggling to keep up with Bradox. Clothesline, back body drop, suplex, DDT. Moves are just being thrown in out of nowhere. Bradox gets the upper hand and clotheslines Enigma to the outside. Enigma is outraged and climbs back into the ring. Wow, he looks pissed kicking the ropes and punching the turnbuckle. He turns and glares at Bradox, Bradox is in trouble. Enigma attacks. Here it comes, The Q&A. Bradox id down hurt and Mr. Enigma and Leonard Lloyd III make their way back up the ramp and out of view.

Buzz, Johnny Invincible struts down to the ring followed by his manager Keith Karnage. Both men enter the ring and proceed with eliminating the hurt Bradox. But wait. What’s this? Mark Sprinkle and Chris James are BACK!! They are brawling each other down the entry ramp and back down into the ring. Sprinkle throws CJT all over the ramp and eventually into the ring. Sprinkle goes toe to toe with Johnny, exchanging blows, but Sprinkle has had quite the brawl backstage and Johnny knocks Sprinkle down to the mat. Bradox is struggling to his feet and is found in an attack by Johnny. Johnny is proving to be unstoppable but turns and is found face to face with Chris James. CJT fires a brutal shot and knocks Johnny to the mat and Johnny is out cold.

Buzz, Only five men to go and Troy Johnson being one of them races down to the ring and fights CJT. Johnson gets the knock to the ground and Sprinkle and Bradox are once again getting back up to their feet. All three go at it, Sprinkle and CJT get Bradox down again and start brawling each other once more. Johnson and Johnny are up once more and are too exchanging punches. Johnson gets Johnny down to the mat and is immediately getting taunted by Keith Karnage. Johnson walks over to the ropes and starts exchanging bad name calling with Double K. But has fallen onto the trap. Johnny is up and dropkicks Johnson to the outside. Johnson is eliminated.

Buzzer sounds, Justex Citing races down to the ring. Justex goes one on one with Bradox, both men firing hard shots. Sprinkle and CJT are still going at it in the other corner. Johnny waits and stalks his next victim to be cheap shotted their way out of championship belt. Justex gets Bradox down and taunts to the crowd. Johnny pounces on him, hitting him hard from behind but Justex doesn’t move and just turned and glares at Johnny. Johnny hits Justex again but no luck. Justex fires away at Johnny sending down hard, Double K grabs hold of Justex’s foot from underneath the bottom rope and trips Justex to the mat. Justex gets back up and starts threatening Double K. But it was another trap, Johnny gets back up and clotheslines Justex to the outside. Johnny is proud of himself as Justex is pissed.

Buzz, only three more entrants remain and one of them being JAME STEELE!! The audience boos like crazy. They do not like this guy at all. Steele blows the crowd off as he walks down to the ring. Justex is outside the ring and both he and Johnny are exchanging threats. Steele enters the ring and easily tosses the distracted Johnny Invincible over the top rope. Steele taunts the audience and gets so much heat in return.

CJT has Sprinkle in the top rope is pounding in his head. 5… 6… 7… Steele attacks CJT from behind and both CJT and Sprinkle hit the mat. Bradox is back up and hit Steele from behind. But Steele, responds and both he and Bradox go at it. Steele easily gets the upper hand and hits the X-3!! Bradox goes down and out.

Buzz, and the music of The Wanderer hits and the crowd go nuts. Steele steps back and stares at the entrance but no one come out. Steele starts laughing to himself, as no one seems to appear and taunts to the audience. But The Wanderer slides into the ring out of nowhere and stands right behind Steele. Steele turns and The Wanderer hits a hard DDT to the mat. The Wanderer climbs the turnbuckle and hits James Steele hard with a Frog Splash, or the Wandering Star, as he likes to call it. CJT, Sprinkle and Bradox all make their way to their feet but are all found in the destructive path of The Wanderer and are all back down to the mat.

Buzz and the last entrant walks down the ramp, and of course it’s none other than Kristos Janik. Kristos slides into the ring and goes one on one with The Wanderer. Kristos is going down but scores with a low blow to keep himself in the game, The Wanderer goes down and Bradox goes up, Kristos turns and walks straight into and Ox-Cutter (RKO) Kristos is down. Steele is back up and Bradox turns directly into a kick in the nuts. Steele throws Bradox over the ropes. Bradox is eliminated. Only 5 men remain, any one of them will be crowned the first AWE Champion. Who will it be? Sprinkle and CJT get up almost simultaneously and start teaming up on Steele. The Wanderer and Kristos get back up and it’s a fight for their life as all 5 men don’t bow down and brawl. It’s a handicap on Steele but Steele doesn’t give up and charges back with all his strength. The Wanderer and Kristos exchange blows in their corner, both seemingly want to the best. Kristos has The Wanderer hanging over the ropes.

CJT and Sprinkle eventually get Steel down and start brawling each other AGAIN!! Sprinkle irish whips CJT into the ropes right where Wanderer and Kristos are. Connection between CJT, Wanderer and Kristos. The Wanderer seems to have fallen but No!! The Wanderer holds on for his dear life and Kristos piles over the top rope. Elimination. Sprinkle and CJT still fight exchanging an awesome bunch of moves. Only four men remain and The Wanderer and James Steele are back up and are exchanging blows. Steele kicks The Wanderer in the mid section and attempts for the X-3, but Wanderer counters with a DDT. Wanderer climbs the turnbuckle but Steele is back up and scores with a superplex on The Wanderer.

Steele has Wanderer back up but Wanderer doesn’t give in and hits Steele with some more right hands. Wanderer irish whips Steele but Steele reverses it, Kristos pulls down the top rope and The Wanderer topples over the ropes. The Wanderer has been eliminated. Kristos goes to work on the Wanderer on the outside and stomps a couple of boots on him. Kristos, with the damage done, storms back into the backstage area getting so much heat of the crowd.

Three men remain and CJT and Sprinkle have knocked each other down to the mat. Steele, the only man standing stomps the hell out of both of them. Steele has Sprinkle back up, Sprinkle counters and hits the Sprinkle Calling!! Steele goes to the ground. CJT gets back up and kicks Sprinkle in the gut and signals for the Head Start but NO! Sprinkle counters again and hits another Head Start!! Steele is surprisingly back up to his knees and hits an unsuspecting Sprinkle in the gohonas. Steele is back on his feet, struggles to get Sprinkle over the ropes but eventually DOES SO! Sprinkle is eliminated.

Two men remain! James Steele and Chris James. One of these men will be the first AWE Champ ever.

Steele goes to work on CJT and scores his Hangman’s DDT!! CJT looks almost dead. Steele taunts to the crowd, he assumes he has won. Steele gets a massive heat from the Melbourne crowd. Steele wastes time threatening the audience and eventually picks CJT back up. Steele moves CJT over to the closest ropes and attempts to roll him over. CJT doesn’t give up. He has come this far. CJT came in first and he is definitely not going to give it up that easily. With CJT’s last burst of strength, he elbows Steele in the chest and hits about 3 or 4 punches to the head of Steele, Steele looks to be out of energy too. Both men have put up a wonderful match tonight, but only one will be crowned champ.

CJT knocks Steele to the ground!! And CJT begins to climb the turnbuckle. CJT is about to end the match with an A-Grader. He signals for it. Will he be able to pull this off? He has hardly any strength left in him. What’s this? SHAWN MURPHY races down to the ring with a chair in hand. Murphy slides into the ring and smashes CJT in the head with it. CJT falls hard off the turnbuckle and onto the mat. Shawn Murphy has ended the match right here. This is not right, and the crowd agree, Murphy is getting so many boos from the crowd right now but doesn’t give a crap. And blows some more chair shots into the back of CJT. Steele is back up and thanks Murphy for his aide and both men stomp down on CJT. Chris James is getting screwed right here in his home country. Sprinkle slides back into the ring out of nowhere and hits the Sprinkle Calling on James Steele, Murphy turns to Sprinkle and stares at him with the steel chair still in hand, not looking threatened at all. Murphy swings, but Sprinkle just yanks it from his hands. Sprinkle swings, and slams Murphy in the head with it. Murphy goes down and Sprinkle drags Murphy out of the ring. CJT is making his way back to his feet and climbs the turnbuckle once more. He signals for the A-Grader again but this time Steele manages to get back to his feet and climbs the turnbuckle and starts throwing punches at CJT, both men are atop the turnbuckle and are slowly exchanging punches. CJT scores with a brutal shot, sending Steele down to the mat. CJT signals for the A-Grader, CJT jumps and CJT delivers. Both men are down, but CJT soon makes his way to his feet dragging Steele to the rope. This is it. CJT has Steele up and attempts throw him over, but Steele holds on, both men are hanging form the ropes, this match is finished. Any man could be eliminated. This is a Chris Benoit-Big Show replay. Chris James is pulling Steele down with his last bit of strength. Steele moves slowly down and can’t hold on much longer. Steele proves to be no match. Chris James sends James Steele down to the floor.

Chris James wins. Chris James becomes the first ever AWE World Heavyweight Champion. The referee awards Chris James with his new championship. Chris James Celebrates in the ring, getting one hell of an ovation form the audience.

Winner and New AWE World Heavyweight Champion- Chris James

Gomez: Wow what a match, Nick.

Diamond: You’re right Johnny, the long-anticipated battle royal match sure showed to be worth the wait.

Gomez: Chris James looks incredibly happy with his win. And he should be, he truly fought like an absolute warrior. What a show, and what an incredible way to kick of the year of All-Star Wrestling Entertainment. I’m Johnny Gomez.

Diamond: And I’m Nick Diamond, We’ll see you next week on WhipLash, same time, same place.

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Guest greenoz

WhipLash Preview: The Fallout

Rivals have definetly been made after a stunning 30 Man Battle Royal Match. What will happen in the fallout of last week? Chris James, the first ever AWE World Heavyweight Championship will already be getting hunted and watched closely by many people.

Three huge matches are confirmed for this week's WhipLash:

Tag Match

Mark Sprinkle and The Wanderer v Kristos Janik and Justex Citing

Singles Match

Heavy D v Kyle Owens

Singles Match

Daniel Smith v Zac Rhoden


The celebration ceremony of the newly crowned AWE World Heavyweight Champion, Chris James.

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