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Son of the Mask insult to the real history


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The reason Son Of The Mask sucks is because it is not the real version of The Mask history even the original Jim Carrey movie was not a true version of the comic book mask which was made my Dark Horse Comics where it was more of a adult orientated horror comic than anything else as The Mask was a murder .

The truth is when New Line movies bought the rights to it they planned a new horror movie series franchise as Freddy and Jason both owned by them were dieing out and they had already killed Freddy off by this point

Here is a brief history on The TRUE Mask origins and you will see just how it differs from the kids movie

The Mask is a mystic artefact which is capable of transforming the wearer into a crazed living cartoon type person . Originally from Africa, it was stolen and took to The USA to be sold

Before this it was locked away and no human had put it on for many years possibly even hundreds of years

Stanley Ipkiss was the first person in modern times to put the mask on bt he was a neurotic person He first found it lying in an antiques shop, and bought it as a present for his girlfriend Kathy. What he did not realise is that The Mask is able to sense evil in a person's heart, and called out to Stanley, and made him try it on.

He tuned into The Mask and then killing spree where he took revenge on anybody who had ever hurt or pissed him off He was dubbed Big-Head my the media and public

In the end Stanley managed to take Mask off. but then it took control of his girlfriend Kathy, who then murdered Stanley.

Kathy also was able to take off the Mask, and gave it to police officer Lt. Kellaway for safe-keeping. She told him to never in no circumstances to put it on or let anybody else do so .

But later he tried it on as a joke and became an crazed vigilante, he decided to destroy invulnerable mob killer Walter and other criminals

In the end Mask drove him mad and it was only when he almost killed a good friend who got in his way that convinced him to give up wearing it. He buried under his basement.

However the mobsters he had attacked hunted him down, and Kellaway tried to retrieve the Mask free off the cement floor.

But was wounded before he could get it the Mask hen took over a nerd man who was only used by the mob as a driver, he then took over the entire local criminal underworld. However Kathy tracked him down, and tricked him into taking off the Mask, then she killed him.

By the time this happened Walter had gotten out of prison by this point and in a new fight between the mobster and Kathy once again wearing Mask saw the loss of the Mask the presumed death of Walter.

But sometime later the Mask was found once again, this time by 4 high school kids who shared it around between them. But Walter was not dead as thought and he to had returned looking for revenge

After this it fell into the hands of an embittered comic book artist whose wife had been murdered by the mob, who went on a murderous rampage

After this Dark Horse did crossover comics with it with other comic book makers most notably DC (Detective Comics)

IT stared falling through the parallel dimensions finally ending up coming out the Vortex into Comic's Greatest World.

The next wearer used it to hunt for his missing sister in New Orleans,

The last real know wearer was no other than The Joker where he used it to try and did successfully defeat Batman

After Joker lost it the Mask has continued to move from wearer to wearer, leaving chaos murder and destruction in it's wake

I would say to anyone get the comics and see how The Mask should be

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I probably prefer The Mask to Son of The Mask and also Mask. But I've not any of them in a long time.

Ive no strong opinions on M.A.S.K though

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